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The Burnt Out Forest is a location featured in Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was just a forest before the apocalypse.


During the onset of the apocalypse Dwight and Sherry came into this forest in an effort to avoid the undead to no avail. They eventually reached the A.A. Pattrick Fuel Co. Depot and took one of the trucks from there. With that truck, they doused the forest in gasoline and then went on to burn the forest in the hopes of killing every single walker in the vicinity. In the process of doing this, they killed Carla and Delly who were hiding out in a greenhouse located inside the forest.

Season 6

"Always Accountable"

Daryl eludes his attackers, and quietly walks his motorcycle through a burnt-out forest, littered with charred walker bodies. He tries to radio Sasha and Abraham, but gets no response. As he inspects a wound on his arm, he hears a noise nearby. He hides his bike under a pile of branches, and finds two sisters, Tina and Sherry, with their hands up, telling him they took what they deserved. Just then, a man knocks him out from behind.

As Daryl drifts in and out of consciousness, he sees his captors rummage through his supplies and put his crossbow in a bag. The man pegs Daryl as a soldier from an outpost – one of the men who originally attacked Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.

The man, who refers himself as "D", wakes Daryl at gunpoint the next morning. Daryl insists he isn't who they think he is, but D doesn't believe him.

Daryl's captors march him through the woods. D declares that they are not returning to the community they came from. "You feel you gotta kneel? Fair enough. We don't." D tells Daryl.

As they keep moving, D lays out a plan to find "Patty" and then leave immediately. He describes how he and Sherry burned the entire forest with the walkers in it. He then explains that they joined up with a community, thinking naively that they would rebuild society together. Daryl argues that they should let him go, but D refuses to listen. Shortly after, Daryl suggests that they're making a mistake. D holds him at gunpoint, and angrily demands that Daryl tell him whether he poses an immediate threat, and whether he should be killed. Daryl says no.

They arrive at a gated parking lot, full of walkers. "Patty", D says. "She's gone." The women begin to panic, and Tina faints. As they tend to her, Daryl grabs their duffel bag and runs back into the woods, evading gunfire from D.

Safe in the woods, Daryl tries again to radio Sasha and Abraham, but without luck. He frantically searches the duffel bag for his crossbow, as a walker begins to close in on him. After dispatching it, Daryl looks down at the scattered contents of the duffel bag. He notices a small cooler filled with insulin, which suggests that Tina's fainting spell was due to diabetes.

In the woods, Daryl sneaks back to where the three strangers are, and points his crossbow at D. He proposes that in exchange for their handgun and a wooden figurine (that D carved), he will return the duffel bag. D hands over the gun and figurine, and Daryl gives them the bag with its contents intact. They're interrupted by the arrival of several men in a truck. Wade, the leader, orders D to return what he took (which is Tina and Sherry). The women state defiantly that they are not going back. In response, the truck begins to plow through the forest, in an effort to flush them out. Daryl helps them find a hiding place, and gives the handgun back to D. He lures one of Wade's men, Cam, into the path of a walker, which bites him. Wade hacks off the man's arm, and calls off the search. Referring to their unidentified leader, "He only wanted to take this so far", Wade tells his men. "He only wants ass that's willing."

Daryl, D, Tina, and Sherry come across a greenhouse that has been burned down. Tina recognizes two corpses inside, both of which are encased in melted glass. As she lays flowers at their side, the corpses reanimate, breaking through the glass and killing her. Daryl kills the walkers as Sherry breaks down, and D looks on.

Daryl and D dig a grave for Tina. Daryl asks him how many walkers he's killed, how many people, and why. Satisfied with D's answers, Daryl invites them to come live in Alexandria. D acknowledges the offer, and seems interested.

Daryl brings D and Sherry to his motorcycle, and explains that he doesn't know where Abraham and Sasha are, but that he's going to find them. Suddenly, D turns his gun on Daryl and orders him to hand over his crossbow. Daryl complies, and D and Sherry get on his bike. Sherry throws some medical packs at Daryl's feet, and says she's sorry. Daryl says, "You're gonna be," before they ride off and disappear.

Daryl finds a fuel truck in the woods branded "A.A. Pattrick Fuel Co." Its license plate reads "Patty". He kills the walker in the cab, and drives to pick up Abraham and Sasha.





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