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"I don't mean to be the one who poops on your party, Lilly, but I'm willing to risk it. We can build better barricades, countermeasures... we can camouflage the place better. There's a lot we can do."
—Burt to Lilly.

Burt Stankowski is a character featured in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. He is described to be potbellied, goateed and as beefy as a Mack Truck. Burt was one the original Atlanta Ikea residents.



Burt grew up on a farm located in Virginia.

Sometime after becoming an adult, he was a long-haul trucker before the apocalypse.


Macon Outskirts

Burt received couple horses from a abandoned dairy farm near Macon, a year before finding the Ikea.

"Return to Woodbury"

He was one of the six original survivors to discover and create the Sixteenth Street survivor's Ikea home.


Killed By

After Lilly throws Musolino's reanimated body in to Barret's modified camper, Musolino kills all the passengers inside causing the camper to crash. Burt, coming fast behind, tries to avoid the crash site making the whole makeshift carriage to tip over. The Stack family inside die immediatelly, Burt being thrown a hundred feet across the field, then slamming him into a tangled deadfall, killing him instantly as well.


Novel Series

Return to Woodbury

Welcome to the Terrordome