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This article is about Season 4 location in TV Series. You may be looking for Season 8 location or Season 10 location in TV Series.

This cabin is a location seen in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this cabin aside that it may have been owned by the Murderer.


At some point, the Murderer and his family got to this location where decided to ride out the apocalypse. Howard also at some point came across this place but it is unknown if he ever made contacted them. After some time two soldiers came across this cabin. Although it's unknown if both parties were amicable when they first met, it is known that at some point that the Rapist raped the murderer's wife and/or daughter, however he was afterwards killed by the Murderer. The Liar was also probably killed around that same time. At some point the wife and daughter also died, leaving just the Murderer, however, he took his life.

Season 4

"Dead Weight"

Philip goes on a supply run with Martinez, Mitch and Pete. They are following a map made by Howard. Philip notices something in the distance. As he gets closer, it is shown to be a decapitated corpse that has been tied to a tree. A sign reading 'LIAR' is nailed into its chest.

The group arrives at their destination, a cabin deep within the woods. As they approach the property, another headless corpse is found. It also has a sign attached to it, with the word 'RAPIST' scrawled in black ink. The group moves onto the porch, and heads toward the front door. Here they find yet another corpse, who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Unlike the others, its head is somewhat intact. The sign on its chest reads 'MURDERER'.

They cautiously move through the front door, with Philip in the lead. As everyone takes in their surroundings, they can hear a walker moving around in another room. It emerges out of nowhere; Pete is ambushed and nearly killed before being saved by Philip. Philip notices the reanimated heads of the three corpses. Another walker emerges and tries to bite Martinez, but Philip saves him as well.

Afterwards, the four find supplies including a six-pack beer. Pete wonders what drove a person to do something so horrible, but Philip suggests that they not dwell on it. Mitch then asks what Philip did for a living and what he did when the apocalypse first began; the latter dodges the question, simply saying that "[he] survived". He then asks them the same question. They reveal that they both are brothers and served in the army at some point; when the apocalypse began, Mitch left and took his tank with him, while Pete was serving at Fort Benning and initially stayed to provide support, but soon left.




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