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The Cabin Group were survivors and the main characters of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. Originally the group were in a community led by William Carver, until they escaped because they saw Carver as a cruel leader.


Prior to the events of Season 2, the group were part of a community that had settled in a former hardware store called "Howe's Hardware". However the leader, William Carver, grow violent and controlling towards the members, so they decided to escape his community, killing George as a result during the escape. They been on the run from Carver since that moment, as the latter believes Rebecca is carrying his child. Sometime later they met a survivor along their way and decided to help him, but the man, that was already bit before their meeting, ended up turning and killing Nick's mother.

Season Two

"All That Remains"

Pete and Luke were out hunting when they came across and saved a young girl named Clementine. Anyway, Luke freaks out when he finds out that Clementine was bitten, even if he doesn't know that it was a dog. Pete decides to take back her anyway to their place and decide there what to do. Once there, the group have a debate about what to do with Clementine, and ended up locking her in a shed during the night, not trusting to take her back in the house remembering what happened to Nick's mother. The group will debate later in the cabin about what to do with Clementine, as unknown to them she has broken in to stole some supplies to medicate her injury. The group is eventually draw outside after hearing louds sounds from the shed, and once there they find Clementine near a walker's body after struggling with it. After assuring that it was really a dog bite, the group will allow Clementine to join them, and Pete and Nick will take her out to go fishing the following day.

"A House Divided"

At the cabin Luke and Alvin will head out after Pete, Nick and Clementine as they gotten missing since the day before. After their departure, Clementine comes back to the cabin alone, and the remaining members decides to leave her behind to look after Sarah, while they go out to find the others.

After a while Carlos, Rebecca, Luke and Alvin (and Nick, if not saved in "All That Remains") enter from the kitchen entrance where Clementine and Sarah tell them a man had been to the cabin. The group instantly believes that it was Carver that was looking for them, so Luke and Carlos decides to pack everything up and move up north as soon as possible. After walking for several days, the group notices, thanks to Clementine, a large lodge up the hill and a bridge. There, Nick shoots an unknown man after thinking that he was going to hurt Luke and Clementine. The group then rests near a small house where they find some supplies, but they are forced to flee as soon they see a small herd approaching them. The group reaches a ski resort and notices it is somewhat reinforced. After Clementine checks the view in case of any followers, she finds some lights flashing near the forest and the bridge, until she notices the group is being confronted by the inhabitants of the lodge.

The group accepts their offer after one of them is revealed to be a friend of Clementine and decides to enter the ski resort. The group later helps their "new friends" to stop the windmill that has started to spin rapidly due to the storm and they seems to be overwhelmed by the walkers. After picking off a few walkers, Nick struggles with a walker. Depending on what you told Walter, if Nick was good or not, he would either save Nick or let him be eaten. The latter would result in Nick's death. Suddenly, there are heard several machine-gun fire as a small group walks out from the woods and finishes off the walkers with assault rifles, revealing themselves to be Carver's group.

If the group surrenders, Kenny will snipe one of Carver's man, that resulting in a burst of rage by Carver that threaten to kill a member of their group if Kenny doesn't stop. If Kenny doesn't receive advice by Clementine or if she tells Carver to stop, Kenny will shot and hit him in the shoulder, where he gets up and abruptly shots Alvin in the head.

Afterwards, Luke is still not present and his current location remains unknown, so Carver assumes that he ran to save himself. The remaining members of the group are taken as hostages and Carver orders his men to take them back "home".

"In Harm's Way"

At the beginning of this episode the group struggles inside a truck while going back to their camp, even arguing with each other for how things went to the ski lodge and how to proceed in this harsh situation. Once arrived to their base, the hardware store called "Howe's Hardware", the group is escorted inside, while Troy, one of Carver's man, takes Carlos away as they need some of their people to be looked at. The rest of the group is segregated in an area dubbed "the pen", where they are greeted by Reggie, an old friend and member of Carver's community, who helped the cabin survivors escape the compound previously, but was unable to escape along with them. Rebecca and the others are in shock to find out that he had lost his arm since they had last seen him. If Nick and Alvin survived the previous episode, they will both talk to Reggie. If Alvin is alive, Tavia will enter the pen asking for him, telling him that Carver wants to speak to him in his office. A person will call out from the back of the pen for the group to shut up, because he's trying to sleep. Reggie tells them that this is Mike, and he's grumpy when he doesn't get his sleep. The group also spots a woman in the back, who they later find out is named Jane. She is keeping silent. Reggie says she has always been weird.

When the survivors are left alone in the pen, Kenny begins talking about finding a way to escape, but the members of the group who had been part of Carver's community in the past are resistant to the idea. Kenny chastises the group for not revealing the true extent of Carver's cruelty to the rest of them before it was too late. He enlists Clementine's help to scour the pen looking for anything that could help them while he distracts Reggie. After a few minutes of Clementine looking around, Reggie asks her to stop because he doesn't want to get in trouble. Troy reenters the pen and tells them all to get to sleep, or there will be consequences. In the morning, Carver delivers a speech to the cabin group, telling them they will be able to work through their past differences and continue forward. Sarah attempts to engage Clementine in conversation. Carver gets annoyed by this, and demands that Carlos discipline his daughter physically. Carlos is given no choice but to strike Sarah across the mouth, knocking her to the ground. Clementine is taken by Bonnie to restock magazines of ammo. Bonnie confides in Clementine that she was originally going to leave with the cabin group, but changed her mind at the last moment. Bonnie gives Clementine a ski jacket, in order to keep her warm as the weather continues to grow colder. Tavia comes to collect Clementine to bring her to the rooftop greenhouse, where her next job is.

At the greenhouse, Reggie is there to instruct and supervise Clementine and Sarah as they prune berry plants. Sarah is still listless from being struck by her dad. Clementine has the option of focusing on her own work, which will make Sarah look bad, or aid Sarah, which will make Clementine look bad for not completing her own work. Regardless of the choice made, when Carver comes to inspect progress, he is displeased. He tells Clementine and Sarah to exit the greenhouse while he has a chat with Reggie. Moments later, they will burst out from the greenhouse, with Carver pushing Reggie forward. Carver then shoves Reggie off of the roof, killing him.

Clementine is told by Carver to go find Bonnie, to be given another task. Bonnie gives Clementine a bucket of nails to take down to the expansion of the settlement. Clementine can tell her about Reggie being killed, to which Bonnie will be disbelieving. At the expansion, Kenny will be arguing with Mike, refusing to do work. Mike just wants to get it done and not get in trouble. The noise they are creating causes a walker to break through the insufficient barriers, forcing the three of them to have to fight some back. Troy comes to save Clementine. Troy tells Clementine to go back to the main building. On the way there, Clementine is grabbed into the door of the comic book shop by Luke, who had followed them all the way here to try and help. Luke bids Clementine to steal a walkie talkie for him, so he can study guard patterns and try to work out an escape route for the group. As Clementine leaves the comic book shop, Troy notices her. He tells her that Carver radioed for Clementine to meet him in his office.

On the way to the office, Clementine will pass a crying Rebecca, who is leaving the office. Carver says how he doesn't want his child raised around weak people. In Carver's office, Clementine will spot Alvin slumped over in a chair, covered in blood (assuming he survived until this point). He is not dead, but he is unresponsive. Carver tells Clementine to leave him alone, and that it's the price for lying. Carver explains that he killed Reggie because he had a weak will, and weakness like that is liable to get everyone around him killed. He then says how Clementine is similar to himself, and that if the human race is going to survive, the future generation should be more like them. He then dismisses Clementine as he gets a call about a broken door.

At night in the pen, the group is discussing their best options for escaping. Kenny believes the best method is for them to attract the approaching walker herd to the store, and then slip away in the chaos. Everyone else wants to go with helping Luke get a walkie talkie. Clementine gets a boost from Mike to grab a rope that will lift her to the roof, where she can climb down a skylight into the main building and grab a couple of walkie talkies. She returns successfully, and they sleep the night. In the morning, as they are discussing who will hand the radio off to Luke, they are split up for jobs. Clementine is forced to accompany Bonnie, who she can ask to be let go for a few moments, or lied to. Regardless of the choice, Clementine is allowed to leave for the comic book shop. Upon entering, though, Clementine is unable to locate Luke before Troy comes in and demands to know what she's doing. The group is all led back to the pen, where they see Luke captured. Carver demands to know who stole the radios, and gives them to a count of three to reveal who did it. Clementine has the option of admitting it or not, but regardless of the choice, Kenny will cover for her. Carver proceeds to repeatedly smash Kenny in the face with the radio. Sarita tries to stop this, but is restrained by Carlos. Clementine can either try to stop Carver, which will result in Troy smacking her across the face with his rifle, or help Carlos restrain Sarita. If Clementine does neither, then Sarita will break free from Carlos and be the one smacked by Troy's rifle instead.

At night, the group is discussing their options. They discuss possibly leaving Kenny behind, due to his new injuries. Kenny then gets up and says he's good to go. Jane mentions that smearing walker guts over yourself will prevent them from noticing you, and Clementine is able to say that she did this with Lee in Savannah. They decide they can wait no longer, and put their plan of attracting the herd via the outside speakers into action. Carlos tells everyone to meet up at Parker's Run, a Civil War battlefield museum that is in the general area. Clementine once again climbs to the roof and down a skylight, this time into Carver's office. If Alvin is alive, she tries to wake him, but he is still unresponsive. She goes to the speaker controls and turns them on, readying the music to play. At this point, Alvin will get up and walk over, and retrieve a small pistol from Carver's desk. He tells Clementine he is unable to continue on, but he will guard the speaker controls so the group can escape. Before Clementine leaves, he says he has a feeling that his and Rebecca's child will be a girl. As Clementine climbs back through the skylight after having turned on the speakers, Hank bursts into the room, and shoots Alvin in the shoulder. Alvin returns fire, killing Hank, before succumbing to his wounds. If Alvin is not alive at this point, then Clementine knocks over a file cabinet to block the door before leaving, preventing Hank from entering.

Clementine goes to join the group, seeing Carver confronting them. She jumps off of a shelf into his back, surprising him and allowing the group to point weapons at him and turn the tables. Carver then warns them that they don't know what they're doing, and how they will die without the order and stability that he brings. Kenny shoots out both of Carver's knees, bringing him to the ground. He then grabs a crowbar off a nearby table, and tells them they should leave. Sarita will try to bring Clementine outside, but she has the option of staying to watch. Rebecca also stays. If Clementine stays, Carver reaffirms how she and he are alike, and how she should nurture that instinct. He then taunts Rebecca, saying how he knows she enjoyed their relations, but Kenny cuts him off by smashing his head in with the crowbar. He does not stop until Carver's face is completely caved in. If Clementine instead leaves with the rest of them, then they will hear the sounds of Kenny's assault from outside while Sarita will comment how she's scared of what Kenny is becoming, and how he wasn't like this before.

Now that they are outside of the store, the group has the approaching herd of walkers to contend with. Luke hands Clementine a hatchet. She then kills a nearby walker and cuts it open, smearing herself and Sarah with the guts. Everyone else in the group does the same. They then begin walking through the herd, unnoticed due to the guts. But chaos breaks loose as the remaining members of the community at the hardware store open fire on the herd. Carlos is shot in the neck by a stray bullet and is then immediately set upon by walkers, dying instantly. This causes Sarah to begin screaming and running off, and Luke chases after her. Nick, if he survived until now, is shot in the shoulder, but continues after Luke. Sarita's arm gets grabbed by a walker and is bitten on the hand, and she is unable to free herself. Clementine has the option of axing the walker in the head, or chopping off Sarita's arm at the elbow.

"Amid The Ruins"

If Clementine cut off Sarita's arm, then she will begin to scream in pain, attracting more walkers to attack her. Kenny hears her cries and rushes over to help. As Sarita collapses to the ground, Kenny hovers over her, refusing to leave her. Both Clementine and Mike try to get Kenny to leave, but he gets angry at them, repeating that he will not lose Sarita. Clementine has the option of axing Sarita in the head, preventing her from turning. This will cause Kenny to erupt in rage at Clementine. He will run off, but refuses to help Clementine follow. If Clementine manages to convince Kenny to leave, he is still angry at Clementine for cutting her arm off.

If Clementine killed the walker instead, then she will be in shock as she looks at her bite. As Clementine tries to get her to snap out of it, Kenny runs over. Mike notices that Sarita has been bitten, but Kenny denies it, saying she will be fine. The four of them escape off into the herd, eventually getting separated.

Clementine then notices Rebecca having trouble move through the herd due to being afraid. She will help her progress to a tree, where they take temporary cover. Jane arrives, and tries to get them to move, but Rebecca refuses and Clementine refuses to leave her behind. Jane tells Clementine to help her grab a walker, which she then cuts the jaw off and holds in front of them, using it as a makeshift cow catcher to push through the remaining herd. The three of them make it out, and continue on to Parker's Run. On the way there, Rebecca experiences intermittent pain from the baby. She will be going into labor soon. Jane is wary at this prospect, which causes Rebecca to snap at her. Clementine tries to calm them down and push onward to meet up with the group.

They reach Parker's Run to see Bonnie and Mike standing together, with Kenny off to the side. Kenny will either be comforting Sarita, or sitting by his lonesome, depending on whether or not Sarita made it out of the herd. Bonnie and Mike are worried about Kenny, and ask Clementine to speak with him. Kenny will either be upset at Clementine's inaction if Sarita is still alive, or he will be furious with Clementine and yell at her if Sarita's arm was cut off and she died at the herd. Either way, Clementine leaves his presence and returns to the rest of the group. Mike is skeptical about having a baby with no supplies, and Clementine suggests they try to find Luke and the rest of them before they come up with any kind of plan. Rebecca agrees with this course of action. Jane volunteers to go looking, and asks Clementine to accompany her. They both set off to look for the others.

The two of them reach the Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park, where Clementine discovers Sarah's glasses underneath a walker's body, meaning she was here at some point. They locate a hole in the fence to enter the park, at which point they will come across the walker form of Nick stuck in the fence, if he had survived up until this point. Jane says that Clementine should be the one to finish him off, to which she can reply she's done so before, if she shot Lee at the end of "No Time Left." Upon entering the mobile park, they can hear Luke and Sarah shouting from inside a nearby trailer. Luke is trying to get Sarah to calm down, to no effect. Jane and Clementine work up a distraction to lead the grouped up walkers away from the trailer so they can enter it. Luke is glad to see them, and asks if they saw Nick, who had left to get help (if he had been alive at the end of the previous episode). They tell him that Nick didn't make it. Luke tells them that he's been trying to get Sarah to move, but she in inconsolable. Jane warns them that they need to get moving, but Clementine tries to get Sarah to talk to her. Sarah responds to Clementine, but she is clearly devastatingly upset about her father's death. Walkers begin to break through the trailer, and Jane tells them it's time to go. They barricade the door with a dresser, but then find out that all the windows are surrounded by walkers, and the only way out is through the skylight. Additionally, the only thing that can boost them up to the skylight is the dresser they have blocking the door. Luke and Clementine move the dresser over to the bedroom while Jane fends off the incoming walkers. Sarah will still be unresponsive when they begin climbing through the skylight. Clementine has the option of slapping her to snap her out of it and go, or leave Sarah behind. Sarah is immediately devoured by walkers if she is left behind.

The three or four of them return to Parker's Run. Luke is surprised that Clementine left Sarah behind, if she did. He is sad that he was unable to get through to her, even with the hours he spent trying. Jane will tell the story of how her sister was similar, and simply refused to keep going, so Jane abandoned her. That some people aren't cut out for this new world. When they return to the group, Rebecca's baby is clearly still coming. The group asks Clementine to enlist Kenny's help, who has secluded himself in a tent. He will either be alone if Sarita died at the herd, or he will be sitting over Sarita's dead body with a bullet wound in the head if she had accompanied him this far. Depending on Clementine's earlier choices, he is still a bit bitter towards her, but is mostly sad. He agrees to help deliver Rebecca's baby.

Bonnie and Mike head towards the nearby museum building while Jane heads to the nearby observation deck, all looking for supplies. Clementine decides who to join first. At the observation deck, Jane and Clementine discover a gate that is still locked via padlock, meaning there could still be worthwhile items inside. As Jane attempts to get it open, Clementine has a look around. She spots a stranger approaching the deck. Both of them hide and observe the stranger, who comes up the stairs and tries to shove a sports bag into a trash can. He eventually spots Clementine, who he points a gun at. Through a thick Russian accent, he says he doesn't want to hurt her, but he will if she leaves him no choice. Jane sneaks up behind the man and disarms him. He tells them his name is Arvo, and when Clementine discovers that his bag is full of medicine, he says that his sister is sick and needs all of it, and begs them not to steal it. Clementine has the option of taking the medicine, or giving it back. Regardless, Jane keeps the gun, and Arvo leaves, either with or without his bag. They get the gate door open, and decide it is a suitable place for Rebecca to deliver the baby. Jane stays behind while Clementine heads over to the museum to check on Mike and Bonnie.

The museum is mostly picked clean - Mike and Bonnie have not found anything useful. Clementine locates a Confederate coat, which Mike comments on being the wrong color, but it will do the job of keeping Rebecca warm. Clementine also spots a jug of water through a security window gate, but the door to the room is locked. Mike doesn't want to break it open, for the noise it will cause. The two of them clearly hint for Clementine to try and crawl through it, to which Clementine can agree or refuse to do so. If she agrees, she gets stuck halfway through, and a walker appears from under the counter on the other side and begins to grab Clementine. This causes Mike to kick down the door to wrestle the walker off of Clementine, which Clementine will then go and finish off. If she refuses to crawl through the window, then Bonnie will try to reach inside and grab the doorknob, which causes the walker to grab her arm. Before Mike can kick the door down and help her, Bonnie's head gets smashed into the security gate, giving her a bruise on the face. Regardless, they find two jugs of water inside, both in good shape and full. Clementine tries to lift one but is unable to because of its weight, so Mike grabs both and they set off to leave. Before they leave, however, they spot a raccoon. They talk about eating it and attempt to catch it, but the raccoon proves to be too wily and slips away. They watch the raccoon reunite with its family, and Clementine can say how she's glad they didn't catch it.

Upon walking back to the ruins where the core of the group still is, Rebecca is yelling in pain from the oncoming labor. They then notice walkers approaching. Luke was supposed to be on lookout, but he is nowhere to be seen. The group quickly decides to retreat to the observation deck. Kenny advances towards the walkers to buy the group time to escape, and Clementine has the option of telling Mike to grab the water, or to go help Kenny. Kenny begins to massacre a walker in a similar fashion to how he killed Carver, and Bonnie will remark that she is worried he is losing it.

They reach the observation deck, where Clementine will happen upon Luke and Jane on the floor. They had just finished having sex, which is why Luke was absent from his watch. Kenny will chastise them for acting like teenagers when they're all in danger. Rebecca is led into the building while the rest of them close off the stairs with a gate and begin fighting off the walkers. Kenny helps Rebecca with the delivery while Clementine is told to find something to help barricade the gate. She gets Luke to help push the cannon towards the gate, but as they do so, the weight proves to be too much for the deck and it partially collapses. Jane begins to fall, but grabs onto the ledge. If Sarah had survived until this point, she also falls and is pinned beneath a piece of the deck, and begins crying out for help. Clementine has the option of pulling Jane up and abandoning Sarah to her fate, or telling Jane to drop down and help Sarah. Jane will initially refuse to do so, but will reluctantly drop down if Clementine pushes the issue. But as Jane begins to help Sarah, a loose piece of the broken deck falls and hits Jane in the head, causing her to stumble away. Walkers then reach Sarah and devour her as Jane scrambles back up to the top. The remnants of the deck still form somewhat of a ramp to the top, so it is not enough to keep the walkers at bay. Mike boosts Clementine to the deck supports on the other side, where she detaches the cable from the wall. The rest of the deck collapses, leaving the group safely up top with no way for the walkers to reach them.

The baby is successfully delivered. As the group is resting up, Clementine sees Jane off by herself. Jane tells her that she's leaving, and warns Clementine to not let the group drag her down. Luke is upset when he learns that Jane left, and he and Kenny will have an argument about it. The group debates on whether or not to leave first thing in the morning, or give Rebecca a few days of rest in the shelter they have found. Clementine makes the final decision on when they decide to leave.

As the group walks down a road during a snowy day, Rebecca is visibly struggling to continue on. Kenny and Luke begin arguing about turning back, and Rebecca eventually collapses. They take a break, sitting Rebecca down in a discarded tire. As they are debating about what to do, they notice Arvo approaching them down the road. Clementine informs the group who he is. As Arvo talks to them, he serves as a distraction for his Russian compatriots to emerge from the brush and hold the group at gunpoint. Arvo tells the group to put down their weapons and let them have the group's belongings. The group refuses, bringing out their own weapons, and a standoff occurs. Arvo notices that Jane is not present, and assumes she is going to spring a trap. Clementine denies this, saying she left the group, but he does not believe her. Clementine then notices that Rebecca has died, and is about to reanimate as a walker with the baby still in her lap. Clementine has the option of shooting Rebecca in the head, or calling out for help, which will cause Kenny to shoot Rebecca instead. Regardless, this causes the Russians to open fire, throwing the scene into chaos.

"No Going Back"

After they finished dealing with the Russian group, everyone pay respect to Rebecca before heading out to Arvo's hideout for supplies. Luke will mention everyone of their original group that have died and that he the last one left. Later that day the group celebrate Luke's birthday. The following morning they made it to Arvo's hideout, to which they had to cross a ice covered lake, where Luke and (determinately Bonnie) falls through the ice and dies. Later that night, Mike and Bonnie (Determinant) steal supplies from the group and attempt to leave as a way to get away from Kenny, however Clementine is shot in the shoulder by Arvo, thus altering Kenny and Jane. After Clementine wakes up from her injuries, Kenny and Jane begin to have an intense argument. This ultimately leads to Jane hiding Alvin Jr. and fights with Kenny, which leaves one (or both) of them dead.

If Clementine kills Kenny, she either leaves Jane for lying to her or stays with her. If Clementine stays with her, the three decide to come back to Howe's. They then spot a family approaching, Clementine or Jane can decide to turn them away or allow them to stay.

If Clementine turns away or watches Kenny kill Jane, she either leave him due to his dangerous tendencies, stay with him, or alternatively kill him after the fight. If Clementine stays with him, the three arrive at Wellington. However, due to a shortage of supplies, they are not allowed in. Kenny begs Edith to take the kids, leaving him out. Clementine either decides to stay at Wellington with Alvin Jr. or stay with Kenny.

A New Frontier

"Ties That Bind - Part 1"

If Clementine went with Jane, the two discuss Randy and his family stealing from them, regardless if they let them in or not. Not to long afterwards, Clementine comes across a zombified Jane, who has hanged herself after finding out she was pregnant with Luke's child.

If Clementine went with Kenny, he teaches her how to drive. However, Clementine wrecks, sending Kenny out the windshield and crippling him. The noise causes walkers to draw near, as Kenny sacrifices himself one last time to allow Clementine and AJ to get away.

No matter the path, the cabin group comes to an end.

"Thicker Than Water"

If Clementine went with either Kenny or Jane, she has a flashback to a moment with either one of them after stitching up Javier's wound.



  • Randy (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Patricia (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Gill (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Bonnie (Formerly, Determinant)
  • Mike (Formerly)

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Cabin Group has killed:


  • Nick's Mother - Bitten by walkers and put down by Nick. (Confirmed Fate)
  • Pete Randall - Devoured by walkers or disemboweled by a walker and shot in the head by a survivor.
  • Alvin - Shot in the head by Carver or shot in the shoulder by Hank.
  • Carlos - Shot in the neck by a Carver's group member and devoured by walkers.
  • Sarita - Bitten on hand by walker and arm amputated by Clementine and died from blood loss or devoured by walkers or axed in the head by Clementine or shot in the head by Kenny or left to reanimate.
  • Nick - Devoured by a walker or bitten by a walker and reanimated. His zombified form axed in the head by Clementine.
  • Sarah - Devoured by walkers.
  • Rebecca - Died from blood loss and reanimated. Her zombified form shot in the head by Clementine or Kenny.
  • Luke - Drowned in a frozen lake.
  • Bonnie - Drowned in a frozen lake. (Determinant)
  • Kenny - Shot in the head/abdomen by Clementine, or crippled from car crash and devoured by walkers. (Determinant)
  • Jane - Stabbed in the chest by Kenny or suicide by hanging and reanimated. Her zombified form shot in the head by Clementine. (Determinant)


Video Game

Season Two

A New Frontier


  • Every member of the group prior to Clementine joining, excluding the then unborn AJ, dies in circumstances that either did result in an undead status, or the chance of a potential undead status. In fact, Pete and Alvin are the only two members to have possible deaths that would prevent reanimation.
    • Rebecca will be seen reanimated regardless of choices.
    • All of Luke and Sarah's death variations, alongside Carlos' single definitive death, left the possibility of reanimation.
    • If Nick survived "A House Divided", his then unavoidable off-screen death during "Amid The Ruins" sees him reamimated later that episode and if he had died in "A House Divided", his death left the possibility of reanimation.
    • If Pete died in "All That Remains", his death left the possibility of reanimation.
    • If Alvin survived "A House Divided", his then unavoidable death in during "In Harm's Way" left the possibility of reanimation.
    • Nick's Mother was confirmed by Luke to have been bitten and subsequently put down by Nick before the group first appears. It is unclear whether she was prevented from turning while still alive, between dying of her bite and reanimating, or after she possibly turned. If either of the two former outcomes are true, the point still applies, at least to all members who made a physical appearance.