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Cameron is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is a member of Virginia's Pioneers.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Cameron's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 6

"Welcome to the Club"

As Strand and Alicia dispose of human waste outside the walls of Lawton, Cameron and Marcus pull up to the gate in Althea's SWAT van. Marcus comments he wants Alicia and Strand to move the burning barrels of human feces elsewhere as he doesn't want the smell interrupting his lunch he plans to take in town. Strand talks back at Marcus, prompting him to get out of his vehicle and raise his gun at him. Cameron pleads with Marcus to stop and stand down. Fortunately, Dakota is nearby and yells at Marcus to stop, to which he does, due to her being Virginia's sister. However, Hill decides to report the pair to Virginia so he and Cameron escort them through Lawton to Virginia's office.

Cameron is among the rangers to accompany Virginia to the molasses factory after it was reported Dakota was found there. He listens as Virginia makes Strand an honorary ranger for his leadership in clearing the factory, before eventually departing the area. That night, he and Daniel prepare to return to Paradise Ridge for the night until Daniel exclaims that he needs his special scissors, much to Cameron's annoyance. Cameron gets out of the wagon and returns to the Lawton gates to speak with the guard and retrieve the scissors.

"The Key"

At some point, Cameron entered into a secret relationship with Janis.

Cameron is seen taking several shifts for gate watch, soon being replaced by John. On one morning he does not show up for his shift, confusing John. Suspicious, John checks behind his house, finding an undead Cameron entangled in barbed wire with two walkers. John puts him and the walkers down, with the rest of town growing aware of his death.

Later that night, as John tries to secure the scene, Virginia and her rangers show up, drawing the conclusion that Cameron had a drinking problem that ultimately got him killed. The town carries out his funeral in the morning, with Jacob hosting the service.

Still skeptical about his death, John digs up his grave at night, examining Cameron's body. He finds that Cameron's throat had actually been slit, implying that he had been murdered. John is attacked by walkers but fends them off. Later, when Janis is held in jail after being wrongfully accused of murdering Cameron, John shows her Cameron's sketchbook, with a drawing of Janis sleeping, questioning if it was her. Janis confirms she was seeing Cameron before he died. When Virginia arrives, Janis falsely confesses to murdering him.

"The Door"

After seeing Dakota's broken knife, John realizes that she killed Cameron and that Virginia had framed Janis in order to save her sister. Dakota admits that she didn't expect Virginia to kill Janis over it, but Cameron had revealed to Virginia how she was escaping from Lawton, preventing her from getting out again.

"Things Left to Do"

Morgan reveals to the Pioneers in Lawton that Dakota had murdered Cameron and Virginia covered it up, thus going against the rules that Virginia herself had put into place to govern her communities. As Virginia desperately tries to keep the Pioneers on her side, Victor Strand leads most of them in turning against her, warning that if they continue to follow Virginia they will end up just like Cameron. June later confronts Virginia and asks if she knew what Dakota was capable of when Cameron was murdered and Virginia insists that she was only protecting Dakota who is actually her daughter.


Killed By

John finds Cameron tangled within the barbed wire fence being eaten by walkers. John kills the walkers as Cameron turns and growls at John, who stabs him in the head. John later examines Cameron's body and discovers that his throat was slit by an unknown survivor who was later discovered to be Dakota. Dakota explains that Cameron had revealed her escape route from Lawton to Virginia, keeping Dakota from being able to run away again.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Cameron has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 6


  • It is implied by Virginia that Cameron may have been an alcoholic. However, given the fact that she said it in order to cover up the truth about Dakota killing him, this fact could be uncertain.
  • Cameron is mentioned several times in "Things Left to Do".
  • Cameron is the first character that has been eaten by walkers despite being a walker.
    • However John Dorie had killed the walkers after Cameron reanimates, so it is unknown if the walkers would continue eating the reanimated corpse or would stop.
    • Will's death later shows that once a corpse reanimates, other walkers stop eating the corpse once it has reanimated.

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