"We should check the gas station down the road to see if there's anything worth finding."
—Greg giving the mission.[src]

Camp Supplies is the first official mission given to the Hero Player in chapter one of The Walking Dead Social Game, "The Outbreak Begins". It is the second mission overall.


After completing the tutorial given by Shane Walsh, he tells the hero to go talk to Greg who tells the player to check out the gas station down the road for anything of use.

Once you arrive at the gas station, you are tasked with picking up two cans of fuel. Once this is done, you hear a group of walkers approaching and must crouch behind a nearby truck. You can then choose to kill the walkers, or evade them by hiding behind cars. You then must enter the nearby convenience store to complete the mission. Back at camp Greg thanks you, and asks who elected Shane as leader, showing he disagrees with having him in charge.

Upon completion you are rewarded with ten experience points, 500 coins, and anywhere from around 10-13 supplies.



  • None


  1. Get fuel
  2. Avoid walkers by hiding behind the truck
  3. Use the cars to evade the walkers
  4. Get to the convenience store


Follow the screens as a walkthrough.


  • This is the first "official" mission in the Social Game other than the tutorial.
  • This is the first mission Greg assigns the hero.
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