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The Campus Colony of Omaha, also referred to as just "Campus Colony" and "The University", was a large community established at Nebraska State University in Lincoln, Nebraska in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It served as a home to approximately 9,671 people. They were part of the Alliance of the Three, serving as a satellite to the city of Omaha.


Lincoln, Nebraska[]

Prior to the outbreak, this was home to the pre-apocalypse Nebraska State University, where students attended classes for higher education. Leopold Bennett, Amelia, and Isaac Ortiz were among many professors employed at the university. Felix Carlucci was also an enrolled student here.


When the outbreak began, U.S. Military Command issued a mandatory evacuation, which led many residents of Lincoln, Nebraska seeking safety towards the designated university campus. With its status as a safe-zone, it was likely heavily guarded by military personnel, but with the military eventually pulling out of all safe-zones in a massive retreat amid Operation Cobalt, the refugees at the campus were left to fend for themselves. Despite this, the survivors overcame the early days of the outbreak and a permanent community was established at the university. Eventually, the campus survivors made contact with the much larger, surviving city of Omaha and became a satellite to the superpower, which was part of an even larger network of survivor cities known as the Alliance of the Three. As a result, the Campus Colony received resources, food and other provisions with the goal of creating a thriving, self-sustaining settlement in the post-apocalyptic world. Omahan teenagers, young adults and hundreds of people joined the work force in the community and contributed to the university becoming a research and academia hub with an established school system. Dorms and apartment buildings across campus are inhabited by students, adults, families, and the sick, with at-risk, ill residents in the community inhabiting their own lock-protected dorm in case of reanimation. Several academic buildings remain in the school system while others are used to support society's needs such as food, medicine, and law & order. A power plant is maintained by a crew of experienced workers, including Marco Voci. Newcomers to the community are occasionally welcomed or referred to the university from Omaha, where they are interviewed, filed, and undergo security clearances and psychological exams. The university is surrounded by a stone and iron fence that is routinely patrolled by the community's security force.

Following the departure of the Endlings, the Campus Colony was destroyed by the Civic Republic Military by gassing the survivors and allowing a massive herd to overrun it, which occurred shortly after the CRM orchestrated the destruction of Omaha. The herd was used as a cover for the CRM to experiment with a variant of chlorine gas devised by Drs. Lyla Belshaw and Samuel Abbott.

As a part of the Echelon Briefing, Major General Beale reveals the truth about the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony to Rick Grimes as well as the CRM's plans to do the same thing to Portland. Along with the destruction of Portland, the CRM plans to use the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony to justify declaring martial law over the Civic Republic itself to further the CRM's genocidal goals.

However, after Rick kills Beale and he and Michonne wipe out the Frontliners and the CRM Force Command, the couple reveals the truth about the CRM's atrocities to the Civic Republic Council. Taking emergency oversight of the CRM, the council determines that the CRM's command hierarchies and layers of operational secrecy indicates that infantry units didn't participate in the atrocities perpetrated by the highest levels of the CRM.

Government and Society[]

The community is led by a council of a number of the colony's residents. Once the outbreak began, hundreds of refugees fled to the university, where a council was established and a number of several representatives were elected to serve as councilmembers. A security force was established to police the community and provide safety to its residents. The Chief of Security is Felix Carlucci, a young man who was once a student at the university. He and his fleet of officers provide law and order to the town. They also serve as escorts to those traveling on the shuttle between the campus and Omaha. After the colony was inducted into the Alliance of the Three, further establishment, structure, and pre-apocalyptic amenities were put forth in the community with the help of the Civic Republic of Philadelphia.





World Beyond[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • While the map in "The Blaze of Gory" suggests that the Campus Colony is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the settlement is considered a branch/satellite community of Omaha the survivor city, as it is officially known as the "Campus Colony of Omaha". Also, TV commercials and an Instagram video by World Beyond label the Campus Colony as part of Omaha, Nebraska. Additionally, it should be noted that Campus Colony and the survivor city of Omaha are "100 miles" from each other, which further contradicts the location of either community.
  • The location is possibly based on Dave's statement in The Walking Dead episode "Nebraska" where he mentions to Rick that people were going to the state to escape the walkers.
  • In "The Deepest Cut", it's mentioned that the Campus Colony once held an animal adoption event in the east quad.