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Canada is a country located in North America that is mentioned in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.


Prior to the outbreak, Canada was home to nearly 34,000,000 people. It was the second-largest country by total area, and it boasted one of the world's largest economies. It shared the largest undefended border in the world with it's southern neighbor and ally, the United States.

It was also the home of Ricca.


Not much is known about Canada as the outbreak began, but according to George Geary in "We All Fall Down", Vancouver was eventually napalmed during the onset of the apocalypse, thus hinting that around the time Los Angeles was firebombed, at least British Columbia had fallen. Due to this, it can be inferred that the Canadian government implemented similar napalm bombings on major cities like Operation Cobalt in the United States, in order to contain the outbreak. Valery Vashchenko further confirms Canada's eventual fate that it had fallen completely, albeit indirectly, when he said that he saw the lights leave from everywhere in the world.



  • Since Mexico sealed its own border with the United States in order to dampen the worsening outbreak, it is highly possible that Canada attempted similar measures with their border.