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This car crash victim is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a man who died in a car accident at the start of the outbreak.


Los Angeles, California

Nothing is known about this man prior to the outbreak began, except that he may have lived in or near Los Angeles, California.


Season 1


As the outbreak began, this man was involved in a car accident on the freeway that resulted in his car flipping over near a guardrail. The crash was fatal and he reanimated shortly after he was removed from the car. As the freeway was backed up due to the accident and the scene was covered by news helicopters, the reanimated man attacked and bit the paramedic crouched over him and went on to attack the nearby police officers and firemen who tried first fighting him off with batons and ordering him to stop. The police officers shot him in the chest several times, but after falling to his knees for a moment, he got up and attacked again. Finally, one of the officers shot him in the head, killing him again.

Though the news channels cut the live feed before things got too bad, their cameras kept rolling and someone leaked the footage onto the Internet. The next day, the staff and students of Paul R. Williams High School watched the video with no official explanation having been offered for the events. Travis Manawa recognized that what happened with the man was what Nick had described as happening with his girlfriend Gloria.


Killed By
  • Car Crash (Alive, Off-Screen)

While driving on the freeway, this man suffers a fatal car crash that flips his car over near a guardrail.

  • Police Officer (Zombified)

After reanimating, this man attacks the paramedic who was crouched over his body and then attacks the nearby police officers and firemen. After being shot several times in the chest and still attacking, the zombified man is shot in the head by an officer.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this man has killed:

  • 1 paramedic (Caused, Infected)


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1


  • This man is the first walker killed on-screen in Fear the Walking Dead and thus chronologically, the first walker killed on-screen in the entire television universe.