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The Cardille Family Cabin is a location seen in Season 9 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known of this location's history before the outbreak aside that a family called Cardille lived here.


Season 9

"What Comes After"

Rick rides to an old shack and finds a tablecloth he uses as a tourniquet before passing out.

Rick snaps back to reality long enough to avoid several walkers entering the shack. He barely escapes out the back and gets back on the horse.


  • 2 unnamed people



TV Series

Season 9


  • The name of the family living in this cabin is a direct reference to the two actors who had played in George Romero's Of the Dead franchise.
    • Bill Cardille, who played himself as a news reporter in Night of the Living Dead.
    • Sarah Cardille, who played the lead role of Sarah in Day of the Dead.