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This article is about the Small Bites character. You may be looking for his Comic Series or TV Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Carl

I was just going to say... instead of a bedtime story, can we talk about Mom and Judith? 'Cause... I think you're right, I think it's ok to be sad; And even though mom's dead and it makes me sad and miss her lots to talk about her, I don't want to forget the good stuff either.
―Carl to Rick.[src]

Carl Grimes is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Small Bites.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Carl's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except her had a father and mother.


Not much is known about Carl's life following the outbreak, except at one point, he shot a cop named Shane in the neck and watched him bleed to death in a snowy field. Later on, his mother died Lori died before he, his father, and their group arrived at Alexandria.

Life Among Them[]

"Issue 1"

Carl plays baseball with Ron Anderson and Josh, but hits the ball into a bird's next over the fence. Carl decides to climb over and retrieve the ball, despite Ron and Josh's warning and ends up surrounded by walkers. Carl manages to kill all the walkers and threatens Ron and Josh to not tell his dad.

"Issue 2"

On Halloween, Carl is approached by the Pirate Club lead by John Houck. John introduces himself, having been impressed by the story he heard from Ron and tries to induct Carl into their club. Carl declines saying he's looking forward to becoming another "soft idiot" living in Alexandria. John takes offense to this and shows Carl horrific things that have happened at Alexandria to prove they aren't soft. Carl is unimpressed. John asks him what he's done to make him such a careless badass, Carl responds saying he shot a cop in the neck and watched him bleed out, stunning the Pirate Club.

Too Far Gone[]

"Issue 5"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 7"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 9"

Carl will appear in this issue.

No Way Out[]

"Issue 10"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 12"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 13"

Carl will appear in this issue.

We Find Ourselves[]

"Issue 15"

Rick carries a bloody, one-eyed Carl back into the house, only now realizing that they're safer inside than they are outside.

"Issue 18"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 19"

Carl will appear in this issue.

"Issue 20"

Carl will appear in this issue.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Carl has killed:


Issues 1 2 3 4 5 6
Life Among Them
Too Far Gone
No Way Out
We Find Ourselves 👁
A Larger World
Something To Fear
Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream