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"I wish I knew how to fight better."
—Carl Grimes[src]

Carl Grimes is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Location Unknown

Prior to the outbreak, Carl was a normal kid who lived with his parents in King County, Georgia, where he went to school during the day and was picked up by his mother, Lori, after school and taken home. One morning, Carl witnesses his parents fighting and having an argument whether his father, Rick, cared about the family or not. Later that day after he finishes school, Lori comes to Carl and informs him that his father was shot and in a coma.


"The Outbreak Begins"

Carl goes with his mother when Shane Walsh comes to get them to take them to Atlanta, Georgia. They are stopped when they encounter a roadblock. The three of them settle down with a group of survivors. He states that he is "fine" when questioned by the player and seems to be more worried about others. He wishes that he could fight better, and asks his mother if he could wield a gun, which was denied, and then a knife, and that thought was also rejected. Despite the circumstances, he does not miss watching cartoons. He is not allowed to move around camp, so his mother can keep an eye on him. He wishes his father was here, stating that he was a sheriff. He likes the quiet of the camp, and if it weren't for the walkers, it'd be very peaceful. He had previously been on camping trips, but never for this long. He vaguely remembers leaving behind many personal possessions, but has learned to block out those memories. He, despite their inhuman appearance, feels sorry for the walkers, pondering the thought that they were "like us, once". Shane tells him that he is the "man of the family" now. He gets bored walking around the camp, but no one needs his help. Shane has given him the job of keeping watch for walkers. After the player finds a map, Lori, Shane, and Carl leave to go to Atlanta.

Killed Victims

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Spencer Andrea

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