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Carlinville is a location of from The Walking Dead: Descent. It is located in Upson County, fifteen miles to the southwest of Woodbury, right next to the highway 74. Both towns are connected through underground tunnels.


Little is known about this city before as the outbreak began except it has a chapel.


The survivors of the Pentecostal People of God were pinned down in a chapel by a large herd. They were able to send Reese to go look for help. When Reese finally found Woodbury, he persuaded Lilly Caul to send people to rescue the rest of the group. They were able to get there via the underground tunnels, and take the group to Woodbury.




  • Carlinville is a fictional town. It would be located around where Sunset Village, Georgia is. It is unknown why the author chose to use a fictional town and not one that already exists.