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"Pretty fucking sure. Don't fuck with Tiny Carlos sure."
—Eddie to Wyatt about Carlos. (Determinant)[src]

"Tiny" Carlos is a character determinately mentioned by Eddie in The Walking Dead: 400 Days.


Location unknown

Almost nothing is known about Carlos's life before or as the outbreak began except that he might have known Wyatt and Eddie.


400 Days

Wyatt's Story

Carlos is mentioned by Eddie when he tells Wyatt how he is not someone to "fuck with". (Determinant) Both Eddie and Wyatt fear him for unknown reasons.

His fate is unknown.


    • Tiny Carlos is credited , but does not make a physical appearance in the game. This could mean he was planned to and had dialogue recorded, but was cut before release or is simply an error by the developers.
  • It is possible that Tiny Carlos is just a term Wyatt and Eddie coined as a character from popular culture.
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