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Carol B, also known as Caroline B is an original and playable character that appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. She serves as the secondary antagonist of River Potomac storyline.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Carol's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Detroit, Michigan

At some point after the outbreak, Carol B met Pippy, who saved her life.

River Potomac

Carol B met Arturo's group some time after their first run-in with MJ and Shaq's gang. She advised them to seek help from Pippy, promising that she would help them hide from the twins. The survivors followed her advice, unaware that Carol would have deliberately sent them to Pippy's skating rink and then informed Ash of the survivors ' whereabouts. However, Ash later gave up her informant herself, after the group, along with the Titan, attacked the brothers ' base.

Some time later, while Arturo and Marge were fixing a boat to cross the river, Carol came to the dock and told them that Shaquille and MJ were preparing for a real war with Pippy and asked them to help stop the bloodshed before it was too late. Most of the band members didn't believe Carol, but Lyle and Tyler agreed to negotiate with the brothers. On the way, they had a conversation and Tyler asked why Carol couldn't leave Pippy alone and let her deal with her own problems. Carol said he wouldn't understand anyway. In a short time, the group came across the brothers.As it turned out, she deliberately lured the two into a trap. Lyle was taken hostage to force Pippi and Arturo's group to follow the rules they had set, threatening them with the murder of the "The Scotsman".Tyler agreed to work for the brothers and deliver a message to Pippy and was released.

Some time after Tyler returned to his group, Carol B, accompanied by several thugs, arrived at the ice rink. She was met by Pippy and Saladin and a shootout broke out between them, which stopped after Thuan, Franklin, Serena, Noor, Jake, and Tyler arrived at the scene of the battle. Carol B tried again to convince everyone that she was just trying to make sure everyone got what they wanted, but this time no one believed her. Moreover, Pippy accused her former friend that everything that happened was her fault. Realizing that it would not work, Carol B decided to return to the twins and ordered her people to retreat, and surprisingly for everyone, Tyler followed her. Before Arturo's group could attack their former friend, the brothers ' subordinates left the rink grounds.

The next day, Pippy and her group attacked the ice rink again in an attempt to free their friend. The sudden appearance of Brutus helped the survivors and in the confusion, Lyle managed to escape. The brothers assigned Carol B, Tyler, and Ash to chase the fleeing survivors to the ice rink, while they headed to the harbor to prevent Arturo from finishing the boat.

The brothers ' subordinates managed to catch up with Pippy and they began a siege of the ice rink. Several bandits, along with Tyler and Carol B, managed to get into the rink, but at that moment Ash, who was waiting for the right moment to help Arturo's group, shot Tyler, turning the rest of the bandits to flight. Carol B hid in the ice rink and tried to kill Pippy, but was shot by Ash, who, unlike the other survivors, did not intend to show mercy.


Killed by

During the attack of the group of Shaquille and M.J. on the ice rink, Ash betrayed her "comrades" because of which most of the bandits fled. Carol hid in the ice rink, waiting for the right moment to kill Pippy, who she thought was responsible for everything that was happening. However, Ash killed her before she could put her plan into action.

As a Playable Character

  • Persona: Legend
  • Trait: Tough
  • Role: Damage
  • Rarity: S-Class
  • Adrenaline Rush: Guardian Rush
  • Specialist Skill: Follow-Up
  • Active Skill: Guardian Shield, AP Up and Recover

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Carol B has killed:


  • Carol B appears to be based on animal rights activist Carole Baskin. Aside from the name, both Carole Baskin and Carol B are both commonly seen with daisy chains.
    • This makes her the second character based on a real life figure featured in the Tiger King documentary, the other being Jobe.