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Carol Lane Tresan is an extra who portrayed the wife of Richard Foster and is the mother of their unnamed daughter. She is seen walking around with her family in "Walk With Me" and then hands out drinks and attends the arena match in "Say the Word". She also serves as a stand-in and stunt double for Lori Grimes, as she rode the horse in Season 2 and was the woman in the white dress in Season 3. In real life, she is the wife and mother of Greg and Devon Tresan, who play her character's family members in Season 3.

Carol is also an animal wrangler, and has helped with the horses in season two as well as with other animals throughout the series.

According to Carol Lane Tresan, she was taken off the show due to her striking similarity to Sarah Wayne Callies, who portrayed Lori Grimes, who had died earlier in the season. This explains as to why Mrs. Foster suddenly disappeared from Woodbury after a few episodes.

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