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Carol Parente is an extra who portrays a teacher at the Kingdom in AMC's The Walking Dead. Specifically, she was given the role as an "art teacher".

She has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 7
Season 8
  • "Some Guy" - Part of the townspeople to stay behind, listens and cheers at Ezekiel's speech, horrified when no other soldiers return with Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry.
  • "The King, the Widow, and Rick" - Solemnly sits at the picnic tables by the laundry area.
  • "How It's Gotta Be" - Rounded up with other Kingdommers by Saviors, flees after Ezekiel sets off a distraction.
  • "Honor" - Watches as Carol speaks with Nabila and Henry, heads to Carol's cottage for refuge with other Kingdom survivors.
  • "Dead or Alive Or" - Witnesses the Alexandrians' arrival at the Hilltop Colony.
  • "Do Not Send Us Astray" - Survives the Savior attack and subsequent outbreak by staying in a room in the Barrington House with the babies, along with Rosita and Enid.
  • "Still Gotta Mean Something" - Seen walking throughout the Hilltop.
  • "Worth" - Talks with another survivor in the background as Maggie gives Dwight's map to Rick.
  • "Wrath" - Among the residents to stay behind. Later seen fleeing into the woods once the Saviors attempt to infiltrate the Hilltop. Afterwards, returns home to the Kingdom to re-establish the previously destroyed community.
Season 9
  • "The Bridge" - Among the Kingdommers to move to the work camp to build the bridge, witnesses fight between Daryl and Justin on the bridge, seen at the work camp.
  • "Warning Signs" - Present for the confrontation between the Saviors and the other survivors at the work camp.
  • "The Obliged" - Lounges around the work camp, present for confrontation when Saviors return to the camp.
  • "What Comes After" - Survived the work camp confrontation, arrives on river bank with other survivors as herd approaches Rick. Attempts to fight off herd with the others but it is too late.
  • "Who Are You Now?" - At a picnic table with several children as she leads class.
  • "Chokepoint" - Helps prepare for the Harvest Festival, turns on the generator as other residents cheer.
  • "The Calm Before" - Listens to Ezekiel's speech declaring the fair open, enjoys the fair with other community members, listens to Siddiq's speech in sadness.
  • "The Storm" - Among the remaining townspeople to abandon the Kingdom and travel through Whisperer territory during a blizzard for resettlement in Alexandria and Hilltop.
Season 10
  • "Silence the Whisperers" - Rushes to the scene of the tree falling onto the house and a portion of the Hilltop's walls. Later tends to chickens and picks berries at a table with another woman as Michonne and the others prepare to leave Hilltop.
  • "What It Always Is" - Walks on a raised walkway near the fallen tree.
  • "Morning Star" - Part of the caravan of children and caretakers to head towards Oceanside before the attack until running into a roadblock set by the Whisperers. Returns to Hilltop and rushes the children inside the Barrington House before nightfall.

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