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"What happened to Henry... and how I felt after... it controlled me. I let it take me down a very dark path. People that I care about were hurt. Now everything that I do, I carry that. This is a path you don't want to go down. Now you let him go. Let him go."
—Carol to Aaron about getting revenge.[src]

Carol Peletier (née unknown), formerly known as "Queen" Carol by the Kingdom, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. During the initial outbreak, she evacuates with her abusive husband, Ed, and their daughter, Sophia, to Atlanta. They eventually join a camp of survivors. In the events following her daughter's disappearance, Carol forms a close, loving bond with fellow survivor, Daryl Dixon.

After discovering that her daughter was bitten and reanimated, Carol, now the last surviving member of her family, gradually builds inner strength, becoming increasingly proficient with weapons, and gains medical experience through Hershel Greene's assistance. Later on, she becomes the parental guardian of Lizzie and Mika Samuels after the death of their father, albeit briefly. Upon her arrival at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Carol briefly forms a romantic relationship with fellow Alexandrian Tobin and becomes an adviser to Rick Grimes following Hershel's death.

Following the end of the war against the Saviors, Carol moves to the Kingdom. She later marries Ezekiel and becomes Henry's adoptive mother. She was one of the five co-leaders of the Coalition alongside Gabriel Stokes, Tara Chambler, Ezekiel, and Cyndie. Following Henry's death and the fall of the Kingdom, Carol ends her marriage to Ezekiel and moves back to Alexandria with Daryl and Lydia. Following the Whisperer War, Carol moves to the Commonwealth, where she now works in Elodie's Treats as a baker as well as doing side jobs for Lance Hornsby as part of a deal with him to get Ezekiel treatment for his thyroid cancer.


At the outset of the series, Carol is introverted and soft-spoken, though often meek and defenseless, particularly when it comes to facing her abusive husband, Ed. She remains fiercely protective over her daughter Sophia, attempting to shield her from the various dangers of their surroundings. After Ed is beaten half to death, Carol rebels against her husband's wishes for Sophia to spend time with him and begins to participate in group activities alone with their daughter. Due to Ed's loss, Carol slowly begins to empower herself. After Sophia's death, she begins to stand up for herself and gains more independence, while strengthening her bonds with the group. She is shown during season two to be a devout Christian, frequently praying for the well-being of herself and Sophia. She fervently holds onto her beliefs even after Sophia's death, insisting that her daughter is in heaven.

Starting in the third season and more prominently in the fourth season, Carol later obtains a proactive and pragmatic stance when she secretly kills two sick members of the group in an attempt to prevent a deadly disease from spreading and shows little remorse over the deed, claiming that it was necessary. Rick deems Carol's actions morally questionable and exiles her. When Lizzie's psychotic tendencies escalate to the extent of killing her younger sister, Mika, Carol feels obligated to kill her in order to protect her group: herself, Tyreese Williams, and Rick's daughter Judith. Later, Carol confesses to Tyreese, the boyfriend of Karen (one of the two ill members she kills) that she is responsible for the deaths and gains Tyreese's forgiveness. The difficult choices Carol makes to stay alive leave her emotionally wounded as a result. In the fifth season, her resourcefulness is exemplified when she wipes out of the cannibalistic death compound, Terminus, where the other survivors are held captive, saving them all from potential death. Doing so, she regains the respect and praise of Rick. Despite her initial hesitation to rejoin the newly established group permanently, she eventually welcomes the idea, she and is seen as a leader during the group's separation on their journey to Washington, D.C. Carol is revealed to be agnostic by the fifth season, revealing that she is no longer sure if she believes in God or an afterlife.

Carol's development has revealed her to be highly intelligent, cunning, objective, and resourceful, serving as a reliable confidant and counselor to Rick, typically advising the most cerebral and analytical approach. She is not afraid to take matters into her own hands and is shown to be prepared to kill anyone whom she views as a threat. She is also a brilliant liar, as she is able to convince the entire town of Alexandria that she is a meek, incompetent old lady in an attempt to mask her much more savvy and skeptical personality. She still retains her sanity and her emotions of sympathy, but Carol will always take the logical route at any cost. Carol is occasionally shown to be extremely cold and cruel, as shown when she threatens to leave Sam for the Walkers if he tells of her presence in the gun gallery and coldly telling him to move on after his abusive father's death. She also threatens and attempts to kill fellow group member Morgan Jones for getting in her way of killing Owen, the leader of the Wolves, despite the latter being confined and restrained. Carol is shown to be similar to Rick in the sense that both are unwilling to take chances when it comes to dealing with human threats and show an enthusiastic desire to kill them without hesitation.

Starting in the back half of the sixth season, it is shown that she does feel remorse for killing people, writing down a list of the peoples she has killed as she begins to feel the weight of her actions since the apocalypse began. Deep down Carol desperately wants to believe what Morgan believes, but the facts haven't lined up like that for her. She's a hardened combat veteran but born out of necessity and reluctance. Around this time she also confesses to considering herself the "mother" to all of the survivors and is able to do terrible things while maintaining her motherly side, to protect them. Her motherly side is shown in her threatening Pete Anderson for harming his family, as well as her refusal to let Maggie do anything dangerous, such as help in the assault on the Saviors while she is pregnant, going such lengths as to stick around to make sure Maggie doesn't slip away to protect her.

Despite her remorse in killing other survivors, Carol is still very much capable of committing murder to keep herself and those she cares about safe from danger as shown when she kill an entire group of Saviors that kidnapped herself and Maggie and coldly guns down a member that nearly slashed the pregnant Maggie in the stomach with a knife. Following this, Carol choose to exile herself from her group claiming she can no longer kill any more human threats. Carol however has not weakened in any way as she single handily takes down another small group of Saviors herself after they refused to surrender. In the season six finale, it seems like Carol is accepting her fate just like when she is nearly killed by the Savior who had survived her attack.

After being rescued by Morgan and allowing herself to recover from her wounds at the Kingdom, Carol is still adamant about isolating herself from the world and hence leaves to live in a small house on the Kingdom's outskirts. Morgan and leader of the Kingdom, Ezekiel occasionally check up on her much to her annoyance. In her solitary life, Carol continues to believe in avoiding involvement in violent confrontation as she immediately rejected Richard's - Ezekiel's head of security - plea to incite war with the Saviors. However, after hearing from Morgan about the deaths of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford at the hands of Negan Smith, Carol returns to the Kingdom and tells Ezekiel they need to get ready to fight against The Saviors, which was shown when she gunned down members of the Scavengers and the Saviors without hesitation when helping to save Alexandria.

By Season 10, Carol is shown to be utterly devastated over the death of her adopted son Henry and as a result is shown to be consumed by anger, rage and a desire for vengeance and also shows signs of mental instability. She wants to personally kill Alpha, her son's killer at all costs and exterminate the Whisperers completely and is angered and disgusted at her group's unwillingness to fight back and their desire to respect Alpha's territorial boundaries to avoid further conflict. She appears to not be concerned at the potential consequences of her actions as seen when she recklessly attempts to shoot Alpha after the latter mocks her over Henry's death, appearing not to realize or care that the Whisperers could unleash their mega-horde of Walkers upon all the communities in an instant and appears to just want Alpha dead regardless. She is dedicated to learning of the Whisperer's horde's location to remove their chief weapon and give the communities a chance to fight back and personally and brutally tortures a captured Whisperer to learn it, exemplifying her desperation to kill Alpha. Her desire for vengeance also causes her to put personal relationships she has in jeopardy to benefit her mission of killing Alpha, namely with Lydia whom she lies to and attempts to use to turn the Whisperers against Alpha (due to her lying to her people that she murdered Lydia). This greatly upsets Lydia after Mary, Alpha's third-in-command, learns of her survival and she calls Carol out for using her. For this, Lydia claims Carol is just like Alpha herself, much to her shock. However, the two women eventually reconcile.

Despite Daryl's best attempts to convince Carol to let go of her vendetta against Alpha, it is apparent Carol's desire for revenge has completely overclouded her common sense and adept strategic thinking as she is lured into a trap by Alpha alongside many of her allies in a cave containing the Whisperer's mega-horde, making Alpha the first adversary to be capable of outsmarting her. However, Carol is shown to have had a secret plan in the works the whole time, having secretly formed an alliance with Negan whom she had released from prison so that Negan could infiltrate the Whisperers and kill Alpha. After Negan kills Alpha and delivers Carol her foe's severed zombified head, Carol is shown to be satisfied with her revenge despite having not killed Alpha personally, which causes her friendship with Daryl to strain, as he blames her for Connie getting trapped in the cave. He tells her to run and that he won't stop her this time. Carol shows remorse for how far she went to get revenge, but Connie's sister Kelly forgives Carol, believing that Connie is still alive out there somewhere and expresses understanding for Carol's actions.

In "The Tower", Kelly realizes that Carol thinks that the way that she is is a weakness. However, Kelly has heard the stories of Carol's actions in the old days, "that you... you'd just go off. And do the thing that only you can do. Lone wolf." Rather than considering it to be a weakness, Kelly calls it Carol's superpower like Kelly's own growing hearing loss and she tells Carol that Carol can't give up everything about herself just because bad things happen.

By Season 11, Carol is no longer consumed by anger, hate or rage and even shows great remorse for her actions as she begs Aaron not to journey down the vengeful path she followed during the Whisperer War when Henry was killed, as helping kill Alpha did not bring her peace. Carol even acknowledges her reckless actions, like getting Connie and her friends hurt, something that is shown to haunt her. As a result, she helped Aaron alternatively choose forgiveness with Keith, that choice resulted in a way to fix the damage her original mistake caused, since Keith provided Carol with Connie’s last known location. After helping to rescue Connie from the Ferals, Carol is shown to be relieved and pleased by Connie's apparent lack of anger towards her with Connie even volunteering to help Carol during a bad storm.

After moving to the Commonwealth, Carol is shown to enjoy a simpler life, although she makes a deal with Lance Hornsby to help him in his shadier activities in exchange for Lance getting Ezekiel treatment for his cancer. Carol also appears to have patched things up with Daryl following Connie's rescue, even affectionately teasing him over the visible attraction between Daryl and Connie and planning to have lunch with him before Sebastian's actions interrupt their plans. During this time, Carol grows closer with her ex-husband Ezekiel again, although it's currently unclear if they will resume a romantic relationship.


Southern United States

Carol lived down south where she eventually met a man named Ed Peletier. He was initially charming enough for her to date and eventually marry. However, his true abusive nature would be revealed throughout the course of their marriage. She was a housewife, and she fiercely looked after their daughter, Sophia, by nurturing and providing her with comfort while Ed consistently neglected her. Throughout their marriage, Carol and her daughter were victims of verbal and physical abuse. Because of her restrained independence, she remained hesitant to inform any outsiders of the situation.

Despite the abuse, Carol chose to stay married because she used to think that her idea of happiness was not being alone. A drunken Ed would hit her often, where several times would end with her shoulder dislocated. She learned how to heal it via the internet, due to being too embarrassed of having to return to the hospital, only to make the excuse that she had fallen down the stairs. One day, Carol decided to cut off all of her hair because when she tried to run away from Ed, he would grab her hair and slam her head against the wall. She once took Sophia to a shelter in Atlanta in an attempt to get away from Ed, but after a day and a half, they went back to him. After they went back, Ed beat them both very badly.


Metro-Atlanta, Georgia

During the onset of the outbreak, Carol and her family traveled towards a supposedly safe-zone in Atlanta. On the way, they got caught in a traffic jam and befriended Shane, Lori, and Carl. While on the road, Carol tried to give some food to Carl, but Ed stopped her, saying that they would not have enough for themselves. Sometime after the city was napalmed by the military, they formed a campsite outside the outskirts of Atlanta, along with other survivors.

Season 1

"Tell It to the Frogs"

Carol, together with Sophia and Ed, was first seen watching Rick and the others coming out from the truck from their mission at Atlanta. At night, when the survivors are resting around dimly lit campfires, Ed attempted to make his fire bigger, stating that it's cold. Shane asked him to put it out, stating that the light and smoke may attract any walkers lurking around. Ed finally gave in and ordered Carol to dim the fire to embers. The next morning, Carol was cleaning Rick Grimes' clothes for him, stating that was the best she could do, especially without a real washing machine, and Rick thanked her.

Later, Carol was doing laundry at the quarry with Andrea, Amy, and Jacqui, joking about what they missed. When Andrea said that she missed her vibrator, Carol looked at her husband, then back at the women and whispered "Me, too," prompting laughter to explode from the women. The laughter drew Ed over, who orders them to stop and do the laundry. Andrea, fed up by Ed's attitude, said that if Ed doesn't like the way laundry's done, he could do it himself, tossing his clothes at him. Ed threw it back at Andrea roughly, starting up an argument. Ed demanded for Carol to come with him. Jacqui then made a remark to Ed, proving that she and everyone else knew how Ed abused her in private. Carol was then submissive to Ed, but Andrea told Carol that she didn't have to go. Carol then began to resist, to which Ed responded with a slap to her face, drawing blood from her lip. Andrea and Jacqui, both upset, pushed Ed away as Amy held Carol in her arms. Shane, who was observing the situation from a distance, was enraged with what he has just witnessed. He approached Ed and beat him senseless, threatening him to not ever lay a violent hand on his wife or daughter or that next time, he wouldn't stop hitting. Carol was upset from the beating and tended to her husband, weeping and apologizing.


Carol was seen sewing some clothes while Andrea and Amy returned from fishing. She was then present for the confrontation with Jim, standing with Sophia and Carl, with her arms around them. She remained shy and hesitant to speak when Jim resorted to openly expressing how Shane shouldn't have interfered with her and Ed's personal issues, stating that it was their marriage and thus their own business to sort out with each other. Carol and Sophia later gave Ed some water in the family tent, and Carol invites Ed to come outside with everyone. He rejects her invitation and tried to force his daughter to stay and keep him company. Carol, visibly concerned about Sophia and managing to finally stand her ground, said "Ed, she wants to join in." and brung the girl outside. Carol eats fish at night with the rest of the survivors and was intrigued by the conversation about Dale Horvath's watch. Moments later, when zombies descended upon their camp, she grabbed Sophia, shielded her, and fled to the RV with some of the other survivors as the zombies invaded the camp, killing Ed, Amy, and others.


The next morning, Carol took care of Sophia while the men dispose of the zombie corpses and tried her best to reassure her about their current situation. As Daryl Dixon went through each zombie with a pickaxe, she stops him when he gets to her dead husband. She proceeded to stab her husband multiple times, initially in a hesitant but then furious manner, venting out the anger that she had kept inside of her for many years. She later attended the funeral for her husband, Amy, and the other fallen survivors. While the others figured out what to do next, she took care of a bitten Jim in the RV and noticed his deteriorating physical health. Before departing the base camp, Morales and Miranda broke the news that they were not going with them, but instead to Birmingham to find their extended family. She shared a goodbye hug with Miranda and Morales before they left. Carol, Sophia, and the remaining survivors reached the Center for Disease Control and were about to flee as zombies begun to approach their location, but the doors suddenly opened, drowning all of them in light.


The group was admitted into the CDC by Edwin Jenner after going through a blood test to ensure none of them were infected. Carol was introduced to the luxuries the facility has to offer, including hot water and real beds. She was able to live in a comfortable room with Sophia and noted the wonderful feeling of sleeping in a real bed for the first time in months. She enjoyed dinner and wine with everyone and learned about TS-19 and Dr. Jenner's work, and the fall of the CDC's infrastructure. After Dr. Jenner revealed the purpose of the countdown timer and locked the control room's door, she was hysterical and plead with Edwin to let them go, explaining how inhumane it was for him to be keeping them locked inside there and that Sophia deserved a better death than this. As the survivors finally got Edwin to open the door for their escape, they all reached the lobby to find the doors permanently locked and the windows bulletproof. Just as all hope diminished, she approached Rick and took a grenade out of her purse, telling him that she found it in his uniform the day he arrived at camp and she washed the clothes. Rick used the grenade to break the glass, successfully escaping the CDC. She reached the RV just in time and she drove off with the group away from the complex as the ruins burned in flames.

Season 2

"What Lies Ahead"

Dale's RV broke down on the way to Fort Benning, forcing the survivors to stop in the middle of the road. While searching other cars on the roadside, a herd of Walkers caught the group by surprise. Sophia, while her horrified mother watched helplessly, was chased into the woods, and Rick goes to lead the walkers away. When her daughter disappeared, the others headed out to look for her. They found an abandoned church, where Carol stops to pray for her daughter's safety.


As they continued to look for Sophia, the group was found by Maggie Greene, who turned up on horseback to retrieve Lori. Maggie took Lori to her home, and gives the others the location of the Greene family farm, telling them to find their way there. They made it back to the highway, but Carol didn't want to go to the farm without Sophia. Dale, Andrea, T-Dog, and Daryl decided to stay with Carol and see if Sophia comes back, Glenn and T-Dog, meanwhile, head to the farm to seek aide for T-Dog's infection.

"Save the Last One"

Carol stayed behind at Dale's RV, hoping to find Sophia. Upon hearing Carol's crying in the middle of the night, Daryl and Andrea go back out into the forest to search for Carol's daughter, but returned without her. The next day, they left a sign and food for Sophia at the highway, and Carol consented to go with the remainder of the group to look for Hershel's farm.

"Cherokee Rose"

After leaving some food on the highway for Sophia, Carol and the others headed to Hershel's Farm. She was then seen setting up tents with the other survivors and cleaning the RV, in the hopes that it would look good when Sophia returns. Likely, she had also done this in an attempt to keep busy and distract herself from her fear of what had happened to Sophia. When Daryl returned, he gave Carol a Cherokee rose to give her hope that they would find Sophia and bring her back safely.


The episode began in a flashback and shows a number of survivors (including Carol, Ed, Sophia, Lori, Carl, and Shane) on the highway outside Atlanta in the hopes of finding refuge. When Carl asked for food, Carol offers to get him some; but when she attempted to do so, Ed pushed the door shut. He yelled at his wife, telling her they wouldn't have enough for the two of them if she "keep[s] running [her] damn mouth off" to everyone they meet. Her efforts having been rejected, Carol instead pulled some food out of her purse and offered it to Carl, but Lori, who had seen the confrontation, declines. In the present, Carol was ​seen doing laundry with Lori and commented that it would be nice to cook in a real kitchen again, and she offered the idea to cook for Hershel and his family that night. The offer having been accepted by the other members of the household, Lori and Carol were welcomed into Hershel's house and cooked dinner with the help of Patricia and Beth. Towards the end of the episode, Carol brought dinner to an injured Daryl and gave him a kiss on the forehead, stating that by risking his life to find her daughter he has done more for Sophia than her own father did in his whole life.


Carol wasn't seen much in the episode. However, she appeared first standing behind Patricia looking out into the forest; and later, when Shane and Andrea come back from their search for Sophia, Carol helped Andrea clean off.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

Carol was first seen cooking a meal for the rest of the group. When Glenn told them that the barn was full of walkers, she joined the group when they went to investigate. Later on, she tried to stop Daryl from going out looking for her daughter, Sophia, because he was still healing. He threw the saddle to the floor and walked away, insulting her in his frustration. Some time after that, they both were seen walking along a river, where he found another Cherokee Rose. He apologized for the earlier incident and said that they will find Sophia. Carol answered that he's right and that she can feel it. Later, Shane broke open Hershel's barn doors and a swarm of zombies poured out. After the group killed them all in self-defense, labored breathing was heard and one last walker comes out of the clearing cloud of dust, Sophia. Carol was beyond devastated and, sobbing, ran toward her, but Daryl caught her. Rick walked up from the back of the group and shot Sophia in the head.


Carol refused to attend Sophia's funeral, claiming that the dead walker was no longer her daughter, which angered Daryl. Back at the barn Shane was washing up at a water pump when Carol emerged from the forest, muddy and scratched. Shane cleaned her cuts and apologized for what happened to Sophia and claimed that if he knew she was in the barn, he wasn't sure what he would have done; but he assured Carol that he was only trying to ensure the safety of his fellow survivors.


Back at Hershel's farm, Daryl told Carol that Lori had asked him to find Hershel, but he had refused. He speculated that Lori went on her own to town. Carol started to leave, but turns around and asked Daryl not to pull away like this. He didn't respond. Later that night, Carol went back to check on Daryl, finding many dead squirrels, dead rabbits, and the necklace of severed walker ears hanging on a clothes line. Daryl caught her and confronted her about coming to look for him again. This exploded into a full-on rant on Daryl's side, to which Carol quietly told him to "Go ahead." Carol lets Daryl vent his frustration on her (showing an enviable amount of emotional strength, or perhaps the fact that she had become accustomed to this sort of thing with Ed), while still not backing down and holding her ground. Daryl reached his boiling point and screamed that Sophia wasn't his daughter and blamed Carol for not keeping an eye on her. He moved forward in an aggressive way, and Carol instinctively flinches away. Daryl pulled away, realizing what he had done, and stared at Carol without saying a word. The next day, Daryl finally returned to the folds of the group by entering the house during a group discussion and gave Carol an apologetic smile, which she returned.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Carl was kneeling by Sophia's grave when Carol approached. She reassures him that they'll see Sophia in heaven, one day. Carl snapped back that heaven is just a lie, "And if you believe it, you're an idiot". Carol approached Lori and Rick, telling them that they needed to control Carl for being disrespectful towards her. Lori unknowingly told Carol to calm down and Carol took it personally, telling Lori that she just lost her daughter days ago and that she hadn't lost her mind. During the group meeting, Carol said she wants the fighting to stop and for them to just make a decision about Randall. Dale retorts back saying "Not saying anything or killing him yourself... there's no difference." Carol was seen with the other survivors gathering around a dying Dale before the injured man is shot by Daryl both out of mercy and to prevent reanimation.

"Better Angels"

Carol was seen with the group when they were preparing to move into Hershel's home, and again when Rick and the group investigated the barn after Randall's disappearance. Rick stated that the handcuffs were still locked and that he could have slipped them. Carol asked if it was possible and is answered with "It is if you've got nothing to lose."

"Beside the Dying Fire"

When the herd of walkers advanced on the farm, Lori was horrified to discover that Carl is missing. Carol reassured her that they won't leave without him and that she would help look for Carl. When they were unable to find him, Carol assumes that he snuck out and went looking for Rick to help find Randall. When Lori wanted to go looking in the woods for Carl, Carol convinced her that they needed to leave the farm instead, as it had become overrun. Lori reluctantly agreed and told Carol to get Beth and Patricia. She did so and the four women ran from the house. Carol ran ahead of the other women in the confusion and got separated. As Carol ran, she was cornered against the shed by a couple of walkers. Andrea came to her rescue, but Carol soon lost track of her. As the rest of the survivors fled the farm, Carol was left behind and was chased by walkers. Daryl, who had been watching the chaos, heard Carol's screams and came to her rescue, picking her up on his motorcycle and narrowly avoiding a group of walkers in the process.

In the morning, Daryl and Carol were riding away from the overrun farm, dodging walkers along the dirt road as they go. They eventually met up with the rest of the survivors on the highway. Carol was happy to discover that Carl was still alive and was reunited with his mother. Carol showed concern for Andrea when she did not show up with the others.

When the group stopped on the side of the road, Carol worried for the group's safety when they decided to stay the night. She became angry at Rick when he revealed that everyone is infected and had known so since they had been at the CDC. Later that night, she expressed her concerns to Daryl, telling him that she felt unsafe with Rick. Carol told him that he deserved better than to be Rick's henchman. When Daryl asked her what she wants, she responded with "a man of honor". Daryl brushed her off, claiming "Rick's got honor." When the group heard a noise in the woods, Carol said that they should go and tells Rick to "do something" to which Daryl responded harshly.

Season 3


Seven to eight months following the events of the preceding season, Carol has gone through a significant transformation. She was shown to be increasingly proficient with weapons and was taking a more active role within the group, such as when it came to securing the prison. In addition, her self-confidence had grown and she seemed to have moved on from mourning her daughter. The relationship between her and Daryl had also become closer and more personal, with the two of them casually joking around and assisting each other with various things. There was also the hint that she might have been harboring romantic feelings for him now, although that is up to interpretation. Her trust in Rick has been regained, to the point where she believed that within the past few months, Rick had done more to keep the group alive than Shane ever did.

She and Lori had strengthened their bond as well, with Carol helping her through her pregnancy and providing her with reassurance. The two had shared a cell together since settling into the prison.


Carol was mostly seen in this episode helping the other survivors take care of Hershel as he had given her some medical advice prior to being bitten. Carol asked Glenn for a favor which involved helping her kill a female walker so she could practice performing a C-Section. She wanted to do this both because she thought she may have to be the one to deliver Lori's baby due to Hershel's current condition and because Lori had needed one when she had Carl. Carol was seen about to cut into the stomach as she was being watched from afar by Andrew, who was believed to be deceased.

"Killer Within"

Walkers invaded the prison, separating the group. Carol and T-Dog were one of the groups that were separated from the others. While locking up one of the gates to ensure no more Walkers get into their safe haven, T-Dog was bitten on the shoulder from behind by a quickly advancing Walker. He insisted on getting Carol somewhere safe inside of the prison rather than sitting down and waiting for his time to run out. Once they got to the end of a hall, two Walkers blocked their escape and they have no where else to go. Since he had already been bitten and would turn anyway, T-Dog heroically charged the two zombies, holding them back and sacrificing his life to allow Carol to escape. After the situation at the prison is controlled, Daryl and Rick found her headscarf and revolver left behind next to T-Dog's devoured body, and they assumed her to be dead. While they did not find any other evidence to support this, they probably assumed she had been devoured as well.


Finding Carol's knife jabbed in the throat of a walker, Daryl broke down in grief, still believing Carol to be dead. Overcome with sadness and anger at his loss, Daryl began stabbing the ground with her knife, but was distracted by a rocking door. He angrily pulled it open assuming he will find a walker, but he found Carol, weak and dehydrated, inside. Daryl picked her up and carried her back to the group.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

Daryl took Carol back to the safety of her cell to recover. He presumably got her some water and called Rick, who was questioning the recently arrived Michonne, over.

Having previously believed Carol to be dead, Rick was overcome with stunned relief upon seeing her. They shared a friendly, emotional hug, along with some of the other survivors. When Carol saw the baby, she was overjoyed, but, when she noticed that Lori is not there, she realized that Lori had died in the birth and was devastated. She grasped Rick, broke down, and apologized, blaming herself for not being there to help with the birth. They both consoled each other. Later on, Carol was seen holding baby Judith while bidding Daryl farewell as he left for Woodbury.

"Made to Suffer"

Carol observed Axel complimenting Beth on caring well for Judith (Rick and Lori's baby) and asking for her age, and she took it as Axel making a move on her. She pulled him aside and orders him to leave Beth alone and not make any advances on her (as she was seventeen years old and he was a full-grown adult). Axel offered as a rebuttal that there are few women around who could satisfy him, because Maggie was in a relationship with Glenn, and he assumed Carol to be a lesbian due to her short hairstyle (a stereotype often attributed to lesbian women). When she informed him that she wasn't, he dubbed their conversation "interesting," to which Carol replied, "no it's not," and walks away.

Later, when Beth questioned Hershel about Carol and Axel's location, when she heard voices in the prison, Hershel replied that it couldn't have been them, as they were together in the guard tower keeping watch.

"The Suicide King"

Carol began talking with Carl about Lori while they waited for Rick and the others to come back from their trip to Woodbury. When they eventually came back, Carol frantically looked in the car and became worried when she can't find Daryl. She questioned Daryl's whereabouts and Rick told her that Daryl is still alive, but he left the group so that he could be with Merle again. Carol was shocked and in a state of disbelief, asking Rick many times if Daryl was actually gone and how he could possibly leave the group. Later, when she was preparing a crib made out of a cardboard box for Judith to sleep in, Beth walked up to her and began talking to her about Daryl's departure from the group and also about Judith. Carol tells Beth that Sophia, her daughter, used to wake the neighbors and how Ed, her now deceased husband, used to sleep at a friends house. Carol also told Beth how men like Ed, as well as Merle, got into people's heads and made them feel like they deserve the pain and abuse they give them. Beth mentioned how angry she was at Daryl for leaving the group for Merle, but Carol said not to be because Daryl had codes and that they needed more men like that in this world. She seemed to be at ease with Daryl leaving, despite initially being crestfallen.


Carol and Axel were seen erecting barriers around The Prison in preparation for an impending attack from The Governor and Woodbury. During this time, Carol and Axel began to bond, as Axel informs her of how he ended up in prison for "armed robbery" due to a misunderstanding. Because of their time together, Axel now saw Carol as a friend and approached her again later on in the episode. While Carol was talking with Axel outside, he is shot and killed by The Governor, starting a battle between The Prison group and The Governor's group. Carol then quickly ducked down and uses Axel's body as a shield in order to protect herself from the crossfire. Maggie quickly rushed outside and provided Carol, Beth, and Carl with weapons that they then used to defend themselves.

"I Ain't a Judas"

In the episode, Carol walked into Daryl's cell and talked with him about Merle. Carol told him how she's glad he came back for them and that she thought Merle wasn't. good company for Daryl and that he was only bringing him down. She told Daryl to look how far he'd come without Merle in his life and that he was a better man without Merle. Later, when Andrea arrived at the prison, as soon as she saw Carol, they embraced each other and Carol told about how, once Andrea saved her, they thought a walker killed Andrea back at the farm in "Beside the Dying Fire". Later on, Andrea came up to Carol so that she could see Lori's baby. Carol told Andrea that the baby's real name was Judith and Daryl gave her nickname "Little Ass Kicker". As she was talking with Andrea and catching up, Carol suggests to Andrea that she end the whole Prison-Woodbury conflict. Carol suggested that Andrea should sleep with The Governor, give him the best night of his life, then, while his guard was down, kill him in order to end it. Carol influenced Andrea enough so that she thought about it, and when she was back in Woodbury, she slept with The Governor. Afterward, as The Governor was asleep, she walked up to The Governor with a knife and was going to kill him. However, she realized that she couldn't do it, so she put her knife down and walked away.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

Carol only appears very briefly in this episode. Carol is first seen when she begins to open the gates for Rick and the others, who are returning from their meeting with The Governor. She is not seen inside until Rick gathers them, which implies that she was outside, keeping watch, while Merle and Glenn were fighting inside. When Rick gathers everyone, Carol is seen listening carefully to what Rick has to say, and when Hershel walks outside to talk with Rick, he mentions that he and Carol believe that they should leave the Prison behind and take their chances out on the road rather than take the risk of losing the prison and being killed by The Governor, but that they would go along with whatever Rick thought would be best for the group.

"This Sorrowful Life"

As Merle is walking around the upper level of the Prison, Carol calls to him from the common room downstairs. She asks if he is with them. When Merle says yes, Carol believes he doesn't understand what she is asking of him; she adds that she does not mean if he is living in the same place with them, but if he is on their side, and tells him he needs to choose. Merle replies that he's on Daryl's side, and Carol says that Daryl's with them. Merle goes on to say that Carol is no longer who she was back at the Atlanta camp: A mouse afraid of her own shadow. Carol replies that that was her husband's shadow she was afraid of, not hers. Merle then leaves an aggravated Carol behind.

Later on in the episode, Carol is seen sitting around with the rest of the group in the prison-yard, holding Judith in her arms. She listens to Rick reveal his plan to give Michonne to The Governor (and how he decided to pull back on said plan) and inform everyone that he is stepping down as leader. Carol does not say anything, but looks on in astonishment.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Carol is first seen helping the group loading supplies, clothes, and belongings in the cars so they could leave the prison if necessary. While doing so, she comforts Daryl, who was grieving over the loss of his brother. Carol had decided stay in the prison with the rest of the survivors when the Woodbury army attacked. Meanwhile Carl, Hershel, Beth, and Judith would remain outside in the woods. During the attack, Carol fires against the Woodbury soldiers as they fled the prison in fear. As Rick, Daryl, and Michonne leave to go after the fleeing Woodbury survivors, Carol is one of the survivors who stay in case The Governor returned for another attack. She helps clear the gates of walkers when Rick's team leaves. When they come back, Carol, sad to see Andrea hasn't returned with them, helps unload the cars and goes back to the prison.

Season 4

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Carol, along with the other survivors and former Woodbury residents, have built-up the prison so that it's more fortified. She is seen talking to Daryl about the prison and the recent rise in the number of walkers near the fences, comparing the situation to a month ago. Later on, Carol is shown in the library, reading stories to the children; however, she is using 'story time' as a cover to teach the children how to use weapons so that they will have a better understanding of how to survive in the apocalypse. When Carl enters the library and notices this, she ask him not to inform his father.


Carol is seen helping Karen in putting the children inside the cells after a zombified Patrick attacks the cell block. After Ryan Samuels is bitten, she is seen carrying him in one of the cells. She prepares to amputate his arm, only to discover he is also bitten in the nape. Later she brings in his two daughters. After Mika and Lizzie say their goodbyes to him, she pulls out her knife and walks to Ryan, before she can end his suffering, Lizzie volunteers to do it herself. She ends Ryan's suffering after Lizzie suffers an emotional breakdown. Later she is seen telling Lizzie that if she wants to live, she has to be strong. After Lizzie walks away, Mika tells Carol that Lizzie is just messed up and that she is not weak. Later after a brief talk with Lizzie, Carol cuts a flower and puts it at the side on her ear. They both share a smile and Lizzie holds her hand.


Carol is first seen with Rick, Tyreese, and Daryl, examining the bodies of Karen and David. When Rick and Tyreese get into a fist fight, Carol tries to break them up. Carol is later seen talking to the group about isolating the Infected in Cell Block A. Later, she is holding the door for the infected walking in. As she closes it, Lizzie walks in and tells Carol she isn't feeling well. Lizzie begins to cry, and Carol comforts her, and assures her that she'll be fine. Lizzie asks Carol if she could tuck her in. Carol, not wanting to stay exposed to the virus, tells her that Glenn can tuck her in, saying he is the "best" at tucking kids in. Much later in the episode, Tyreese visits to Carol at the kitchen area and asks her to watch over Sasha since she has a natural mother instinct. Carol apologizes about Karen. After Tyreese leaves, she begins to cry and dumps some of the water. Afterwards she heads to the fences to pump water, knowing many walkers are nearby. She is close to being bit, but Rick comes to her aid. At the end of the episode, Rick confronts Carol and asks her how much she cares for everyone and how much she'd give. His final question to her is "Carol, did you kill Karen and David?" After a long pause, Carol responds "Yes" and walks away.


Carol goes with Rick on a medical supply hunt for Hershel after the others do not return. They meet a couple named Ana and Sam and they ask Rick if they can go with them to the prison. Carol speaks in favor of them. After splitting up, they are in a house and Carol explains to Rick she did what she did because she believed everyone else would have gotten sick and died. Outside while finding food, Rick asks Carol why she never talks about Sophia, and Carol explains that she is dead. Later on while heading to the safe house, they find Ana's dead body, to which Carol has no surprising reaction to. They wait for Sam to return but he never does, and they assume he either is dead or he left. They head to the car and Rick makes a decision to banish Carol from the group. He insists that Karen and David might have lived regardless of their illness, and that killing them was not Carol's decision to make alone. To avoid having Tyreese kill Carol, the possibility of others not wanting her at the prison, and Rick not wanting her around his children, he gives her gas and other supplies and sends her on her way in another vehicle. Before they say their goodbyes, Carol gives Rick a watch that Ed gave her on their first anniversary, and then she leaves.


Carol returns in this episode, saving Lizzie, Mika and Judith from walkers after Tyreese goes to investigate the sound of nearby screaming. She and the three children go to find Tyreese. When she confronts him, she realizes that he is still unaware that she killed Karen and David. Carol reveals that she witnessed the end of the prison assault, and that she saw Tyreese in the distance and followed him.

"The Grove"

On their way to Terminus, the group is seen sleeping on the tracks one night, where Carol is tending to Judith and talking with Lizzie. Carol later mentions her daughter Sophia, before telling Lizzie to go to sleep. In the morning, the group is on the move, and Carol and Tyreese smell smoke in the air. Carol takes Mika with her to find supplies nearby, and Tyreese stays back with Lizzie and Judith. Carol attempts to convince Mika that people need to kill other people sometimes in order to survive, but Mika insists she can kill walkers but won't kill people because it's wrong. Carol says Mika will die if she doesn't change. During this trip, a walker approaches Tyreese, Lizzie and Judith, but its leg falls into a hole in the tracks. Tyreese approaches it to attempt to kill it, but is stopped by Lizzie, when she tells him that they don't always have to be killed.

Meanwhile, Carol and Mika stumble across a pecan grove with a house on the property. They backtrack to get the rest of the group before entering the house. Tyreese and Carol leave the girls outside with Judith while they clear the house. Suddenly, a walker emerges from a side door, prompting Mika to shoot it, alerting Tyreese and Carol. Lizzie is visibly upset with Mika killing the walker. Later that evening, the group is in the house. Carol and Lizzie are at the table cracking pecans, and Mika finds a doll upstairs to play with. During this time, Tyreese takes a moment to look around at the unusual sight of being able to sit in a living-room. Mika simply tells him to relax, and that they could stay there forever.

The next morning, Carol starts the teapot, only to look out the window and see Lizzie playing with a walker. Carol immediately runs outside and kills it, while Lizzie vehemently protests. Carol later takes Mika out to go deer hunting, but she is unable to shoot a deer due to her personal vendetta against killing. Carol and Tyreese are seen later getting water from the well, in which Tyreese tells her that he's not ready to be around people yet, and that he trusts her as a person.

During this time Mika runs outside the house to find Lizzie, and spots her rounding the yard. Lizzie can be seen feeding a mouse to the walker who had fallen on the railroad tracks toward the beginning of the episode. Mika catches up with her, and tells her that they're not alive, and that they're bad. Lizzie insists that she can hear them talking. During their argument, burned walkers begin emerging from the forest, and the two girls run back to the house, screaming for Carol.

Carol and Tyreese hear their cries when they get back to the yard, and begin shooting the walkers that are chasing after the girls. Lizzie and Mika join in the shooting. Later that night, Carol asks Lizzie if she understands walkers now, and Lizzie says that she does. She cooks pecans with Lizzie and Mika, and mentions that she used to bake them with her grandmother when she was little.

The next morning, Tyreese and Carol are out hunting, and Tyreese begins talking about Karen, and telling Carol that he sees her in his sleep, haunting him. Carol tells him that people who are dead probably exist there to remind you of what once was. Upon returning to the house, Carol and Tyreese stumble upon a horrific sight. Lizzie has killed Mika with her knife, firmly believing that she would come back to life. Carol reaches for Lizzie's knife, but Lizzie pulls her gun, and tells Carol that they need to wait. Lizzie also mentions that she planned to kill Judith, but Carol convinces her to give her the gun, and to go with Tyreese back inside the house, creating the ruse that she will tie up Mika. Lizzie agrees and returns to the house with Tyreese and Judith, while Carol is suggested to kill Mika before reanimation. Later on, Tyreese and Carol make the revelation that Judith is not safe around Lizzie, and Lizzie can't be around other people. The decision regarding Lizzie is silently unanimous: she had to be executed.

Later on, Carol takes Lizzie out under the ruse of gathering flowers for Mika. Lizzie gets the sense that Carol is mad at her, but is convinced that Carol's anger is because Lizzie pointed a gun at her earlier. Crying, Lizzie turns away, and Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers as she shoots her in the back of the head. Tyreese watches the execution from the kitchen window of the house, and they bury the two girls together in the yard. Later that night, Carol hands her revolver to Tyreese and confesses to Tyreese that she was the one to kill Karen and David at the prison. After Tyreese learns that Karen's killing was quick and that she was unaware of what was happening to her, he forgives Carol. The two leave the house in the morning with Judith, continuing on their way to Terminus.


Carol appears during a flashback in the prison, where she is seen walking with Tyreese and Ricks stops them to ask for Carol's spear pole so he can kill the walkers gathered near the fences.

Season 5

"No Sanctuary"

While traveling with Tyreese and Judith, Carol tells Tyreese that she will make sure that him and Judith are safe inside Terminus, but that she will not stay there. They then see a walker come out of the woods, which Tyreese refuses to kill because of his emotional instability. Carol does it and realizes that a herd is coming through the woods. They hide from the herd, but the herd is distracted by the sound of gunshots coming from the direction of Terminus. The trio dodges the herd and finds another track that leads east on the other side of Terminus. They then get the drop on Martin (a Terminus resident) setting up charges to distract any potential walkers from the sound of the gunshots. When they overhear him mention Michonne and Carl, it becomes clear that Rick's group is being held at his base and is in danger. Carol and Tyreese tie up Martin, and she leaves Judith with Tyreese and heads out to the compound to rescue her friends on her own. She smears herself in walker blood to sneak in with the herd that they encountered, which is approaching the complex.

Upon reaching Terminus, she infiltrates the complex by exploding the large propane tank by the gates by using a high powered military rifle and bottle rocket, taking down part of the fences. She then sneaks in with the herd. This distraction gives Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob the opportunity they need to escape from the butchers, who are about to slaughter them for meat. As she makes her way through Terminus, Carol shoots several Terminus snipers who are firing at the herd. While searching through the buildings, Carol happens upon a room where the captives' possessions are held. She spots Daryl's crossbow and finds the watch that Rick had given to Sam (Season 4, episode "Indifference"), who was also being held at Terminus. Carol then enters the ritual room, where she is cornered by Mary. Carol manages to fight her off, asking Mary where Rick and the others were. When Mary doesn't answer, Carol shoots her in the leg, crippling her. Mary tells Carol that Terminus was a sanctuary at one point, but changed into a complex where they lured people in, in order to take their possessions and be used as a food source. Carol is disgusted by Mary's immoral delusions and opens the door to the outside, allowing several walkers in to devour the crippled Mary. Carol then leaves, the walkers leaving her alone due to still believing Carol to be one of them.

As the facility is overrun, Carol makes it back to the woods and encounters the group. Daryl, Rick, and the rest of the survivors are stunned and have an emotional reunion with her. Daryl is overcome with emotion and runs to Carol hugging her and crying because he was so happy to have her back. Upon realizing that Carol set the events at Terminus in motion, Rick is overwhelmed with gratitude. Rick, Carl, and Sasha are further overjoyed when she leads the group back to the cabin where Tyreese is with Judith. Tyreese admits to Carol that he'd been forced to kill Martin, after Martin had threatened to kill Judith.


Carol can be first seen at a creek with Tyreese, filling water bottles. Tyreese tells her that he talked to the rest, and that everyone knew what she did at the prison, and that they were okay with it. Both she and Tyreese seem still scarred about the events with the girls during their trek towards Terminus. Tyreese expresses he doesn't want to tell the others about what happened. She's later seen talking with Rick, and he's expressing his gratitude towards her and he owes her everything. Rick seems to be apologetic about banishing her, but she tells him he did it so she can survive. He tells Carol he's with her all the way, and asks her "Will you have us?" and she nods her head yes. She then can be seen with Daryl, at nighttime on guard, saying that she doesn't want to talk about what happened. He respects her wishes on not to speak about it and leaves it alone. She and Daryl then hear a noise, but don't discover what the noise is. Daryl the next day can be heard talking to Rick about his suspicion that someone was watching them the night before. Carol then helps the group kill some walkers attacking Gabriel, who is pleading for help. Gabriel takes the group back to his church and several group members search his it. Carol is amongst them, and finds Gabriel's writings on his desk, referring to the Bible and the divine word of God.

Later, Carol can be seen with Daryl getting gallon jugs of water and rigging up a car for travel. Daryl tells Carol that she can go back to the way things were, to which Carol seems reluctant. Daryl offers to help Carol carry her water and ends up accidentally throwing a jug of water at her feet. Carol smiles for the first time in a long time. During Abraham's speech at the church about survivors, Carol is seen to be looking intently at the door and seems to be planning to leave. She soon disappears, only to be discovered by Daryl at the car that they rigged up earlier. Daryl asks what she's doing, and she says that she doesn't know. He tells her to come on with him back to the church. They then see another car pass by in the dark, and Daryl recognizes it immediately as the same car that took Beth. He smashes the tail lights out on the car and tells Carol to get in. The two drive off in pursuit of the car.


Carol appears briefly at the end of the episode. She has been rendered unconscious after being hit by a station wagon, driven by 2 officers at Grady Memorial Hospital in an attempted rescue mission for Beth. Shocked, Beth witnesses her being brought in on a stretcher, very soon after the events of "Consumed".


Carol and Daryl drive on in pursuit of the mysterious car until their vehicle runs out of gas. They spend the night in an abandoned women's shelter where Carol and Sophia once stayed to temporarily escape from Ed's abuse. Nearby noise leads them to a pair of walkers - a mother and child - trapped in one of the other rooms. Carol moves to kill them but Daryl insists that it isn't necessary.

The next morning Carol sees Daryl outside cremating the mother and child, and she goes out to thank him. They leave and scout the area, spotting in the distance a white cargo van hanging off the side of a highway - marked with the same white crosses that were on the other vehicles Daryl encountered. They are soon ambushed by Noah, who steals their weapons and flees. Carol draws her hidden revolver and tries to shoot him in the leg, but Daryl stops her, much to her anger. She reveals that she left the church due to not wanting to see anyone else die. Daryl is angry because she said she was with him and trying, reminding her that they are both in this together.

They move on to investigate the white van, finding nothing but a stretcher from Grady Memorial Hospital, which gives them their first solid lead. They are quickly surrounded by walkers, forcing them to escape by riding the van over the edge and onto the ground below, holding hands as they go. Carol sustains a few injuries, leaving her with a limp. Having both survived relatively unharmed, the two head up another office building to scope out the hospital. Up to this point of the episode the pair has been discussing their respective journeys and why they need to keep surviving despite all the horrors they have been through.

Noise from elsewhere in the building leads them back to Noah fighting off some walkers and fleeing once again. Daryl chases him, and Carol catches up to find Noah trapped beneath a book shelf with a walker trying to get at him from the unblocked doorway. Carol begs Daryl to save him, and after some reluctance Daryl kills the walker and helps to free Noah, who tells them of Beth and their recent escape from the hospital. They flee when a white-cross car approaches, but Noah collapses on his injured leg and Daryl stays back to help him. Carol runs ahead and is accidentally struck by the white-cross car seen earlier, knocking her unconscious. Daryl is frantic to get to Carol, but Noah- promising that she will get proper medical treatment and that she and Beth can be rescued- convinces Daryl to stay back, and they watch as Officers O'Donnell and Alvarado place her on a stretcher and into the car before speeding off.

Throughout the episode, several flashbacks convey some of Carol's experiences after being banished by Rick: the first one shows her taking shelter in a law firm in Griffin, Georgia for an evening before she notices the smoke rising from the nearby prison, prompting her to drive over and discover the settlement in ruins. She is next seen burying Mika and Lizzie's bodies at the pecan grove and then looking up at the sky to see the plume of smoke seen originally in "The Grove". The next one shows her watching the bodies of Karen and David burn. The last flashback shows her alone in the immediate aftermath of the Terminus breakout, cleaning herself off from her walker camouflage-disguise and then walking away.


Carol is seen briefly at the start of the episode, still unconscious from the car incident, when Beth is examining her from the door, and Steven Edwards checks on her.

Rick tells Michonne that he has to go as he reminds her that he owes Carol everything. She is then mentioned by Officer O'Donnell, who is suggesting turning off the machines that are keeping Carol alive and letting her pull through herself, saying they "can't keep wasting valuable resources".

Carol is seen again, briefly, towards the end of the episode, when Beth successfully completed her plan to get Carol drugs, "Epinephrine", as told by Steven would save her life. Beth administers the epinephrine and waits for Carol to wake up, holding her hand and looking down in anguish."I just wanted you to know I was here," Beth says, in a way to comfort both her and Carol. Carol, however, remains unconscious for the rest of the episode.

Carol is mentioned several times throughout the episode by Rick and co., regarding their plan on saving her and Beth.


After receiving medication, Carol is seen starting to wake up as Beth and Dawn are talking. Later when the hostage exchange is about to take place, Carol is seen being wheeled in a wheelchair by Beth and they hold hands as they see their group. Officer Licari is exchanged for Carol and Officer Shepard is exchanged for Beth. After Beth is accidentally shot in the head by Dawn, Carol and the rest look on in horror. Carol comes to try to comfort a distraught Daryl to put down his gun, and they both begin to cry. Carol is seen being helped to walk by Tyreese as they leave the hospital with the rest of the group, and everyone looks on in grief to see Daryl carrying Beth's corpse.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Carol and the others stay behind while Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Noah, and Tyreese investigate a neighborhood which could be a potential safe haven. After the group discovers that the neighborhood had fallen, and that Tyreese had been bitten and later died, they regroup and bury Tyreese.


Carol is first seen sitting on the road with others waiting for Daryl, Maggie and Sasha. When the truck ran out of gas, Carol is seen walking on the side of the road with rest of the group. When Daryl leaves to hunt/forage, Carol goes with him and comforts him over all that they have lost and gently kissing him on the forehead. As they keep moving on and find some cars, Daryl decides to circle back and Carol suggests going with him, but he refuses. While sitting on the road 4 dogs come out of nearby bushes, but Sasha kills them. Later when the group spotted the bottles of water, Carol pointed out that the water might have been poisoned, but they hear thunder and lightning and they all enjoy the rain until they feel a tornado coming and headed to the barn that Daryl found earlier. While they were clearing the barn she says to Maggie that some people don't give up just like them. Carol is later seen sitting next to the fire, she comments that Carl keeps bouncing back and listens to Rick's story.

"The Distance"

When Aaron is being interrogated by Rick, Carol looks in irritation as Aaron avoids a question. She later helps tie Aaron up after Rick knocks him unconscious. She rides in the RV during the night, arriving at the flare which Eric fired unharmed and happily embraces Rick and Michonne. She then rides the RV arriving at the safe zone with the others and tells Rick "even though you were wrong, you were right."


Carol enters the Alexandria Safe-Zone with the rest of her group and is individually interviewed by Deanna Monroe. During the interview, Carol pretends to come off as weak, stating that she was a housewife who only did the laundry and gardening before the apocalypse and always prepared dinner for her "stupid, wonderful" husband. She goes on to say that she was happy her group accepted her, stating that she felt like a den mother who is always protected, purposefully leaving out details of the events she endured and her transformation into a strong survivor. She expresses that she is a people person and wants to join a junior league to help others. After everyone is interviewed, she is the last to hand over her weapons to Olivia, struggling to remove her rifle and placing it in the bin, further displaying her "weakness". As the group begins to settle in their house, she and Carl go to their other house next door to explore. Inside the empty house, she takes a notepad that she uses to doodle as seen that night. The next day, Carol receives her assignment as a caretaker to cook for senior citizens and busy mothers, having changed her appearance to well-groomed in a blouse, cardigan, and khaki dress pants. The night after the confrontation at the town gates, Carol emerges from the house onto the porch and speaks with Daryl and Rick on the porch, discussing that they can get comfortable but not weak.


Carol is first seen outside the walls, plotting with Rick and Daryl to steal guns. When a walker comes along, she empties her clip into it to give the illusion they had gone shooting. She is seen exchanging cooking tips with other women before excusing herself to talk to Rick, telling him she can handle stealing the guns herself. She heads to the storage house and asks Olivia for cooking supplies, amazed that the group have chocolate. When Tobin and another man come to check out some weapons, she feigns interest so she can unlock the window for later access. At the party, she socializes for a bit before sneaking off to steal guns. She takes three before Jessie Anderson's son Sam spots her. She threatens to abduct him and leave him for walkers if he tells anyone what she had been doing. The next day she gives a gun to Rick, but Daryl refuses to take one.


After hearing a disturbance in her house from upstairs, Carol goes down to the pantry underneath the stairwell, where she finds Sam trying to steal ingredients to make cookies. He states that he can't make them at his house, because they don't have power (due to Alexandria's solar arrays malfunctioning). Carol is unsympathetic, and tells Sam to leave. Sam insists that he helps her make the cookies himself, and Carol reluctantly obliges, on the condition that he must steal chocolate from Olivia and not get caught in doing so. He is successful, and the two bake cookies. Sam then continuously tries to talk to Carol, despite her repeatedly asking him not to. Finally, she begins to open up to him somewhat, saying that cooking helps her to feel better when she gets sad. Sam then states that he breaks things when he gets sad, and that he was the one who broke the owl statue that he, Jessie, and Ron had been working on. Taken aback, Carol asks Sam why, but he counters by asking why she stole the guns. He then asks Carol if he can have one, only to run off back to his house when she asks him who it's for. She then goes to Pete and Jessie's house to make sure Sam was alright. When she asks Pete this, he nervously asks why he wouldn't be. When she asks to speak to Jessie, he grows even more nervous and says that she can't be seen right now. Having experienced this with Ed in the past, Carol is immediately cued in to Pete's abuse of Jessie (and possibly Sam), which she later reports to Rick. She tells him that he knows the only way he can put a stop to this: by killing Pete.


After the death of Aiden Monroe, Carol prepares a casserole and delivers it to Deanna to express her sympathy for her loss. As she was preparing the meal, Sam appeared outside the house and told Carol about Pete's abuse of Jessie, including a harrowing incident where Sam found his mother unconscious in the middle of the night. Carol relays this information to Rick, who asks her why she cares about Jessie's situation. Carol tells him he knows why and then reveals she's seen the way Rick talks with Jessie. Carol admits that if the walkers had failed to kill Ed then she would not be standing there right now. Rick assures her she would, before briskly walking away.

The following day, Carol witnesses a brutal fight between Rick and Pete. A frightened Sam runs to Carol, who comforts him as the battle continues. When Rick gains the upper hand, Carol watches as Rick points his gun at Deanna and the other spectators and tells them that don't know how to run things with the world the way it is now. He then reveals that their way of doing things is done. Carol appears to agree with Rick's speech, but he is knocked out by Michonne.


The morning after the fight, Carol visits Rick and Michonne alongside Abraham and Glenn. Carol puts on an act in front Michonne, Abraham and Glenn and asks Rick why he stole the gun from the armory. Rick appears somewhat taken aback that Carol wants to keep up their ruse in front of the others, but he plays along and says he stole the gun just in case. Glenn reveals that Deanna is holding a meeting to discuss what to do with Rick. Carol tells Rick he needs to tell the townspeople that he was worried about someone being abused and nobody was doing anything about it, and that he stole the gun to protect himself from a man who wound up attacking him. When Michonne asks her why that would work, Carol reveals that the people of Alexandria are children, and children like stories. Rick then comes up with a plan with the others where they take the town by force if need be.

Later on, Carol returns to Rick alone and wakes him up. She reveals it's good what happened last night and that they have more cover now, she then hands over a gun. Rick asks why she kept the guns from Michonne, Glenn and Abraham and Carol reveals that she did it just in case, because Michonne was the one who knocked Rick out. He assures Carol that Michonne is with them. Rick confides to Carol that he doesn't want to lie anymore. Carol points out that he doesn't want to lie but he also doesn't want to take the town, she then says "sunshine, you don't get both."

Carol visits Pete and delivers him food. She insists that he check on Tara Chambler's condition. When he tries to kick her out, Carol pulls out a knife and threatens him. Initially, Pete appears amused, but when Carol reminds him that everybody would believe her if she killed him in cold blood and then lied and said that he attacked her. He cowers upon realizing how serious and deadly she is. Carol calls him small, weak and nothing and remarks that with the world the way it is, he's even weaker. She hands over the food and demands coldly that she wants the dish back clean when he's done.

During the town meeting, Carol defends Rick against Deanna and continues her helpless act by revealing that she would be dead if it wasn't for Rick and that everybody should listen to what Rick has to say. Sometime later, Rick turns up and brings along a dead walker that got into the town after the gate was left open. After he makes a passionate speech about what needs to be done to keep the town and everybody in it alive, Pete enters the scene, armed with Michonne's sword. Carol urges Rick to not act straight away and see how it plays out. Pete then accidentally slits the throat of Deanna's husband Reg, who dies seconds after. A devastated Deanna gives Rick permission to kill Pete, which he does without hesitation. Just then, Carol and the others watch as Daryl and Aaron arrive back into town alongside Morgan, an old friend of Rick's from the early days of the apocalypse.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

Carol is seen in flashbacks in this episode showing the aftermath of Pete and Reg's deaths. As Rick is explaining his plan to lead the large group of walkers away from Alexandria, Carol speaks up, supporting Rick and saying that although the situation is terrifying, there does not seem to be another way.

In another flashback as Alexandrians are building up the wall to block the walkers from heading in the wrong direction, Carol is seen handing out cups of water. She has a short conversation with Rick saying since Rick and Daryl are teaching her how to shoot, she should go with Rick and the others in the quarry with Rick jokingly stating that he thinks Carol is good enough with a gun. Rick tells Carol to keep up her persona to get a feel of how the Alexandrians feel about Rick. Rick says they have a long way to go with Carol telling Rick that Deanna is in charge, but Rick is in charge now. Carol then has a conversation with Morgan. She hands him a cup of water and Morgan thanks her. Morgan asks her how long she's been with Rick and she says she's been with Rick since the start back at Atlanta. Morgan asks if she was a cop too like Rick. Carol asks why he thinks that and he says that he notices that Carol is always watching, always ready to handle things. Carol says "aren't you sweet" and she walks away.


Carol is seen talking with Olivia, Erin, and Shelly Neudermeyer in the pantry. She tells Shelly to stop complaining about the pasta if she plans on smoking inside the house. Later, while preparing dinner, she witnesses Shelly smoking outside. Suddenly, a member of the Wolves appears and brutally kills her. Carol springs into action, orders Carl to watch over Judith and sneaks out to help stop the attackers.

Carol notices the W's on the Wolves' heads, kills one of them who had just fatally wounded Erin, and disguises herself in order to move freely among the chaos. She holds Erin in her arms and attempts to soothe her as she bleeds out and then puts her out of her misery with a knife to the back. Whilst disguised, Carol kills at least four more Wolves in spite of Morgan trying to talk her out of killing the attackers. She makes it to the armory and finds Olivia hiding in a closet. She orders her to guard the bigger guns as she takes a bag full of the smaller ones to distribute to the others. She comes across Morgan tying up one of the Wolves and instead shoots him, rejecting Morgan's continuous efforts to stop the attackers by non-lethal means.

After the attack, Carol finds a pack of Shelly's cigarettes and briefly cries before noticing an A marked on the side of their house. At the end, Carol and Morgan walk past each other and share glances.


A few hours after the Wolves attack, Rick returns to Alexandria, bringing half of the herd from the quarry with him. Carol is present as Rick gives a speech to the surviving residents, urging them to keep calm and to keep noise to a minimum. He also reveals that Glenn, Nicholas, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are yet to return safely.

Later that night, Spencer takes Carol's shift to go on watch for the missing survivors.

"Heads Up"

Carol is seen, along with Michonne and Rick, confronting Morgan about him not killing the Wolves that had attacked them earlier and letting some of them escape, where Morgan tells her, Rick and Michonne that he knows that the people that attacked them can still change, but Carol herself tells him back that the Wolves had killed and burned some of the people in Alexandria.

She is then seen again watching Morgan suspiciously leading Denise to the makeshift jail cell he had kept the W Man in and goes to Jessie's house to drop Judith off there. Sam then asks her if the people who attacked them are the monsters and that if she'll turn into one, but Carol says tells him that killing is the only way to prevent oneself from turning into a monster.

Later, she follows Morgan and confronts him about what he's doing, and later asks him who he is keeping inside.

"Start to Finish"

Carol is seen along with Morgan running from the herd that has entered Alexandria, where she trips and hits her head. Morgan helps her up and they continue retreating towards the nearby house with the makeshift jail cell just as the herd begin to infest the streets.

Morgan then tries to tend to her injury on her head, but she refuses. Morgan urges her to rest, at first refusing, but later does so to pretend to actually be resting. Afterwards, as Morgan turns looks at the makeshift jail cell, she shoves him aside and runs downstairs where she finds Owen below along with Denise, whom she orders to back away.

She and Morgan confront each other, where she tells Morgan that she doesn't want to kill him, but the W Man. Morgan tries to dissuade her from doing so, but Carol tells him that she has to in order to avoid letting more people die, refusing to let anyone else die. She then threatens Morgan that she will kill him if he gets in her way, but Morgan knocks her knife out of her hand and the two struggle against each other. However, Morgan later gains the upperhand and slams her to the ground, knocking her unconscious before he, himself, is knocked unconscious by Owen after becoming distracted.

"No Way Out"

Upon waking up, Carol is anxious to discover that Morgan was also knocked out by the W Man and that he has escaped, taking Denise with him. Carol asks Rosita for her gun. Later on, Carol watches the horde of zombies through a window when Morgan approaches her and tries to talk about her family. He then says he didn't mean to hurt her, but Carol doesn't want to hear this, and says he tries to convert the W Man for himself, not for the group. Carol then expresses to Morgan how she wishes she had killed him. Morgan tells her she can't and walks away.

Sometime after, Carol spots Denise and Owen making a run for the infirmary. She pulls out her gun and shoots Owen in the chest, whilst shouting at Denise to get to safety. Carol appears shocked to see Owen sacrifice himself to the walkers so Denise can escape.

Carol tells Tara that Denise is safe and also reveals that Rick is making a stand against the zombies with Michonne and several others. Carol joins them and helps fight off the walkers. The survivors are successful in winning back Alexandria. The following morning, Carol is among the survivors seen resting outside the infirmary, holding a silent and reflective vigil for Carl, who was seriously wounded by a bullet to the head during walker invasion.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Carol is first seen collecting ingredients at the pantry and acorn. She then bakes cookies and distributes them to the residents of Alexandria, and has a brief conversation with Tobin.

Later, she is seen at the cemetery, and is confronted by Morgan, who asks why she didn't tell Rick and the others about Owen. She evades the question and leaves, placing a cookie by Sam's grave.

She is present at the church meeting to discuss the Saviors and the course of action against them. That night, she writes down the names of every person she's ever killed, eighteen total. She goes out for a walk and again meets up with Tobin. He tells her that she's able to do terrible things but still keep her maternal instincts, being in some ways, a mother for the survivors. She then asks if he considers her a mother, and he tells her that he considers her something more, and they kiss.

She is part of the strike team against the Saviors, and questions Rick as to why Maggie is with them, given her state. She is approached by Rosita, who questions her about Morgan and why they haven't told anyone about Morgan keeping the W Man hostage alive. "He doesn't want to kill," Carol says, defending Morgan. Rosita becomes defensive, but eventually agrees not to tell anyone.

The group reconvenes on the road, where Rick proposes that they attack a couple of hours before dawn. Carol pulls Rick aside and chastises him for bringing Maggie on the mission. She insists on staying behind to help Maggie guard the perimeter.

At night, she tells Maggie that she shouldn't be out there with them. She hears the alarm coming from the Saviors outpost, but stays behind with Maggie.

"The Same Boat"

Carol and Maggie are guarding the perimeter of the Saviors' compound, with the alarm at the Savior's base blaring. Maggie says they should go and help, but Carol refuses and tells her to stay behind when an armed man ambushes Carol and Maggie. Carol shoots him in the arm but spares his life. Three more Saviors move in and take Carol and Maggie hostage. Paula puts Maggie and Carol in a car and radios for backup. Paula's group brings Maggie and Carol to a slaughterhouse, where they're gagged and bound in a makeshift cell.

Left alone momentarily, Maggie tries to cut her bonds on the edge of a wall. Carol finds rosary beads on the floor and pockets them. Carol begins to hyperventilate. Maggie is concerned, unsure whether it's real or Carol is pretending. Upon Maggie's insistence, the Saviors remove Carol's gag and look pitifully at her as she gasps for breath and prays. Carol begs them not to hurt Maggie and the baby, and asks Molly, one of the Saviors, to refrain from smoking on account of the pregnancy. Michelle, one of the other Saviors, surprisingly backs Carol up. Donnie, the Savior who Carol shot in the woods, shrieks with pain and threatens to kill Carol for his injury. Paula orders him to leave Carol alive as insurance until backup arrives in 30 minutes.

Donnie smacks Paula. Maggie trips him as he goes for Carol, and they fight. Carol thanks Paula for helping her and Maggie with Donnie. "You're pathetic," Paula tells Carol. Carol explains to Paula that her group killed the people at the outpost because the Saviors ambushed Daryl's group on the road, instilling them with a fear of Negan. "We had to stop him," Carol says. "Sweetie, we are all Negan," says Molly cryptically. Paula continues to share her story with Carol, making Carol herself see the vulnerability in Paula. After Carol tells Paula that she'll die unless she makes the trade, Paula eventually radios Rick again and tells him to meet her in a nearby field. Afterwards, she worries that the absence of static on the walkie means that Rick's group is close, possibly already outside the slaughterhouse. Paula contacts her reinforcements, who are now only minutes away. She and Molly leave Carol alone in the cell. In their absence, Carol sharpens the crucifix on the rosary beads and uses it to cut herself free. Carol finds Maggie and suggests they quietly escape, but Maggie insists, "We can't leave them alive. We have to finish this."

They return to the cell and realize that Donnie died from his gunshot wound and is beginning to turn. Carol tells Maggie she has a plan. Molly returns to the cell and is attacked and bitten by a turned Donnie, who Maggie tethered to a pipe in range of the door. Maggie bludgeons the injured Molly to death, then Carol takes her gun and they race away. Maggie and Carol find a hallway full of impaled but living walkers, designed to slow them down or trap them. From behind, Paula fires at them until she runs out of bullets. Carol aims her gun at Paula and orders her to run, despite Maggie's insistence that Carol kill Paula. A walker attacks, causing Carol to shoot Paula in the shoulder. Maggie kills the walker, then races over to fight Michelle. During their struggle, Maggie's abdomen is slightly slashed by Chelle's knife, but Carol then manages to shoot Michelle in the head killing her.

Maggie and Carol find Paula injured on the ground. Paula asks what Carol is so afraid of when she's so capable. "I was afraid of this," Carol says, alluding to Paula's death by her hands. Paula lunges at her. Carol shoves Paula into a speared walker, who tears off a portion of Paula's face and begins to devour her. Moments later, a Savior calls Paula's walkie to announce that reinforcements have arrived. "Meet us on the kill floor," Carol responds mimicking Paula's voice. As Maggie and Carol wait for the Saviors, Carol confesses that she has killed 20 people. Maggie urges her not to think about it. "I can't stop," Carol says and blames herself for not killing Donnie as they wouldn't have been captured in the first place.

Carol and Maggie trap the newly arrived Saviors on the kill floor, which they've doused with gasoline. Carol throws her lit cigarette into the room and watches as the bodies go up in flames. Maggie kills the impaled walkers, including Paula, as she and Carol make their way to the exit. They find Rick's group just outside the door, with Primo as their prisoner, about to storm the building. They tell them they already killed the remaining Saviors. As Maggie and Glenn reunite, Daryl asks Carol if she's okay. "No," Carol says. They hug. Rick then shoots Primo point-blank while Carol has blood dripping from her hand while holding the Cross.

"Twice as Far"

Carol's viewpoint on her previous actions continue to haunt her as she smokes on her porch, rosary beads in hand. Carol later joins Daryl by his motorcycle and asks him about his encounter in the burned-out forest with the man that stole his motorcycle. "I should've killed them", he tells her. He asks what the Saviors did to Carol and Maggie in captivity. "To us? They didn't do anything", she says. Carol is later seen with Daryl, helping him bury Denise. She watches Daryl pocket the Dennis keychain and take an angry sip of booze. “You were right,” Carol says, referring to Daryl's regret about letting the Saviors live. As the day goes by, Carol leaves a note meant for Tobin and the rest of the Alexandrians; in which she writes that she's leaving Alexandria. "I love you all here, I do, and I'd have to kill for you. And I can't. I won't," she writes.


Carol packs her bag in preparation for leaving Alexandria. She hides her bag when Tobin enters the room. He reminisces about Denise, whom he knew from the start of Alexandria. Carol only pretends to listen.

That night, Carol slips out of the bedroom as Tobin sleeps.

Later, Carol drives down the road and runs into a truck full of armed men - more Saviors - who shoot out her tires. Carol steps out with her hands up, telling the men her name is Nancy from Montclair. The lead Savior, Jiro, and another Savior named Miles recognize Carol's car as one of those parked outside Alexandria, and Jiro demands that she take them there. Carol begs them to return home, and when they don't comply and begin to approach her, she opens fire with a gun she had hidden in her coat sleeve. Most of the Saviors are killed by the gunfire, but Jiro, Miles and the Savior Roman survive. Afterwards, Miles feigns death but suddenly jumps out of the truck and starts shooting at her, while Roman slips away and Jiro hides behind the truck. Carol takes cover behind her car and impales Miles on one of the spikes as he walks around, taking his gun. She orders Jiro to come out from hiding, to which he refuses. He grabs a knife and charges at her, and a gunshot sounds.

"Last Day on Earth"

Carol is huddled in a library doorway when Morgan approaches. She tells him that she said not to come looking for her, to which he says he will start listening to her soon. He inspects the knife wound on her torso inflicted by Jiro and insists on helping her.

Morgan dresses Carol's wound inside the library. He suggests they stay the night and return to Alexandria in the morning so she can receive proper medical treatment. She refuses.

Carol explains to Morgan that she cares about Rick's group, which means she has to kill to protect them and she can't do that anymore. "If you don't want to kill, or you can't, then you have to get away from them. You do not get both," she says. She orders him to leave and points her gun at him, but lowers it soon after. Morgan later discovers she has left without him.

Carol traps a walker and is soon attacked by another. She is able to kill it, just as the injured Roman ambushes her, tackling her to the ground and knocks her gun from her hand. He tells her he wants to watch her die slowly just like his friends on the road and shoots her in the arm. Carol smiles, admitting that she is happy to die. The Savior shoots her in the leg and begins to walk off, but Carol taunts him and tells him unless he kills her then she probably isn't going to die. He turns back and is about to finish her off when Morgan appears, and after a brief stand-off he shoots Roman dead. Carol begs Morgan to let her go, but he refuses and tells her she will come back from this. Two men wearing armor approach and offer to help.

Season 7

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Carol briefly appears in a dream sequence with the rest of the group at Alexandria having dinner outside.

"The Well"

Carol regains consciousness in the bed of a horse drawn wagon. Her wounds are fresh; it’s been a couple hours since she was shot. The men on horseback, who previously offered to get Carol medical assistance, lead the way. Morgan walks alongside the wagon. Carol falls back asleep.

She awakens, disoriented; she sees Morgan fighting walkers with help from the men on horseback. She confuses walkers for humans in her hallucinatory state. Weak and distraught, she sneaks away. She comes across a cemetery and approaches the caretaker's abandoned cottage. An old woman beckons her from the window… then Carol suddenly realizes the old woman is a walker and she's surrounded by walkers. Several people ride in on horseback, just in time to kill the walkers. Morgan and Carol join their group.

Carol wakes up in a bed. Morgan tells her she's been asleep for two days. Outside, Morgan pushes Carol in a wheelchair and tells her they're in a community called The Kingdom. Carol takes in her surroundings: kids play in the streets, residents water gardens. Morgan predicts she'll need a week to recuperate from her injuries, at which point they can return to Alexandria. He tells her The Kingdom is run by a man who calls himself King Ezekiel and wheels her into a theater auditorium, where Ezekiel awaits with his tiger Shiva. He introduces himself to Carol and welcomes her to The Kingdom. Carol, in the meek persona she used with the Alexandrians, pretends to be in awe of The Kingdom. Ezekiel offers her fruit, suggesting she at least take the pomegranate; Carol politely declines and thanks Ezekiel.

Privately, Carol tells Morgan The Kingdom is a circus and vows to leave. Morgan refuses to let her venture out on her own.

Later, Carol sits in bed and stares at her wheelchair. She wheels herself around The Kingdom and quietly steals a knife from a crafting table. She distracts a man who's folding laundry and steals some clothes from the table.

At night, Ezekiel catches Carol picking fruit from the garden as she prepares to leave The Kingdom. She adopts her demure persona and Ezekiel tells her not to "bullshit a bullshitter". "You're a joke," she tells him. He confesses that he's putting on an act and tells her about how he saved Shiva. After talking, Carol tells him she still wants to go. Ezekiel suggests a plan that would allow her to "go and not go."

The next day, Morgan sees Carol to the cemetery. Carol enters the cottage and kills the old woman walker. She buries her outside, by the graves.

Carol stokes a fire in her new home. There's a knock at the door; it's Ezekiel and Shiva. He offers her a pomegranate. She smiles.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Carol reads in her cottage and eats pomegranate seeds. She hears a noise outside and looks out of the window to find a sack of produce on her porch and Morgan about to leave. She opens the front door and invites him inside, where she reveals that Ezekiel has also been bringing her produce. She says people are having a hard time believing her when she says she wants to be alone. She asks how he is, and he tells her he is fine. He tells her she is going soft and is about to leave. When he opens the door, Richard is there with bottles of water and asks to speak with them both.

Carol listens as Richard reveals his fears to her and Morgan; he doesn't think The Kingdom can coexist with the Saviors. He believes they will inevitably destroy the Kingdom. Richard asks Carol and Morgan to help him convince Ezekiel to strike first. Carol refuses, saying she doesn't want to be involved in their lives or their deaths and insists on being left alone. Richard dejectedly leaves, and Carol tells Morgan to leave too. She forbids him from telling anyone where she is.

"Rock in the Road"

Carol runs into Benjamin in the woods while he's practicing his walker-fighting skills. She gives him advice on staying quiet and tells him to go home.

"New Best Friends"

Carol comes outside to find Ezekiel and some of The Kingdom residents in her garden. Ezekiel tells her they are there to clear the dead. Daniel apologizes to Carol for tripping her her wire used for walkers. As Carol says goodbye, Jerry hands her some cobbler which she accepts before telling them to go.

She sits back down to read her book until someone knocks at the door. She answers and is met by Daryl, and the two hug. Daryl tells her that Jesus took them to the Kingdom and asks why she left. She tearfully tells him she had to.

Inside, Carol sits by the fire in her house and tells Daryl she couldn't lose any of them. She says if the Saviors hurt any of them she would have to kill them and there wouldn't be anything left of her after that. She asks if the Saviors came, and Daryl says they did. She starts to get upset when she asks if everyone back home is OK, so Daryl lies and tells her they made a deal like Ezekiel and everyone is fine. She smiles with relief and she and Daryl sit down to eat.

He asks if Ezekiel is okay and she says she thinks he is. As he leaves the house, he turns back to hug Carol and tells her to watch out for herself.

"Bury Me Here"

Carol wakes up from a restless sleep and lights a cigarette. After a moment of thought, she gets out of bed.

Carol leaves her cottage and heads toward the Kingdom. Along the way, she incapacitates a walker but neglects to kill it. Once she arrives, Carol single-handedly kills five walkers at the Kingdom gate. The guards, shocked by her skills, let her in. She demands to see Morgan.

Carol finds Morgan in his room and demands to know why Rick's group visited the Kingdom. She asks if everyone in Alexandria is okay, despite what Daryl assured her. Morgan tells her she needs to ask Daryl herself and offers to return to Alexandria with her. She leaves.

As Carol leaves the Kingdom, Benjamin asks her to teach him how to fight. She refuses. Carol then comes across the walker she passed earlier but is puzzled to find that it has been put down. She looks around before heading back to the cottage.

Carol is planting seeds in her garden when she hears a vehicle approaching. The Kingdom truck stops outside the cottage and Carol races over to help. They take Benjamin inside and Carol tries to stop the bleeding, but Benjamin dies. Ezekiel apologizes to her. She calls after Morgan as he abruptly storms out of the cottage.

Later, Morgan visits Carol at her cottage covered in blood. She asks what happened to him and he tells her that he killed Richard. He asks if she wants to know what happened at Alexandria and she nods. Morgan confesses that the Saviors killed Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia. He explains that Rick wants to fight the Saviors, and that's why he was at the Kingdom. Morgan prepares to go, intending to go after the Saviors. Carol chases after him and tries to convince him to stay at the cottage.

Carol returns to the Kingdom and finds Ezekiel with Henry. She tells him she's moving to the Kingdom to help them prepare. "We have to fight," she says. Ezekiel agrees, "but not today." Carol joins Ezekiel and Henry in replanting the burned crops.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Carol leads a regiment from the Kingdom toward Alexandria. They reach the blockade of shopping carts previously placed by Richard; it has been rearranged. Morgan appears, still emotionally unstable, and vows to hunt down the Saviors by himself. Carol tells him going it alone doesn't work in this situation. After being lightly prompted by Ezekiel, he joins them as they march towards Alexandria.

Carol and the rest of the Kingdom residents arrive just as Negan is about to execute Carl and begin to kill the Saviors. She works alongside Ezekiel throughout the battle.

After the battle is over, Carol attends Sasha's funeral. Later, she finds Morgan on the steps of a house by himself. She sits next to him and the two exchange glances, seemingly at peace with one another. She is then present for Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel's speech to the communities, all united for an all out war.

Season 8


Carol and Tara stand watch on a bridge. Tara checks the time. They spot a herd of walkers in the distance and smile. They both sit on the bridge and wait as the herd of walkers moves along the road below. Daryl joins Carol, Tara and Morgan on the highway. Carol, Daryl, Morgan and Tara wait on the highway until the herd arrives; they vacate the road in haste.

Moments later, the SUV they parked on the exit ramp explodes. Dwight dispatches a large team of Saviors to investigate the explosion. Daryl and Morgan rig a tripwire across a road. They join Carol and Tara on a pedestrian overpass. The group on the overpass spots a walker nearing the tripwire. Morgan kills the stray walker endangering the tripwire and hides behind a dumpster and a patrol group of Saviors is driving through. They trip the wire and explode up in the street.

The herd approaches, drawn by the explosion. Morgan and Tara get in a car, preparing to leave. Carol urges Daryl to be careful. Outside the Kingdom, Carol and Ezekiel meet again. Ezekiel is happy to see her.

Carol and Ezekiel lead another group toward a third Savior outpost. They see a savior guarding the outpost and shoot at him. However, they all miss and the savior ducks behind a car for cover. He then throws a smoke grenade at the group which explodes, creating a big cloud of smoke.

"The Damned"

Carol and Ezekiel lay stunned by the explosion of the grenade thrown by the lookout. As they recover, they are attacked by walkers, and are able to take them out with the help of the half dozen Kingdommers accompanying them. The Savior, Nelson, has escaped, and Carol warns that he will almost certainly be heading to the outpost in the woods to the north to warn them, in which case they will lose their advantage. Ezekiel confidently declares that they will catch up before he can do this, and tells one of his men to return to the staging area to bring the rest of the regiment along with Shiva.

In the woods, Carol, Ezekiel and the Kingdommers pursue Nelson, leaving a trail for the others to follow. Carol is pessimistic of their chances if he makes it back to the outpost, by Ezekiel reasons that pessimism doesn't bare thinking about, and remains confident of a successful outcome. They discover fresh blood, indicating that one of them hit Nelson, thereby slowing him down. With renewed optimism, they pick up the pace.

Carol and the Kingdommers finally catch up with the retreating Nelson, just as the rest of their regiment, over two dozen strong, arrive on their heels. Shiva intercepts Nelson and mauls him to death. Carol and the Kingdommers surrounds Ezekiel and Shiva in the woods. He rallies the troops and insists they have achieved certain victory. Jerry is holding the man's radio, where they hear that the nearby Savior outpost is sending out an active patrol, indicating that they know the Kingdommers are coming. Despite the concern of his closest advisors, Ezekiel is unfazed, and confidently prepares for the upcoming attack.


Carol listens on as Ezekiel rallies and motivates his troops, over three dozen strong for the upcoming assault on the nearby Savior outpost. Carol notes that the Saviors most likely have the advantage of superior numbers, but agrees with Ezekiel that the Kingdommers have strategy on their side. Ezekiel is confident that if they stick to the plan, they will not lose a single person.

Ezekiel leads a small number of his regiment through the woods, where they soon hear Saviors whistling. They are quickly confronted by a group of around 20 Saviors, who hold them at gun point. Carol emerges from the long grass with the rest of the Kingdommers and shoot the Saviors from behind, while Ezekiel's group drop to their knees and open fire as well, killing them all and sustaining no casualties.

Later, Carol and the Kingdommers stealthily take out the 3 guards stationed at a building occupied by Saviors, before entering and killing the inhabitants, the first of 3 locations that make up the Outpost. They ambush a second group of around 40 Saviors, killing them all.

Afterwords, Ezekiel informs Carol they sustained no casualties in the assault, however she remains cautious and tells him they need to sweep the compound to be sure there are no survivors. He agrees and lets Carol take point. While his men begin putting down the Saviors as they start to reanimate, Ezekiel notices a window in one of the buildings and realizes they are being watched. He yells for his troops to scatter as 50 caliber machine gunfire begins to rain down upon them. Several Kingdommers are killed and Carol evades the bullets as Ezekiel's closest advisors swiftly knock him to the ground, shielding him from the hail of bullets.

"Some Guy"

Carol is first seen in the Chemical Plant Outpost. She approaches from the hallway, hiding when she hears another Savior calling out from behind, rushing the other Saviors into working faster. As they all gather into the joining room, they are all suddenly gunned down by Carol, who clambers down from within the ceiling panels. As she puts down the remaining Saviors, she is spotted by another group, prompting her to hastily escape. The men decide to ignore her, prioritizing the weapons' transportation.

Carol manages to catch up to the second group of Saviors as they begin loading the heavy weapons into a truck. She attempts to ambush the Savior crew, but is fired upon by two of the men, forcing her to take cover. Carol is cornered by the Saviors, who are still peppering her hiding place with bullets.

As Carol hides from the gunfire, she looks up and notices a button that activates the nearby gate. She slowly disarms herself and, putting on an act, offers to inform the Saviors of the whereabouts of her comrades.

Deciding to take up Carol's offer, Yago, the leader of the crew, asks where her people are. Carol stalls long enough to disarm one of the Saviors, Joey, who approached her, and demands that they lower their weapons. Joey pleads for Yago to comply, but he is ignored and is promptly shot by the Saviors in an attempt to kill Carol. Carol, in turn, manages to open Gate 04, allowing a group of walkers to stumble in.

Carol re-arms herself and takes the fence gate keys from Joey's body. Two of the Saviors are killed by the group of walkers, diverting Yago and the other Savior's attention away from Carol. After the two remaining Saviors clear out most of the walkers, they hide from Carol's gunfire. She declares that both parties need to end their conflict there and now and affirms that the .50 cal guns aren't getting to their destination. She moves in to finish them off, but finds Ezekiel and Jerry in danger.

Carol is forced to help Ezekiel and Jerry continue to fight the herd, mowing down half of the herd with Joseph's rifle, as the two Saviors drive away with the machine guns. As Carol opens the gates, Ezekiel inquires about the heavy weapons. Carol responds that nothing can be done about them at the moment. Ezekiel is dismayed at this revelation and opts to warn Rick, but Carol, hearing a motorcycle and a truck in the distance, assures him that the guns won't make it to the compound.

Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry fight their way through more walkers. Ezekiel begins to falter and begs the others to leave him, knowing he'll slow them down with his injury, but they refuse. They eventually reach a polluted creek bed, where more walkers are roaming. They manage to push through, but Ezekiel turns back, fighting off the approaching walkers and yelling for the others to leave him.

Suddenly, Shiva jumps into the fray, mauling walkers and violently throwing several aside. As Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry watches helplessly, Shiva is set upon and ripped apart by the small herd, staining the waters red, but allowing ample time for the three soldiers to escape. The three make it back to the Kingdom, battered, bruised and broken. The townspeople gather to find that Ezekiel, Carol and Jerry are the only survivors of the fight.

"The King, the Widow, and Rick"

Carol is seen watching Nabila and the Kingdom decorate a memorial for the fallen that died at the Chemical Plant Outpost. Carol readies her weapons, simultaneously. Two residents present her with notes from Rick. Maggie gets the same note from Aaron. Carol and Rick read notes from Maggie which inform them that they have Saviors as prisoners at the Hilltop. Maggie and Rick read the note from Carol which discuss the Kingdom being ambushed and murdered and her, Jerry and Ezekiel being the only survivors.

Carol marches past Jerry, who refused to leave his job despite Ezekiel telling him he's not their king and to Ezekiel. She bangs on the door and tells him they promised Rick they would meet. When he refuses to come out, Carol storms off and Henry tries to follow her but she rejects him.

In the woods somewhere else, Carol finds Henry fighting two walkers with his stick. She shoots the walkers and admonishes Henry for putting his life in danger. And warns him that being alone in the woods will lead to him getting lost and never seen again, or will be found as a "monster"; a reference to how Sophia died, and also reminiscent of when Carol told Sam he would wake up in the forest alone and surrounded by monsters, never to be seen again. He insists he is a fighter and wants revenge on the guys who killed his brother. Carol takes the stick from him and gives him her gun. He insists he knows how to use it and she orders him to keep the safety on until she says otherwise.

Carol returns to the Kingdom and approaches Jerry and orders him to the side. She takes aim with a shotgun but Jerry tells her the doors is not locked. Inside, Carol greets Ezekiel on the stage. He is sitting in front of his chair with Shiva's chain, pitying himself. "People out there need you," Carol said. Ezekiel, however, insists he was only playing a part. He knew and, yet, he smiled. He asks to be left alone, prompting Carol to walker away, only to come back and ask why he kept coming to visit her. "It was my duty," he said. "To make sure you were okay." Carol asks for the real reason. Ezekiel eventually admits that "you made me feel real, not a fiction. Real."

Carol tells Ezekiel that to her and the people of the Kingdom, he is real and his people need him. Carol reminds Ezekiel that he has his inspired everyone to build the Kingdom, to get this far and they continue to need his leadership. "You have to help them grieve, to move on, to end this. You owe them that, Henry needs you. Those people need King Ezekiel. And if you can't be the king then do what you do best and act the part. I have to act everyday, it used to bother me, but this is who I am and I am still standing. I just have to act like everything is normal, until it is. It's what they need and it's what you have to give them." However, Ezekiel continues to refuse.

"How It's Gotta Be"

Carol is first seen with Jerry picking up Rick from the ambush, they drive away from the Sanctuary. She is later seen at the Kingdom and tells Nabila to get everyone to the safe house two miles away. As she is about to go in, Ezekiel appears and tells her to save everyone just like she saved him and locks the gates shut using Shiva's chain.


Carol leads the Kingdom survivors far enough away and instructs them to continue towards the house she used outside of the Kingdom for shelter, while she goes back to rescue Ezekiel. When Henry attempts to join her, she refuses to let Henry accompany her despite his insistence on fighting the Saviors. While arriving at the Kingdom, Carol soon meets up with Morgan, who has escaped the Saviors' massacre of Rick's snipers watching the Sanctuary. Morgan has become bitter, and once the two are inside, Morgan's plan of attack involves killing all the Saviors, Carol wants to avoid killing until they have to but "if we have to take them, we take them," she says.

Carol and Morgan kill a group of four Saviors attempting to put out a fire from Ezekiel's distraction. Carol witnesses Morgan's brutality and worries about his renewed blood lust. Morgan overhears Saviors talking amongst themselves and catches some loading a truck. Carol begs him to leave them be, but he approaches and kills two of the three. Ultimately, Carol guns down the third who got a drop on Morgan. Carol collects their guns.

They get Gavin's attention when he hears gunfire in the distance and retreats to the auditorium with Ezekiel and his remaining men. Carol and Morgan ambush the Saviors inside the auditorium and kills all of them. Gavin is injured in the scuffle, but escapes. Morgan pursues him and easily catches him.

Carol and Ezekiel catch up to Morgan and Carol pleads with Morgan to not kill Gavin. She reminds him of when he told her that "we can be better than them." Morgan insists he has to kill Gavin, but before he can, a fighting stick pierces Gavin's throat, killing him and Henry is revealed to be the killer, shocking Carol and Morgan.

Ezekiel soothes Henry and tells him not to look at Gavin's body. Carol berates Henry for disobeying her, but Ezekiel assures Henry that everything will work out.

"Dead or Alive Or"

As the Hilltop fortifies, Carol attempts to relieve Morgan of his duties, offering to watch Henry and the captured Saviors. Jared goads Morgan to move Henry along because it's creeping people out, considering the Saviors are going to kill everyone here, but Henry speaks up, asking for his brother's murderer. Carol sends Henry away to Jerry, while she speaks with Morgan.

Morgan questions why they cannot simply tell Henry who killed Benjamin. Carol argues that Henry, as a young child, is still vulnerable. While Morgan believes he is able to handle himself, Carol voices her concerns for both Henry and himself. She relieves him of his duties and assumes her post.

Carol later witness Daryl and the Alexandrians arrive at the Hilltop gates, with Daryl bearing the news of the town's downfall and the loss of Carl. Carol and Maggie are saddened and Enid is brought to her knees in sorrow.

Carol, Morgan and Henry discuss the circumstances of Carl's death, having found out he died helping a stranger. Morgan then explains to Henry that Gavin was responsible for Benjamin's death, and that his killing of Gavin means that he has already avenged his brother. Carol appreciates the lie, but Henry remains unconvinced.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

When Carol and everyone are preparing for battle, Henry begs Ezekiel to let him fight, but Carol refuses and Ezekiel orders him to stay inside. The Saviors arrive and Hilltoppers block the convoy with a bus and Maggie orders everyone to open fire at the Saviors. Carol and Ezekiel lay down fire on the ground.

In the midst of battle, Derek stabs Tobin in the guts. Carol shoots him dead and runs to Tobin's aid. Siddiq offers to stay with the gravely wounded Tobin while Carol rejoins the fight. The group manages to drive the Saviors out as they escape in their vehicles.

Hilltop cleans up in the aftermath of battle. Carol visits Tobin, who is recuperating in the infirmary, and apologizes for leaving him back in Alexandria. She admits that she had started to develop feelings for him, but didn't want it to be real. Tobin asks Carol if she's gonna come back to Alexandria after the Saviors are finished, but Carol is unsure, saying that even with the Saviors gone, they're gonna be more fighting and it's not gonna stop.

During the night, Mayhem breaks out as the walkers attack the Barrington House. Walker Tobin attacks a Hilltop resident. Carol wrestles him off and puts him down. She informs Rick, Daryl and Maggie that Tobin wasn't bitten. Rick recalls that Negan's bat was covered in walker blood, leading them to realize that the Saviors used their weapons to infect them.

The next day, Carol and Ezekiel search for Henry, who is nowhere to be found. Enid comes in to tell everyone that Henry broke into the pen before escaping. Carol, relazing that Henry knows who killed his brother, says she knew this would happen and rushes to find him.

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

At Hilltop, Ezekiel asks Carol to help search for Henry, but she declines. Ezekiel realizes that Carol believes Henry is dead. He fears for Henry and he thought Carol was the bravest, but thinks he was wrong now, calling her a coward. Carol find Morgan leaving to go after the Saviors, she urges him to stay. Morgan tells her he was supposed to kill them and thought it would be different. Carol decides to join him. Morgan and Carol journey through the woods. They come across a turnip which means they were on this side of the road. Morgan thinks he sees Henry and runs off after him.

Morgan sees only a hallucination. Carol admits she accompanied Morgan to keep an eye on him, not to look for Henry. Morgan tells her she saves people, but can't save the dead. Carol tells him he's not dead, Morgan spots a trail left by the escaped Savior prisoners.

Carol and Morgan come across a herd walking through an intersection. Carol suggests waiting, but Morgan wants to continue. They come across a bearded walker which has Henry's stick driven through its core. Carol is saddened. Morgan puts the walker down and continues. Carol asks him to stop and go back to look for Henry. Morgan insists she knows what they'll find but she won't know unless she goes. She tells him he saved her when she ran, she says he can come back too. Morgan explains that he wasn't strong enough and that he has to kill the Saviors. He gives her Henry's stick and Carol goes to search for Henry while Morgan pursues the Savior escapees.

Night has fallen and Carol finds Henry's knee pads in the woods. She hears him screaming for help, later. After finding and putting down a trio of walkers, he is hidden in a log next to a creek. She is deeply relieved that Henry is alive, and embraces him after saving his life. He cries and apologizes, with Carol doing the same, admitting she was wrong.

Carol and Henry return to the Hilltop where Jerry eagerly announces their return to Ezekiel. He embraces with Henry and is grateful to Carol.

Carol tells Ezekiel that he was right about her being afraid. He tells her she is no coward. She explains that she lost herself after her daughter died, but that she found a better version of herself as a part of Rick's group.


Carol and her allies prepare to launch their offensive against the Saviors. In the midst of events, Morgan nearly attacks Henry and Carol calms him down and relieves Morgan of his weapon.

Carol is among the Militia forces that ambush Lance's team of Saviors. Along with the rest of the Militia, Carol is ambushed by Negan's forces, but is suddenly saved when the Saviors' guns explode. During the following battle, the remaining Saviors surrender and Carol later listens during Rick's speech following Negan's defeat.

After the war is over, Morgan gives his armor to Carol to pass along to Henry. Carol, Ezekiel and the remaining Kingdom survivors return to the Kingdom.

Season 4: Fear the Walking Dead

"What's Your Story?"

A couple of weeks after the All Out War against the Saviors concluded, Carol stops by the Heaps to speak with Morgan and try to persuade him to move back home to the Kingdom. However, she is unsuccessful and Morgan remains living alone in the Heaps before eventually leaving Virginia.

Season 9

"A New Beginning"

During the year and a half that passed since the end of the war, Carol entered a relationship with Ezekiel.

Carol and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. Inside, Rick tells everyone to be safe and the group separates.

While returning to the main stairs, Maggie tells Michonne and Carol that Gregory called for an election at the Hilltop and lost, making Maggie the rightful leader. Carol jokingly mentions that she now lives with a king.

Shortly after, the whole group reunites and gingerly uses ropes to drag an old covered wagon down the stairs and over the glass floor. The glass finally gives way and Ezekiel falls through it, dangling by the rope. Before the walkers can bite him, Daryl shoots at one and Rick and the others finally pull him to safety. Carol joyfully kisses him to celebrate.

The group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities.

On the road, Ezekiel proposes to Carol. She tells him to put the ring away and reminds him she doesn't want to be asked yet, especially on a horse. Ezekiel smiles and tells her he still loves her.

Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary.

At the Sanctuary, Rick and the group arrive to deliver supplies. Michonne points out graffiti that proclaims, "We are still Negan", and Daryl demands Justin to clean it up. Rick promises to the Saviors that he'll continue to support them so they can get back on their feet. Everyone applauds him and treat him like a celebrity.

Outside, Carol follows Daryl and offers to take over the Sanctuary for him. She tells him about Zeke's proposal and says she wants to take her time. Daryl's surprised and asks if he should stay with her. She declines and rests her head on his shoulder.

The next day, Carol tells Ezekiel she's staying at Sanctuary. Ezekiel feels that she is trying to be away but she denies it and kisses him, before telling him to kiss Henry for her and instructing Jerry to take care of him as they head off.

"The Bridge"

At a camp, which the communities have set up in the woods, Ezekiel explains to Henry how vital the bridge will be in connecting the communities. Carol hands Henry his stick, kisses him goodbye and tells Ezekiel she's still going to remain at the Sanctuary.

Later, Carol is present as Rick takes Daryl to his tent to calm him down, reminding him that they need the Saviors to help in building the bridge in spite of several deserters. However, Daryl says that the Saviors won't fall in line just because he says so.

Rick explains that he wants everyone to be on the same side, and Daryl questions if they actually are, before leaving. Carol advises Rick to talk to him once he has calmed.

When the herd arrive at the labor site and a commotion ensues, Carol arrives with Rick and the others to help.

Back in the main tent, Carol scolds Justin as Daryl arrives and angrily confronts him as to why the second siren wasn't sounded. Justin claims the radio wasn't charged and Daryl leaps at him, punching him repeatedly with a frying pan. Carol begs for him to stop as the rest of the camp watches.

In the camp, at night, as everyone laughs and talks, Carol asks Ezekiel for the ring. He gets excited and it's about to give a speech but she tells him that he can tell her the speech later. She puts on the ring and they hug and smile. Rick happily watches them from his tent.

"Warning Signs"

At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. Alden promises they'll get to the bottom of it but is punched in the face by Jed, who claims he isn't one of them anymore. Carol steps in with her gun at her hip, stopping Jed.

Carol draws her gun along with the crowd as the Saviors start accusing Daryl and Anne of being the culprits. They grab axes to retaliate when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off.

Later, Carol listens as Rick implores his team to find Arat before the Saviors find out and leave, delaying the bridge construction.

On the woods, while Rick and Carol are searching for Arat, he says he's constantly tempted to kill Negan but stops himself by reminding himself to build life, not take it.

Suddenly, Jed and D.J. ambush Carol and Rick. He holds Carol at knifepoint while Rick points a gun at his head. Jed explains to Rick that this is about getting their guns back for protection before leaving. Carol sneakily pulls a knife out of her sleeve and stabs him in the shoulder while Rick forces D.J. to his knees. Carol tells Jed she didn't killed him because every life counts.

The next morning, Carol watches as the Saviors leave the campsite.

"The Obliged"

At the camp, Carol tells Rick she's taking her people back to Kingdom while the Sanctuary figures out who they want to be. He tearfully accepts her decision and looks down with sadness. Carol says she's sorry and leaves.

A while later, Carol packs up to leave for the Kingdom when an armed Jed and several Saviors return. He reveals he knows that Oceanside's been killing the Saviors and he needs her to step aside so he can enact his revenge. Carol pretends to surrender, but attacks him again, however more Saviors show up and a shoot-out ensues.

"What Comes After"

On the bridge, as Rick limps away before collapsing, he hallucinates as Carol, Daryl, Maggie, Ezekiel, and the others rush past him to kill the walkers. Michonne stops and sees Rick's wound. She reminds him she fell in love with him because he's a fighter. After killing the walkers, everyone stops to watch them. Michonne tells Rick how much she loves him and he tells her, "This isn't real." Michonne tells him to wake up and he does, now alone on the bridge.

The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. He makes it across the bridge and turns around hoping to see the walkers fall through, to no avail. A walker makes its way inches away from Rick before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Rick watches as Carol, Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, and the rest arrive nearby.

Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. He notices the dynamite on the bridge, takes aim, and says to himself "I found them," before shooting and igniting the dynamite. The bridge ignites and explodes as Carol and the rest can only watch in horror. Assuming Rick is dead, Michonne screams out while Maggie and Carol comfort her.

"Who Are You Now?"

Six years later, in the Kingdom, a longer-haired Carol wakes up next to Ezekiel and admires as everyone works in the community. She tends to the garden and watches as a flower blooms through the floor.

From a balcony, Carol watches as everyone works and Jerry jokingly refers to her as Queen. Suddenly, they hear a noise coming from the basement and find a teenage Henry trying to fix the pipes. Ezekiel arrives and Henry berates him about their deteriorating community, but Ezekiel warns him to watch his tone. Shortly after, Carol reminds Ezekiel that Henry isn't wrong and he could benefit by moving to Hilltop to become Earl's apprentice.

Later, Ezekiel bids farewell to Henry as he and Carol prepare to trek to Hilltop. Henry assures him they'll see each other before the fair. Carol tells him that Henry inherited the dreamer part from him and Ezekiel mentions that the fair is his way to reunite the communities.

On the road, Carol tells Henry they have to take a detour before going to Hilltop. Suddenly, they hear a woman scream and Henry runs over to help, but finds Regina with a group of former Saviors. Carol runs over with a bow and arrow as Jed walks up with a gun and smiles.

Jed tells Carol and Henry that since the Sanctuary was abandoned they've had to get more desperate. He tells her he's going to let them off since she spared him back in the day, but he's taking all their stuff, including her ring. This angers Henry, who kicks up his stick and knocks Jed down. Jed throws Henry to the ground and Carol jumps in and gives him her ring. Jed thanks her and leaves with his people.

At night, in the woods, Carol and Henry camp inside an abandoned vehicle. Henry scolds her for not defending herself but she says that she couldn't risk him getting hurt. However, a while later, Carol returns to the Saviors camp. She lights a match and reminds Jed that they hurt her son. She drops the match, igniting and killing all the Saviors she poured gasoline on, including Jed and Regina.

The next day, Henry apologizes to Carol but is confused when he notices she's wearing her ring again. Suddenly, Carol takes a detour to find Daryl. She asks him to come along, to which he accepts with a smile.


Daryl escorts Carol and Henry to his camp by a dam. As he feeds his dog, Carol asks him when was the last time he ate. "Dog ate yesterday," he says and walks off.

Carol asks why he's been living in the woods so long and he says it's quiet. She updates him on Henry moving to Hilltop while she deals with things at the Kingdom. Daryl asks why she's really there and she reveals she wants him to come with them. "Want me to babysit your boy?" Daryl growls. Carol admits Henry could use a mentor to toughen him up, but Daryl says he'll have to learn on his own.

A while later, Daryl skins a snake and throws it into the fire for dinner while Henry asks Carol if she brought him here so Daryl could be his chaperone. At night, Carol gives Daryl a haircut and he reveals he never found Rick's body and got used to being in the woods. Carol suggests he should let it go. Later, as they have dinner, Henry asks Daryl how he got his scar on the eye but he ignores him and leaves to find his dog.

Henry tails Daryl and finds a walker instead. Daryl shows up and asks if he was following him. Suddenly, Daryl hears his dog barking wildly nearby and rushes over to find it stuck in a trap and surrounded by walkers. Daryl picks off the walkers to save his dog and before a walker can bite him, Henry jumps in and saves him. "I told you to stay back," Daryl scolds. From the bushes, Carol secretly lowers her bow and arrow.

Back at the camp, Henry notices an x shaped scar on Daryl's back as he changes his shirt. He sits next to him and tells him that this is the first time the dog got caught in his trap. Henry thanks him for the save and tells him Carol misses and worries about him. "She knows how to find me," Daryl says. Henry suggests he should come to Hilltop with them. Daryl asks if it's so he can look over him, but Henry says "It isn’t just about me."

In the morning, Daryl loads up his bike for Hilltop and Carol seems overjoyed she convinced him to come. Later, they arrive at Hilltop and hug Tara. Carol tells Jesus that Henry wants to learn how to be a blacksmith. Aaron greets Daryl and tells him they could use his help locating Eugene. Henry tries to tag along, but Carol instead says he needs to stay and she will help him find a home.


At Hilltop, Carol looks at Michonne from the Barrington house, but leaves after she notices her. Later, Michonne introduces the new group to Carol, who happily introduces herself through sign language, which Connie appreciates.

Carol asks Michonne about Judith and R.J. and then tells her about Henry moving to Hilltop. Carol asks if she can send a delegate from Alexandria to the fair, but Michonne declines. Carol pleads but Michonne remains defiant and wishes her, Henry and Ezekiel well.

A while later, Henry says goodbye to Carol, promising to make her proud. Diane asks Carol if she can ride back with her to Kingdom and she agrees.


In a flashback, Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry are in a clearing in the woods. Jerry tells Ezekiel and Carol that Nabila is pregnant, and a jubilant Ezekiel congratulates him. Suddenly, Jesus and Tara ride up to them. Tara tells them that she has left Alexandria and hands Ezekiel the community charter before leaving. He then promises Carol that someday the community leaders will all sign it together.

In the present, Carol catches up to Ezekiel and decides to accompany him on a deer hunting. Later, in the woods, Ezekiel suggests Carol take another caravan back to Kingdom while he goes with another group. Carol senses something’s up so Ezekiel explains he and his people planned a minor side mission to grab something for the fair. Carol agrees to tag along and they go to an abandoned movie theater.

Outside the movie theater, Ezekiel reveals to Carol that he wants to get a projector bulb, but she's understandably upset they're risking so much for something so trivial. Ezekiel explains how important it could be for families and she relents. Jerry then uses a boombox to draw the walkers away from the theater.

Inside, Carol helps Ezekiel unhinge a movie poster frame to use for their charter. Carol suggests to him that if the fair doesn't bring everyone together, they should stay at Hilltop. Suddenly, Jerry tells them that the bulb fell into the walker infested room. Ezekiel considers leaving, but Carol steps in and sets up a plan to retrieve it. They take out the walkers, grab the bulb and finally head out.

At night, in the Kingdom, Ezekiel and Carol place the charter in the frame and kiss as Jerry turns on the projector.


In the Kingdom, Carol and Nabila walk together as they see how everything is nearly finished for the fair. Nabila tells Carol this is everything they've fought for. She then notices Jerry bruised and without armor after returning from a supply mission.

Inside the theater, Jerry tells Ezekiel that his patrol got jumped and robbed on the road by a group called "The Highwaymen," who gave them a note warning anyone traveling to the fair will be turned back unless they pay their toll. Dianne guesses it could be Jed's group of Saviors, but Carol politely rules that out. Ezekiel decides they should fight these marauders and instructs Jerry to gather all their fighters.

Later, on the road, Jerry and Carol scope out the highwaymen community while Ezekiel laments the violence they have to resort to. Carol suggests they try talking to them first, and if that doesn't work they'll kill them. Ezekiel, Carol, and Jerry infiltrate the Highwaymen base, where, the leader, Ozzy, informs them that the meeting is for the King alone. They disagree, sticking by Ezekiel's side. Ozzy asks if they have his toll, while his people approach with their weapons drawn. He suggests they use Ezekiel as ransom when suddenly the Kingdom fighters grab Ozzy's people from behind. Ezekiel draws his sword and says he's prepared to fight for what they've created. He then offers the man a job to clear the roads for him in exchange for access to the Kingdom and the fair. Ozzy laughs in his face and draws Jerry's sword, telling them they’ll have to do better than that. Carol then asks when the last time they've seen a movie and a shocked Ozzy responds, "Seriously?"

Back in the Kingdom, the highwayman return with Tara and the others, who assure Ezekiel and Carol they can be trusted. They hug Tara and ask where Henry and Daryl are, but Tara admits she thought they’d be there by now. Carol reacts in confusion and asks about her son's whereabouts.

"The Calm Before"

In the Kingdom, Carol and a group gear up to go look for Henry as the fair starts. Suddenly, Daryl, Michonne, and the convoy arrives. Carol scolds Henry for running away but embraces him, before going to Daryl to hug him. She and Ezekiel then marvel at how much Judith has grown while Tara spots Lydia among the group. "The plan was to bring Henry…just Henry" Tara says angrily to Daryl.

Inside the theater, Carol and the other leaders listen as Michonne says she’s finally ready for Alexandria to help out. "We're here now," she says. Gabriel announces Alexandria is willing to grant asylum to Lydia, but Tara warns if her mother retaliates it'll be against Hilltop. Michonne reminds her that none of them were trusted when they were first introduced to Rick’s group, and Tara relents.

They all agree to send some of their own to Hilltop to guard against any potential attacks from the Whisperers and Michonne decides to re-establish the charter, establishing that an attack against Hilltop counts as an attack against all of them. Ezekiel then retrieves the original charter as Tara and Michonne finally make up. They all sign the charter, and Michonne tells Gabriel he should sign for Alexandria as the head of the council.

At the fair, Carol and Ezekiel find Henry and Lydia walking around and she tells her son she will say goodbye before leaving for Hilltop. Later that day, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, Magna, and others leave the Kingdom to go to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a possible attack. She says goodbye to Ezekiel and Henry and looks at them with some concern as she departs. In the woods, she and the rest encounter Ozzy, Alek, and D.J. and find one of Hilltop's carts overturned. She, Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko decide to track any possible survivor.

At night, Carol and the group gets attacked by walkers. They take them out one by one until the Whisperers surround them. Beta emerges from the trees and tells them to drop their weapons. "You just had to give me the girl," he growls at Daryl, telling him their deal is off. After the group is tied up, Alpha approaches them and tells them she ran into trouble on the road as she wipes her bloody knife on her pants. Michonne warns her if she tries to get Lydia back they'll respond in force, but Alpha assures her Lydia isn't her concern anymore. She takes out a shotgun and orders Daryl to follow her.

At dawn, Daryl returns to the group and they leave back to the Kingdom. On their way back to the Kingdom, they find a beaten and bloody Siddiq tied to a tree. He points them to a nearby hill, which has ten pikes in the ground. Each spike has a severed head stabbed through the top. The group walk devastated towards it and look in horror at the victims: Ozzy, Alek, D.J., Frankie, Tammy, Rodney, Addy, Enid, Tara, and Henry. Daryl comforts a devastated Carol and tells her to look away. They then put down their friends and loved ones and head back to the Kingdom.

Later that day, Carol listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them.

"The Storm"

Several months after the fair massacre, the Kingdom has fallen due to burst pipes, rot, and fires that have consumed multiple buildings across the community. In their house, Carol sorts through some of Henry’s old stuff and weeps in sadness. Outside, she and Ezekiel close the gates as everyone gets ready to leave and move to Hilltop.

On the road, the group spots walkers in a field but keep moving undetected. Later, as it becomes colder, Daryl reminds Carol that Henry wanted Lydia to be with them. She admits all she can see is Henry when she looks at her and Daryl asks what she sees when she looks at him. She assures him she just sees him and puts her hand on his shoulder. A while later, Carol and Daryl kill a couple of walkers. Daryl tells the group to keep moving as he and Ezekiel go to retrieve his bolt. She then finds a crying Lydia in the forest trying to kill herself, but stops her and brings her back to the group. As more snow starts falling, Michonne decides to take the group to Sanctuary.

In the Sanctuary, Daryl sits with Carol and she asks him if something happened back there between him and Ezekiel. He says no, but Carol's suspicious. She admits with Henry gone she feels like she's losing herself again, so Daryl offers to take Lydia away and protect her on his own, even though he doesn't want to leave.

A while later, Carol and the other leaders map their route through a frozen lake on Alpha’s land and Michonne warns they have to leave now or they won't make it. She decides to take the route, claiming they never agreed to the border. The group gets ready and leaves the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the group passes the pikes into Alpha's territory. Michonne kills frozen walkers, unsure if they're Whisperers or not, before reaching the frozen lake. Daryl notices Lydia's missing again, so Carol leaves to find her and instructs him to get everyone across safely. She tracks down Lydia in a cabin and demands to know what she's doing. Lydia explains she can't cross the river because going to Hilltop won't fix anything because everyone will still blame her for what happened. "Your son's dead because of me," she says, before asking Carol to kill her. Lydia holds Carol's spear to her own neck and tells her this is how she ensures they don't lose anyone else. Carol considers doing it but stops herself and kills a walker instead. "You’re not weak," Carol says before taking her back to the group again.

In the morning, Carol and the group finally arrive at Hilltop, where Daryl knocks off the head of a frozen walker. That night, Carol tells Ezekiel she's going to leave him and head to Alexandria with the others. He reminds her he’ll always love her and she says she'll "never regret the fairytale." She hands him back her ring, but Ezekiel lets her keep it. The next day, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and the others return to Alexandria. She then plays with the group in a snowball fight.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Sometime after the blizzard, Carol decided to leave Alexandria and adopt a life as a fisherwoman navigating the sea with the Oceansiders. Despite being gone to clear her mind following Henry's death, she has also been looking for Alpha to enact revenge. Months later, Carol returns on a boat and is received on the Oceanside dock by Daryl and Ezekiel. She awkwardly greets Ezekiel and quickly moves on to talk to Daryl, who lifts her up in a hug.

As they walk around the camp, Carol tells Daryl about her travels. He thinks she is looking for Alpha, but Carol claims to be happy that the past is behind them. Daryl then informs her of the mask they found and asks if she wants to help them look but she declines, telling him she's only here temporarily. Daryl then drives the two of them off on his motorcycle. In the woods, Daryl and Carol try to hunt a deer in the woods. They follow it as it stumbles into one of the borders. Daryl stops Carol from shooting the injured deer as walkers devour it. Daryl rules that it is across a border and they shouldn't pursue it. Carol angrily reminds him they never agreed to the border.

Afterward, Daryl apologizes and the two make up. He admits he doesn't want her to leave again on a boat, calling her his best friend. "Best friend, what are you, 10?", Carol jokes and suggests they make friendship bracelets. She then proposes they run away together. Suddenly, an explosion rings out in the sky.

That night, Carol and the others decide to cross Alpha's border to put out the fire and avoid it burning down Oceanside. They discover the remains of the satellite and start combating the fire. Some use water while others dig a means to prevent the fire from spreading until the morning arrives. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. With their backs to the fire, the group prepares for a fight.

Carol and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. As they keep killing the walkers, Carol uses the spilling blood of a walker to put out a fire. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. She and Daryl walk to the cliff where Alpha showed him the Whisperers' herd. Carol still wants to run away tomorrow, but Daryl wants her to stay. As he leaves, Carol sees Alpha emerge from the woods. She looks up and they stare at each other with anger.

"We Are the End of the World"

As Alpha emerges from the woods, she notices Carol watching her from the other cliffside.


Carol and the rest of the Alexandria residents face against waves of walkers pouring onto the community gates over the next 49 hours. During this time, Carol starts taking some pills to stay awake. After prevailing from the exhausting battle, the community discovers that a new herd of walkers is approaching from multiple directions.

Later that day at an emergency council meeting, Carol listens as Michonne decides that instead of retaliating against the Whisperers, she and a small group will meet with Alpha at the border to work things out. Before heading out with the rest to the border, Carol hides a revolver in her pants and takes some pills. That night, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and a few others arrive at the border and lay down their weapons. Alpha arrives with some Whisperers and reminds them to stay off her land. Michonne explains the fire would have wiped out Oceanside and they only crossed one time, but Alpha reminds her of two other times they trespassed. Alpha declares that there will be no bloodshed, and instead announces she's moving the border up as punishment. Carol says they don't have to listen to her bullshit.

Daryl tries to get her to leave but Alpha says not until Carol lowers her eyes to her feet. Alpha tells Carol she should fear her but Carol says she feels nothing at all. Alpha reminds her how Henry feared her before she beheaded him, causing Carol to pull out her gun and shoot. Daryl manages to hit her arm so she misses as the Whisperers draw their weapons. Michonne apologizes to Alpha for Carol's behavior and Alpha says she forgives her "mother to mother." Back in their camp, Carol tells Michonne, "Bitch has to die." Suddenly, Carol spots some Whisperers nearby and takes a shot, but misses. Michonne orders the group to capture, not kill them.

After searching around the woods, Michonne suggests to Carol that the pills she is taking is affecting her, but Carol brushes it off. The group then arrives at an abandoned school to rest. While inspecting the place, Carol finds a textbook where she hallucinates seeing herself at the head of the table with Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Henry, and Sam sitting at the table. She then decides to keep watch while the rest sleeps.

In a hallucination, Daryl accompanies her and tells a story about how his dad was a trucker and he once hallucinated seeing a girl on the road. He says that being awake for several hours can make someone see things, but Carol brushes him off. Suddenly, her alarm goes off and she takes her pills despite his pleas. She falls asleep and dreams of looking around the school. In a dark hallway, she hears Henry before turning around and getting stabbed by a mysterious figure.

Carol wakes up to realize it was a dream. Daryl finds her and she claims to be fine. Carol insists that this isn't like the story of his trucker dad but a confused Daryl says he never told her anything. Her alarm goes off and she is surprised to see her pills in her pocket, thinking she had thrown them away earlier. She tells Daryl she wants to keep watch one more hour. As he leaves, Carol sees a Whisperer walking by the hallway and follows them.

Carol enters the gymnasium and falls into a trap that catches her upside down from the ceiling. The Whisperer leads a group of walkers towards her and she takes them out while freeing herself. After killing all the walkers, Carol cuts herself down and rises up as her alarm goes off and everyone enters the room. They head back to Alexandria so Carol can be treated at the infirmary and rest properly. Afterward, Carol is taken home so she can sleep.

In an idyllic dream, Carol wakes up to the sound of music and finds Daryl cooking in the kitchen. She then sees Henry at the kitchen table asking her where she's going. In reality, Carol wakes up and holds her now empty pills bottle as a tear rolls from her eye. She comes downstairs to find Michonne waiting for her. She swears she saw those Whisperers, but Michonne doesn't believe her. Later, Carol asks Daryl if he believes her about the Whisperers and he says he does.

"Silence the Whisperers"

Carol stays in her room during the night, avoiding contact with everyone for the moment. As Daryl leaves a tray of food outside her room, she opens the door and takes it inside to eat on her own.

The next night, Carol leaves her room after hearing about Lydia's attack and her being rescued by Negan. She waits as Daryl exits the infirmary and talks with him. She asks what he's going to do about Negan. "I believe her," he says. Carol reminds him the real enemy is still out there, and says that they should have gone to New Mexico.

The following morning, Carol is looking over the house balcony and inspects a compass while holding a map.


Carol wakes up in her room. She rinses her face, gets dressed, makes some tea, packs a bag, and heads out. Before leaving, she ponders her gun in a drawer. Daryl sees Carol leaving and catches up, inquiring where she is going. Carol claims she wants to do another sweep looking for Negan, and Daryl offers to tag along. She reluctantly accepts. While traveling, the two discuss the possibility of Negan crossing the border and joining the Whisperers. Carol stops short of a clearing near the Whisperer border and pulls out a pair of binoculars. When Daryl presses her for the real reason they came there, Carol reveals that she wants to find Alpha's horde and destroy it.

Carol tells Daryl that she's been tracking walker movements along the border, and that they all arrive to the area where they're currently at. She wants to observe the clearing for Whisperer activity, and see where they're taking the walkers. Daryl cautions that they won't be able to follow them without starting a war, but Carol claims they will only watch them and report to the Alexandria council before doing anything. Daryl then asks why she lied to him about their mission earlier; Carol tells him she didn't want him to worry about her after she pulled a gun on Alpha, and apologizes. She asks Daryl if he will stick around, and he confirms, claiming that she will need him to track.

Later that day, Daryl and Carol pass the time by throwing acorns at a can. Daryl hits it, but Carol says he has to knock it over. Carol finds a double-capped acorn and gives it to Daryl, telling him it's good luck and might improve his aim. He puts in his vest pocket. Carol then asks how things were at Hilltop. Daryl says Ezekiel sends his best. When Carol asks him how Connie is, Daryl tells her that there is nothing at all going on between them. Carol asks him why not and tells him he can't hide out with his dog forever, but he doesn't answer. The two share a meal before spotting a group of walkers roaming around in circles, quickly concluding there is a Whisperer among them.

Daryl and Carol are still observing the growing Whisperer herd. Carol points out that it will be tougher to track them at night. Daryl deduces that she wants to cross the border, and she confirms, if that's what it takes to destroy the horde. Daryl asks if she's sure she doesn't just want to take another shot at Alpha, but Carol says the horde is their shot. She asks if he is changing his mind, but he denies this and tells her they need to be smart during the mission, since they will endanger everyone if they mess up. When Carol excuses herself to go to the bathroom Daryl searches her bag, but doesn't find anything of note. Upon returning, Carol asks if he found what he was looking for. Daryl asks if she brought a gun like last time, but she denies this. They then head off to track the herd.

Before crossing the border, Daryl tells Carol not to leave tracks or kill walkers, since the Whisperers will know they were there if they do. He also tells her that if things go wrong, they will head back immediately, to which she agrees. That night, they observe the Whisperer herd from some shrubbery. Daryl signals Carol to retreat, but she ignores him. She then accidentally steps on a branch, which alerts the walkers and the Whisperer corralling them to their location. They separate and Carol somehow manages to take a Whisperer hostage.

When Daryl later meets up with her, Carol claims that she didn't have a choice as the Whisperer spotted her, and suggests interrogating him. Daryl becomes skeptical of Carol's intentions and asks if she planned this, but Carol denies the accusation. When she pulls the Whisperer up, Daryl notices that his hands are zip-tied together and wonders where Carol got the zip-ties since they weren't in her bag. Carol claims that Daryl must have missed them. They then leave towards Alexandria.

"Open Your Eyes"

Carol and Daryl bring the captured Whisperer to the cell to be locked up. While Lydia leaves quietly, Carol escorts the prisoner inside. Outside, Carol questions Lydia about the captive and she reveals he is one of the Whisperers in charge of herding the walkers. She also asks if he knows where Alpha's horde is and Lydia reckons that he does. Gabriel marches over and scolds Carol for risking the safety of the community with the hostage. He then orders that the Whisperer's wounds be treated first and demands to be present during the interrogation. As he leaves, Carol tells Lydia she can stay in her house in the meantime.

While watching the community from the balcony, Carol offers Lydia ointment for her scars but she says she has had worse injuries before. When Carol replies that she has sustained worse injuries as well, Lydia is left thinking about her past. She then reveals that the captured Whisperer won't betray Alpha because he is loyal, but if they show him that a place like Alexandria can survive, there's nothing Alpha can do to stop the idea from spreading among the group.

Carol returns to the cell a while later to question the Whisperer as the group watches. She enters carrying a tray with a sandwich and offers him any flavor he wants as well as having salted fish for lunch. When she says she just wants to talk, the Whisperer refuses so she just hands him the bread. He slowly starts to eat it before being overcome with emotion. Suddenly, he spits it all out onto Carol's face. She presses her finger in his shoulder wound in anger and demands to know where the horde is.

When the Whisperer implies that he would rape her if they were out in the wild, Carol puts on her ring and punches him repeatedly in the face. "You're all weak," he tells them in response. Daryl pulls out a knife and threatens to cut off his fingers, ears, and teeth. The Whisperer says they are lying to themselves and he wouldn't betray Alpha because she loves her people so much she sacrificed her own daughter. The group is left surprised at this revelation. Carol sprints out of the cell and Daryl catches her, begging her not to involve Lydia because she has been trough enough. "This is the only way and you know it," she says in response.

Later that day, Carol brings Lydia to the cell so the Whisperer can realize that she is alive but they are forced to leave by Daryl after he dies from poisoning. She then asks Lydia for her help in something and they ride off of Alexandria towards the woods. That night, they arrive at one of the borders on a bridge where Gamma is holding Aaron at knifepoint. When a shocked Gamma flees, Lydia realizes Carol used her for her own purposes. Carol tries to explain to Lydia that Alpha lied to the Whisperers about killing her but Lydia compares her to Alpha. Despite her pleas, Lydia says she chooses her own side and hits Carol with her staff before crossing into the border as well. Carol then rides back to Alexandria.

"The World Before"

Carol is present during Dante's interrogation in the infirmary after his identity as a Whisperer spy is exposed. She asks Dante what his original plan was after he insists that he had no choice but to kill Siddiq. When Dante confesses his motive for infiltrating the community and says he's looking forward to them arguing over what to do with him as they did with Negan, Carol looks at him in anger. Shortly after, she and Daryl update Aaron on the recent events.

When Carol tells Aaron not to blame himself for not noticing Dante was a spy, he reveals that he has been talking with a Whisperer and she has told him the location of Alpha's horde in exchange for seeing her nephew Adam. Despite Daryl's objections, Carol tells him she feels fine to go on the mission and says she can help him look for Lydia afterwards even though she doesn't want to be found. "Are we talking about her or we talking about you?" Daryl asks as she leaves.

Later that day, Carol attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. When the ceremony ends, she talks with Ezekiel who says that Siddiq was one of those people he thought would live forever. He then volunteers to help her finding Alpha's horde but Carol declines. She then asks if everything is okay and Ezekiel only wishes her good luck in the mission before she leaves.

Carol then goes alongside Daryl and Aaron to the woods to meet up with the group from Hilltop. She hugs Jerry after not having seen him for a while. That night, Carol nearly steps on a bear trap before Daryl stops her. He chastises her for acting recklessly and says they can't let Alpha take way their future too. They hug and then cross the border. The next day, the group arrives at the location of the horde in a clearing only to find it's empty, so they leave to go search for the missing Lydia. When Carol spots Alpha across a clearing, she chases after her into a dark building as the rest follow. The group then falls below a cave into a trap where they find themselves surrounded by most of the horde.


Having become trapped in the cave with the horde, Carol and the group recover from the fall and realize Alpha is watching them from the top as they look around for a possible exit. She screams at her in anger as the others look at her in silence. The group starts seeking other avenues of escape and eventually they decide to jump from rock to rock onto the other side of the cave in order to find another exit.

As the group moves through the cave, Carol hyperventilates a little and Connie asks if she's fine, to which she agrees. Daryl says that she has claustrophobia, making Carol surprised that he remembers. She is then confronted by Magna for their actual situation until Daryl stops her. Shortly after, he tells Carol he's tired of her reckless actions and wants her to stop seeking revenge. She answers that she wants Alpha to suffer for all she's done, but Daryl reminds her that they're not fighting for vengeance, but for their future. Carol promises she won't fool him anymore.

When Magna is ambushed by a Whisperer, the group engages in a fight and kills several Whisperers, before deciding to follow the ones who escaped to find the exit. Carol is consoled by Connie and the group starts to squeeze through narrow tunnels where she briefly suffers from claustrophobic attacks until they find an underground mine station where Kelly discovers a box of dynamite. As the group starts digging for a way out, Carol takes one dynamite stick and goes back to climb a wall and find a good place for the stick to explode and destroy the horde. Daryl finds her and eventually convinces her to stop. He then tries to pull her up but the dynamite falls and explodes underneath them.

The cave begins collapsing and an injured Carol is carried by Daryl as they try to return to the others. Connie and Magna rescue and help them escape as Jerry holds a beam to prevent it from collapsing. Magna and Connie stay back and kill several Whisperers to protect Jerry, but he cannot hold the log anymore and leaves through the hole. The rest of the dynamite immediately explodes and the cave implodes, trapping Magna and Connie inside.

Carol realizes what her actions have caused and watches in tears as Daryl tries to excavate through the debris and Kelly falls to the ground in agony. She then rants to Daryl, blaming herself for all their troubles and pleads him to admit that it's all her fault. He ignores her request and tells the group to head home and inform everyone they found the horde, while he'll find the other entrance to the cave. Carol remains in tears and watches as everyone leaves.

"Morning Star"

Carol is seen brooding at Daryl's former camp, and Ezekiel finds her there and offers to comfort her, even though she claims he doesn't need to be. They both later arrive at Hilltop. Daryl sees them, but doesn't go to greet them.

Later on, Carol knocks on Ezekiel's door and enters. She notices the lumps on his neck, and while Ezekiel brushes it off as nothing, Carol tells him to "never bullshit a bullshitter". Ezekiel mournfully admits that he wanted to tell Carol about his condition, when the latter suddenly kisses him.

After having sex, Ezekiel says that it was fun, although Carol states that that was never a problem. Ezekiel jokes about being at least fondly remembered for something, and notes that Carol has lost her sense of humor when the latter doesn't laugh. Carol claims she simply left it "on a dresser in the Kingdom" before it burned down. Ezekiel says that he left his pride there, too. He then asks Carol if their encounter would have happened if they didn't think they were going to die tonight, to which Carol jokingly says "Wait... we're gonna die tonight?". The pair share a laugh.

Back at the Hilltop, Lydia tearfully inspects the engraving Henry made for her, when Carol sits next to her. After lighting a cigarette, Carol says that Lydia should hate her, to which the latter replies that it's hard for her to do so, since Carol already seems to hate herself so much. Carol vows to kill Alpha, but Lydia points out that it won't save them. Carol replies that it will feel good, and asks if Lydia will hate her then. Lydia coldly states that she wont be thinking about Carol at all. Carol chuckles and thanks her for telling the truth. Lydia observes that people don't know how to do that anymore, so they simply stay away from both of them. Carol mournfully says that she had a life, to which Lydia simply replies "I know".

Outside, Carol approaches Daryl and asks him to not hate her. Daryl assures her that he is never going to hate her, before taking his leave. He grabs a morning star and heads out for battle.

"Walk With Us"

The survivors have retreated behind the Hilltop's walls, while the fire continues to spread, now engulfing most of the Barrington House. On the walls, Carol shoots several arrows at the herd, to little effect. With the gates down, the herd begins to pour into the Hilltop, while the survivors desperately try to hold them off. Carol is forced to retreat when the herd closes in on them and leaves with Yumiko, Magna and Eugene.

Meanwhile, Carol, Yumiko, Magna, and Eugene are resting in the woods. As Eugene is desperately looking over the little equipment he was able to salvage, a traumatized Magna recounts her experiences to Yumiko, explaining that she and Connie searched the cave for a way out, but got separated after running into the horde. Magna was unable to find Connie afterwards and doesn't know if she survived or not. Carol turns to leave, but is stopped by Yumiko, who angrily yells at her and even punches her in the mouth for her seeming indifference to Magna's plight.

As Carol sits alone, a walker slowly emerges from the ground and tries to grab her. Carol just watches it at first, but eventually stabs the walker. It is then that she notices Eugene standing next to her, who wanted to offer his companionship after Carol and Yumiko's altercation. Carol asks Eugene if he knows what it feels like to want something so badly you put all your efforts towards obtaining it, anger everyone around you, maybe even get people killed, and still having nothing to show for it. Eugene, indeed, confirms that he does. He explains that he arranged a meeting with Stephanie, which he describes as the biggest meeting of his life, but will now be unable to attend. Carol encourages him to go anyway, to which Eugene smiles and tells Carol he hopes she gets what she wants. When Eugene leaves, Carol discovers Lydia's staff lying on the ground.

Later, Negan meets up with Carol and dumps Alpha's reanimated head at Carol's feet. Carol smiles and tells Negan "took you long enough", revealing that they were working together the whole time to take Alpha down and that she was the one who release Negan from his cell.

"Look at the Flowers"

In a flashback, Carol visits Negan in his cell as he awaits for his sentence, having previously killed Margo. Surprised, Negan says that he thought Gabriel would be the one to give him his last rites. Carol asks if Negan wants forgiveness, but the latter denies this, joking about wanting a T-bone steak, some beer, and Rocky Road ice cream. Carol then offers a way for Negan to keep his life. Intrigued, Negan says that he wasn't aware Carol had a say on the Council, but the latter claims to be acting on her own. Negan, however, replies that he gathered that much, but doesn't understand why Carol would be talking to him instead of finding a way to kill Alpha, but Carol reveals that she is doing just that by talking to Negan. Impressed, Negan points out that Carol already missed her shot, and asks what happens if he fails as well, noting that it would endanger the life for every man, woman, and child in Alexandria, which he doesn't approve of. Carol simply replies that killing Alpha would help every man, woman, and child in Alexandria. Negan then asks what's in it for him, to which Carol notes that Negan has been politely receiving his punishment hoping the Alexandrians would one day forget what he did, but she claims that they won't, unless Negan does something to make them forget. If he kills Alpha, Carol vows to make sure the people remember him for that act instead of his crimes. Clearly interested, Negan asks for Carol's word, which she gives, provided Negan completes his mission quickly.

In present day, Carol places Alpha's reanimated head on one of the pikes marking the Whisperer border. Negan asks if this is what she wanted, to which Carol nods in approval. Negan then invites Carol to go back to Alexandria so she can tell everyone of what he did, but the latter angrily asks why it took him so long to kill Alpha. Offended at the question, Negan says that he wanted to escape with his head still attached, and points out that "shit like that takes time". Carol reminds him that their deal stipulated Negan had to kill Alpha quickly, but Negan still claims he held up his end of the deal, and now requires Carol to hold up hers. Carol then says that she is not going back to Alexandria yet. Frustrated, Negan points out that he will be killed on the spot if he goes back to Alexandria on his own, but Carol just suggests that he wait. When Negan asks how long, Carol tells him he is a free man now, and he can make his own choices. She says that she needs to be alone, and "shit like that takes time". She proceeds to walk away.

Carol, meanwhile, is walking through the woods when she hears a ghostly voice whisper to her. Although Carol doesn't see anyone at first, this voice soon manifests into Alpha. Carol continues her trek as Alpha's ghost taunts her, telling her that she is lost like her "boy", whom she sent away. As a result, Alpha claims, Henry died alone and afraid, just like Sophia. When Carol turns to confront her, Alpha vanishes, only to reappear right in front of her. Alpha warns her that Carol can't kill her unless she kills herself. She goes on to say that she respects Carol for what she did as, even though Negan was the one that slit her throat, it was effectively Carol who ended her life, "like a true "Alpha"". When Carol tells her to stop, Alpha surmises that Carol feels guilty and regrets what she did because people were hurt because of her vengeful motives, even though she can't take it back and her friends won't accept what she's done. Alpha suggests they might if Carol says she's sorry, but proceeds to taunt her by mimicking Lizzie's last words. Alpha then points out Carol tried being on her own before, but "they" have always pulled her back. She repeatedly invites Carol to admit what she truly wants. At this point, Carol is attacked by a walker, but manages to kill it. Upset, she tells Alpha that she wants to be alone, but Alpha doesn't think this is what she truly wants.

Carol arrives at a fishing shack, as Alpha questions if Carol's plan is to sail away downriver. Alpha insults her by claiming Ed was right about her, calling Carol a "brainless clam". She reminds Carol that there was no peace for her on the ocean, as she never stopped thinking about Alpha, and even wrote a letter to Maggie about her. Carol tries to ignore her as she struggles to free the kayak from the rafters, but when Alpha insults her once more, the roof collapses, trapping Carol underneath. Alpha then dubs Carol a "stupid cooze".

As morning comes, Carol is still struggling to escape the debris she is trapped under, as a lone walker crawls towards the shack. Alpha taunts Carol about her impending doom, and insists that Carol always knew how this would end. Alpha gloats that no one is coming to save Carol, including Ezekiel and especially Daryl after what she did to Connie. Alpha further taunts Carol with all the people she lost, including Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Henry, and Ezekiel, and claims that, should Carol go back, Daryl could be next. Carol denies she would ever let that happen, but Alpha says that her track record does not inspire confidence. As the walker comes closer and closer to squeezing through the planks it got stuck on, Alpha encourages Carol to "do what she knows she has to", and uses the fact that Carol chose Alpha as her inner voice as proof, since she gets the job done. As Carol continues to deny she wants to die, Alpha tells her to "look at the flowers, like you're supposed to". Just as the walker breaks trough, Carol manages to free herself by dislocating her own shoulder and kills it. Collapsing on the ground from exhaustion, Carol tells Alpha "it's never too late", which causes her hallucination to finally disappear. Carol eventually returns to Alexandria, and Daryl welcomes her at the gate, although the two don't say a word to each other.

"The Tower"

Carol is among the Alexandrians to relocate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as "the tower". Luke announces that he needs someone to run an errand for him, for which Carol volunteers. Carol and Kelly, meanwhile, scavenge wires from some cars. Carol thanks Kelly for coming and tries to apologize for her actions in the cave, but Kelly thinks nothing of it, as she is certain that her sister isn't dead. Although Kelly is uncertain if she feels this way because her sister is so tough or because Kelly simply won't accept that she's gone, she understands Carol's actions, although Carol doesn't believe this absolves her. Kelly recounts how, when she started losing her hearing, Connie told her that the disability wasn't her weakness, but her superpower. She then observes how everyone is learning sign language now because of her. She then tells Carol that she heard stories about her from before, and about how she'd always go off on her own and do the things only she could do, and assures Carol that this is not her weakness, but also a superpower. She concludes her thoughts by claiming that you can't give up who you are because bad things happen.

"A Certain Doom"

Carol and the group just barely make it back to the Tower. At the hospital stairway, Carol and Daryl are setting traps. Daryl tells Carol about Michonne leaving and how he keeps thinking he's never going to see her again, just like everyone else. Carol reassures him that she is still there. Upstairs, they join the others as Gabriel goes over the plan with the rest of the group. Carol is about to grab a knife before, but runs into Dianne and Bertie. Bertie gives Carol a look while walking away. Dianne confronts Carol about the fact that Negan helped the Whisperers attack Hilltop and that they can't forgive him for that. Carol tells her she's sorry, but Dianne has to forget about it. Lydia comes into the room and asks if Carol needs her help. Carol says she doesn't need her help. Lydia tells that's she doesn't want Carol to avoid her, and reveals that she is kind of relieved Alpha is dead. She also tells her that's she doesn't see Carol as new mom, but more as a really good friend.

Carol Daryl, Beatrice, Kelly, Magna, Jerry, Luke and Jules smear each other in walker guts in order to blend in with the herd and make it through. Outside, the survivors find it increasingly difficult to move through the herd but, eventually, most reach the relative safety of the forest, leaving only Carol and Beatrice to find their way out of the herd. The pair slowly navigate through, but are spotted by a Whisperer. She attacks them, but is stabbed by Carol on the gut, and attacked by walkers as she screams. With her last breath, however, the Whisperer grabs Beatrice and stabs her in the leg, causing her to scream and be quickly swarmed by walkers. Beatrice tries to give Carol the backpack she was carrying, but is ignored and torn apart. Luckily, Lydia, wearing her mother's mask, is able to retrieve the bag and hands it to Carol.

With the horde turning back towards the Tower, Daryl warns Gabriel that they have lost the wagon and the others have walkers coming right back at them. Luke points out that the others should've evacuated by now with Jerry stating that the others are unprotected and they need to turn the horde around. Daryl suggests going back into the horde and hunting down the Whisperers one by one while Lydia offers to lead the horde away, having been taught how to by Alpha. Daryl and Luke object to Lydia's plan with Luke pointing out that without the wagon to lead the walkers over the cliff, its a suicide mission. Deciding to deal with that later, Daryl leads Marco, Carol, Luke, Jules, Magna, Jerry, Kelly and Lydia into the horde where they stealthily assassinate all of the Whisperers while Daryl and Negan take out Beta, allowing Lydia to lead the horde away and complete Luke's plan. Lydia has successfully led the herd to the cliff. Before she can go over, she is stopped by Carol, who volunteers to go instead of her, dubbing it her choice. Carol reaches the edge, but before she can step off, Lydia pulls her back. The pair take cover behind a rock, as the walkers around them march off the cliff into the waters below. As Carol thanks Lydia, the latter rips off her mother's mask and tosses it over the cliff.

Back at the woods around the Tower, everyone is reunited with Maggie, including Judith. Carol and Lydia arrive and inform the group that the herd is finished. Carol talks with Daryl, as Daryl asks if Carol got what she wanted. She replies that she didn't, but didn't really want it anyway. Daryl tells her that she still has him, and they hug. Daryl reminds her that New Mexico is still out there. She says that they might go there some day, but still have things to do here.

"Home Sweet Home"

Near the Hilltop, Carol and Daryl are joined by Maggie, along with two other members of her group, whom she introduces as Elijah and Cole. Maggie explains that she and Hershel have been living with the group until the destruction of their village, so she thought she'd resettle everyone at Hilltop. Carol and Daryl give each other an uneasy look, much to Maggie's confusion. Things are cleared up once the pair show Maggie that Hilltop has been destroyed. While she is looking over the burnt out husk that was once her home, Carol tells Maggie that Negan was with the Whisperers the night that it burned down. Maggie realizes it was Carol who let him out, but the latter defends her actions, asserting that Alpha needed to die, and Negan was their best chance at making that happen, and that he is the reason they didn't lose everything. Cole asks if they're supposed to just live alongside Negan in Alexandria despite the fact that he burned down the Hilltop and killed Maggie's husband, to which Daryl replies that they're still figuring things out. Maggie thanks Carol for telling her, before storming off. As the others follow her, Daryl tells Carol that she didn't have to reveal anything, but Carol think she owed Maggie the truth. Daryl says that he will help Maggie retrieve the rest of her group in an attempt to smooth things over, but Carol doesn't believe Maggie will ever come around on Negan. When Daryl asks if Carol has, she simply shrugs and says it was nice to see Maggie again.

A few days later, Carol helps clean up the destruction in Alexandria left behind by the Whisperers. She works alongside Nabila, Lydia, Negan, Barbara, and several other residents when Daryl returns with Kelly and Maggie’s group.

"Find Me"

Carol approaches Daryl about to go on a hunting trip, when she notices a map that Daryl dropped and picks it up. With Daryl struggling to start his bike, she offers to do it for him, as she has experience with peddle sewing machines. Daryl declines her offer, but supposes Carol wants to come along, which she confirms. After he manages to start the bike, she climbs on it as well, despite Daryl's reluctance. The two playfully bicker as they ride away, with Dog running beside them. After stashing the bike in some shrubbery, the pair find a deer trail, but it turns out the deer has already been partially devoured when they find its corpse. They discuss where to hunt next. Daryl suggests the river, but asks if Carol is okay with that, which she affirms.

After a lengthy trek, Carol gets a foot cramp. Daryl thinks might have been better off searching for food in another area, but Carol wants to spearfish before moving on. Despite Daryl's doubt of her abilities, Carol spears a fish on her first try. Later, as they're filleting Carol wonders if their luck has run out, with the recent losses of Hilltop and Alexandria. Daryl points out they didn't lose Alexandria, and is confident they can rebuild, but Carol is more pessimistic, as she believes rebuilding is futile and the dead will catch up to them eventually. Daryl says he isn't going to let that happen, before cutting off the conversation altogether. Suddenly, Dog takes off running after something, with Daryl and Carol rushing after it. Dog leads them to an old, abandoned cabin, which Daryl clearly recognizes. He briefly remembers a woman playing with Dog on the porch. Carol suggests they stay the night, as Daryl reminisces further.

In a flashback five years ago, when he was still searching for Rick, Daryl reunites with Carol, who briefs him on current events, such as the increased isolation of the communities and Maggie leaving Hilltop. Carol impatiently asks how long Daryl plans on staying out in the wilderness, as it's already been two years. Daryl doesn't know, but supposes he will be searching for as long as it takes. Carol understands and says that she would help him if she didn't have obligations at the Kingdom with Henry and Ezekiel, but Daryl assures her that he knows. Before he leaves, she tosses him some supplies.

Back in the present, Dog fixates on a spot on the floor. When Carol removes the floorboards, she finds a box with a note inside. Reading it, Carol realizes the cabin belonged to the woman from Daryl's past. She asks him about this, but Daryl is dismissive, letting Carol know that he already told her everything. Carol, however, doesn't believe him. Sighing, Daryl asks what else she wants to know, to which Carol replies that she will listen to whatever Daryl wants to tell her.

After finishing his story, Daryl laments that he should have been there to help Leah. Carol asks if he thinks Leah is still alive or someone took her, but Daryl doesn't know. Carol considers the possibility that Leah left on her own. Daryl denies this, and blames himself for walking away. Carol comforts Daryl that it's not his fault every time he loses someone, and that losing Leah isn't on him, nor is losing Rick or Connie. Daryl resentfully agrees to Carol's last example, as he blames Carol for losing Connie instead, since she never knows when to stop. Carol says that she is sorry for Connie, but isn't sorry for going after the horde nor making Alpha pay for killing Henry, because she was right. Daryl begrudgingly asks if her being right is all that matters. Carol realizes Daryl isn't upset with her because of Leah or Connie, so invites him to say what he really means.

Daryl tells her that she shouldn't have come. Carol claims she just wanted to help, but Daryl retorts that she wanted to run instead, so that's what she did. Carol seems confused by this assertion, but Daryl thinks she ran because she couldn't deal with the guilt, so she made it his problem. Carol snaps back that Daryl's only problem is thinking he has to save everybody, and that she doesn't need a savior or a martyr, but a friend. Daryl asserts that friends don't have the same conversation over and over again, and that he is sick of it. Carol says that, in that case, Daryl should have let her get back on the boat. He coldly agrees that he shouldn't have stopped her, and gives her permission to run if she wants to, as he won't stop her this time. He, however, maintains that he knows where he is supposed to be. Carol sadly states that she was right, as their luck has indeed run out. She heads inside the cabin, leaving Daryl standing alone on the porch.


Carol and Daryl walk back to Alexandria in silence. Daryl gives Carol his pocket knife to open her canteen and says he's going to keep looking for supplies. He starts to apologize for their argument at the cabin but Carol stops him. They split up and take different paths. Dog follows Carol. Carol returns to Alexandria. She goes home and tells Dog that Daryl meant what he said during their argument. Dog licks her.

Carol asks Jerry if she can help out with work around Alexandria. Jerry says all the tasks are already being taken care of. Carol begs Jerry for a task and offers to make him soup for lunch. Jerry warns that she will have to cook without electricity, since the Whisperers damaged some solar panels. Carol collects ingredients in her pantry and starts to cook soup. She hears Dog barking in the living room and finds him tearing the room apart in search of a rat. She admonishes Dog and starts cleaning up. Dog races to the pantry and paws at a spot in the wall where the rat is hiding. Carol sends Dog out of the pantry and starts building a rat trap.

Carol collects supplies from the living room and finishes building the rat trap. She sets the trap on the pantry floor and leaves. Carol heads outside with a bucket and tells Jerry she's going to forage for soup ingredients. Carol picks herbs in a field and sees walkers approaching. She slays all the walkers then returns to her bucket of herbs. Carol returns to Alexandria covered in blood. Jerry asks if she's okay. She assures Jerry that she's fine and keeps walking with her bucket of herbs.

Carol dumps the herbs in her pantry and checks the rat trap. It's empty. Carol uses the pocket knife to fix a solar panel. Jerry asks if she needs help. Carol says she's fine. Carol returns to the pantry and turns on the light. It works. Carol returns to the pantry and starts cooking. She hears the rat scratching and checks the trap. She screams as the rat scurries out. She chases the rat around the pantry before it disappears into the wall. The power goes out. She unplugs the crock pot and plans to continue cooking when there is more solar power the next day.

Carol retires to her bedroom at night. Dog jumps into bed with her. Carol admits that she misses Daryl and says he always comes back. She wonders if she should leave Alexandria so that she can be out of everyone's way. Dog wakes Carol in the middle of the night. She grabs her flashlight. Carol and Dog go downstairs. Carol hears the rat in the wall and cuts a hole in the wall to find it. She cuts a bigger hole, then starts tearing out insulation. She demolishes the wall and sinks to the ground.

Carol cooks soup the next morning and begins cleaning the debris from the wall. Jerry checks in to see if she's okay. Carol admits she had a bad day. Jerry says he noticed that she came home without Daryl and guessed that she was having a bad day. Carol worries that she's a broken person. Jerry hugs her and assures her that he is still her friend. The rat scurries outside. Carol invites Jerry in for soup.

Daryl returns to Alexandria and parks his motorcycle. Dog races up to Daryl. Carol greets Daryl and notes his disheveled appearance. Daryl notes her disheveled pantry. Carol tries to return the pocket knife but Daryl lets her keep it. Daryl goes inside to sleep.

"Here's Negan"

Carol accompanies Negan while hunting and thanks her for getting him out of Alexandria for awhile due to how tense things currently are with Maggie. Although he doesn't mind being "lay low Negan" for a bit, Negan asks if Carol can help him smooth things over with Maggie, stating that given his and Carol's recent history, Negan feels that she at least owes him that much. Carol leads Negan to Leah's Cabin where he finds his belongings inside. Carol explains that Daryl helped her to move Negan in and that the council has voted to banish him and that what Negan wants isn't going to happen and that it's not possible. Carol feels that given their less recent history, its better than Negan deserves. Although disappointed, Negan accepts this and asks if he was really banished by the council or if Carol acted on her own again. With a smile, Carol tells Negan that the rabbit they caught is for him and leaves without answering Negan's question.

Carol is later seen working with Maggie and is shocked to see Negan returning to Alexandria. Carol confronts him and promises that if they find any food at an old Army base that Daryl found she will bring some by his cabin, but Negan intends to move back into Alexandria permanently and wants Carol's help requisitioning a cart to bring back his stuff. Carol promises to get Gabriel to approve it, but warns Negan that if he stays, Maggie will kill him and Carol didn't want his death on his conscience and now it's not. Negan acknowledges that its "fair enough", as he walks back into Alexandria.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Carol is part of a group consisting of Daryl, Elijah, Maggie, Jerry, Alden, Rosita, Lydia, Gabriel, Gage, Roy, Kelly, and Magna who raid the abandoned Fort Connors military base for food supplies. Carol, Maggie and Rosita load the backpacks onto a pully system. After the mission, Carol returns to Alexandria with her fellow survivors.


Carol arrive on Alexandria's walls with Kelly. On her way to the storage room, Carol walks by Aaron and a group of Alexandrians fixing the wall. Aaron asks if she is leaving already, noting that she was supposed to help with the wall repair. Carol claims to be preoccupied, as she plans on catching Alexandria's runaway horses. Speaking from personal experience, Aaron warns her that there is little hope for her actually catching the horses, and believes repairing the walls to be more important. Carol protests that, without the horses, they won't be able to scavenge far or move anything heavy, meaning they will starve.

In the woods, Carol, Magna, and Kelly stumble upon Rosita picking mushrooms. Rosita is keeping herself busy while Gabriel's on a mission, so gladly joins Carol and the rest in their attempt to retrieve horses. When they finally find them, they try several times to carefully to sneak up on them, but fail, as the horses get spooked before they can lasso them. Catching up with Carol, Rosita confides in her that she's been having dreams about Abraham recently. In her dreams, Abraham tries to tell Rosita something important, but just as he's about to, he gets shot in the head. Rosita used to be disturbed by this dream, but now believes it to be a message for them, although she doesn't know what Abraham is trying to say.

Carol and her companions continue their search, until they discover the mutilated bodies of several horses. Kelly is distraught by the sight, while Magna comforts her. Despite this, Carol wishes to continue the search. Rosita protests that they can continue tomorrow, but Carol is adamant. Noticing her distress, Magna comforts Carol with a hug, convincing her to call of the search. On their way back, Kelly assures Carol they'll get them next time. Rosita, however, hear hoofbeats and realizes they still have a chance to catch the horses. In a clearing, they see five horses galloping. Rosita notes the horses are running towards the dairy farm, which has paddocks where they can lock them in. At the farm, they successfully trap the horses, but have yet to catch them, until Kelly insists they drop the lassos. She thinks the horses aren't running and, in fact, want to come home. Carol manages to calm a horse down enough that it allows the women to pet it.

Carol and her group arrive back to Alexandria with the horses in tow, much to the joy of other Alexandrians. While they tie down the rest, Carol proceeds to lead one horse away. Magna catches up with Carol, wishing to talk. Magna requests that Carol stop giving Kelly false hope. Carol is confused, but Magna knows Carol doesn't think Connie is alive, but can't accept what it means if she isn't. Carol thinks that Magna, being Connie's family, would want to know either way, but Manga replies that she just wants her family to heal. While she is sorry for what Carol is going through, Magna nonetheless asks her to stop what she's doing, as she is just making it harder for Kelly. Carol leads the horse to the stables and gets it to lie down. After calming it, she slaughters the horse for food. Later that day, Alexandrians feast on horse meat. The children are reluctant to eat it, but Hershel assures them it isn't that bad, or better than spiders at least. Outside, Rosita takes Coco to see the horses, while Carol washes the horse blood off her hands. Magna and Kelly eat together, until Carol arrives to take Kelly an another run, much to Magna's dismay.

"Out of the Ashes"

Carol, Aaron, Rosita, Jerry and Lydia decide to go to Hilltop to scavenge for blacksmith tools they can use to reinforce the walls. Carol's group arrives at Hilltop and finds it overrun with walkers. They recognize the walkers as former Hilltoppers. Carol's group scavenges for supplies at Hilltop. They notice walkers moving in a herding pattern and realize that one of them is a Whisperer. Aaron spots the Whisperer and shoves him to the ground, then yanks off his mask. Lydia recognizes the Whisperer and tells Aaron not to kill him.

Aaron interrogates the Whisperer, whose name is Keith. Keith insists that he's the only Whisperer left at Hilltop. Lydia defends Keith, but Aaron doesn't believe him. Jerry and Aaron drag Keith to the root cellar and find other Whisperers hiding. Keith insists that they are the last ones. Jerry spots Nabila's scarf and realizes that these Whisperers helped burn down Alexandria. Keith grabs a knife and slashes Aaron, allowing the other Whisperers to escape.

Aaron and Jerry suspend Keith from the rafters of a stable and demand to know how many more Whisperers there are. Keith begs Lydia for help. Aaron pushes a walker on Keith's hand then offers to amputate it and prevent infection if Keith tells them where his people are. Carol kills the walker and warns Aaron not to go down the same dark path she did after Henry was killed, as it did not bring her peace, that she put her group's life in danger and has regretted it ever since and tells Aaron she has to live with her actions and begs him not to kill Keith.

Aaron eventually spares Keith, who amputates his arm and thanks Carol. He reveals that he saw one of their people emerge alive from the cave where Alpha kept her horde. They realize he's talking about Connie. Aaron suggests they search for her first thing in the morning. They leave Hilltop.

"On the Inside"

Carol devises a plan to set out and find Connie after being tipped off by Keith. Magna reports that Kelly has gone missing. Carol and Rosita find Kelly in the woods, who are annoyed that Kelly didn't tell anyone where she was going before she left. Kelly tells them she found Connie's camp. They are joined by Magna, who reads Connie's notebook, which reveals that Connie and Virgil were being followed. They continue their search.

Carol's group searches for Connie into the night. They reach a crossroads. Kelly picks a direction. Suddenly, Connie is attacked by the Ferals, but before they can do anything, they are killed with Kelly's slingshot. Carol, Kelly, Rosita and Magna run over to Connie, as the two sisters, crying in happiness, embrace.

"For Blood"

Carol hides out in Aaron's house as the storm rages in Alexandria, and sees a piece of the perimeter wall blow down the street. When Aaron holds a meeting in the kitchen of his house and reports that the storm blew a panel off the wall and that a fire in the windmill is drawing walkers. He proposes that they split up into teams to fix the wall and stop the fire. Carol, Connie, and Kelly head out to fix the wall.

"No Other Way"

Carol will appear in this episode.

"New Haunts"

Carol will appear in this episode.

"Rogue Element"

Carol will appear in this episode.

"The Lucky Ones"

Carol will appear in this episode.

"The Rotten Core"

Carol will appear in this episode.


Carol will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Carol has killed:


Ed Peletier

"Ed never let me wear nice things."
—Carol to Lori[src]

Carol and Ed were married before the apocalypse. Ed constantly abused Carol and their daughter, Sophia, even after the apocalypse had hit. At the Atlanta camp, Ed acted very controlling of Carol, forcing her to pull a log out of a fire, ordering her to go in the tent, slapping her when she disobeyed him, as well as other acts. While Carol, Andrea, Amy, and Jacqui were washing clothes during "Tell It to the Frogs", Ed shouted at them, things like "This ain't no comedy club" when they were laughing, and "I'll still knock you on your ass" to Andrea. He tried to drag Carol away in anger, but she was pulled away by Andrea, Jacqui, and Amy. This caused Ed to become even angrier and caused him to slap Carol across her face. Shane quickly grabbed Ed, threw him to the ground, and started beating his face, telling him that if he ever laid his hands on another women in camp then he would beat Ed to death. Carol started to cry and tried to pull Shane away from Ed. When the camp was attacked during "Vatos", Ed was devoured by walkers that swarmed his tent. The next day, Carol asks to stop Ed from becoming a walker and destroys his corpse before he "comes back."

In "The Suicide King", Carol tells Beth that she is not the same woman she was a year ago and that if Ed came through the door alive and told her to go with him, she would tell him to "go to hell," showing that she isn't afraid of him or people like him anymore. In "Indifference", Carol talks to Rick about her relationship with Ed, including knowing how to treat a separated shoulder because she'd learned to do this for herself instead of having to go to the ER and answer questions from the doctors. After Rick banishes her, she hands him a small timepiece (he'd lost his watch), one that Ed had bought her for their first anniversary. She says she should have gotten rid of it a long time ago.

In "The Grove", Carol tells Tyreese that Ed used to tell her his favorite hunting jokes (namely, "What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?"). This, coupled with the fact that Ed bought her a watch for their anniversary, implies that Carol and Ed may indeed have gotten along with each other at some points.

In "Omega", it was revealed by Henry, that the reason Carol kept her hair short was due to Ed pulling it whenever he got frustrated.

Sophia Peletier

"That's not my little girl. It's some other...thing. My Sophia was lost in the woods. All this time, I thought. But she didn't go hungry. She didn't cry herself to sleep. She didn't try to find her way back. Sophia died a long time ago."
—Carol talking about Sophia after her death[src]

Carol is the mother of Sophia. Carol is very protective of her daughter and is willing to risk her own life in order to keep her safe. At the Atlanta camp Carol only ever left Sophia alone when she was doing camp tasks or when Sophia went off to play with the other kids, such as Carl or the Morales children. When Sophia goes missing, Carol becomes extremely distraught and prays for Sophia's safety. During this time, she begs the group to go looking for her after dark and constantly cries during the night. When her worst fear of Sophia becoming a walker turns into a reality, she goes into disbelief and says that it was not her daughter that they shot. She then refuses to attend Sophia's funeral, claiming that what Rick shot wasn't her daughter and that Sophia had died a long time ago. She eventually recovers from her grief, and states that Sophia is in a better place, Heaven. However, in season 4, when Rick asks Carol why she doesn't ever say Sophia's name anymore, she responds to him that Sophia is dead and refers to her as somebody else's slideshow. After the fall of the prison, Carol tells Mika that she has to survive not just by running away, and states that her daughter ran away and got killed.

Daryl Dixon

"I couldn't lose anyone. I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you."
—Carol to Daryl[src]

A close bond began to develop between the two during Season 2 as Daryl risked his life by going out in the woods to search for Sophia. After Daryl gets injured by accidentally getting shot by Andrea, Carol brings him food and even gives him a kiss on the forehead as an act of thankfulness. She later tells Daryl that he did more for Sophia than her own father, Ed, ever did, and that he is just as good of a person as Rick and Shane. Their relationship becomes strained after the events during the barn massacre and Sophia's revelation as a walker, with Daryl becoming rude towards Carol. However, he soon apologizes to her, and even rescues her from zombies on his motorcycle during the barn invasion in the Season 2 finale. In the Season 3 premiere, "Seed", Carol brings Daryl some food and they begin talking. While they converse, Carol rubs her shoulder uncomfortably, and Daryl asks "What's wrong?" She replies she had used a rifle, and that she wasn't used to the kickback. Daryl then gently massages her shoulder, but stops after realizing how this might seem. Carol starts to jokingly flirt with Daryl, but he denies the offer and they both laugh. Additionally, in Season 3, in the episode "Hounded", Daryl goes to look for Carol, who has been presumed dead, after finding her knife stuck in a zombie. Daryl finds Carol in an empty cell and proceeds to carry her back to the safety of the group. This likely strengthened their relationship. In the return of Season 3, "The Suicide King" Daryl leaves the group with his brother, Merle, and when word comes back to the other members of the group, Carol is saddened at the loss, but is later happy of Daryl's return. Daryl is shown to be extremely upset with Rick's decision to banish Carol in Season 4, despite the fact that she killed Karen and David.

Daryl was ecstatic to see Carol outside of Terminus at the start of Season 5, he shows his gratitude for rescuing them all from being killed by the Terminants and relief of seeing her alive by embracing her. Their relationship stays strong and stable despite the events of Season 4. The two seem to pick up where they left off, with the exception of the unspoken understanding of Carol's actions at the prison which caused Rick to excommunicate her. Despite her claims to the opposite several times throughout "Strangers", Daryl respects her privacy in not wanting to talk about it.

In season 6, Carol gets kidnapped along with Maggie. When the group finds them Daryl immediately pulls Carol to the side to ask if she is OK. When she answers "no" he pulls her into a hug. He later asks her what her kidnappers did to her, to which she replies that they did nothing and then walks away.

Carol leaves the group at the end of season 6 and relocates to a little house outside the Kingdom in season 7. Upon Carol's request, Morgan does not tell Daryl that he knows where Carol is and simply says tells him that she "is gone". Daryl is shown to be saddened by this.

In the following episode, Daryl gets in a fight with Richard after finding out that he has planned to kill Carol, and threatens to kill him if anything happens to her. After the fight, Daryl finds Carol's house and knocks on the door. When Carol opens, they first look at each other, Carol seemingly in shock, after which a teary-eyed Carol hugs Daryl who also is shown to be close to tears. During his visit, Daryl decided not to tell Carol that Glenn and Abraham have been killed by the saviors because he wants to protect her from the pain. He also knows that if he tells her she will want to fight, and that that's the last thing she needs at that moment in time. He shows how well he knows her by giving her a chance to heal. The two have dinner and then Daryl leaves, but before walking away completely he turns around and walks back to hug Carol, telling her to "watch out for herself", again showing great concern for her well-being.

A year and a half after the war, Carol and Daryl meet up in the middle of the night and talk about her ongoing relationship with Ezekiel. Daryl is shown to be jealous of Ezekiel, but says that she deserves to be happy.

In season 10, Daryl waits for Carol as she returns after some time at sea. The two hug and take a trip into the woods together on Daryl's bike to catch up. While breaking to eat, Daryl tells Carol that she's his best friend. Carol teases Daryl for this and asks if they're going to make friendship bracelets now. While they continue talking, Daryl makes Carol a bracelet and gives it to her. She seems appreciative of this and puts it on. A few episodes later, Daryl and Carol are out scouting for Alpha's herd. While doing so they play a game of "knock the can over" with acorns. Carol finds a double-capped acorn and gives it to Daryl, saying it's good luck and indicating it might help with his aim. Daryl puts the acorn in his vest pocket and later refers to it as luck being on their side as they cross Alpha's boarder together.

Despite all their problems and hardships they have faced Daryl always has her back, no matter what. He tells her "I'll never hate you."

Rick Grimes

"I'm out here, because she's my family."
—Rick to Morgan about Carol[src]

Rick and Carol get to know each other during their stay in the Atlanta Camp. After Carol's husband Ed is killed by walkers, Rick and Lori begin looking out for Carol and her daughter Sophia. It is Carol who gives Rick the grenade [she'd found it and put it in her purse] that frees them from the CDC shortly before the explosion.

When walkers swarm the highway, trapping the group, Sophia runs into the woods. Rick quickly follows her, asking her to hide while he kills the walkers pursuing them. She never returns, setting off a lengthy search and, ultimately, Rick having to put down a walker Sophia when she emerges from the barn of the Greene farm.

Carol becomes distant from Rick and his family, due to Sophia's death, and an insulting comment Carl makes to her. For this or other reasons, she becomes one of the people to oppose Rick's leadership, stating that she doesn't trust Rick to lead them properly following Shane's murder and the revelation that he had known for some time that anyone who dies will become a walker. Rick challenges her, and anyone else who doubts him, to leave the group. Carol chooses to stay.

As months pass on the road, Carol admits that Rick has done a good job and got them farther than Shane ever could have. Their close friendship is evident when Daryl brings her back to their cell block after the group believed her dead. Close to tears, the friends embrace as Rick can hardly believe her miraculous survival. When Carol learns of Lori's death, they again seek comfort with one another. Carol helps Rick to look after his baby for him and remains supportive of him and his decisions.

When Rick learns that Carol was responsible for Karen and David's death, he is very displeased with her, telling Carol that they could have been saved, that he wants to keep her safe from Tyreese's anger (Tyreese had gotten into a fistfight with him after discovering Karen's charred remains), and that he no longer trusts her around his children. Ultimately, Rick evicts Carol from the group, leaving her heartbroken and alone.

When Carol reappears to the group at the end of "No Sanctuary", Rick is overcome with gratitude towards her for selflessly putting herself at risk to save him and the rest of the group, despite him having exiled her. This gratitude seemingly intensifies when she leads Rick, Carl, and the others to Judith, whom Rick and Carl had presumed to be deceased. Rick later expresses his confidence in Carol that he is sorry for having sent her away, and welcomes her back into the fold of the group with open arms.

Maggie Rhee

"Rick... Rick, where's Carol?!"
—Maggie to Rick[src]

Carol and Maggie seem to get along, though little interaction is seen between them. Maggie, unlike Beth, does not believe that Carol alone will be able to help Hershel make it through his amputation and subsequent recovery. Maggie saves Carol's life in "Home" during the Woodbury invasion by covering her until she could join Maggie, Beth, and Carl in safety behind a wall of the prison. This may strengthen their relationship in subsequent episodes.

In "Internment", Maggie notices Rick returns from his supply run without Carol, and expresses immediate concern for her. When Rick explains why Carol is no longer with the group, Maggie understands and agrees with Rick's decision, though she stated she could not have done it herself.

Michonne Hawthorne

Though Carol and Michonne have not interacted often, they are shown to be on good terms with each other. Michonne voices her appreciation to Carol for saving her and the rest of the group at Terminus. Later, when it begins to rain after an apparent drought in "Them," Carol and Michonne happily embrace each other, suggesting a sort of friendship between them.

Carl Grimes

"In the middle of all this, he was out there helping a stranger."
—Carol to Henry about Carl[src]

Carol can often be seen keeping a close eye not only on Sophia but on Carl as well. When Carl is accidentally shot by Otis on a hunting trip, Carol becomes very nervous about his well-being (in spite of her own daughter's recent disappearance). She is quite relieved to find out that Carl makes a full recovery. After Sophia's rediscovery as a Walker, a bout of tension briefly erupts between Carl and Carol: When Carol sees Carl at Sophia's grave, she tells him Sophia is in heaven now; he scorns her for this, saying that there is no God or afterlife, and if Carol believes it she is an idiot. This event is long forgotten, however; though Carl and Carol seldom interact in Season 3, they appear to be on good terms with each other. In "The Suicide King", Carol and Carl work around the guard tower to keep watch and await Rick's return. As they are doing this, they have a heart-to-heart conversation about life before the apocalypse, and how it compares to life as it is now. Further into the conversation, Carol tells Carl that Lori was proud of him; though he seems to believe otherwise. Carl appears to be concerned for Carol's safety during The Governor's attack on the Prison in "Home", as she lies on the ground vulnerable to gunshot with only Axel's dead body as a shield. He seems relieved when Maggie covers her and allows her to join him and Beth in safety behind a wall of the Prison. In "30 Days Without An Accident", Carl spots Carol teaching children how to use knives, and Carol asks of him not to tell his father. She does this again in "Infected", which causes some trouble between them. As of "Remember", it seems that their relationship is once again stabilized.

Carol is devastated when she learns that Carl has died.

Glenn Rhee

"You know my friend Glenn? He's the best tucker I know. And he'll make sure that you feel toasty and warm, okay?"
—Carol to Lizzie regarding Glenn[src]

Carol and Glenn were good friends who always looked out for each other ever since meeting at the Atlanta camp at the beginning of the apocalypse.

Glenn shows concern for Carol due to her being unable to defend herself from walkers, and protects her whenever he can. When Sophia goes missing, Glenn assists Carol in finding her. Glenn is saddened and sorry for Carol when Sophia's fate is revealed, and constantly looks after her.

After Hershel is bitten, Glenn is thankful towards Carol for assisting in saving him and appreciates his medical skills. Later, Carol asks Glenn for a favor which involved helping her kill a female walker so she can practice performing a C-Section as she may have to be the one to deliver Lori's baby due to Hershel's current condition and because of Carl being born that way, which improves their friendship. Many months later when a deadly flu rampages the prison, Glenn falls victim to the disease while Carol is banished by Rick for killing Karen and David.

Carol saves Glenn along with the rest of the group from the Terminus compound after the fall of the prison and they continue their friendship where they left off. Glenn was unaware of Carol leaving Alexandria, their new home, when Carol suffers a moral crisis.

Carol appeared to be heartbroken when Morgan told her about his death.

Lori Grimes

"You've gotta be worried sick about delivering the baby."
—Carol to Lori over delivering her baby[src]

Both original members of the Atlanta survivors, and mothers, Lori and Carol form a friendship. Both women are shown comforting and offering advice to one another, especially regarding their children. It is evident that Carol looks up to Lori as a matriarch, even referring to her as the "first lady" of the group. Throughout the series, Lori and Carol have grown incredibly close, which is clearly evident when Lori and Carol decide to live in a cell together. Carol plans to perform a C-section on Lori, practicing on a walker beforehand. After Andrew releases walkers into the prison, Carol becomes separated from the group, and was the only member of the group who did not know of Lori's death. After being reunited with the group, she learns of Lori's death and is reduced to tears.

Judith Grimes

"You cozy in there? Yes."
—Carol to Judith when putting Judith into her crib[src]

After getting over her grief regarding Lori's death, Carol takes a fondness to Judith and is often seen cradling her in her arms and caring for her. After being found by Daryl after she was separated from the group, Carol was surprised to see Judith in Beth's arms, and since then, uses her experience of having a daughter to good use in nurturing Judith. Carol, along with Beth, are the primary caretakers of Judith. Carol also tells Andrea about Judith's nickname when she goes to the prison for the first time, and in the process discovers about the deaths of Shane, Lori, T-Dog and Axel. When Beth is not seen cradling Judith, she is either asleep in her crib or is being cradled by Carol. After the prison assault, Carol finds Tyreese, Mika, Lizzie and Judith. Carol is soon seen looking after Judith with Tyreese, also convincing Lizzie not to kill her, insisting she can't even walk.

Merle Dixon

"He gave us a chance."
—Carol to Daryl regarding Merle[src]

Carol and Merle didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite. Carol was shocked when she learned that Merle was still alive and that he left with Daryl. When Merle joins the prison group, Carol is distrustful of him and tells Daryl that Merle isn't good for him.

As Merle is walking around the upper level of the Prison, Carol calls to him from the common room downstairs. She asks if he is with them. When Merle says yes, Carol believes he doesn't understand what she is asking of him; she adds that she does not mean if he is living in the same place with them, but if he is on their side, and tells him he needs to choose whose side he is on. Merle replies that he's on Daryl's side, and Carol says that Daryl's with them. Merle goes on to say that Carol is no longer who she was back at the Atlanta camp: A mouse afraid of her own shadow. Carol replies that that was her husband's shadow she was living in, not hers. He complimented her for stepping up since the apocalypse first started.

Carol appears saddened to learn of Merle's death, and praises him for giving the group a fighting chance against the Governor and Woodbury.

Shane Walsh

"I want you to know that I'm real sorry for your girl. When I opened that barn I had no idea. If I did... Everybody thinks that I am a... I was just trying to keep everybody safe. I had no idea she was in there."
—Shane to Carol[src]

Carol, while never directly lashing out at him or antagonizing him, appeared to have a poor relationship with Shane. This may stem from his habit of intervening in situations where Ed seemed like he was about to become hostile towards her, or someone else in the camp. When Ed slaps Carol across the face, Shane beats him savagely, leaving a sobbing, remorseful Carol to tend to her injured husband. Their relationship sours much further in Season 2 due to how Shane handled the case of Sophia's disappearance and is directly responsible for her revelation as a walker in Hershel's barn. Subsequently, as he is trying to comfort her, Shane trails off topic and instead gets on the subject of how everyone in the group is against him. This causes Carol's disdain for him to increase even further. Despite Carol's strained relationship with Shane, she is shocked to learn that it was in fact Rick that killed him. This prompts Carol to try to leave the group with Daryl, before the latter turns down her offer to do so.

Dale Horvath

"If the RV is staying, I am too."
—Dale offering to stay at the highway to wait for Sophia[src]

Carol and Dale are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. The two are shown to care for each other, and work together during their daily chores at the camp. Dale shows concern for Carol due to her being unable to defend herself from walkers, and protects her whenever he can. When Sophia goes missing, Dale assists Carol in finding her. At the highway, Dale tells Carol that he is willing to stay behind to wait for Sophia, to which Carol is grateful towards him for. Dale is saddened and sorry for Carol when Sophia's fate is revealed, and constantly looks after her. When Dale is disemboweled by a walker, Carol is saddened of his death.


"The Governor... you need to do something, No... you need to sleep with him, give him the greatest night of his life, get him to drop his guard, then when he's sleeping...you can end this."
—Carol to Andrea[src]

Andrea and Carol have a good relationship. At the Atlanta camp, Andrea and Carol were joking and laughing with each other. Ed walked over and tried to drag Carol away which resulted in Andrea shouting at him and defending Carol; this shows she cares about her.

Carol is saved by Andrea in "Beside the Dying Fire". Andrea also volunteered to search for Sophia when she was missing in earlier episodes. This is likely to have strengthened their relationship. Later in "I Ain't a Judas", Carol and Andrea embrace as Carol explains that they thought she was dead when the dead walker fell onto her. She also explains how T-Dog and Lori died. She then tells Andrea that she can end the war between the Prison and Woodbury and prevent more innocent people from dying by assassinating The Governor. When Andrea dies in "Welcome to the Tombs", as was the case with Lori, Carol notices she is not present when Rick and the others return from Woodbury and immediately deducts that she has died. She seems saddened and disheartened but also somewhat unsurprised, given the circumstances of Andrea's plight. However, Carol slowly begins to cry upon discovering the sad news, indicating that Andrea's death has in fact had a significant impact on her.


"You weren't there. Ed was out of control. He was hurting his wife."
—Amy to Jim regarding Carol[src]

Carol and Amy are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. The two are shown to care for each other, and work together during their daily chores at the camp. When Ed slaps Carol, Amy helps to defend her from him. Jim, later on, states that Shane beating Ed was wrong, to which Amy says that he did the right thing as Ed was hurting Carol. After the walker attack on the camp, Carol is saddened of Amy's death.


"I'll do what I have to. You're not becoming one of those things."
—Carol to T-Dog over his infection[src]

Carol and T-Dog are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. The two are shown to care for each other, and work together during their daily chores at the camp. T-Dog shows concern for Carol due to her being unable to defend herself from walkers, and protects her whenever he can. When Sophia goes missing, T-Dog assists Carol in finding her. T-Dog is saddened and sorry for Carol when Sophia's fate is revealed, and constantly looks after her. When Andrew releases walkers into the prison, T-Dog helps Carol to fight off the walkers, and is bitten in the process. Carol escapes with T-Dog through the tombs and tells him that she has to help him with his infection. T-Dog brushes her off, saying that everything is God's plan. The two later encounter more walkers, and T-Dog, knowing his time is up, selflessly holds the walkers back and tells Carol to escape. Saddened, Carol escapes and looks back as T-Dog is devoured. After reuniting with the group, Carol acknowledges that T-Dog saved her life.


"So she can show up with fresh bruises later, Ed?"
—Jacqui defending Carol from Ed[src]

Carol and Jacqui are good friends and look after each other during their stay at the Atlanta Camp. The two are shown to care for each other, and work together during their daily chores at the camp. When Ed attempted to tear Carol away from the laundry group of woman, Jacqui attempted to prevent it from happening, noting the bruises that Carol already had, and the new ones she was sure to receive. Jacqui later comforts Carol when Shane beats Ed up. Carol and Jacqui improve their friendship when they celebrate a new life in the CDC. When Jacqui decides to stay behind at the self-destructing CDC, Carol is saddened, but respects her decision to do so without any arguments.

Miranda Morales

Carol and Miranda appear to have been good friends, as they are both mothers and presumed to have been housewives before the outbreak. When Morales announces that he, Miranda and their children are going to Alabama to find family instead of traveling with the rest of the group to the CDC, a disheartened Carol says goodbye to Miranda and gives her a warm hug before the two parties separate.


"I'll get some."
—Carol offering to get water for Jim[src]

Initially, Jim and Carol did not interact much and were distant towards each other. Carol is seen to be rather worried when Jim begins to dig holes for no apparent reason. When it is revealed that Jim was bitten, Carol looks after him in the RV when he begins to have a fever, even offering to get water for him. After Jim decides to get left behind and reanimate, Carol is shown to be saddened and stays with him in his last moments, alongside the other survivors.

Hershel Greene

"Oh, there you are!"
—Carol to Hershel as she reunites with the group[src]

Hershel teaches Carol a few minor medical techniques in preparation for the birth of Lori's baby. The two become close to one another in their time alone in doing this. After Hershel is bitten by a lurker, his leg is amputated by Rick to stop the infection. Carol, like Maggie, is not optimistic about Hershel's chances of survival, but works as hard to keep him alive anyway. When Carol reunites with the rest of the group,she is extremely happy to see Hershel again and gives him a strong, bracing hug (despite his now-limited balance). Hershel seems equally happy to see Carol. It is possible that the fact that Carol helped save Hershel's life helped to strengthen their growing bond. After Rick gives the news of him kicking Carol out of the group, Hershel seems upset, almost crying.

Beth Greene

"I think she saved my life.... She saved yours too, right?"
—Carol to Daryl about Beth[src]

Beth is seen being kind and friendly to Carol. When Hershel's life hangs in the balance after he is bitten by a walker, Beth seems highly confident in Carol's ability to save her father's life. Carol seems to be developing a bond with Beth, similar to that of a mother and daughter, as evidenced by her intervening during the incident between Beth and Axel in "Made to Suffer", in which Axel began to flirt with Beth. The two of them are the primary caregivers of Judith, as Carol is experienced in taking care of children and Beth loves taking care of Judith. In "The Suicide King", while Carol is doing laundry, Beth comes up to her with Judith and they talk about Daryl leaving. The two have bonded and now can talk about almost anything together. In "I Ain't a Judas" Carol glances at Beth as she is singing, making Beth feel more comfortable further suggesting they have a close relationship. When Beth was killing walkers in "Welcome to the Tombs", Carol was by her side, protectively holding Beth close to her. After the war is over and the new residents from Woodbury arrive at the prison, Carol and Beth come out of their hiding place, holding hands.

When Beth is just about to begin a plan to kill Dr. Edwards and escape from Grady Memorial Hospital, she hesitates when she sees Edwards wheeling in an unconscious Carol on a stretcher. In light of this, Beth decides to stay at the hospital, despite her overwhelming urge to break out, in order to see to it that Carol survives and makes it out with her. She later works fervently to help keep Carol alive, eventually obtaining a dose of epinephrine for her to give her a chance of survival. Beth holds an unconscious Carol's hand as she waits for her to wake up, telling her that she just wanted her to know she was there for her.

After Beth's accidental death at the hands of Dawn, Carol is saddened to the point of tears, seeking comfort from both Daryl and Tyreese.


"Thank you, Patricia, so much for letting us into your house."
—Carol to Patricia[src]

Patricia and Carol's relationship seemed to be a strong friendship. As they are both the oldest women at the farm, they seemed to bond over laundry and caring for the children. In "Beside the Dying Fire", Carol seemed worried for Patricia and the other women's safety as they stayed within the house while everyone fled. Carol was clearly disheartened when she learned of Patricia's grizzly demise at the hands of the walkers.


"You're quite a lady."
—Axel to Carol, being flirtatious[src]

When the group discussed the idea of the remaining prison survivors joining the group, Carol voiced her misgivings stating that the men are in fact convicts. In "Made to Suffer", she observes Axel conversing with Beth Greene and, sensing that he may be making advances towards her, privately tells him to keep away from the girl. When Axel shows interest in Carol, she quickly brushes it off. Carol does not trust Axel, but works with him to guard the prison in the watch tower. Despite her distrust of him, Carol comforts Axel in "The Suicide King" when he and the rest of the group learn of Oscar's fate. Axel is also seen protecting Carol from Rick when he starts yelling and waving his revolver over seeing a hallucination of Lori.

In "Home", Axel and Carol began to bond and become friends. While they were talking outside of the prison, Axel was shot and killed by The Governor, leaving Carol to have to use his body as a shield for herself. Carol became extremely distraught at using her new friend's dead body as a shield to protect herself.

Tyreese Williams

"I forgive you. I'm never gonna forget. It happened. You did it. You feel it. I know you do. It's a part of you now. Me too. But I forgive you. We don't need to stay. We can't stay."
—Tyreese to Carol[src]

Tyreese did not have much initial interaction with Carol, but it can be assumed that they had a fairly good relationship with each other. Carol is one of the people who stays behind at the prison while most of the men leave to free Maggie and Glenn from the Governor's clutches. Tyreese and his group arrive at the prison around this time. Carol and the others keep the group locked up, as a precaution, but give them food and water and allow them to bury their dead (Donna). Carol seems to have no problem with Tyreese's group joining the prison permanently.

Eventually, Tyreese and Sasha return to the prison, and he presumably gets to know Carol better. In "Isolation," Carol is shocked and distraught as Tyreese fights with Rick upon discovery of his girlfriend Karen's charred remains. Tyreese is devastated, but before he leaves to find medicine for Sasha, he lets Carol know how he appreciates her support.

Unbeknownst to Tyreese, Carol is the one who killed Karen (along with another man, David, who was also ill). Carol confides her actions in Rick, who, disturbed by her lack of remorse, banishes her in "Indifference," while Tyreese is still away from the prison. When Rick is about to inform Tyreese of the situation in "Too Far Gone", The Governor and his militia arrive at the prison.

Tyreese flees the prison with Lizzie and Mika (the little girls Carol had agreed to raise), along with baby Judith. After some time on the road, Carol finds the girls and they go to Tyreese (who'd left them in the woods because he heard yelling on the train tracks). Initially, Carol believes Tyreese knows the truth and will harm her, but instead, he hugs her. Tyreese is delighted at Carol's reappearance because he thought Carol had died (Rick returning to the prison alone made him think so.) Carol chooses to keep quiet about her role in the murders. They continue to follow the tracks to try to find Terminus.

In "The Grove", he and Carol have become closer, with Carol treating the infection on his arm and sharing in taking care of the girls. After they find a small cottage to rest in, Tyreese even says he would be happy starting a life there with Carol and the children, because he trusts her. After Carol executes Lizzie (due to Lizzie killing her sister and nearly killing Judith), she, exhausted and guilt-ridden, confesses to Karen and David's murders, placing a revolver on the table to let him decide her fate. Tyreese is shocked and nearly grabs the revolver, but says he forgives her, but he would never forget what she had done because it has now become a part of who she is. He tells Carol they can't stay at the cottage now, and they, along with Judith, resume their search for Terminus.

Ryan Samuels

"Lizzie and Mika. You care about them. I've seen it. I don't have anybody else. Kids on their own, they don't have a chance. Can you look out for them? Like they're yours?"
—Ryan to Carol about his daughters[src]

Little is known of the relationship between Carol and resident Ryan, but in "30 Days Without An Accident", he sits in on her story class before leaving, suggesting that he might have known about her efforts to teach the kids how to use knives. When Carol discovered that Ryan was bitten she quickly makes an attempt to amputate his arm to save his life, but is horrified to discover that he had a bite on his nape as well. She comforts him, as he is dying and brings his daughters into the room to say their goodbyes. He asks Carol to look after his children, showing that he trusts her with his children.

Lizzie Samuels

"Just look at the flowers, Lizzie..."
—Carol to Lizzie before shooting her[src]

After Ryan Samuels' death, Carol is now Lizzie's adoptive mother. Lizzie experiences slight anger towards Carol over the killing of her father before reanimation as well as Nick and the other walkers around the prison fence (as she still believed the walkers to be people). Carol tells Lizzie that she was weak during the moment of Ryan's death, and she needs to become strong if she wants to survive. This causes Lizzie to have a change of heart, and she later takes the knife out of Carol's hand, signifying that she is ready to kill walkers if she needs to. Carol picks a flower from the ground and puts it in Lizzie's hair, and the two share a smile. They appear to be much closer by the end of the episode. In "Isolation", Carol comforts her when she contracts the flu. At the start of "Indifference", Carol again tries to encourage Lizzie before she leaves on a supply run with Rick. At one point Lizzie calls her, "Mom," leading Carol to ask her not to call her that again. Carol very reluctantly leaves Lizzie and Mika behind after Rick banishes her. In "Too Far Gone", Lizzie insists to Mika that they do what Carol would want them to do, and defend the prison instead of hiding with the other children. This leads to Lizzie shooting Alisha and another of the Governor's group in the head, saving Tyreese's life. (It is left unclear whether Carol taught her how to shoot).

After discovering that Lizzie had killed Mika and was feeding the undead, Carol realized that she was beyond help, and executed her.

Mika Samuels

"Sooner or later you're gonna have to do it. You'll have to do it or you'll die. So you're gonna change the way you think about it. You have to change. Everyone does now. Things don't just work out."
—Carol to Mika about changing[src]

After Ryan Samuels' death, Carol is now Mika's adoptive mother. When Carol tries to lift Lizzie's spirits after her father's death, Mika tells her that Lizzie is "messed up," which makes Carol uneasy. After the prison assault Carol finds her way to Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. She is seen talking to Mika often trying to convince her to toughen up. In the Grove, Carol lets Mika shoot a deer, but Mika refuses and Carol once again says she needs to toughen up and that she can't just run, as that's how her daughter died. When she finds Mika murdered by Lizzie she is seen to be shocked and traumatized, later executing Lizzie after finding out how she really is. She then buries Mika and Lizzie and leaves the grove.


"Sometimes you're gonna have to fight through it. What if you wind up out there alone? You just give up because you're feeling bad?"
—Carol to Patrick[src]

Patrick seemed to be on rather good terms with Carol, instantly stepping in for her when she asked him to look after the kitchen for her. Much like how he called Daryl "sir", he would also refer to Carol as "Ma'am" respectively. This is shown when Carol is giving knife lessons to the group and he asks Carol if he can leave.


Carol and Sam seemed to have a stable relationship in the short time they knew each other. Carol noticed that Sam's arm was dislocated and pushed it back into its socket, as she learned how to due to having to do it to herself after Ed brutally beat her. Carol suggested that Ana and Sam should look for supplies with them and they were quick to agree to try and prove their worth as Rick and Carol had accepted them into the group and told them about the prison. Once discovering Ana was dead Carol and Rick waited at the house for a while for Sam, once he didn't arrive Carol suggested they leave and when Rick agrees Carol tells him that it was a nice watch what he gave Sam which suggested that she was more saddened about the loss of the watch than Sam or Ana.


Carol and Ana seemed to have a stable relationship for the short time they knew each other. Carol reattached Sam's dislocated shoulder and Ana was shown to be incredibly grateful like Sam. Carol also suggested that Ana and Sam help them search the houses. Ana and Sam agreed to try and prove they are helpful and go their separate ways, once Rick and Carol discover Ana's body being devoured and her leg completely removed she wasn't shown saddened, but more shocked and alerted.


Carol and Mary have a bad relationship. Mary has a gun pointed on her and says she wants too see Carols face, Carol turns around and tries to shot her causing Mary to fall. They both leap for the gun which Carol gets too. Carol and Mary have a little quick talk about how Terminus started and that it wasn't always like this and at first it was a sanctuary. Carol then shoots Mary in the leg and leaves the door open for the dead and to eat Mary alive.


"You are something else to me.."
—Tobin to Carol[src]

Carol and Tobin are on good terms. Carol gives Tobin cookies, he is greatful for it. Later on when Carol can't sleep she sees Tobin sitting on his porch. Tobin tells Carol he scared for her to go fight the Saviors. He also tells her that she is still a mom and everyone at the Safe-Zone looks at her as a mom. Carol asked if he also looks at her like a mom, Tobin says no that she is something more. Then Carol and Tobin kiss.

The two enjoy a brief relationship. However unable to deal with all the killing she has done, in the episode "Twice as Far" she flees Alexandria but leaves Tobin a note explaining why.

The two do not see each other again till "Do Not Send Us Astray" when Tobin is hurt by the Saviors and Carol saves him, and later apologizing for leaving in which he accepts. That night Tobin succumbs to his wounds and Carol puts him down. She is clearly saddened by his death.

Pete Anderson

"I could kill you right now. I could. I will. And then who would believe I did it because I didn't like you. No one. They'd believe you tried to hurt me. Definitely believe that. Come at me. (...) Yeah? (...) The way this is played out, you have a chance. You're here. Your wife's there. You're a small, weak nothing. And with the world how it is, you're even weaker. Play your cards right, maybe you don't have to die. And I want my dish back clean when you're done."
—Carol threatening Pete[src]

Carol finds out via Pete's son Sam that Pete is abusing Jessie, and possibly his kids, making her despise him. Later, she goes to his house to ask for Jessie, but Pete says she's not available, confirming her suspicions. She then asks Rick to kill Pete. After Rick attempts to kill Pete, she visits him in the house he is in and threatens him, which ultimately causes Pete to lose it and attempts to kill Rick, killing Reg in the process and leading to his own death.

Carol clearly shows no remorse whatsoever to his death.

Jessie Anderson

While not shown interacting together, Carol shares a natural caring for Jessie, as she had been a victim of abuse by the hands of her husband Ed as well; she is the first to notice and inform Rick after her previous attempt to talk to Jessie resulted in Pete closing the door.

When Carol notices Morgan and Denise walking together, she becomes suspicious and goes to Jessie's home. She asks her to watch after Judith while she investigates, which Jessie happily agrees to do.

Sam Anderson

"The monsters will come. The ones out there. And you won't be able to run away when they come for you. And they will tear you apart and eat you up while you're still alive. All while you can still feel it. And then afterwards, no one will know what happened to you."
—Carol threatening Sam.[src]

Carol and Sam have an unusual relationship. Carol threatens Sam when they first meet telling him what will happen to him if he tells anyone that he saw her sneak into the gun room telling him he'll be tied up to a tree and be eaten by the dead. Sam then gets scared. When Rick and Pete get in a fight, Sam runs behind Carol for her to protect him.

Later, Carol tells him that his dad died and that he needs to get over it. Not long after, he questions her if a person kills another someone, does that turn them into a monster, to which she responds that the only thing keeping a person from becoming a monster is killing.

While her reaction to Sam's death is not shown, she visits his grave two months after his death and leaves a cookie by it.

In the episode "Ghosts" Carol hallucinates seeing Sam on the cover of a book. This indicates that she still thinks about him.


"Shh... Shh..."
—Carol mercifully putting Erin down after she had been critically wounded by a wolf[src]

Erin admires Carol for her culinary skills and agrees with her after she criticizes Mrs. Nuedermeyer for smoking. When Erin is critically wounded by a wolf, she mercifully kills her and ends her suffering. Carol then begins to cry about Erin's death and the deaths of the other Alexandrians.


"You know, Shell, I can teach you how to make pasta with your own two hands. But you'd have to promise not to smoke in the house. It's just a disgusting habit, and it kills you. If you ask me, there are too many things trying to do that already."
—Carol to Shelly.[src]

Carol and Shelly seem to have a stable relationship. When Shelly is complaining about the lack of a pasta machine, Carol says she can teach her how to make pasta with her own hands, but Shelly would have to promise not to smoke in the house, saying it is a disgusting habit that kills you, and that there are too many things out there trying to do that already.

Morgan Jones

"Do you really just not get it? After everything that's happened. If you care about people, there are people to protect, there are people that you will kill for. If you don't want to kill... or if you can't... then you have to get away from them. You do not get both. You, you should know that."
—Carol explaining to Morgan why she left Alexandria[src]

Morgan and Carol have a poor relationship. They first interact while Carol is handing out drinks at the construction site to lure the Walkers in the quarry away and Morgan questions her if she was once a police officer like Rick. Carol questions him of why he thinks this and Morgan replies it is because he notices that she is always watching and ready to handle things. Carol simply replies "aren't you sweet" and walks away.

During the attack on Alexandria by the Wolves, Morgan and Carol's differences are shown by Morgan's refusal to kill the attackers and Carol killing them without hesitation. Morgan appears to be disgusted at Carol killing the Wolves, including the one that he and Gabriel had subdued and tied up. Following the attack Morgan and Carol pass each other on the street and exchange glances without a word.

Later, it is shown that Carol completely disagrees and is annoyed with Morgan's philosophy of not killing people and appears to be highly suspicious of him as she follows him and Denise to the cell where Owen is being held by Morgan and demands to know who is inside but Morgan blocks her from entering.

After a massive heard of Walkers enters Alexandria, Morgan saves Carol after she falls down and the two take refuge in the same building that Denise and Owen are. Once safely inside, Carol reveals that she does not trust Morgan in the least but that she never thought he was lying. Later on, Carol tricks Morgan and pushes him aside and runs to the basement to kill Owen.

Once downstairs Morgan and Carol confront each other over the fate of the prisoner. Carol is determined to kill him, but Morgan refuses, claiming that they can be better people than the Wolves. Carol refuses to listen, forcing Morgan to knock the knife out of her hand and the two get into a physical confrontation where Carol attempts to stab Morgan, Ultimately Morgan overpowers her and knocks her out before himself being knocked out by Owen.

Despite all this, Morgan does appear to respect her abilities. When he and Richard talk to her about the Saviors, Richard mentions his doubts about her being capable in a fight. Morgan responds by saying that she was the most capable person out of the three of them.

Gabriel Stokes

"Leave Him!"
—Carol telling Morgan to abandon Gabriel during the Wolf attack.[src]

Gabriel and Carol barely interact. When Carol is pretending to be a Wolf and has Morgan in a chain as a fake prisoner he notices Gabriel which he says that they have to help him. Carol yells "leave him" which Morgan says he can't and runs over to save him. After Carol gets the guns, she gives one to Morgan and one to Gabriel. In the episode "Open Your Eyes" Gabriel is not happy with Carol capturing a Whisperer and brought him back to Alexandria. Potentially harming their relationship.

Denise Cloyd

"Go! Go!!"
—Carol to Denise after she saves Denise from the herd.

The two first interact when Morgan secretly enlists her help to treat his infected wound. When Denise is captured by Owen, Carol immediately tries to save her. Later, Carol shoots Denise's captor, in-which saving Denise from dying. Carol is then seen digging Denise's grave with Daryl.

Abraham Ford

Carol and Abraham have never interacted much in many occasions. However, Carol was heartbroken when Morgan told her Negan killed Abraham.

Rosita Espinosa

Rosita and Carol appear to respect each other, though they don't have much interaction.

In "Not Tomorrow Yet" Rosita disagrees with Carol's decision to not tell Rick about Morgan keeping a prisoner. However, it's implied that she might just be taking out her anger over Abraham leaving her.


Paula and Carol had a very negative relationship. She constantly mocks Carol because of her apparent fear of the Saviors as well as her faith. Carol, while dislikes her, gives Paula a possibility to escape alive, which she ignores and continues to taunt her. When Carol shoves Paula into a pipe and gets her killed, she is shown to be shocked by the act.

Ezekiel Sutton

"You are real, to me."
—Carol to Ezekiel[src]

Carol originally thinks very poorly of Ezekiel and thinks he foolish and joke with his King persona. Ezekiel quickly picks up that Carol is also putting on a persona as well.

Carol returns to the Kingdom and convinces Ezekiel that they have to fight the Saviors, which he agrees.

Carol joins the Kingdom army as they attack a Savior outpost. They are ambushed and nearly all of the Kingdom soldiers are killed. Carol see's Ezekiel and Jerry in danger and has to choose between saving them or preventing the guns from reaching the Sanctuary. She chooses to save Ezekiel. The three make it back to the Kingdom, battered, bruised and broken and Carol is heartbroken for Ezekiel's losses.

Carol tries to pull Ezekiel out of his despair by asking why he really came to visit her all those times when she was living outside the Kingdom walls. Ezekiel eventually admits that "You just made me feel real, not a fiction. Real."

Carol tells Ezekiel that to her and the people of the Kingdom, he is real and his people need him. Carol reminds Ezekiel that he has his inspired everyone to build the Kingdom.

Ezekiel and Carol both play parts in order to keep themselves and others safe. However, they both allow themselves to be vulnerable and real with each other.

Before Ezekiel is taken hostage by Gavin and his men, he asks Carol to safe the rest of the Kingdommers "like you saved me". After the Kingdommers are safe, Carol, alongside with Morgan and unbeknown to them, Henry, goes back into the community and rescues Ezekiel. They eventually reunite with the others and together travel to the Hilltop Colony.

At the Hilltop, Ezekiel and Carol are seen looking after Henry.

After Jared and his fellow imprisoned Saviors escape, Henry chases after them. The next morning, Ezekiel and Carol search the colony for him, but can't find him. Later, Ezekiel asks Carol for help in searching him outside, but she declines. Ezekiel realizes she believes Henry to be dead and calls her a coward.

When Carol does go out with Morgan, to keep an on him, she ends up finding and saving Henry. She brings him back to the Hilltop where he reunites with a happy Ezekiel. Carol tells Ezekiel that she lost herself after her daughter died, but that she found a better version of herself as a part of Rick's group. Ezekiel says that he was wrong and that Carol is not a coward. Later, the two are seen holding hands.

After the last battle against the Saviors, Carol moves back into the Kingdom with Ezekiel.

The two develop feelings for each other and eventually enter a romantic relationship. Eventually marrying each other. Thus Carol becomes the "Queen" of The Kingdom.

However during "The Storm" they break up. While Ezekiel still loves her, she however does not.


Carol first met Shiva in "The Well", and was shocked to see a live tiger. She later watched in horror as Shiva sacrificed herself.


"Cobbler! Kevin said you'd like it, just in case you did open the door."
—Jerry happily dropping off some food to Carol's cottage.[src]

Jerry has taken a particular liking towards Carol. He is shown to be very hospitable to her, especially when it comes to food.


Richard apparently thought little of Carol. Thought of her as foolish for living out on her own. He was willing to sacrifice her to start a war with the Saviors but was stopped by Daryl.


Carol initially found Benjamin an annoyance due to his naive nature. Despite this, she was willing to give him some advice to help with his training in fighting walkers. When Benjamin was brought to her house unexpectedly due to him being shot and requiring immediate medical attention, Carol allowed them and tried to provide further aid. She was shocked and saddened when Benjamin soon died from blood loss.


Carol was very distant with Henry at first, possibly not wanting to be attached to another child and watch them die. Carol at first didn't want to look for Henry when he went missing, believe he was dead. However, Carol was deeply pleased that Henry is alive, and embraces him after saving his life. Eventually, she became his adopted parent alongside Ezekiel allowing them to developed a very close bond as mother and son. Carol even managed to kill the rest of the Saviors led by Jed after he assaulted Henry. Unfortunately, Henry was murdered by Alpha which completely devastated Carol into a deep depression. Carol seeks vengeance against Alpha which was fulfilled thanks to Negan.


"You versus all of them? They don't stand a chance."
—Nabila to Carol after learning Carol is going back to The Kingdom

Nabila and Carol have a good relationship. Carol helps her and everyone else from The Kingdom escape from the Saviors, and then leads them to Hilltop before going back to save Ezekiel.


Carol and Jed have a poor relationship, with Jed not respecting her leadership, presumably because he doesn't see her as one of them. During the camp brawl, Jed's distrust of Carol is only solidified when she tries to deescalate the situation, which Jed saw as Carol betraying the Saviors and siding with the other communities. He goes as far as holding a knife to Carol's throat in an attempt to extort guns from Rick. Carol frees herself by stabbing Jed in the shoulder, but opts not to kill him, much to his surprise. Despite Carol sparing his life, Jed's attitude towards her doesn't change as he later returns to the campsite with several other Saviors, this time armed with Alden's pistol, and once again attempts to extort the guns from the other communities. He also reveals that he sees Carol as weak, believing that her stabbing him was a lucky shot.

Tara Chambler

Carol and Tara surprisingly haven't interacted much. However they seem to have a good healthy relationship. Carol was very saddened by her death.


"...Bitch has to die..."
—Carol about Alpha

Carol deeply hates Alpha for killing Henry. Her goal is to kill Alpha by any means necessary.

In "Lines We Cross", Alpha saw Carol staring at her from a cliff, which got her slightly confused.

In "Ghosts", Carol and Alpha confronted directly for the time. When Alpha declared the new borders, Carol provoked her by calling her speech "bullshit". When Alpha demanded to obey, Carol showed no fear whatsoever and continued staring at her. Alpha then started taunting Carol with the death of Henry, which caused Carol to shoot at Alpha.

In "The World Before", Carol spots Alpha and chases into the building only to be trapped inside.

In "Walk With Us", it was revealed that Carol released Negan from jail and made a deal with him to kill the Alpha. When Negan brought Alpha's head to Carol only for her to put it on the pike which marks the Whisperer border.

In "Look at the Flowers", Carol is hallucinating Alpha. "Alpha" proceeds to taunt Carol about the loss of her children and that she will continue to loose her loved ones and that Carol should just give up. Carol manages to overcome and this and ghost the Alpha disappears.


Carol and Lydia have a complicated relationship.

In "The Storm", Lydia tried to commit suicide, but was stopped by Carol.


Carol and Connie have a good relationship. When they first meet Carol says hello and tells Connie her name in ASL.

Yumiko Okumura

Carol and Yumiko have a poor relationship.

Eugene Porter

Carol and Eugene have not been seen interacting much, but they do share a slight bonding moment in "Walk With Us", over the fact that they both know how it feels to piss people off and even get people killed, due to being obsessed over something.

Carol also encourages Eugene to go meet with "Stephanie", which he appreciates, and he in turn tells her he hopes she finds what she wants.

Negan Smith



Carol and Aaron have a good relationship.

Initially, she was distrustful of Aaron when he first encountered the group, looking on in irritation when he was being interrogated.

However, after the time-skip, she treats him as part of her group and is protective of him.


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