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Catrina Island is an island off the coast of California which appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It serves as the main location of "We All Fall Down".


Catrina Island served as an animal sanctuary and tourist destination before the outbreak. It was also the home of the Geary family for many years. It was also home to several beaches and a fun fair which served the tourist population, as well as a ranger station.


Season 2

"We All Fall Down"

After the initial outbreak, part of the island is overrun with the infected. However, George Geary has secured a sizable area around his home. George and his son Seth regularly patrol the fence line near the beach in order to keep it secure from walkers washing up from the mainland and sinking boats. According to George, the fun fair is full of a couple of hundred walkers who were originally weekenders who became stuck on the island when the ferries sank.


This list shows people who resided on the island:


Survivors who took up temporary residence on the island:


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Fear the Walking Dead

Season 2