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The Cemetery is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is relatively close to the Hilltop.


This was a cemetery before the outbreak.


Season 9


While fleeing from a strangely-acting herd, Jesus, Aaron and Eugene arrive outside of this cemetery. Entering through a hole in the wall, the three men decide to make their way through in search of a gate to get out, using the broken wall as a chokepoint to slow the walkers down. As the walkers follow them in, the three men find a gate by following the wall, but can't get it open due to a topsoil obstruction and they can't lift the injured Eugene over the wall in time.

Taking advantage of the foggy conditions, the three men battle the walkers, eliminating several before they begin hearing strange whispering coming from the herd. Michonne arrives to help with Magna and Yumiko and they begin working on getting the gate open for the three men. Sending Aaron to help get Eugene out, Jesus single-handedly holds off the walkers, but as he goes to join them, one of the walkers dodges his attack and stabs Jesus in the back. The man, in reality one of the Whisperers, tells Jesus that "you are where you do not belong" as Jesus dies.

As four other Whisperers rush in, Michonne, Daryl, Aaron, Magna and Yumiko enter the cemetery and take them out. While the devastated Aaron cries over Jesus' dead body, Michonne notices that the blood on her katana is that of a living person and not a walker and Daryl, examining the body of the man that killed Jesus, discovers that he's actually wearing a walker mask. Suddenly, the voices of other Whisperers are heard declaring that the group is trapped, giving orders to circle around and to not let them escape. The group quickly circles up as they prepare to defend themselves from the coming attack.


With the Whisperers and the herd fast approaching them, Michonne orders the others to go and Yumiko grabs the walker mask of one of the Whisperers and Aaron stabs Jesus in the head to keep him from reanimating. As the group retreats through the gate, Daryl and Michonne take out three more Whisperers and Michonne orders the others to go as she covers them, fighting off more walkers as Aaron and Daryl drag Jesus' body out of the cemetery. As a fourth Whisperer charges at Michonne, Yumiko takes her out with an arrow from outside. Michonne flees outside where Daryl locks the gate, trapping the herd inside of the cemetery. However, a surviving Whisperer amongst the herd unlocks the gate again, releasing the walkers.



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