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Central Square is the fifteenth main story mission in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


Back in the town, Garrett comments that more stragglers are coming into the town, and that there must be a compromise somewhere. The group encounters a large group of walkers in the town, and takes them out.

After this, Garrett states that they have caught the traitor and plugged the holes, but the walkers are still coming in. Abraham states that they should give up on Woodbury and come with his group to D.C., and his group has information that could change the world. Mirabelle refuses, stating Woodbury is their home and they could live normally there when it is secure. They confront and kill another group of walkers.

Afterward, Garrett briefly states the town is secure. Theo then returns and informs the group that Jeremiah has taken over the nearby National Guard Station. Mirabelle then points out that Theo was followed by a large group of walkers, which the group fights and kills.

Afterward, Theo informs the group that he has bad news and worse news. Garrett asks what the news is, and Theo states that Jeremiah has mortars, which are aimed at Woodbury, and able to take it out. Mirabelle then interrupts and reveals walkers are entering through another entrance to the sewers, and the group proceeds to take them out.

After taking them out, Mirabelle points out more are coming, but Garrett is confident they can succeed. The group kills the oncoming group of walkers. Afterward, Mirabelle notes that more walkers have surrounded Eugene, and Garrett decides to save him, as they owe him. After the group kills them, Eugene thanks them, saying he thought he was a goner.

Abraham states they wish the hero's group the best, but they have a mission to go on. He then offers the group to come with them. Garrett states the player knows how he and Mirabelle feel, and leaves it up to them to make the final decision.

If the player decided to go to DC with Abraham:

If the player decided to stay and defend the town:

Abraham states they will be on their way, and the town could be good. He wishes the group luck and is about to leave, but Jeremiah appears holding a radio. He states the town will be his, and no one is leaving. Abraham calls him delusional, but Jeremiah states if they continue to refuse, he will order the town destroyed by mortars. Garrett attacks him and the radio is knocked across the cement, and the panic switch is destroyed. The group faces off against Jeremiah and his people. The group wins, but Jeremiah escapes. After he flees, the group is unable to find the radio.

Garrett states they need to get rid of the walkers, and afterward deal with Jeremiah. The player agrees, and the group kills the remaining walkers.

After defeating them, Garrett gathers the citizens of Woodbury in the square, and tells them that Jeremiah has mortars aimed at the town. He asks them to have faith in themselves and the hero's group to get them through this. They have to have faith. Abraham agrees, and comments to Rosita that they will be staying a while.


Stage Energy Required Waves Enemies Enemy Type Ally

1 8 6 Walkers Strong, Alert Abraham

2 8 6 Walkers Fast, Tough Abraham

3 8 6 Walkers Fast, Alert Abraham

4 8 6 Walkers Strong, Tough Abraham

5 8 6 Walkers Tough, Alert, Fast Abraham

6 8 6 Walkers Strong, Tough, Alert Abraham

7 8 6 Enemy Survivors Strong, Tough, Fast Abraham

8 8 6 Walkers Strong, Fast, Alert Garrett



  • None


  • If you chose to stay and fight against Jeremiah, the player will receive Jeremiah's Machete; a Rare weapon which gives +20% Attack and +15% Defense.
  • If you chose to go to Washington with Abraham, the player will receive Abraham's Rifle; a Rare weapon which gives +10% Attack, +15 Crit and +5% Defense.
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