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Chapter 2 is the second chapter of Image Comics' Rick Grimes 2000. It was released on July 14, 2021 as part of the second issue of Skybound X.


The fall of civilization has all been a diabolical plot by aliens, who have come to steal earth's water. They've begun turning the dead into super soldiers, and Rick Grimes has risen to fight against those who have joined their new alien overlords, like the resurrected Governor. But Rick wasn't expecting to fight against his lost love, Lori...


As Lori holds Rick at cannon point, she tells him the aliens have the ability to bring back the dead to either zombies or like her, so they can live forever. Rick asks her if it's worth living forever if it means being slaves or being on the same side as the Governor. The Governor tells him to reconsider, but before he can explain why, the alien speaks. Rick asks why they are so afraid. The alien then changes into a vicious monster form. The alien begins to attack, Lori interferes and blasts the alien, however it has no effect and the alien then proceeds to tear Lori to shreds and devours her alive before Rick's eyes. Rick, full of anger, tries to attack the alien, but the alien cuts him in half at the waist. Rick, desperate, asks the Governor for help, who responds by telling him to go fuck himself. With all the commotion, zombies begin the make their way towards the alien. The alien cuts them to pieces before he is suddenly shot from behind and destroyed. The shooter is none other than Andrea who tells Rick "we don't die".




  • Last appearance (in Rick Grimes 2000 continuity) of Lori Grimes.
  • Last appearance of the Alien.
  • This chapter reveals aliens can change into Unleashed forms.