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Chapter 4 is the fourth chapter of Image Comics' Rick Grimes 2000. It was released on July 28, 2021 as part of the fourth issue of Skybound X.


Andrea arrived to save the day, restoring Rick back to life with nanites before shooting a laser right through the traitorous Governor's face. She led Rick back to humanity's last stronghold―The Sanctuary, where he reunited with his son Carl and met the rest of the freedom fighters. All was well... until Negan breached their defenses, wielding the powers of his twin bats, Lu and Cille, that was when joined together gave him ultimate power!


Negan decapitates Abraham and destroys Jesus' mech suit with Lucille as Eugene tends to Maggie's wounded arm. Rick then engages Negan in combat as zombies begin to approach. The Freedom Fighters do their best to fend off and escape the zombies. As Negan gets the upper hand on Rick, Michonne emerges as a giant cyborg. While the newly resurrected Michonne battles Negan, Eugene notes how Negan can control the zombies using Lucille and it might be the key to tapping into the aliens' signal. The Freedom Fighters, including Maggie with a new mechanical arm, continue to fight against the zombies and try to come up with a plan to get Negan's bat, but they are then attacked by two people disguised as zombies called "Alpha" and "Beta". Alpha and Beta tells them the aliens no longer want the Freedom Fighters to join and instead just want them dead. Alpha and Beta then kiss and the zombies gather around them to form the Goliath.




  • First appearance (in Rick Grimes 2000 continuity) of Alpha.
  • First appearance (in Rick Grimes 2000 continuity) of Beta.
  • Last appearance (in Rick Grimes 2000 continuity) of Abraham Ford.
  • This marks the return of Michonne Hawthorne, who has been dead since the Issue 75 Bonus Ending.
  • Negan breaks the fourth wall at the end of the issue. As the colossal zombie is formed, he looks at the reader and says "You seeing this crazy awesome shit?".