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"Anyone's there? I'm on channel four, like you said. I saw the video at a gas station. Name's Charles. Uh, people called me Chuck back when there were still people to call me Chuck. When you get there, I just want you to do one thing. Kill me. I got bit while I was corralling some of the dead, and, well, I want to do what you said. I-I want to help. The place I've been living, it's got everything you need under one roof -- a-a book store, a bunch of places to get clothes, a food court. Hell, there's even an Urgent Care. Are you there? Anyone listening? If you are, by the time you get here... I'll already be gone. I-I don't have a gun or I'd do it myself. I-I've got a red jacket on, so I'll be easy to spot. Hell, I'll just hole myself up in the security office. I-I-It'll make it easier for you. Find me. Bury me someplace outside. Just... put me under the stars. Yeah, that'd be nice."
—Charles explaining about being bitten and the mall he's in on the radio.[src]

Charles, also known as Chuck, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


Charles is an affable, humble, and friendly person. He was residing in a mall when he had gotten bitten. After seeing a video of Morgan's group, he radioed them. In an act of kindness, he told them they could have the mall seeing that it has tons of supplies for them, as long as they kill him so he doesn't turn. When Morgan and Grace finally find him, he is quite civil. The two give him his final wish of seeing the stars one last time before putting him down.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Charles' life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 5

"210 Words Per Minute"

Charles was residing at the Bridgeview Mall in Texas, turning the security office into his home while enjoying provisions and everything he needed from the stores of the mall. One day, Charles was bitten while trying to corral a herd that had made its way into the lower levels of the mall. He relayed a message on Channel 4 asking for help, specifically for someone to put him down as he knows he will be dying and reanimating shortly.

Eventually, Charles is found on the roof of the mall by Grace and Morgan. They fulfill his dying wish to see the stars one last time. By the next morning, he is buried in a plot of grass in the mall's parking lot.


Killed by

When a herd got into the mall Charles had been living in, he was bitten on the chest. Charles eventually retreated to the roof to die under the stars, but got a cloudy night. After seeing stars with the help of Morgan and Grace, he passed away of the infection.

After Charles dies, Morgan and Grace prevent him from reanimating and bury him outside of the mall.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Charles has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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Season 5


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