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I was 11 years old, and I was scared, and I was being used by people who were older than me, and I just... Look, I really am sorry that I took Nick from you. I'm so sorry. I took him from the world. I really have tried to turn all that hurt and all the pain and turn it into something more. That's why I spend every single day doing what I'm doing. It's what makes things like this possible. As bad as his death was, something good did come out of it, okay? And if there's anything I can do to help you see that good, just tell me. I'll do it.
―Charlie apologizing to Madison for killing her son.[src]

Charlie is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is an orphan who was rescued and taught to survive by brothers Ennis and Mel, joining their group the Vultures. Charlie was eventually brought to live at the Dell Diamond settlement to act as a spy. Following the defeat of the Vultures, she became a member of Morgan's group.

Throughout her ventures in helping people alongside Morgan's group, Charlie sought to redeem herself for the murder of Nicholas Clark, and eventually search for a brighter future alongside his sister, as well as her mentor who forgave her first, Alicia. She later also developed a close, father-daughter bond with Daniel Salazar. After convincing the rabbi Jacob to continue guiding others to the light, Charlie and her caravan were captured and relocated to the Pioneers' various settlements under Virginia's rule. There, she was enlisted as a worker, and alongside Alicia was pivotal in helping take down Virginia by gaining leverage through being in possession of her daughter, Dakota.

When a doomsday cult began threatening the lives of the group following Virginia's downfall, having managed to launch a series of nuclear missiles across Texas, Charlie joined Jacob, Sarah, Wes, Daniel and Luciana on a misguided journey to a safe haven, only to realize they are being played by a cult's spy. Narrowly escaping certain death, Charlie joined Morgan's side in the fallout-brought conflict between him and Strand. Consequently, she began suffering from terminal radiation sickness and bedridden. Believed to have mere days remaining, Charlie was taken on the rafts to PADRE with the intention to bid the others a final goodbye.

Upon entering PADRE, Charlie was treated using their supplies and moved to Luciana's external fuel operation out of fear she might still reanimate. Over the next seven years, Charlie successfully healed, and she and Luciana would co-lead a safe haven spanning several states under the old "take what you want, leave what you don't" slogan, with her adopting the nickname, Iron Tiger and transferring supplies via trucks. Reuniting with Madison Clark and revealing her mistakes, Charlie chose to sacrifice herself to protect PADRE from Troy Otto.


Charlie is a quiet and introverted young orphan, and rarely engages with people who are not close to her. As a consequence of her depression, she has a low self-esteem and very little desire for self-actualization, appearing apathetic and distant to those around her. As a consequence of her low self-esteem and guilt complex, Charlie is easily goaded and manipulated into doing dangerous tasks, even if they are not outright her responsibility. She largely depends on her parental figures, to whom she displays extreme loyalty to the point of killing those who would hurt them. However, she does not enjoy killing and shows extreme remorse over her murder of Nick. After the death of the Vultures and Nick, she gains a tendency to venture out on these missions without any orders in order to do good by her group, at the cost of her own safety and health.

Nearly a decade later, after reuniting with Madison Clark, Charlie admitted that she now recognized that the Vultures had just been using her. Once again, in an attempt to make up for her actions, Charlie attempted to assassinate Troy Otto for Madison and, failing the task, committed suicide to remove Troy's leverage over Madison, sacrificing herself for Madison out of guilt for killing her son. Charlie's death devastated everyone, including Madison who expressed remorse for being so blinded by anger and revenge that she had sent the girl on a suicide mission.



Nothing is known about Charlie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was born in 2001 and that she attended school, her favorite subject was music, and her favorite food was pizza. She also had a mother and a father.


Some time during the outbreak, Charlie's parents were killed and they turned in front of her, scarring her deeply. Later, Charlie was found by Ennis and was recruited to join the Vultures.

Fear the Walking Dead

Season 4

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Charlie stumbled upon the Dell Diamond settlement after her camp had caught fire and her family went missing. After living there for approximately two weeks[1], Madison speaks with Charlie in the stands but she does not reveal much to Madison, except a few details about school and food preferences. She is warmly welcomed by Madison, who then proceeds to build a home for Charlie in the dugout.

Charlie spends most of her time with Nick, watching him as he deals with weevils destroying crops in the gardens. She is also seen playing with a walkie talkie before Nick hesitantly takes it away from her.

Charlie's suspicions about her family are confirmed when Madison and her group return from investigating Charlie's former camp, having found no trace of her family.

At night, Mel and the Vultures show up outside the settlement, and it is revealed that Charlie was working as a spy for the Vultures, gathering information about the Dell Diamond. After being praised by Mel for her work, she is sent to relax inside a bus while the Vultures surround the settlement.

Later, as she hangs out in her bus, Luciana approaches the bus and drops off a book for Charlie, who looks on with sadness.

"Good Out Here"

Charlie is first seen in a flashback, when Madison and Nick were at a church looking for supplies. Madison attempts to speak with Charlie, but she ignores her blatantly. After Ennis makes a rude remark to Nick about food scarcity, Charlie watches in fear as Nick attacks Ennis.

In the present, after finding out that Nick killed Ennis, Charlie shoots him in the chest. At first she is in shock and is sad about it, but runs away before Alicia and Luciana arrive to a wounded Nick. They attempt to revive him, but he dies.


In a flashback, as Madison speaks with Mel in the parking lot, Charlie and Ennis sit on a bench and laugh as they eat.

"Just in Case"

Charlie arrives with the rest of the Vultures at the horse track where they find Alicia's group armed and ready for a confrontation. She witnesses Alicia fire the first shot that hits John Dorie in the chest.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

During the firefight between Alicia's group and the Vultures, Luciana finds Charlie cowering behind a car. Though Charlie tells Luciana she's sorry, Luciana tries to kill her before being interrupted by the appearance of Edgar, allowing Charlie to escape. A short time later, as Morgan, Naomi and John Dorie prepare to make their escape, Morgan spots Charlie heading for the blown-out ambulance and stops her, telling Charlie that Mel is dead and she will only survive by leaving with them. Charlie reluctantly joins the escape in Al's van.

On the road away from the horse track, Charlie recognizes Morgan as one of Nick's friends and is shocked that he saved her after what she did. Morgan tells Charlie that the conflict has to end somewhere and Charlie explains to everyone that the fall of the stadium wasn't Naomi's fault, it was hers.

In a flashback, Charlie returns to the stadium to enlist their help to save a badly injured Melvin. After Melvin is exiled on his own, Charlie is shocked by the decision as she knows Melvin won't make it on his own and is allowed to contact him via walkie. When all Charlie can get is pained noises, she convinces Nick and Alicia to go after Melvin and help him. Charlie is with the stadium survivors when Ennis suddenly launches an attack with oil-soaked walkers.

In the present, Al's group returns to the stadium to find it overrun with hundreds of burned walkers which surround the SWAT van.

"No One's Gone"

When Althea's group arrives at the stadium, Althea agrees to watch John Dorie and use her guns to clear a path for Naomi and Morgan Jones to reach the infirmary, but warns that she only has enough ammunition for one try at it. Althea brings the SWAT vehicle as close as possible and clears a path while Charlie keeps watch. When Alicia's group shows up, Althea exchanges fire with them before retreating into the vehicle to treat a bleeding John. Alicia takes Charlie hostage and orders Althea to tell Naomi that it's safe to come out of the tunnel.

Al picks up the walkie and tells Morgan and Naomi that it's safe to come out. She distracts Alicia while John quietly presses the transmission button on the walkie, allowing Naomi and Morgan to overhear Alicia and realize they're walking into a trap. Strand informs Alicia that Naomi has not emerged from the tunnel. Alicia sees the walkie next to John and realizes what happened. Alicia and Al fight in the SWAT van. Charlie hears John coughing and urges Naomi and Morgan to hurry. Alicia surrounds Naomi and Morgan and aims her gun at Naomi and accuses her of contributing to Madison's death. Morgan convinces Alicia to relinquish the weapon. Alicia breaks down in tears.

Charlie, Alicia, Strand, Luciana, Althea, June and John sit around a campfire. Althea begins filming and asks what happened at the stadium. Alicia tells Althea that Mel took their Land Rover. Charlie explains that Mel only took the Land Rover to get her to safety. Alicia's group tells Althea that Madison killed herself to save them, causing everyone to break down in tears over the story. Al lowers her camera and writes "Madison" on the interview tape. The group eats ramen around the campfire.

"People Like Us"

In the month or so since the fall of the Vultures, Charlie has settled with John Dorie and June in an abandoned bus and has stopped talking. Charlie is sitting in the bus when Morgan tries to convince John and June to join him in traveling to Alexandria. While near the river, Charlie is ambushed by a walker and doesn't call for help, but is saved by Al who has come to check on the group.

Later, John visits Charlie and asks to play Scrabble with her. Sympathetic with Charlie who he believes has gone silent out of guilt over killing Nick Clark, John tells her about how he went silent for awhile after a similar incident in his own past until he found June and told her about what he had done which allowed him to forgive himself.

As John leaves to deal with a walker, Charlie packs up her books and leaves the bus. As John and Victor Strand search for her, Charlie appears at Victor's house and runs out without saying anything when Luciana spots her. Luciana then finds that Charlie has left her The Little Prince and races into the storm after Charlie.

"Close Your Eyes"

Charlie is encountered by Alicia, who discovers her occupying the same abandoned house as her in the middle of the hurricane. Alicia tries to grab Charlie, but Charlie escapes and locks herself in another room. Alicia tries to break the door down at first, but has no luck. From there, Alicia changes her tactics and begins to guilt Charlie, commenting on how she an awful person and that Alicia hopes that Charlie will live for a long time so she has to carry the guilt with her. However, Alicia notices that the family of walkers that she killed earlier have been covered in sheets, making her think again about her actions.

Alicia then goes to Charlie for help with nailing shut the window covers to prevent damage to the windows. Charlie helps her, and heads back upstairs to sort through the pictures of the dead family who lived in the house, and Alicia begins to become agitated by this, and tells Charlie to come downstairs so she can dry her jacket off. Alicia discovers Charlie's gun. She threatens Charlie and asks her if she came to finish the job, and then sends her away.

Upstairs, Charlie sees a walker that is impaled on a tree branch right in front of the upstairs deck. She goes out and interacts with it, allowing it to grab her with little resistance, before Alicia arrives and pulls her away. Shortly after this, Alicia tells Charlie that she now realizes that the gun wasn't for her, it was for Charlie. Alicia says that Charlie probably had the right idea (killing herself), but Alicia won't let do it. Charlie finally speaks up, asking Alicia why she saved her and Alicia states that she doesn't know, and that she's gonna have to live with it. Alicia also says that Charlie shouldn't be expecting forgiveness from her.

The two then eat dinner, and Charlie begins to ask Alicia a series of questions about her life, mainly about California and the beach. Alicia is irritated at first, but soon realizes that Charlie has never been to the beach before, and asks her for confirmation. Charlie says that when she reads, she tries to visualize what the beach looks like, and states that she and her parents were supposed to go to Galveston for vacation, but the outbreak then happened. Alicia tells her that the last time she was at a beach, it was overrun with the dead, and it was just another reason to keep running. The two finish dinner and Charlie goes to sleep.

Alicia later notices that Charlie isn't where she went to sleep, and goes to find her. Charlie is found again with the photos of the dead family, and becomes upset when Alicia tries to pull her away, stating that someone might come back for them. Alicia says that whoever cared about them is dead, and Charlie insists that she can't know, and states that she knows that she's garbage, but she wants to do this. Alicia finally relents, telling Charlie to do what she wants.

Charlie later joins Alicia downstairs as Alicia tries to start a fire, and Charlie tells her that the wind is getting stronger. Charlie has also brought the family's photos with her. Alicia tells her to stop, and says that she knows what Charlie is going through, quoting Madison's phrase, "No one's gone until they're gone." Alicia then tells Charlie that she's been trying to believe it as well, to feel better about the things that she's done, but she can't, "Because sometimes when you're gone, you're just gone." Alicia then tells Charlie that the family is definitely gone, and Charlie asks her why she cares.

Before Alicia can answer, Walkers break through one of the windows, and Alicia tells Charlie that they need to go to the basement, which has flooded a great deal. They go down there, see the flooding, and Alicia runs back up to try to get out, but the wind slams the door in her face, knocking her down the stairs. Then some of the ceiling collapses, blocking their way out. The two then try the other exit to the basement, but it's locked with a chain. Alicia tries other ways to get them out, but quickly gives up, all while the water level steadily rises.

From there, Charlie begins to becomes increasingly hysterical as she tells Alicia that she doesn't want to die and turn into a walker. She tells Alicia how she saw her parents after they died and turned, and she can't remember their faces from before that. She begs Alicia, who refuses at first, to shoot her, but Alicia eventually raises the gun, ready to kill Charlie, but then starts crying, and tells Charlie that she can't kill her. The two hold each other's hands as they prepare to drown, but something falls on the outside door, and the two escape the basement. They run out and notice that the walker impaled on the tree branch fell on the door, and Alicia shoots "him" in the head. Charlie notes that "he" saved them.

Charlie later approaches Alicia after Alicia has buried the walker family next to each other. Charlie asks Alicia if she did her for Charlie or for herself, and Alicia states, "I did it for the people who could come back." Charlie then offers Alicia her gun barrel weapon, but Alicia tells Charlie to keep it. She then asks Charlie if she's good at finding things, and Charlie responds affirmatively. After Alicia leaves the family's photos by their graves, Charlie says that she can see Madison in Alicia, even if Alicia can't her in herself. Alicia tells Charlie that she left Morgan in the storm, and abandoned everyone else. Charlie then tells her that she's good at finding things.

The two drive away from the house, and Alicia tells Charlie to close her eyes. Alicia then describes the beach to Charlie, and through this, Charlie is able to remember her parents' faces. The two arrive at Strand's mansion, only to find it abandoned. They then go to John and June's bus, only to find it overturned and abandoned as well. Charlie tells Alicia that they need to find and help them, but Alicia tells Charlie that they don't even know if they're alive, and tells her, "They're gone." Alicia also tells Charlie that things won't get better, and will continue to get worse and they'll experience this until they're not around to see it happening. An injured walker then comes out from behind the bus, and shuffles towards them. Alicia takes her weapon back from Charlie and stabs the walker through the head. She then tells Charlie to come with her, and the two leave the site.


After finding one of the boxes, Charlie and Alicia contact Morgan on the radio. Alicia tells them she found the channel from the box. Morgan tells her to wait at the mile marker and that they are gonna pick them, when suddenly, Martha radios both of them and warns Morgan for not taking her advice. She pulls the truck beside them, opens the gun hatch and opens fire.

A shocked Alicia and Charlie are left wondering what happened.

"MM 54"

Charlie and Alicia discover the charred remains of the semi on the road along with several walkers corpses. Alicia consults a map and decides they will head east. She and Charlie get in their car.

A while later, Alicia and Charlie run out of fuel. They abandon the car to look for more. After walking a few miles, Alicia finally admits to Charlie that she is not looking for Morgan and the others, but instead, she's taking Charlie to Galveston to see the beach for the first time.

In the woods, Charlie insists to Alicia that they turn around to find Morgan and the others. Alicia explains that she wants to take Charlie to the beach because she needs something good to happen. Suddenly, they hear water nearby. Alicia and Charlie arrive at a lake created by the flooding. Charlie finds John's hat. They look across the water and smile.

"I Lose People..."

Charlie and Alicia wave at John and Strand from across the pond, when suddenly Alicia hears June on her walkie. She tells her the good news while Morgan warns Alicia to watch what she says because Martha might be listening. He also informs them of their roof situation. Charlie and Alicia head out to locate a boat to rescue John and Strand.

On the road, Charlie and Alicia discover a kayak tied to the roof of a car when suddenly they come under fire from Martha. She tells them she's been listening to them and that she can make them stronger. Alicia attempts to reason with her to let her help, but Martha yells that she doesn't need any help, before collapsing due to her wounds.

Later, Alicia uses the SWAT truck and drives it through the lake to rescue Strand and John as the two men take a swig from their bottle in celebration. Charlie returns John's hat and he commends her for talking again.

After reuniting with the rest of the group, Charlie watches as Alicia and the others contact Morgan on the radio, telling him they're going to save him. Morgan looks down and sees their plan: a fire truck.

While Morgan tosses his stick down and gingerly begins climbing down the building, Alicia, June, and Luciana draw a herd of walkers and barely make it back to the fire truck alive, only to find Martha missing.

As the group gets surrounded by walkers, Jim decides to sacrifice himself to save them. Before he does, he radios Sarah the recipe for his beer. She writes it down, Jim takes a deep breath, and throws himself off the ledge and onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the fire truck.

On the road, Sarah decides they should name the beer "Jimbo's Beerbos" in his memory. Morgan proposes they find Althea and then travel to Alexandria together.

"... I Lose Myself"

After the group finds Al, they sit around a campfire and Morgan describes his plan to pick up more boxes at the truck stop to distribute them en route to Alexandria.

The next day, the group arrives at the truck stop and stocks up on supplies from the store. Outside, Althea loads the van when some walkers approach. Al jumps down to fight them, but is too weak and passes out. Alicia shoots at the herd and then instructs everyone to get inside as the noise will attract more.

Inside, everyone doubles over in pain as more walkers scrape at the windows. June realizes that someone opened the water bottles in the store and poisoned the water. Al deduces it was Martha.

Finally able to communicate, Morgan tells them it's anti-freeze. June tells them the antidote is ethanol and the group hatches a plan to get it from one of the trucks outside.

Charlie and June create a distraction while the rest kill the walkers and push forward. Althea jumps in her SWAT truck and machine guns the walkers outside, while accidentally putting holes into the tank and causing the ethanol to drain out.

June updates Morgan on their problem and he tells them he can't lose them. John encourages him and says he's strong with or without them.

Suddenly, Morgan shows up and reveals that he brought a truck of Jim's Augie's Ale, saving the day. The group drinks the beer and suddenly regain their strength. John jokingly warns Charlie that this is the last time she drinks a beer until she is 21.

Morgan then brings Charlie and the group back to the place he left Martha. He finds her severed arm attached to the police car and sees her turned, walking on the road. He stabs her in the head and then buries her.

Morgan tells everyone he's no longer going to Alexandria. He says that Martha became the person she was because nobody helped her when she needed it and that more people need help.

The group arrives at Clayton's supply factory and Morgan says they should follow his path and help others. Alicia says it can't just be about boxes, they need to build something like Madison would want. Althea suggests they can start with the people she interviewed.

Shortly after, Charlie and Luciana open the gates as the group mobilizes a convoy of vehicles outside the factory. They load up on ammo and head out. Morgan gets on his walkie and broadcasts that they are coming to help anyone who might be in need.

Season 5


Four months after using the denim factory as a headquarters to distribute the supply boxes, Charlie and the group have had poor luck in finding or recruiting other survivors, with many of the people interviewed on Althea's tapes dead or missing.

"Here to Help"

On the road, Charlie and Strand ride in Al's armored truck side by side with Sarah and Wendell's truck towards the factory following Althea's distress call asking them to find a man with a second plane using a tape labeled "Skidmark".

At the factory, Charlie and the others discover Logan and his crew has taken over the place and are forced to leave at gunpoint. That night, Sarah and Wendell drink outside the factory and lament their failure. Charlie says she can find a way in and Strand vows to get the mill back. He wishes he was on the plane but vows to get on the next one and reunite with the rest of the group.


At night, Charlie is sent inside Daniel's warehouse to check out his plane. She finds it and radios Strand, Sarah, and Wendell. Suddenly, Skidmark finds her and starts meowing, causing Daniel to investigate. Charlie hides in Daniel's new car but Skidmark follows her as he approaches and loads up the truck with guns. Strand wants Charlie to run but she insists on staying as Daniel leaves in the truck.

In the morning, Charlie listens to Daniel and Strand's conversation as he tells Charlie to show herself, which she does. "I am going to save her from you," Daniel tells Strand. On the road, Charlie asks if Daniel set up the traps in the stores and he says he hasn’t, so she asks why he's been disarming them. "You ask too many questions," he says, as he plays a cassette on the boombox. Charlie recognizes it and the two begin to bond.

Arriving at the next trap location, Daniel is left stuck when he finds a herd of people in the store who had fallen victim to the trap. Charlie offers a suggestion on how to avoid the trap based on her own experiences and Daniel explains that the man he inherited the warehouse from set the trap and agrees to her plan. He starts breaking in from the back as the walkers become interested with Skidmark. One of the walkers sets off the gun, which shatters the glass and allows the walkers to break free. Daniel, Charlie, and Skidmark rush back into the car and slowly drive away.

Daniel then is radioed back by Strand, who begs him to bring the instruments back. He says he will, but they're bringing a herd of walkers with them. He gives him instructions about returning but Sarah says she broke their fence down to free the plane. Daniel stops the truck and tells Charlie to drive the truck back to Strand to give him the instruments while he deals with the walkers. She leaves as he leads them away.

Charlie returns to the warehouse and gives Strand the plane instruments. Suspicious, Strand radios Daniel to ask if he's putting him in danger. Daniel tells him he wants to get back at him for lying to him about Ofelia, confusing Charlie and the others. Strand explains how he lied about Ofelia's whereabouts and prevented him from saying goodbye before she died. Charlie says that despite their past, they need to save Daniel.

On the road, Daniel continues to lead the herd away as Sarah and Wendell arrive in Al's truck and release the machine gun lever but it doesn't shoot, so he hides underneath. Charlie and Strand then arrive in a truck with the plane in the back. Strand leads the walkers towards him, turns on the propellers, and watches as the walkers kill themselves until the plane engines stop. Strand confronts Daniel, who tells him he won't shoot him after all.

At the warehouse, Charlie asks Daniel what he would have said to Ofelia and he says, "Every day brings a chance to start over." He admits she could use that advice and then reveals he has to leave to take care of something. Charlie asks if she can come along but he says her friends need her more. He hands her Skidmark and says they can have everything in his warehouse except for a cigar, which is for when things get better.

"The Little Prince"

Charlie, Strand, and Sarah work to relay instructions to the group via radio on rebuilding the crashed plane by examining Daniel's wrecked plane. However, due to the threat of a second power plant meltdown, Morgan and the others are forced to give up the truck stop's generator, leaving them without the ability to communicate with the others.

Charlie and the others are left with a plane with working propellers but no working engine while Morgan and the others have working engines but no propellers. As Sarah and Strand argue, Charlie looks at an old advertisement for Jim Brauer's brewery and asks Sarah if she and Wendell had gotten everything from the brewery. After Sarah states they took all of the bottles, Charlie draws their attention to something on the advertisement.

Later, Strand contacts the others to reveal that he and Charlie are coming with the propellers using Jim's beer-themed hot air balloon while Sarah and Wendell clear a runway for their return. However, the balloon runs out of fuel and crashes in a field in the radioactive zone caused by the power plant meltdown. Morgan warns the two against killing any walkers as they could become contaminated themselves. As Charlie and Strand assess their situation, a herd appears with at least two radioactive walkers, worrying them due to Morgan's warning.

"Still Standing"

Charlie and Strand stave off walkers at the crash site. She uses the balloon as a walker barricade as Strand finally frees the propeller. Strand then tells her they'll have to wait until help arrives. A while later, Strand reveals to Charlie he could have been on the first plane and promises he won't hesitate again. Suddenly, Morgan pulls up in a truck wearing a hazmat suit. He kills the walkers and reunites with them.

Charlie then listens as Morgan radios Grace to convince her to come with them to no avail. However, Morgan tells Charlie and Strand to get the truck and he'll meet them at the truck stop later.

At night, Charlie and Strand arrive at the truck stop and update Luciana on the situation. They then finish repairing the plane with the propellers. A while later, Annie and the kids arrive. Dylan asks Charlie if The Little Prince was her book and she smiles at this, but gets worried when Annie says Alicia's still out there in the woods alone.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

In a flashback, Charlie and the group takes turns on the radio trying to reach out to strangers who might need help, to no avail. In the present, she and the group wait on the airfield for the rest to arrive.

Charlie then witness the nuclear plant explosion in awe, making her and the group proceed to get the plane ready to leave. After a while, Morgan radios Luciana to tell everyone to get ready to fly but she says John and Dwight aren't here yet, so Morgan asks them to help him fight the walkers. Charlie and the group then start walking backwards to the plane as the walkers close in. June tells Morgan she made John a promise and they have to get on the plane.

Charlie and the group makes a run for the plane as John and Dwight drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air. She then watches happily as John proposes to June and she accepts. That night, the plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Charlie reunites with Daniel and happily hugs him. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells Charlie and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Charlie and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio.

In an interview by Althea, Charlie explains that their mission of helping others has made them see themselves as good persons and has made things get better each day.

At night, Charlie and the rest of the group reunite in their camp to dine together. Al then asks the group what each want, with Charlie wanting to do right by the group who took a chance on her despite her previous actions. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"Ner Tamid"

Charlie leaves the group tired of the constant moving. At night, she hides in a car near a synagogue and watches as a Rabbi starts killing walkers. When he is attacked by one, Charlie opens the car door and knocks it to the ground, allowing him to kill it. He introduces himself as Jacob Kessner and welcomes her to his temple, saying God must have led her here.

The next day, Charlie reveals to Jacob she got separated from her group and he vows to help her reunite with them. Jacob then notices the bulb in his chandelier dimming and begins to panic, telling Charlie he has to leave to find batteries. Charlie says she knows where he can find some. She radios June to tell her she ran away because she was tired of the constant moving. She reveals where she is and asks her to bring car batteries.

A while later, John and June arrive with the battery and Jacob thanks them for keeping the eternal flame lit. Charlie asks them to help Jacob repair his fence and they agree. Outside, June tells Charlie the temple isn't the right place to settle down because it's too small and too far from a water source.

Charlie then suggests to Jacob the group could live there with him, but he politely turns her down as June and John tell her it's time to go. Suddenly, Sarah radios them about Logan's crew and June says they're on their way. They head outside to find all the walkers from the locked-up building surrounding them. Jacob takes them to the roof and explains he and his congregants were holed up in the temple at the onset of the apocalypse. He explains that he left to gather supplies and when he came back, everyone was dead.

John and June climb down and use a ladder to create a bridge in between cars to avoid the walkers. As they make their final ladder bridge the gate gives way and they get trapped on top of a car. June tells Charlie there's only one way out of this but Charlie refuses to give the place up. She reminds Jacob that he told her God led her there but he reveals he doesn't believe in God anymore and he began losing faith when the world turned, but had to pretend to keep his people alive. "I'm alive because I didn't believe in God," Jacob says, claiming he kept tradition because it's all he had left. Charlie finally relents and Jacob uses a horn to lure the walkers into the temple, where they extinguish the light, as they escape out the back.

Charlie and the group then drive to Dwight and Sarah's location in Al's SWAT truck and save them from having to confront Logan's crew. Later, Charlie apologizes for running away but June says the perfect place is still out there. Jacob says that's called faith and that he'll start looking around for what he wants.

"Channel 5"

Charlie and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. At night, Charlie is taught by Grace and Daniel how to play guitar. Suddenly, Charlie calls out for June to run over and help Grace, who has passed out. Later on, Morgan decides the group should leave in the morning.

The next day, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. However, no one listens to Virginia and she orders her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away.

Charlie and everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too. Later, Charlie and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. Charlie and the others then hear as Morgan radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Charlie and the rest of the caravan survivors rest along the outskirts of Humbug's Gulch as Morgan contacts with Virginia for help. After the theme park is cleared of walkers, Charlie and Jacob discover a church in the town. She later attends John and June's wedding in the chapel.

That night, Charlie and the caravan survivors are split up by Virginia into different groups as they are taken for re-settlement among her communities. Daniel assures Charlie everything will be fine as she is taken away.

Season 6

"Welcome to the Club"

As Strand and Alicia inspect the gate, they are reunited with Charlie, who reveals that she's being punished for trying to run away. They are also joined by Janis. When asked who's in charge, Janis replies that the rangers are, but they keep their distance after what happened to the night team. She also reveals that there are 9 rangers guarding them. Victor then inquires about the trustworthiness of the other prisoners, before putting forth his plan: killing the rangers and escaping.

While cleaning the floor, Sanjay explains to Victor that one of the molasses tanks burst, and that the walkers are covered in it, so when they grab you, it's nearly impossible to break free. He also reveals that this is how the night team died. When questioned about how he made it out, Sanjay says that he stayed back, although he admits he could have done more to help. Sanjay also expresses his admiration of Victor for standing up to Marcus. Victor and Alicia are then summoned by two rangers to pick up their delivery. The promised supply truck is loaded with spears. Alicia doesn't believe their plan will work. Victor protests that they outnumber the rangers three to one, but Alicia points out the rangers have guns. Despite this Victor is adamant that this is their only move, but Alicia senses that Victor is doing this for some other reason. Victor asserts that they've been listening to other people for long enough, and that it's time they start making the calls themselves. Just then, Charlie discovers Dakota hiding in the back of the truck. She pleads with them not to alert her to the rangers, as she heard their conversation, and knows what Virginia will do if they try to kill them. When asked how she knows this, she reveals that she is Virginia's sister.

They construct a makeshift corridor to corral the walkers. After Janis reassures him the structure is sound, he asks Sanjay if he is sure he is ready, but Sanjay claims he wants to escape as much as they do. Before they start, Victor asks Alicia if she is having second thoughts, but she is certain the plan will work. With that, they get into position, as Sanjay raises the door and the walkers come pouring out. At the end of the corridor, the workers quickly dispatch the approaching walkers and drag them away. As the walkers begin to pile up, however, the structure begins to give way. Victor orders Sanjay to close the door, but the latter is nowhere to be found. Strand instructs Charlie to close the corridor gate instead, while Janis and some others rush to reinforce the corridor wall. In the commotion, Charlie is grabbed by the walkers and pulled in. Although the other are able to kill most of the walkers attacking her, Charlie is unable to free herself due to the molasses. Just as a walker is about to bite her, Dakota saves Charlie in the nick of time by killing it. The workers are able to close the gate, and Charlie thanks Dakota for saving her. Just then, two rangers arrive and discover Dakota. They alert Hill to her location, and order the workers to drop their weapons. Victor and the others comply after some hesitation. As the rangers try to apprehend Dakota, Janis yells that the barricade they're holding up is about to break. Alicia quietly tells Victor they need to finish this, and he agrees, ordering the others to pick up their weapons and Janis and her group to let go of the barricade. The walkers come tumbling out, as the rangers radio their colleagues to prepare for evacuation. Victor jokingly asks Alicia to reaffirm that this is better than "cleaning up shit", but she replies to ask her again when it's all over.

After they return to Lawton, Daniel cuts Charlie's hair to get the molasses out. She asks if he really doesn't remember anything, but he doesn't, asking her, in turn, if she is a friend of his late daughter. Victor arrives and says that he's packed Charlie's things. She grabs a banjo from the box he's holding and starts playing a melody, which Daniel recognizes. Charlie tells him that he taught it to her, but Daniel remains clueless. Alicia walks Charlie to the truck, but is surprised Janis isn't coming, as Strand has her staying in Lawton.

"Damage From the Inside"

Charlie and Alicia man a remote watch tower. Strand repeatedly radios Alicia but she refuses to answer, still upset by Strand's parting words at the molasses plant. Charlie convinces Alicia to respond. Strand asks to meet Alicia in person. Strand meets Charlie and Alicia on the road and asks Alicia to find Dakota, since Dakota looks up to her. He says that if he delivers Dakota safely, he will be well-situated to mount a rebellion against Virginia. Alicia agrees.

Charlie and Alicia track Dakota through the woods. Alicia reveals that she wants to ally with the group that attacked the convoy and Tank Town. They kill some walkers and notice grotesque stitching on the bodies. They spot a hunting lodge in the distance. Alicia tells Charlie to stay behind while she goes inside to look for Dakota. Alicia goes to get a blanket and finds Charlie hiding in the hallway. Charlie says that Ed boarded up the house after he found Alicia. Alicia tells Charlie to stay hidden.

Alicia and Dakota wait in a locked bedroom. Charlie unlocks the door and says that she stole the keys after tranquilizing Ed. Alicia, Dakota and Charlie turn off the music. The herd begins to dissipate. Ed wakes up and accuses Alicia of secretly contacting Virginia. Alicia fights Ed and he gets impaled by an antler. The herd hears the commotion and returns to the lodge. Alicia tries to help Ed. He urges them to flee and implores Alicia to abandon whatever deal she had made with Virginia. He admits that Virginia didn't kill his family. Instead, they were killed when one of his walker creations got loose in the house.

Charlie pries wood off a boarded window as walkers flood into the house. The walkers hear a noise outside and follow it. Morgan appears and helps Alicia slay the walkers. Alicia hugs Morgan. Morgan invites Alicia, Charlie and Dakota to join him at a community that he's been building. He says that Al and Dwight are already there. Alicia admits to Charlie that she made a deal with Virginia to deliver Dakota in exchange for their freedom. She reveals her plan to take Charlie back to the stadium. Charlie refuses to turn Dakota in to Virginia. Strand finds Alicia's group at the lodge and tells Alicia he's taking Dakota back to Lawton. Alicia and Morgan declare that Dakota is coming with them. Morgan invites Strand to join them but Strand warns that Virginia will pursue them for the rest of their lives. Everyone draws their weapons. Strand stands down but says he'll no longer be able to protect Alicia. She responds back saying she's just doing what he asked her to do and she, along with Charlie and the group walk away from Strand.

"The Door"

Charlie and Alicia are welcomed to the dam community by Dwight, and the pair are excited to see the settlement being built and worked on by the other residents.

"Things Left to Do"

Charlie and Lee are among the dam settlers to listen on as Alicia, Morgan, and Dwight converse with Althea on the radio regarding the angry crowd on the other side of the dam wall. Charlie comments that Victor, Sherry, and the others will never get through the wall, but Dwight comments that people will still get hurt.

"Handle With Care"

Charlie stands guard outside Valley Town and tells Daniel that the visitors have arrived.

Charlie races over to tell Morgan that Grace needs help.

Charlie helps Daniel look for the weapons inside everyone's tents. Rollie catches her snooping around. Daniel invents an excuse for her.

Daniel tells his interrogator that he sent Charlie to accompany Grace while he tracked down the weapons.

The group checks Grace with the fetal monitor. Daniel asks why she didn't go to the fish shack. Grace and Charlie tell Daniel that he told them to go to the caverns, not the shack. They show him a map where he had clearly marked the caverns. Lucy radios Morgan and says they found the weapons.

Daniel decides to leave Valley Town, worried about the harm he will bring to others. Strand invites Daniel to join him in Lawton. Daniel hugs Charlie good-bye and rides off with Strand.

"In Dreams"

In Grace's dream, an adult Charlie is seen as Dr. Dorie's apprentice as they meet Grace for the first time and make sure she is okay after being brought to Valley Town.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Charlie will appear in this episode.

"The Beginning"

On the road, Sarah desperately tries to get in contact with Wendell, while Daniel questions why Riley would reveal the location of the bunker now so close to the end. Before Riley can answer, the van comes to a screeching stop when the brakes malfunction. Sarah and Jacob go outside to fix it, while the rest of the group protects them from walkers, save for Daniel and Charlie who stay to watch over Riley. Sarah is worried about Wendell, but Jacob assures her that they will reunite, one way or another. Continuing his interrogation, Daniel wonders why Riley would stay alive if destruction is the whole point, to which the latter replies that it's only to see their faces when everything turns to ash. He goes on to state that he is aware that Daniel's group thinks the cult is insane, but assures him that it's only the beginning, as the phoenix will rise quicker than he thinks. Right then, Sarah finishes her repairs. As the group prepares to leave, Rollie comments that they will get out of this yet, "like a phoenix." Hearing this, Daniel suddenly realizes something, and asks Luciana for her gun in Spanish. When she hesitates, he tells her the traitors in Tank Town should die. She hands him the gun and Daniel executes Rollie without hesitation. He explains that Rollie was a cult member, and that this was how the cult found out that they were coming to the sub. Riley suddenly reaches for the gun, but is shot in the back by Charlie. Luciana asks Riley if Rollie was really a traitor, and the latter confirms, stating the Rollie lost his faith when he saw them turn on each other at the dam. He adds that they were driving them somewhere they'd have a prime view of the destruction to come. Their conversation is interrupted by a loud bang. In the sky, they see that a warhead has detached from the missile. Daniel thinks they can still make it to the coordinates. Sarah is hesitant, but Luciana points out Daniel was right about Rollie, so he must have really heard the coordinates on the radio as well. With that, they drive off towards the marked destination.

Season 7

"Breathe With Me"

Sarah wakes up in a strange bed and wanders into a living room. A walker attacks her. Al shoots the walker dead and alerts everyone that Sarah is awake. They're joined by Daniel, Wes, Charlie, and Luci.


Charlie will appear in this episode.

"Follow Me"

Charlie will appear in this episode.

"Mourning Cloak"

Charlie will appear in this episode.

"Sonny Boy"

A bedridden Charlie calls out to June as she talks to John. John notices burns on Charlie and June tells him that they are from the radiation and that with Charlie's level of exposure, all that they can do is to keep her comfortable for what time she has left.

John later reveals to June that he is also terminally ill with radiation sickness, having gotten it when he went to rescue Charlie despite being quick and careful. John doesn't think that either he or Charlie has much longer to live.

"Divine Providence"

Strand reiterates that Ofelia had died in Mexico and that Luciana had lied to Daniel for the same reason that Strand did: so that Daniel had something to fight for. Daniel is disgusted by Strand's lies, but Strand insists that "I'm trying to save the closest thing I have to a daughter. Surely you can understand that, Daniel. Ofelia's gone. But it's not as if you have nothing left. Charlie. She means something to you. She's sick. She doesn't have much time left." Angrily yelling that Charlie isn't his daughter, Daniel pistol-whips Strand and prepares to kill him. Alicia weakly calls out to Daniel to stop, suggesting that Daniel can do for Charlie what he couldn't for Ofelia and be there for her. As Daniel starts to cry, Charlie calls out to him as well and Daniel orders her to look away, not wanting this to be what she remembers of him. Strand and Alicia implore Daniel to be the man that he wanted Ofelia to see, and Daniel has several flashbacks of Ofelia, including embracing Ofelia after her death. Finally snapped out of his fugue state, Daniel relents and lowers his gun.

Strand injects Alicia with adrenaline as Daniel sits with Charlie. Strand thanks Alicia, knowing that Daniel would've killed him if Alicia hadn't appealed to his better angels. Alicia asks what happened to Charlie and Strand explains that it's radiation exposure that's worse than what Alicia was exposed to. They think that it was alpha particles from the same walkers that are on their way to the Tower. According to June and Grace, Charlie may only have a couple of weeks left to live. Strand sadly confirms that there's nothing that can be done for Charlie. Strand calls it even more reason to preserve the Tower so that Charlie can spend those weeks in here rather than outside. Strand and Alicia prepare to go, but Daniel refuses to leave Charlie's side because she needs him. Daniel asks if they can still go up to the roof, and Charlie encourages him to go, but Daniel wants to be with Charlie and Strand and Alicia leave without him. Charlie apologizes for not being Ofelia, but Daniel tells her not to be. Charlie helped him remember why Daniel wanted to find Ofelia before she died and being with Charlie is helping Daniel to think more clearly.

Daniel warns everyone that they need to hurry as the beacon light is drawing the dead from the crater to the Tower. In Spanish, Luciana asks if he's sure and Daniel confirms it, telling Luciana rather pointedly that he's not a liar. Dwight asks how far they are, but Daniel isn't sure, revealing that Alicia and Strand are turning the light off as they speak. "Vic and AC are on the same team? What the hell did we miss?" quips Sarah. Daniel begins leading everyone inside of the Tower and brushes off June's attempts to patch him up, wanting her to tend to Charlie first. Daniel explains to a confused Luciana in Spanish that Strand had tried to convince him that Charlie is Ofelia, continuing what Luciana had started. Luciana apologizes for her actions, and a confused Daniel asks why she did it. Luciana admits that she thought that it was the only way before three Rangers open fire from the roof, killing two members of the group and sending the rest ducking for cover behind the platform. The group desperately returns fire as Wendell notices the herd approaching and he realizes that the Rangers are trying to box them out, forcing them to move out of cover.


Charlie and the rest of Morgan's Group and the Tower residents prepare to evacuate the area by raft. As the raft that Charlie is sitting in is dragged into the water, she orders the people pulling it to wait and she gets out to talk to Alicia. Alicia tearfully apologizes from being unable to stop Charlie from getting terminally ill and Charlie apologizes for not being there for her friend either. Alicia promises that Daniel is gonna look after her which Charlie knows. Charlie promises Alicia that it's okay because she got to do something that she never thought that she would: "I finally got to see a beach." The two chuckle at the joke before Daniel calls Charlie away. As Charlie walks away, Daniel promises Alicia that he's going to be there for Charlie at the end in the way that he couldn't be for Ofelia. Moments later, the rafts set sail with everyone except for Alicia who decides to remain behind.

Season 8


Daniel tells Madison that Charlie was very sick and that he'd promised to be with her when she died so that she wouldn't die alone. However, Daniel was separated from Charlie and Luciana - both of whom were like his own daughters - and dumped in a swamp because he was considered to be too old to be of any use. Daniel believes that Charlie likely died of her illness without him at her side as he had promised, causing Daniel to get emotional as he explains to Madison. However, Madison suggests that Daniel can use PADRE's files to find out what happened to Charlie and Luciana for sure.


Charlie briefly appears in Strand's flashback to when he thinks about how Daniel tried to kill him during the Battle for Strand's Tower.

"Iron Tiger"

At Lowcountry Landing, one of the Gearheads brings Luciana the news that Iron Tiger is about to pull up as a tanker truck drives up to the gas station, but Luciana orders the man to have Iron Tiger wait. Luciana's behavior suddenly strangely defensive, ordering Madison and the others to leave immediately. Picking up on the fact that something is wrong, Madison questions who Iron Tiger is, but Luciana orders the three to wait in the back, claiming that it's safer this way. Strand worries that Troy might've gotten to Luciana, but Madison reminds him that Troy is the one who kicked Luciana off of the ranch and had tried to turn Nick against her. Daniel believes that Luciana wouldn't lie to him and deal with Troy, but Strand points out that Luciana knew that Daniel was alive and didn't look for him, suggesting that Luciana has moved on and would choose protecting all of this over her old friends. Daniel pointedly tells Strand that she would certainly not choose him, and heads outside with his men to show Madison and Strand how mistaken they are.

Outside, Daniel approaches Luciana, telling her that Madison and Strand think that she's up to something and he wants to show them that they're wrong. Luciana insists that Daniel is making this harder than it has to be, and Daniel realizes that something really is wrong and demands to know who is in the tanker. Luciana tells Daniel that it's not whoever he thinks it is, so Strand challenges Luciana to show them whatever is inside so that they can be on their way. Luciana refuses and an increasingly suspicious Madison approaches the tanker to see for herself, creating a standoff as the Gearheads point guns at her and Daniel, Strand, Hawk, and the two men with them point guns at the Gearheads in return before Luciana has her people lower their guns, ending the standoff.

Hearing the commotion, Iron Tiger emerges from the tanker's cab, revealing herself to be Charlie who is alive and well despite have apparently been terminally ill when Morgan's group had left Texas seven years before. Charlie is shocked to see Madison alive, having believed her to have died in the Fall of the Stadium just like everyone else. Surprised but overjoyed to see Charlie again, Daniel hugs her while Strand notes that Charlie was just weeks away from death when Morgan's group got on the rafts. Charlie explains that June didn't have what she had needed to treat Charlie's radiation poisoning at Strand's Tower, but PADRE did. Since PADRE didn't know if the treatment would work, it was too dangerous to raise her on the island with the other kids and so they gave her to Luciana and Charlie helped Luciana to build her operation.

However, Madison is confused as to why Luciana didn't want them to see Charlie, asking if it's because of Charlie's role in the destruction of the stadium by the Vultures. Luciana realizes that no one told Madison what had happened, and Strand admits that, because he thought that Charlie was dead, he didn't think that there was a reason to tell her. Madison demands answers, rejecting Strand's attempts to get her on the boat before he finally tells her. Taking responsibility for her actions, Charlie admits to a shocked Madison that "I... I shot Nick. I killed your son. I was scared, and Ennis was dead, and I... I pulled the trigger. I'm so sorry, Madison. I really am." Flying into a rage, Madison attempts to attack Charlie in revenge for her son's murder, but she is restrained by Strand who begs Madison not to do something that she'll regret as Daniel leads Charlie inside. Luciana pleads with Madison to let them explain, but she shrugs off Strand's grip and refuses their explanation, ordering her friends to get the hell away from her.

Nearby, Madison takes her grief and anger out on an old tractor and a small herd with her sledgehammer, having various flashbacks of her son as she does and hitting two that are in a marsh below so hard that they're both decapitated in just one hit. Joining her, Strand points out an approaching walker that Madison had missed, and she knocks it to the ground and smashes its head with her sledgehammer. Strand provides the out of breath Madison with her oxygen tank, and she demands to know if Strand really knew the truth about Nick's death. Strand insists that he'd thought that it didn't matter since Strand had believed that Charlie was dead. Madison angrily asks if Strand thought that it didn't matter that the girl that Madison had brought into the stadium killed her son, but Strand insists that it's not Madison's fault as she didn't know how it was going to play out and neither did anyone else. Strand acknowledges that he should've told Madison and he apologizes, but Madison smashes the dead walker's head several more times in her grief.

Strand holds Madison, attempting to comfort her but, blaming herself for her kids' deaths, Madison breaks down and tells Strand that "if I hadn't brought her in the stadium, Nick might still be here! If... if I just -- if I hit Troy harder, Alicia might be here. If I just did it differently... they both might be here." Sympathetic, Strand suggests that he take Madison back to the island and that they leave Daniel to handle getting the fuel that they need. However, unable to let it go, Madison demands to know how Charlie is still here and how Strand and the others could let her back in after what she did. Acknowledging that it might be hard to hear, Strand explains that the group gave Charlie the same thing that everyone else wants: a second chance. Madison is surprised that even Alicia gave Charlie a second chance, and Strand reveals that Alicia was the first one to forgive her, something that Madison doesn't think that she can do, but Strand reassures Madison that no one is asking her to.

Charlie approaches Madison and Strand, asking to talk to Madison who agrees over Strand's objections, wanting to hear what Charlie has to say. Charlie doesn't blame Madison for feeling the way that Madison does, admitting that she had hated herself for a long time after what Charlie did to Nick. While Charlie doesn't expect Madison to forgive her or anything, she really needs to say this because Charlie doesn't know if she's ever going to see Madison again. Madison interrupts Charlie, accusing her of only doing this so that Charlie can feel better about what she did to Nick. Charlie explains that she was 11 years old, scared and being used by people who were older than her and Charlie's truly sorry that she took Nick from Madison and the world. Charlie has tried to turn all of the hurt and pain into something more and its why Charlie spends every day doing what she's doing and it's what makes things like Luciana's operation possible. As bad as Nick's death was, at least something good came out of it, and Charlie offers to do whatever it takes to make Madison see that good. Madison declares that there is something that Charlie can do, recalling how she had snuck into the stadium and fooled everyone. Madison wants Charlie to do the same thing with Troy Otto, not to find out what he's planning, but to kill him. Strand begs Madison not to do this to Charlie, but Madison spitefully declares that after taking the stadium and Madison's son from her, this is the least that Charlie can do. After a moment's hesitation, Charlie tells Madison that she's right and Charlie will do it. Madison walks away, leaving Charlie behind.

As Charlie prepares for her mission, Daniel objects that this is too dangerous for her as they all know what Troy is capable of. Daniel asks to do this in her place, but Madison points out that Daniel won't even get close as Troy knows them, but he doesn't know Charlie and he won't see it coming. Charlie agrees with Madison that Daniel can't do this, but Daniel tells her that he'd thought that Luciana and Charlie were dead for years and Daniel doesn't want to risk losing either of them after having just found Luciana and Charlie again. Charlie promises that he won't lose her and that she knows what she's doing, asking Daniel not to make this any harder, insisting that she wants to and needs to do this. Luciana asks what Charlie's plan is and she explains that she's going to exchange fuel so that it will be less suspicious for Troy if he gets something out of the deal. However, Charlie dodges Luciana's question about her plan after that, simply stating that she's going to fix this for Madison and that none of them will have to worry about Troy Otto again once she's done. Charlie also intends to try to find out what happened to Alicia, but Madison tells Charlie that she doesn't have to do that and pretend like she cares. However, Charlie tells Madison that Alicia was her friend too and that Alicia was the one who helped Charlie to see that she could start over. While Charlie knows that Madison doesn't believe her, she really is sorry about everything. Charlie wishes that she could take back what she did to Nick who was like a brother to her, but Madison angrily tells Charlie that she wouldn't have shot him if that was true.

Charlie silently leaves in her tanker and Luciana gives Madison the keys to another tanker parked just down the road containing enough gas to last PADRE for months. Madison and Strand go to radio the island while Daniel asks if he can stay with Luciana at least until Charlie returns. However, Luciana thinks that it's best if Daniel goes back to PADRE until then, telling him that there's a reason that her people stay hidden: to keep things like this from happening. Daniel sadly acknowledges that Luciana might be right and maybe they shouldn't have come here, but Luciana stops him, admitting that she had wanted to look for Daniel every day that he was out there, but Luciana had to protect him and her people by staying away. Daniel understands and expresses his pride in Luciana for everything that she's done, stating that not everyone could've done what she has.

Inside, one of the Gearheads has Madison and Strand wait while she talks to the radio operator. Noticing Strand's displeased look, Madison promises him that they're going to win this fight and they won't let Troy take the island from them, but Strand wonders what the point of saving it is if they turn PADRE into the opposite of what Alicia had wanted them to build. However, Madison states that if Charlie really meant what she said about Nick, then she will prove it by taking care of Troy for them. The radio operator informs them that the radio is all theirs, but as Strand calls the island, Madison notices a coffee can with a note on top of it addressed to her. Surprised, Madison draws Strand's attention to her discovery: Nick's ashes.

Madison asks Luciana about the coffee can containing Nick's ashes and she explains that they were clearing roads in roads in north Texas and Charlie wanted to see where Madison's Group had buried Nick so that she could tell him that she was sorry, and Luciana didn't realize how much she missed him until she was standing over Nick's grave again. However, when Charlie heard why the group had chosen that spot, she said that Nick deserved something better, and Charlie was right, so they cremated what was left of Nick and brought him with them. Luciana and Strand admit that they had buried Nick in a field in Hill Country, but they had only buried him there so that they could get to a weapons' cache while they were in a dark place. Madison is upset that the location didn't mean anything to her friends, and she declares that Charlie is right that Nick deserves better. Luciana tells Madison that that's what both Charlie and Luciana wanted, they just didn't know where a better place for Nick was with Strand adding that Charlie thought that Madison would know instead. Touching the can containing her son's ashes, Madison asks Luciana to contact Charlie for her.

Luciana makes contact with Charlie and Madison tells the girl to come back and that she was right about Nick, and he does deserve better. If Charlie brought Nick all the way back from Texas for Madison, then she should be there when they say goodbye to him. However, Charlie tells Madison that she can't come back. Having finally realized that Charlie was telling the truth about caring about Nick and regretting killing him, Madison forgives the girl, telling Charlie that she was just a kid and doesn't have to make up for what she did to Nick and do what Madison asked her to do. However, Charlie clarifies that she physically can't come back as several members of Troy's Group stand outside of the tanker pointing guns at her. Troy bangs on the door, ordering Charlie to turn off the radio and step out of the truck, and Charlie explains that Troy and his men had found her before Charlie could get to the hotel and that they're not going to let Charlie leave. Daniel furiously slams his hand on the table and Charlie explains that her plan didn't work, that Troy's men were patrolling the road. Troy opens the tanker door and reiterates his order for Charlie to get out. Charlie offers to trade her gas with Troy, but Troy intends to just take it from her. Hearing Madison asking Charlie for her location over the radio, Troy asks why he would trust anyone who is talking to Madison Clark. Troy tells Charlie that they have a lot to talk about and knocks her out.

Luciana disconnects the radio, telling Madison that they can't give away their location, and Daniel states that Madison should've never put that idea in Charlie's head. While Madison insists that she was trying to do the right thing, Daniel asks Madison to do the right thing now by helping him to rescue Charlie. Luciana agrees with Daniel, but Strand worries about Daniel having told them earlier that they would suffer major losses if they got anywhere close to the hotel. Daniel insists that they have to try, and Madison agrees, stating that it looks like they're finally taking the fight to Troy.

At night, Charlie awakens in the hotel bound, barefoot and with broken glass on the floor. Nearby, Troy chops off the left arm of a walker which Russell places into a cage full of similar walkers. Noticing that Charlie is awake, Troy orders Russell to just release the walkers after Troy's finished with Charlie. Charlie tells Troy that she's not scared of him before Troy, much to her surprise, cuts Charlie's hands free so that they can talk on a more equitable level. However, Troy warns Charlie against trying to run, revealing that the last person who did that cut their feet up so badly because of the broken glass on the floor that they only made it half a mile before the dead found them. Charlie questions why Troy is cutting off the arms of walkers, but he just brushes it off as a way of passing the time. Charlie realizes that Troy wants Madison to think that the walkers are Alicia and asks why Troy killed her.

Troy again brushes off Charlie's questions and, noting that it sounds like he's not the only person to have killed a Clark, asks if what Madison had said about Charlie killing Nick was true with the look on Charlie's face confirming it for him. Troy sadly admits that Nick was like a brother to him, and that they were both better suited to this world than the last one, or at least that was what Troy had thought until he had heard about what had happened to Nick. Troy wonders why Madison is trying to protect her, and Charlie tells him that Madison is giving her a second chance. Troy asks whether Charlie really believes that, stating that it's going to get her killed if it does and no one gave Troy and his people a second chance. Troy reveals that he wants to know where PADRE is because they need a safe place to set up shop, somewhere that people like Madison can't take from them. While Troy has the hotel, he was able to take it in an afternoon and Troy needs someplace more secure that nobody can take from him. Charlie realizes that Troy needs someplace that he can take from Madison, but Troy just calls that the icing on the cake.

Charlie insists that she doesn't know where PADRE is, but Troy doesn't believe her and threatens Charlie with his blade. Charlie explains that the Gearheads had made gas for the settlement, but they left tankers at drop points and Charlie has never actually been to PADRE. Refusing to believe Charlie, Troy prepares to release the caged walkers and force Charlie to run with glass in her feet. Charlie finally appears to give in, telling Troy that there's a map in the tanker truck listing all of the drop sites and Troy might be able to figure out where PADRE is from them. Troy orders Russell to send someone to check and make sure that Charlie is telling the truth, when the hotel is suddenly rocked by a massive explosion. Looking outside, a shocked Troy sees a fireball from where the tanker had just exploded nearby. Troy quickly orders his men to secure the compound, get a headcount and find out where everyone is. Troy realizes that Charlie had rigged the tanker to blow on a timer and had wanted the group to bring it inside, but they were careful to park it nearby instead. One of Troy's men reports in that the walls are still intact and they're working on the headcount, but they need to put the fire out before it draws more walkers. Drawing his gun, Troy tells Charlie that she's going to help him find PADRE whether she knows where it is or not.

On the road near the hotel, Madison and the others hear an explosion and pick up radio chatter between Russell and the rest of Troy's men in which Russell expresses concern that the explosion will draw back the walkers that the group had released and the whole tanker had gone up and the fire is spreading fast. Russell orders his men to look for leaking fuel and contain it and Daniel guesses that the tanker must've exploded. Strand tells the others that the hotel is 10 minutes away by foot, but Daniel refuses to drive in as Troy's people will hear them coming and they need to find a way to get in quietly.

Troy calls Madison over the radio, explaining that her tanker had just exploded outside of his hotel, but Madison claims that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Daniel realizes that Charlie had purposefully allowed herself to be captured as a part of her plan and Troy, aiming his gun at Charlie tells Madison that he knows that she sent Charlie to kill him, and she wasn't in the truck when it exploded, much to the relief of Strand, Daniel and Luciana. Troy admits that he was wrong about Madison as he'd thought that Madison would never be able to forgive the girl who had killed Nick, but he figures that Madison must trust Charlie if she had sent Charlie to kill him or maybe Madison had just thought that Charlie would die in the explosion. Madison orders Troy not to hurt Charlie, confirming for him that Madison does care about her. Troy wonders what Nick would think about that, but Madison believes that her son would get it, stating that people change and they can do shitty things and come back from them. Holding his gun to Charlie's head, Troy tells Madison that she'll have to do something that will upset a lot of people if Madison wants Charlie back alive: Troy wants PADRE's location. Strand warns Madison that Troy is going to hit them with everything that he's got if she does it, but Daniel points out that Madison knows that Charlie doesn't deserve this fate. Charlie yells at Madison not to do it and that she knew what she was doing, causing Troy to kick her chair over. Holding the radio near the gasping Charlie, Troy threatens to kill her if Madison doesn't tell him what he wants to know. Daniel furiously swears to strangle Troy with his bare hands and Madison accepts the deal, telling Troy to meet her in front of the hotel.

Madison's group parks near the burning tanker as walkers, drawn by the fire, begin to gather on the hotel grounds. Madison notices that a burned walker is missing an arm too before Strand stabs it in the head, leaving the two confused as to where the armless walkers are coming from. Troy, Russell, and several of his heavily armed men greet the group near the hotel entrance with Troy warning Madison that there are a lot more of them inside and it had better not be a trick. Madison promises that it's not a trick, but Troy doubts her word. Troy promises to hand Charlie over once they get the location of PADRE and has one of his men put Charlie on the radio. Daniel warns Troy that if Charlie has been harmed, he'll make Troy wish that Daniel only took his other eye. Charlie reassures Madison that she's fine, but she again tells Madison not to make the trade for her.

Knowing that Charlie is only in danger because of her, Madison refuses and tells Troy to hand Charlie over and they'll give him the location of PADRE. However, Troy wants the location first and proposes having one of Madison's people take his right-hand man Russell to the location so that he can verify it at which point Troy will release Charlie. Troy tells Madison that he really doesn't care about Charlie, he just wants a safe place to live. Madison questions why Troy cares so much about PADRE, and he claims that Madison took everything from him, and Troy is just returning the favor. Madison wonders if it's about Madison's role in Jeremiah's death, but Troy makes it clear that he doesn't care about his father at all. Troy refuses to clarify his meaning, stating that PADRE is the only thing that matters and Madison orders Strand to escort Russell there. Strand insists that there must be another way to bring Charlie back, but Madison doesn't see another choice. Strand reminds Madison that there are other people to consider such as Frank and Klaus, but Troy promises that he's not interested in the people living there, just the settlement and everyone will have ample time to leave. Strand agrees and he and Russell prepare to turn over their weapons as a gesture of good faith to ensure that they won't try anything.

As Madison radios Charlie that they're getting her out of there, Charlie suddenly stabs the guard holding the radio for her in the neck with a piece of glass that she had picked up when Troy had shoved her to the floor, killing him. Grabbing the man's gun and radio, Charlie enters into a standoff with the other guard in the room, telling Madison that she took out one of Troy's men and she'll take out another. Madison tries to talk Charlie down, but Charlie refuses to let another place that Madison had built fall because of her actions. Madison promises Charlie that this is not on her, and this is not the stadium, reminding the girl that Charlie is only in this position because Madison had set her on this path. Troy tells Charlie that Madison is right and asks why she's taking the fall for Madison. However, Charlie explains that "it's not for her. This place she's building, it's what Alicia wanted. And it's how Nick's death can mean something. On the rafts, when we left the Tower, Victor told me that's what Alicia said to him when she thought she was dying -- make it mean something." Madison insists that they can do it someplace else, but Charlie points out that, since this is about Madison, Troy will just go after the next place that she finds.

Charlie knows that Troy's people won't kill her because they'll lose their leverage otherwise with Daniel pointing out that Troy will never find where PADRE is otherwise. Troy attempts to defuse the situation, telling Charlie that no one's going to shoot anybody and to just put the gun down so that they can work it out. Madison offers Troy a map to PADRE if he lets Charlie go, telling Troy to send Russell to verify it, but just don't hurt Charlie overruling Charlie's objections. However, Charlie knows that Madison won't have to give Troy PADRE if Troy doesn't have anything to trade and puts the gun to her chin, preparing to sacrifice herself to protect PADRE and Nick and Alicia's legacy. Charlie recalls several fond moments with Madison, Nick, Alicia, Daniel and Luciana ending with herself on the beach saying goodbye to Alicia. Ignoring Daniel and Madison's attempts to talk her down, Charlie shoots herself in the head, killing herself much to the shock and horror of her friends. Troy contacts the second guard to see if the shot was the man stopping Charlie, but he confirms Charlie's death instead. A heartbroken Daniel breaks down and has to be dragged away by Hawk and one of his men as he tries to attack Troy in retaliation. Visibly affected himself by Charlie's actions, Troy promises Madison that he really didn't want things to go down like this, but he can't let her leave with the map. Madison refuses, putting the map away, and Russell interrupts with the news that Tracy's missing.

The next morning, the group arrives at where the Gearheads had parked the tanker for PADRE in the middle of the road. The devastated Daniel sits in the truck bed with Charlie's covered corpse as Luciana gives Madison the keys to the tanker, warning Madison to use the fuel wisely as she won't be getting any more. The Gearheads lost Charlie and Troy now knows about her people, putting them at risk because Luciana had allowed herself to get dragged into a fight that isn't hers. Luciana refuses to let anyone else end up like Charlie and Daniel asks to go with her. Daniel furiously tells Madison that she had sent Charlie to a viper's nest and there's something fundamentally wrong with her. Charlie is the second time that somebody dear to Daniel has died because of Madison and he refuses to let there be a third in Luciana. Daniel tells Madison that she doesn't need him but rather the army that he had assembled if Madison can convince the parents of the children that she had stolen that she had changed. However, Daniel can no longer defend that idea after everything that Madison has done. In Spanish, Daniel reminds Luciana that he had once told her that they were family, and he asks her to come with her so that Daniel can help Luciana and take care of her as he has wanted to for years. Luciana agrees and she and Daniel drive off together.


Killed By

At Madison's request and in an attempt to make up for killing Nick, Charlie attempted to assassinate Troy, but was captured and used as leverage to try to get PADRE's location. After escaping, Charlie chose to shoot herself in the head, committing suicide to remove Troy's leverage over Madison and to protect PADRE from him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Charlie has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Charlie's relationships, read here; Charlie (Fear)/Relationships




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  • Charlie's favorite food is pizza and her least favorite food is salmon patties.
  • Charlie is the first main character to be introduced in a flashback in Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Charlie is the youngest character to directly kill a person in Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Charlie's wardrobe in Season 5 is meant to closely resemble Alicia's, due to Charlie's idolization of her.[2]
  • Charlie is one of the few characters in the franchise to have her birthday mentioned, as she turns 13 in "Mourning Cloak".
    • Assuming correct calculations of the episode's placement on the timeline, her birth date is August 23, 2001.
  • Charlie is the third main character to be demoted to a guest starring credit in a later season. The first being Elizabeth Ortiz, and the second being Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki.
    • Although Elizabeth's guest appearance was as a corpse, while Althea was still alive.
    • She is also the first and currently only main character to have died while credited as a guest star.
  • In Season 8, Charlie has a large scar on her right forehead, a dark patch on her right cheek and a red spot on the right side of her neck. This is presumably residual scarring from Charlie's radiation poisoning in Season 7 as Charlie appears to be otherwise unharmed.
  • Charlie is the fourth main character to commit suicide, the first being Travis, the second being Dakota and the third being John Dorie Sr.
    • Of these four, she is the only one to do so by gunshot.
  • Charlie and Lola Guerrero are the only two main characters who never appear after their death episodes in any capacity.

International Dubbers

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Czech Klára Nováková Cindy Hawkins
Sophia Peletier
Meghan Chambler
French Lisa Caruso Lydia
German Emilia Raschewski N/A
Hungarian N/A N/A
Italian Arianna Vignoli N/A
Japanese Serizawa Sato Sakura N/A
Portuguese N/A N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Alexa Navarro N/A
Spanish (Spain) Elena Barra N/A


  1. Duration of Charlie's stay was revealed in "Good Out Here"
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