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"I know what he’s talkin’ about! Just never heard ’em called such a thing before."
—Charlie to the old men about the word 'Biters'.[src]

Charlie Banes is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is a homeless resident of Woodbury and later a Woodbury soldier. He is one of the first residents to speak to Brian Blake before he becomes, "the Governor." He and his two homeless friends are described as "ancient, grizzled, spavined codgers in moth-eaten Salvation Army coats" who "look like they’ve been hunkered around this barrel for eternity". Charlie "has has a long white beard" and wrinkled eyes.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Charlie's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have already been homeless and lived in or near Woodbury before the outbreak.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Charlie started living in Woodbury and for some reason was unable to leave the town after the death of 'Yellow' Mike. He and two other homeless men often sit around a burning barrel in the town drinking alcohol and likely contributing very little.

Rise of the Governor

On Brian Blake's first night in Woodbury he can't sleep, so he heads out at night to explore the town. Before dawn he passes an abandoned car park and alley before finding a group of old men huddled around a flaming trash barrel, warming their hands and passing around a bottle of Thunderbird. The first man tells Brian to watch his back. Charlie and the second man share a short humorless chuckle. Brian asks if they've got biters in the area. Charlie is confused at the phrase so the fat man tells him he means the dead things. The first man reminds Charlie that they're what ate 'Yellow' Mike, and the reason they're stuck in the town. Charlie snaps back and knows what Brian meant, he just hasn't heard them called that before. The second old man asks if Brian's new in town, and welcomes him to "Hell's waiting room". The first old man tells Brian not to listen to the fat man before putting his arm around Brian’s shoulder and confidently telling him that it's not the dead he should be worried about in this town. It's the living.

The Road to Woodbury

On Josh Hamilton and Lilly Caul's first day in Woodbury, the three homeless men sit around their barrel outside the Feed & Seed store watching the pair like buzzards. Josh greets the men and the first one asks if they're the newbies in town. Josh tells him they are and he sarcastically responds "lucky you". Charlie and the others share a garbled chuckle. Josh asks if this building is the food centre. The first man tells him it is and to keep an eye on his woman as they continue chuckling.

Early in the morning one day, Charlie and the other two men sit around their flaiming oil drum warming their hands with Sam the Butcher nearby. Josh and Lilly enter Woodbury with a duffel bag of their own supplies having an argument. Sam calls over Josh and asks him what's in the bag. The two start to argue over Josh's debt and the bag's contents and all eyes are on the pair. The homeless men cease their conversation around the barrel and slowly start to back away as tensions rise. After Sam shoots Josh in the back of the head, the three old codgers stand backed up against the storefront, frozen in shock. Caesar Martínez arrives on the scene and begins to fight the Butcher. The pair wrestle with Martínez's carbine before knocking over the barrel, spilling it's contense and cracking the store window. The M1 flies off across the sidewalk and the old men scatter in terror. After Martínez wins the fight, the Governor holds an announcement in the town square with almost the entirity of Woodbury's population gathered. Charlie then joins the rest of the town in watching the first Woodbury Arena fight between Sam and Stinson.

After the attempted assassination on the Governor, Philip makes an arena announcement abolishing the barter system in Woodbury. One of the older gentleman a few rows above the others stands on wobbly knees, his Salvation Army topcoat buffeting in the wind, and he begins to clap, nodding his head, with his grizzled jaw jutting proudly.

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

Charlie takes part in the prison assault. He survives the first attack and retreats along with the rest of the militia. During the second assault, Billy Greene throws a grenade which lands on a Buick sedan and explodes, propelling the two-thousand-pound vehicle into the air, tearing shrapnel from its front half and sending every man and woman within a fifty-yard radius falling to their feet. Charlie is caught in the explosion and killed by deadly shrapnel torn from the vehicle.


Killed By

During the second prison assault, Charlie is caught in the explosion caused by Billy Greene's grenade detonating a vehicle.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Charlie has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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