Charlotte is a Winchester Model 70 rifle first encountered in "Starved For Help" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. It was originally used by Danny St. John to kill both humans and zombies.


Charlotte seems to hold special meaning and loving interest to Danny St. John, but the details are unknown.


St. John's Dairy Farm

Nothing is known about Charlotte, but it was used to possibly go hunt the wild.


"Starved For Help"

Charlotte first appears in "Starved For Help" with Danny St. John when he and Lee Everett go searching for the Save-Lots Bandits in the forest after they attack Mark and the St. John's Dairy Farm. After being captured by the St. Johns, Lee and Kenny escape the meat locker and end up fighting against Danny. (Determinant) Charlotte is forcefully taken from Danny and given to Lilly in case she needs it later. Lilly, if Lee attempted to save her father, uses Charlotte to shoot Andrew St. John, saving Lee.

"Long Road Ahead"

Charlotte is later used by Lee while scavenging in Macon, and against the Save-Lots Bandits. It was most likely left in the RV as it isn't seen afterwards.

Killed Victims

The following is a list of victims killed by Charlotte:


Video Game

Season 1

WDG Charlotte "Starved For Help" Danny St. John, using Charlotte when searching for the Save-Lots Bandits.
Danny Charolette "Starved For Help" Danny, aiming Charlotte at Jolene.
Danny Shot Jolene "Starved For Help" Danny, after shooting Charlotte at Jolene. (Determinant)
Danny Threatening "Starved For Help" Danny, threatening Lee Everett with Charlotte.
WDG Ep. 3 Lee Winchester "Long Road Ahead" Lee, using Charlotte when deciding Beatrice's fate.
Walker biting Gun "Long Road Ahead" Lee, using Charlotte to fight against the pilot walker.
Carley runnin'2 "Long Road Ahead" Lee, using Charlotte to protect Carley and Ben Paul during the bandit raid.


  • Charlotte is one of four weapon of choices in The Walking Dead universe given a name by its user. The others being Negan, naming his baseball bat covered in barbed wire "Lucille" (along with their TV Series counterparts), Molly naming her climbing pick "Hilda", and Louis naming his chair leg with nails "Chairles".
    • Out of all three, Charlotte is the only one that is not a melee weapon.
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