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This article is about the Webisodes character. You may be looking for the TV Series horse.

Come on man, you can't send me back out there!
―Chase, trying to convince B.J. to let him stay.[src]

Chase is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage. He was attempting to reach his younger sister in Cynthiana, Kentucky.


Chase is a pragmatic, resourceful, helpful, and thoughtful individual. Due to it being early days of the apocalypse, Chase is shown to be an inexperienced survivor, often making foolish mistakes such as leaving the doors open behind him for the walkers to get in. However, he is quick on his feet and able to get out of situations using his wits. Though not the most skilled at it, he is able to kill walkers, at one point even managing to kill a zombified Lenny in the dark. He has a somewhat unemotional and serious demeanor, showing little reaction to the death of his friend, Harris, though this could be due to the heat of the moment. After encountering B.J., he manages to convince him to let him stay, saying he can be useful in helping power up the generators. He was on his way to Cynthiana, Kentucky to get to her younger sister and even offers B.J. to come with him, despite his questionable nature. However, B.J. ultimately proves to be untrustworthy and shoots Chase in the head. Luckily for Chase, it only grazed him and, though somewhat disoriented, makes his way back into the facility. After it's revealed that B.J. has been holding Kelly, one of his former workers, captive, Chase goes to save her and promises to get her out. Chase gets into a standoff with B.J. and he tries to negotiate with him to let Kelly go. It's unknown if Chase would've been willing to kill B.J., however Kelly does it for him by decapitating him with her machete. Chase and Kelly make it out of the facility and make their way to Cynthiana.


Location Unknown[]

Little is known about Chase's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than that he has a younger sister who lived in Cynthiana, Kentucky. He also may have known Harris before the apocalypse.


Cold Storage[]

"Hide and Seek"[]

Chase is first introduced on a rooftop lying against a wall, unconscious. He is awakened by Harris and he hands Chase a crowbar for a weapon. Across the way, a Self Storage Facility is seen and Harris suggests heading for it to collect supplies. While on their way over, Harris is attacked and devoured by walkers which forces Chase to break down the facility's door and enter the building to escape the walkers pursuing him. However, three walkers get in and continue pursuing Chase. They trap him in a storage locker when all of a sudden three gunshots are heard and the walkers are killed.

"Keys to the Kingdom"[]

The gunshots are revealed to have come from a man named B.J. B.J. tells Chase to leave the storage locker and reveal himself. Afterwards, B.J. tells Chase to leave the facility. B.J. is questioned by Chase and B.J. mentions powering up the generators, which leads Chase to say that he'll help him in return for a truck in order to get to his sister.

While walking up to B.J.'s office, he is told to look through a storage locker that was owned by a cop. It is revealed that the owner of the locker is Rick Grimes. Chase finds pictures of Rick's family and smiles upon looking at them before grabbing a new shirt and heading to the office.

"The Chosen Ones"[]

Chase enters the office and B.J. tells Chase to head to the next floor to turn on the power. Chase walks upstairs with a crowbar and reaches the generator area. While up there, a walker approaches him from behind and Chase eventually kills it. He then returns to B.J. and goes outside with him to get a truck, only to be betrayed, shot, and left to die.

"Parting Shots"[]

Chase survives the gunshot and slowly makes his way back into the storage facility. Along the way, he encounters an undead Harris. Chase smashes his head in with a cinderblock and takes his machete. After entering the facility, he stumbles upon a room full of furniture with a lone woman named Kelly tied to a bed frame against her will. She screams at the sight of Chase, but he reassures her that he is a good person. After that, the two hatch a plan to escape the facility, Chase now knowing B.J.'s dark secret.

Once downstairs, Chase and Kelly meet up with B.J. who threatens to kill them both. The three banter back and forth after Kelly reveals B.J.'s dark secret of killing his employees and others. Kelly then decapitates B.J. Afterwards, Chase and Kelly grab the truck keys and head for a truck that is unfortunately low on gas. They drive off, leaving the facility to be overrun by walkers and an undead B.J. left inside.

Chase and Kelly's fate after this is currently unknown, but they were planning to head for Cynthiana, Kentucky to join a caravan heading for Washington, D.C. However, it is unknown if they made it and as seen in "A New Beginning," Washington was eventually overrun by the undead.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Chase has killed:


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  • Chase has seen pictures of Rick, Lori, and Carl Grimes in Rick's storage unit. A picture of Shane, Rick, and two other officers is also seen.
  • Chase, Carl Grimes, and Daryl Dixon are the only characters to survive a headshot in the TV Series, with Andrea and Carl Grimes being the only ones in the Comic Series.
    • In Chase's case, he was merely grazed by the bullet and as such, he was not seriously harmed.

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