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"We could always go back to the mansion. The Chateau Lafite is waiting for us."
"It's gone. There's nothing for us back there.
Victor Strand and Alicia Clark discuss the mansion's fate[src]

Chateau Lafite is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is an abandoned mansion located somewhere in Texas that was occupied by part of Morgan's Group following the destruction of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium and the Vultures.


Nothing is known of the mansion's history before the outbreak.


Season 4

Following the defeat of the Vultures and the destruction of the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium, Victor Strand, Luciana Galvez and Alicia Clark move into the mansion.

"People Like Us"

Victor Strand, Alicia Clark and Luciana Galvez have settled into the mansion with Luciana mourning the loss of Nick Clark, Strand enjoying the lavish lifestyle and Alicia living in the greenhouse and killing walkers outside of the fence carrying messages from another survivor. Morgan Jones visits in an effort to recruit the group into returning to Alexandria with him, putting down a walker that got through the fence and which a drunk Strand is unable to kill with a silenced pistol. However, Morgan fails to convince any of them to come with him and a distracted Luciana is nearly killed by a walker that wanders in, but Strand is able to save her. The two then repair the breach in the fence while Alicia sets out with Morgan to a nearby lumber yard in search of the survivor.

Following the disappearance of Charlie, John Dorie visits and enlists a reluctant Strand's help in finding her, Strand failing to notice that the barometer is now predicting a storm coming. Shortly thereafter, as a massive hurricane begins to hit, Charlie drops by briefly to leave Luciana a copy of The Little Prince. Seeing Charlie and what she had done, Luciana chases after her, leaving the mansion empty.

"Close Your Eyes"

After the hurricane is over, Alicia Clark and Charlie return to the mansion, only to find it wrecked by the storm.


Stranded by the hurricane on a makeshift island near Ranger Station 26, Victor Strand expresses his frustration with being forced to leave the mansion on a fool's errand, believing the mansion to be his version of paradise, calling it "an estate with God's wine cellar."

"... I Lose Myself"

Victor Strand suggests returning to the Chateau Lafite as an alternative to going to Alexandria, but Alicia informs him that the mansion was destroyed in the hurricane and that there's nothing left for them back there.




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Fear The Walking Dead

Season 4


  • It's unknown if Chateau Lafite is actually the mansion's real name or if its simply what Victor Strand dubbed it.