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I am studying the Homo Mortis, everything from their behaviors psychology to migration patterns.
―Chauncey to Amy.[src]

Dr. Chauncey Everett is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. He is the protagonist of the episode "Amy / Dr. Everett".


Dr. Everett is a highly intelligent and analytical individual. As a scientist, he values his studies above all else, having decided to dedicate his life to studying walkers. However, he is also shown to be extremely cynical about mankind, to the point of believing the apocalypse to be a good thing due to nature being able to flourish. Because of this, he prefers to stay alone and deserts himself from others.

When encountering another survivor, Amy, he is shown to have no problems letting her die to a group of walkers and only stepped in to save her when she damaged Specimen 21's tracker. Amy tries to befriend Dr. Everett, however he chooses to remain cold and distant to her and is quite irritated with her attempts at conversation. However, eventually the two are forced to work together to get what they both want. If Dr. Everett helps Amy find her group, Amy will tell Dr. Everett where Specimen 21 is.

As the two interact with each other, Dr. Everett does reveal he still does retain some of his humanity and seems to eventually grow a liking to Amy. He reveals that he is continuing his studies to fulfill a promise he had made to his dead friend, Dr. Moseley, who also is Specimen 21. However, when Amy offers for him to join her group, he still refuses and is adamant on his choice to remain alone, believing humans just make everything worse.

Dr. Everett eventually reveals himself to be a hypocrite, a fact he himself admits. After Amy finds two of her group members being attacked by walkers, Dr. Everett holds her back, saying she can't interfere with nature taking its course. However, immediately after when Specimen 21 is shoved into a river, Dr. Everett begs Amy to help him get him back, despite that interfering with nature. This prompts Amy to part ways him, being more willing to die than end up like him. In the end, Dr. Everett remains the same as he is in the beginning. After finding a zombified Amy at her overrun camp, he presumably takes her to be part of his experiments, showing he has not changed at all. However, he does seem to be visibly saddened by her demise.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Chauncey's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he at some point got a doctorate degree and worked as a doctor.


Wiregrass Region, United States[]

When the outbreak began, Chauncey was part of a team of scientists devoted to studying the post-apocalyptic environment, though they soon "fell out" due to disagreements. Having lost his team, Chauncey wandered for two years until finding a ranger's station located in the Dead Sector. It was there he was reunited with former colleague Dr. Moseley, and the pair worked alongside one another, studying the Homo Mortis specimen for the next several months. As time passed, Chauncey began to notice Dr. Moseley's health depleting and discovered he was dying of cancer. Honoring his wishes, Chauncey allowed Moseley to reanimate after his death and serve as a subject in their study.

Over the next seven years, Chauncey lived in voluntary isolation and continued his research, growing increasingly unsympathetic of the human race while witnessing how the environment thrived without them. At one point, Chauncey began filming and producing his own documentary intended to showcase the unique ecosystem of the Dead Sector, attaching cameras to his undead specimens and utilizing a drone for footage.

Season 1[]

"Amy / Dr. Everett"[]

Chauncey will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Chauncey has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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Tales of the Walking Dead[]

Season 1[]


  • The casting call for this character used the name Dr. Caulder.[1]
    • Chauncey is described as "Headstrong, determines, a binary scientific thinker, and a naturalist. He has spent his life alone, devoting himself fully to the study of nature. He believes a new predator has usurped humans on the evolutionary scale and wants to preserve the new natural order. Determined not to allow people in, he regains an unexpected faith in humanity after meeting someone who forces him to question what is more important, nature of nurture?"[1]
  • AMC was interested in casting Jimmy Smits for this role, before landing on Anthony Edwards.[1]