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Chen Ahui (Ahui Chen) is a character and the sister of Chen Wenzhu in The Walking Dead: Typhoon.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China[]

Ahui and her brother Zhu spend most of their childhood in the upstairs apartment with their grandparents as their parents apartment only had one bedroom. The two would often spend evenings taking apart kites to use the frames as bows and arrows. They would also stay up late at night and whisper to each other until their grandfather would arrive and threaten to make then kneel in opposite corners of the room for the rest of the night. Ahui used to steal ramen packets from her mother's convenience store and would suck on the pepper packs. This went on for an entire summer until their grandmother discovered the opened ramen packets and all the discarded noodles under the bed. Zhu took the blame for Ahui and got the worst punishment he remembers.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China[]

When the outbreak started, the elders in Fongyuan were prepared and ordered a fence to be built around the village, successfully protecting it's residents. When Changsha fell, the army arrived and drafted young people to help build the Beacon of Light. Mrs. Chen and her family helped hide Meili and Ahui. A few weeks later more soldiers showed up to take more people leaving no strong and able-bodied residents to protect Fongyuan and the village was overrun. After her Grandmother refuses to leave, Ahui's father helps get his wife and daughter out of their neighborhood but is bitten and killed by a jiāngshī in the process. Ahui and her mother arrive at the river with Meili and numerous other residents where they safely make it to the Grove.


While making their way to the furthest yellow flag, Zhu, Elena, and Bo stay the night in a seemingly random apartment which Zhu chose as it was his family's. Zhu checks some of the rooms to see his family one last time and remembers the memories he had with Ahui as a child. He finds a picture taped to the wall of himself at the age of twelve, flanked by Ahui at age ten and her friend Meili. He thinks about taking the picture with him but decides to leave it in the past where it belongs.

Meili reveals to Zhu that Ahui is alive and is part of the north team.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Ahui has killed:


Chen Wenzhu[]

Oh, gē. You look terrible.
―Ahui after seeing a reanimated Wenzhu.[src]

Ahui and Zhu had a positive brother-sister relationship. They spent most of their childhood together with their grandparents and shared the same room where they would sometimes whisper to each other at night until their grandmother came in and threatened to make them kneel in opposite corners all night. Zhu once took the blame for Ahui stealing ramen packets from her mother's convenience store and eating only the pepper packs when they were both young.

Elena Anderson[]

Meili told me you were the most important person in Wenzhu's life. That makes you one of the most important people in mine as well.
―Ahui to Elena Anderson when first meeting her.[src]



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