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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for his Road to Survival counterpart.

Chen Wenzhu (Wenzhu Chen), more commonly called Zhu (Ju), is a main character and the protagonist of The Walking Dead: Typhoon. He is the leader of Wind Team and feels immense guilt for not trying to reach his family fast enough during the early stages of the outbreak.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China

When Zhu was young he used to play games such as chess with his grandparents and remembers being "a sore loser".

Zhu and his sister Ahui spend most of their childhood in the upstairs apartment with their grandparents as their parents apartment only had one bedroom. The two would often spend evenings taking apart kites to use the frames as bows and arrows. They would also stay up late at night and whisper to each other until their grandfather would arrive and threaten to make then kneel in opposite corners of the room for the rest of the night. One time when they were both young, Zhu took the blame for Ahui stealing ramen packets from her mother's convenience store and sucking on the pepper packs for an entire summer until their grandmother discovered the opened ramen packets and all the discarded noodles under the bed. Zhu couldn't remember a time where he was switched that badly as a result.

Changsha, Hunan, China

At some point Zhu leaves a farm in western Hunan to work in Changsha. He finds a job on an assembly line in a factory where he meets and works next to Ming Haobo. Because of this he sees his family in Fongyuan a lot less. Shorty after he begins looking for an English tutor and meets Elena Anderson, a tutor from America who teaches him how to speak near fluent English. They later start a relationship.


Changsha, Hunan, China

During the early stages of the outbreak Zhu was separated from his family. He didn't realize that the government were losing control of the outbreak and therefore didn't rush back to his family, or walk when the buses and trains stopped running. For this he feels immense guilt for not being a better son and brother. At some point he made it to the Fongyuan village with several other groups of survivors making their way to the Beacon. His group consists of himself, his girlfriend Elena Anderson, and his friend Bo.




Killed By

While escaping the Beacon of Light through the typhoon, Zhu is unknowingly bitten on the ankle by a jiāngshī. Elena and the village amputate his leg to stop the spread of the bite and believe it to have worked. Until the next day when Zhu became gravely sick again. They amputated the remainder of his leg before Zhu passed. Zhu's dying wish was to lay eyes on his sister one last time and to be buried next to her. Zhu is then chained up in a trailer until Ahui is found. Ahui then has a moment alone with her brother before putting him to rest.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Wenzhu has killed:



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