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"K-kill uss...p-please..."
—Cher to Nick.[src]

"Cher" (real name unknown) is a character encountered in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. She's a member of Tommy's group of home invaders who attempted to take the peach orchard home from the Blake Family and Nick Parsons.


She is described as wearing leather pants, layers of mesh, lampblack eyeliner, and spiky hair. She is described as looking like she has androgynous skin and bones. She is a drug addict of some sort, and may have been dating Sonny.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Cher's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is likely that she was a drug addict of some sort, and she may have been dating "Sonny".


At some point after the outbreak, Cher joined Tommy's group.

Rise of the Governor

"Chaos Theory"

Having followed Philip Blake's group for fifty miles outside of Atlanta, Cher, along with Sonny, under orders from their leader, Tommy, decided to attempt and take the Peach Orchard Villa from Philip's group after conducting a few days of scouting and recon on the house. Cher and Sonny are then ordered to find Brian and Penny Blake and hold them hostage with a .38 Police Special while a deal is struck between Tommy and Philip. After the deal was made that would allow Philip and his group to leave unharmed, Tommy orders his men to betray them and hunt down Philip's group to kill them. During the hunting, both Cher and Sonny are captured by Philip Blake and Nick Parsons. Near the end of the hunt Penny Blake is killed by one of Cher and Sonny's allies. This leads Philip to slowly torture Cher and Sonny for days in a barn while specifically raping her until Nick discovers his secret. The almost unrecognisable Cher requests that Nick put both of her and Sonny out of their misery, to which Nick complies.


Killed By

After being tortured by Philip for days, Sonny and Cher beg Nick to shoot them both in order to put them out of their misery. Nick agrees, shooting them both in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims "Cher" has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people






Philip Blake


Nick Parsons

Even though the two raiders were indirectly responsible for Penny's death, Nick kept his humanity and ended the prisoner's suffering. He did this not because he felt remorse for them, but simply because he believed that it was the right, Christian thing to do.


Novel Series

Rise of the Governor

Chaos Theory


  • Cher's real name is never revealed, but Philip starts to call her Cher.
    • The names Philip chose for the two home invaders are from the American pop duo 'Sonny & Cher'.