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China (officially the People's Republic of China) is a country in Asia. It serves as the main setting of The Walking Dead: Typhoon.


China was the world's most populous country before the outbreak, with a population of 1.2 billion. It was also one of the world's leading economies.


During the onset of the outbreak, the Chinese government attempted to contain the jiāngshī and protect civilians, as they overran the country. However, according to the last report from China's Ministry of Health, around 700 million jiāngshī were active; meaning that more than half of the population perished in the first few weeks of the outbreak. In Beijing, government officials touted a message of determination, and reassured the worried populace that China would be able to persevere through the outbreak, and that everything was "under control". However, Beijing eventually went dark, and subsequently caused major panic, as many local governments collapsed, and thousands of people fled major cities in order to avoid the hordes of undead. Subsequently, those from smaller villages attempted to flee to the cities, seeking government protection; this collision led to many roads becoming jammed, and many survivor communities to be overrun, due to travel being ground to a halt.

Notable Locations



  • Beijing


  • Shanghai
  • Fudan University


  • Xi'an


  • In The Walking Dead Webisodes: Cold Storage, Chase mentions a report of China initially having a "handle" on the outbreak. However, with confirmation that the rest of the world was overrun with the undead, it can be inferred that China has met the same fate in the Television Universe.