Chris Rebbert is the brother of Sean Ainsworth. Sean, who was a director at Telltale Games, directed the DLC for the Video Game, 400 Days. Sean knew that Chris was a big fan of the comics, so Chris was taken photos of and put in the game as Eddie.

He does not voice him, nor does Eddie have his personality, but the appearance is completely based off of him. Even Chris' fictional band, "Chris Rebbert and the Hand Jobs", is in the game, appearing on Wyatt's pink shirt.

Chris later went on to work on Season 4 as a writer, director, and season director.

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  • He is one of the seven real-life persons to have a video game character to be based on them, along with Doug Tabacco, Brie Rosenholm and four zombies in "No Time Left".
    • He is the only one of them whose character is not named after them.
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