Christa's Camp is a small camp Christa and Clementine made that is located on the outskirts of North Carolina. It is a minor location in "All That Remains" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Before the apocalypse, Christa's Camp did not exist and was just part of a wooded forest area in North Carolina. The area may have been used as a camp ground before the apocalypse for many campers, however, once the outbreak began, people may have fled through the woods and may have set up temporary camps in the area before moving on to find a safer place to live.


"All That Remains"

Sixteen months after the events that claimed the lives of both Omid and Michelle, Christa and Clementine found themselves in the outskirts of North Carolina. They built a small camp where they seemingly stayed for a little while.

While at the camp, Christa talked to Clementine about their plan regarding moving to Wellington as their next destination of safety. After their discussion, Christa walked deeper into the woods in search of firewood to roast a weasel they killed earlier. After some time, Clementine heard commotion and decided to check on Christa. Clementine found Christa being held hostage by a three men. After the bandits noticed Clementine, Victor sent Winston to chase after her while he and Ralph dealt with Christa. Clementine led him back to her campfire before leading him away toward a nearby river, where he was killed by walkers and she was carried away by the current.



  • Clementine - Christa's ward and companion. (Formerly)
  • Christa - Clementine's guardian and the settler of the camp. (Formerly)


  • Christa's Camp is the first new location of Season Two.
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