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This article is about the Road to Survival character. You may be looking for her Video Game counterpart.

Christa is a Telltale Games adapted and playable character who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Pre-Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse

Main article: Christa (Video Game)

Events of Road to Survival

Act 3

Christa is present when the group stops to clear rubble from the train tracks, helping to fend off the nearby Walkers. Once done, she alerts the group to nearby bandits poraching them, swiftly killing them with Lee's help.

Once done, they continue to Savannah. Once at the outskirts, They abandon the train to avoid detection from any more hostile survivors. They all take refuge in a high school gym but are awakened in then goth by Bandits breaking on, Walkers shortly behind them. Christa keeps Clementine safe while Chuck and Lee check out the noise, Kenny and Omid soon joining them to help during the skirmish.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Christa has killed:

  • Fivel (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Ben Paul (Indirectly Caused, Accidental, Determinant)
  • Michelle
  • A few unnamed bandits (Off-Screen, 12 Hour Skip)
  • Numerous counts of zombies

As a Playable Character

Christa - "All That Remains"

  • Persona: Soldier
  • Trait: Fast
  • Role: Damage
  • Rarity: Epic (5 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Stopping Power (Deal 125% damage and Stun for 1 turn to one enemy and all enemies adjacent to it.)
  • Specialist Skill: Tenacity (If this character's health is above 20% and they take damage that would kill them, their health will be reduced to 19% instead)

Christa - "Limited Edition"

  • Persona: Legend
  • Trait: Alert
  • Role: Damage
  • Rarity: Legendary (6 Stars)
  • Leader Skill: Does not have one.
  • Adrenaline Rush: You've Earned It (Deal 700% damage one enemy. Up to two other enemies get 50% slow and 100% heal reduction for 3 turns.)
  • Specialist Skill: Waste Not (When this specialist kills an enemy with an attack or adrenaline rush, any excess damage is dealt to one adjacent target.)
  • Active Skill: Focus and Defense Down (This character gets Focus for 3 turns. Up to 2 enemies get -40% defense for 2 turns.)


  • Christa is the first character made available to the players in the entire game to have a Specialist Skill.
  • Her Road to Survival arc serves to link what occurred after the events of Episode Three and Four of the main game, depicting what occurred in the 12 hour time gap.
  • Out of every playable character in the game, Christa has the slowest Adrenaline Rush recharge rate. When at maximum rush level, it takes 111 Adrenaline Points to fully charge it.
  • Christa All That Remains is one of many characters to have Tenacity as their Specialist Skill. For other characters, see Tenacity.