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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for her appearance in the Comic Series, or her TV Series counterpart.

"I've worked with men like you my entire career. You call yourself a governor? Really? You're just a schoolyard bully who's found a playground to rule. The doctor told me all about you."
—Christina to Brian Blake

Christina Meredith Haben is a character featured in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. She is described as being fair skinned with very beautiful dish-water blonde hair.



Christina Meredith Haben grew up in Kirkwood, Georgia. She went away to college in the 1980s to study telecommunications at Oberlin. Christina had a child, but gave her to adoption a day after 9/11. Christina never found the "Mr. Right", a husband, for her, and considered her career more important to her. Christina has won during her career three Emmys, a Clio and a couple of Caple Ace awards. She was from Atlanta, and worked at Channel 9, WROM, the Fox affiliate out of North Atlanta. She was a segment producer.


Atlanta, Georgia

Christina survived the earlier days of the outbreak inside Fox News headquarters along with many other survivors. After the food from the cafeteria started to run out, many of the survivors turned against each other. Mike ended up helping her escape and with Mike being a pilot they took the station's helicopter. One of the group's survivors rigged the helicopter to crash in case anyone tried to escape, but Mike was able to get the helicopter out of the city before crashing. She was then found in the helicopter crash along with Mike by Caesar Martínez and Lilly Caul where she was the only survivor. Badly injured she was brought to Dr. Stevens and Alice Warren for treatment. This is where Stevens told her not to trust The Governor.


Killed By

Brian comes in to talk to her about where she was from how she got the helicopter. She answers his questions truthfully. Then he tells her she is safe here and Christina, already knowing the bad things Stevens said about The Governor, tells him that she is not staying here and that he is a bully, so The Governor chokes her to death. He then puts her head in his fish tanks and feeds her body to zombies.

After returning from the assault on the prison, Lilly Caul goes to the Governor's apartment and shoots each of the heads in the fish tanks, including Christina's.


Novel Series

The Fall of the Governor - Part One

The Gathering