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Christine Collins Ridley is an extra who portrayed a survivor living in Woodbury.

She revealed that she appeared in a scene for "Say the Word" where she was at the picnic with two college-aged kids, and speculated that she may have been a mother and those two were her own children.

She has appeared in the following episode:

  • "Say the Word" - Chats with another resident during the barbeque and later listens to Governor's speech with her children.
  • "Hounded" - Seen working in a garden with other residents.
  • "Made to Suffer" - Seen at Arena after Rick's group infiltrates town.
  • "The Suicide King" - Cheers on at death match between Merle and Daryl, tries to leave town next day.
  • "I Ain't a Judas" - Walks with woman in street, walks in background when Governor evaluates new recruits for firearm training.
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