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"This is how it works now. Look around. There is no more good, there is no more bad, right or wrong. It's us or them, kill or be killed."
—Chris to Travis.[src]

Christopher James Manawa, better known as Chris, is a main character and later an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He is the teenage son of Travis Manawa and Elizabeth Ortiz. He served as one of the two secondary antagonists for the second half of Season 2 (along with Derek).


Christopher was shown to be a normal, highly intelligent teenager before the apocalypse occurred, though he did appear to be extremely angered at his father for leaving and seemed to hold this against him for the rest of his life. Travis stated at one point that Chris was kind and had a big heart as a kid, but his anger developed after the divorce. Like everyone else, Chris slowly adapted to the apocalypse in the beginning and retained his kind side, though after the death of his mother, he is shown to be even more angered and traumatized.

By Season 2, Chris takes a dramatic turn for the worst and is shown to be angered at his father, distant from everyone and has turned into a noticeably colder individual. Throughout the season, Chris develops a more antagonisitic role beginning when he puts a survivor of Flight 462 down, albeit at his own request and kills Reed, a captive of his group. He is shown to willing to allow members of his own group to die as shown when he almost allows Madison to be killed by walkers and threatens to kill Alicia if she tells of what happened. His attempt on Madison's life appears to have been motivated by the fact that she had lied to him about believing Chris that he had no choice but to kill Reed. Travis, fearful of what Chris was turning into, chose to take him away from the group in the hopes of helping him cool down, though this would not work in his favor as the two encountered a new group of survivors, consisting of Brandon, Derek and James. Chris very quickly adapted to this new group and agreed fully with their views of the new world in which making the hard call is the only way to survive and even killed a farm owner who threatened them. Ironically, in their final conversation, Chris finally expressed understanding of why Travis put his mother down, though Travis insisted that he had his reasoning backwards on it. Chris' development into an antagonist was fully complete when he helped Brandon and Derek kill James due to his injuries slowing them down and willingly and coldly abandoned his father in order to leave with Brandon and Derek, leading to his own demise.


Los Angeles, California

Christopher was born on February 12th, 1994, and lived in Los Angeles with his parents before they got divorced. Afterwards he lived with his mother Elizabeth Ortiz in the outskirts of Los Angeles and would visit his father Travis Manawa for three weekends per month. Before the outbreak, he was a student at St. George's Christian Academy and would take public transportation to and from school.


Season 1


Chris is doing homework when he hears his mother talking about taking him with his father to go to the hospital and argues with her. Chris talks to his father and tells him that he doesn't want to go. He tells Travis that he doesn't need to support Nick and that he doesn't have to support him like that. He gives the phone to his mother and leaves the room.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Chris walks into a bus and sits down. He ignores the phone call from his father, puts in his earbuds, and starts to listen to music. He looks out the bus window to see ambulances driving down the street. Someone says that the police shot someone about twenty times and Chris is eager to see what is happening.

Chris then starts walking down the street then sees an officer with a bite on his arm and another one trying to take care of it. Chris tries to see what is happening. He pulls out his video camera and starts to record the protest. An officer tells him to put the camera down but one of the protesters tells him to keep filming so he does.

Chris starts chanting with the others, "Hell no, we won't go!" He picks up his phone thinking that it's his mother. When Travis responds, Chris asks why he has his mother's phone. Travis ignores his question and asks where he is and he responds that there was a protest and that it's important. He gets off the phone and continues to record the action.

When Travis and Elizabeth find Chris, Chris starts arguing with his father. Chris gets mad but goes with them anyway. They find Daniel and asks if they could go in their barber shop to "ride it out." Chris tries to see out the window and notes that it's insane outside but Travis tells him to get away from the window. Chris looks out the window to see the riot continue.

"The Dog"

Chris is still looking out of the window until someone appears at the window and stares at him which scares him. Travis asks what he saw. Chris told his father the description of what he saw was "a guy who was really pissed off."

Chris said that they should leave immediately with just him, Travis, and Elizabeth. Chris grabs a knife but places it back when Daniel sees that he was holding it. Chris starts to feel the wall and tells Travis that the wall of the place was getting hot. Chris leaves with Daniel, Griselda, and Ofelia behind them. Chris sees an officer being eaten by a walker and stands there shocked and Travis pulls him away from the officer.

Chris follows his father while he tries to bring them to the truck. Chris starts yelling to his father telling him to stop running to help Griselda and helps her. They get to the truck and flee. They try to go to a hospital for Griselda and see an ambulance truck crashed into a tree. The police and the SWAT team start shooting the infected. Chris and the rest get down and Travis keeps driving. They see parts of Downtown L.A. and the electricity to buildings go out.

Chris looks at Madison's house and says that it looks like nobody is there. They go inside and see a walker eating the dog that the Clark family found. Chris starts yelling at Travis asking what he's doing. He starts yelling when the walker starts to attack him. Chris goes outside to puke once Daniel blows off the walker's head with a shotgun. When Alicia tries to get over the fence, Chris tries to save her and Alicia accidentally hits Chris' nose with her elbow. He gets mad, pushes his father, and storms into the house.

Travis helps Chris by cleaning off the blood from his nose and checks to see if his nose is broken. Travis says that his nose is most likely not broken. Chris asks his father what was wrong with the walker that Daniel shot earlier. Travis tells him that people are "getting sick." They all go to the living room to talk about leaving.

The next morning, Daniel teaches Chris about a shotgun and how to use it. Chris holds the shotgun until Travis tells him to put it back but Chris says that it's not a big deal. Daniel tells Travis that the more he knows, the safer he'll be. Madison agrees and says that she didn't see the harm. Travis says that they know how he feels about guns. Daniel says that Chris doesn't care about how he feels and Travis snaps, telling him that was enough.

Chris is in the truck and helps put the rest of the things in the back. They drive until Madison sees Susan's husband and goes to stop him before Susan eats him. They stop the truck. Chris is seen with the others witnessing Susan being shot with Patrick holding her. The SWAT team comes in and removes them from the scene.

"Not Fade Away"

Chris is on a rooftop, recording. He says that it has been nine days since the lights went out. He starts talking but stops when he sees a light coming from outside the Safe-Zone. He tries to signal the mysterious figure and shows Travis the light that he caught on video. Travis says that it's just the sun. He tells Chris to help Madison.

Chris tries to tell Madison what he saw. She agrees with Travis and thinks that it's nothing. Chris shows her the video. Chris is mentioned later that night after Madison and Travis have sex and Madison tells him that he should pay more attention to him. Travis says that he does but Madison says positive attention. Madison also says that she saw the same thing that Chris saw. The next morning at around dawn, Madison tries to communicate with the figure that Chris saw with morse code. The figure responds.

Chris waits outside the room the Salazars are in. A sergeant points his gun at Chris and Daniel. Travis tells him to calm down. Eliza leaves to go to the hospital and mouthes to Chris, "I love you." Chris angrily bangs at the window and then leaves the room.


Chris is seen when he asks Travis what the plan is with the military. Chris says that he should be a part of the discussion. Madison "interrputs" Chris, he tells her to not do that. Travis grabs him and takes him to the other room. Chris struggles to get free and tells him to let him go. Travis ask him what his problem was. He starts to cry and tells him that his mother went on the truck. Travis tells him that's because she wanted to help people like Nick and Griselda. Chris starts to ask what happens if she doesn't come back. Travis tells Chris to not go there and to be strong for him. Travis tells him that he's a good man and hugs him. He tells Chris to apologize to Madison. He doesn't and slams the door and leaves the house.

Chris is then seen when Alicia comes by and they go to a house. Chris plays with a remote helicopter and it falls down the stairs. He picks it up and sees Alicia starting to undress and he awkwardly walks away. Then he and Alicia start to trash the house.

He and Alicia start to walk down the street until the military come by. He says that the guards aren't on patrol. Alicia says that something is wrong.

"The Good Man"

Chris is seen with Alicia when Travis and Madison start packing up. Chris asks what's happening when Madison says that the guards were leaving and that they're leaving. Travis says that they're getting his mother and Nick. Chris asks how they're getting back Liza and Nick. Chris says how the military has left them when they get to the gates of the safe-zone. Travis tells him to drive to the campground if something bad happens. Chris tells him that he wants to help and that he can't drive. Alicia stays with him so she can drive if it comes to it.

Chris says that it's crazy and gets out of the car. Alicia tells Chris that they'll come back if they can't get in. Chris adds, "And leave the others?" Alicia then aks if he'd rather they all die. Chris tells her that he doesn't want anyone to die. Alicia says that he sounds like Travis and he says that he tries. They hear thumping and then Alicia says that he can't save everyone. Chris asks why she'd say that and Alicia says it's the truth. Chris says to shut up and tells her to get in the SUV. Alicia thinks that they're walkers and then they realize that they're soldiers and they take them out of the car. Chris asks what they want. They tell him to give them the car keys but he disobeys. He says that they're not going anywhere when they tell him to go with them. They ask Alicia and Chris tells them to back off and they start to throw him around. Alicia tells them that they have the keys. The soldier asks again if she wants to go with them and Chris punches a soldier and gets knocked out.

Chris is then seen with Alicia and tells Travis that the SUV was stolen. Chris is seen with the rest of the group when Travis beats Andrew almost to death. They drive to Strand's apartment where Chris starts drinking water. Liza comes up to Chris. He asks if Ofelia is going to be okay which Liza says yes. He then adds that they made it. Liza tells Chris that she loves him. Which was her last words to him. He and Alicia eat popsicles when they hear a gunshot. They immediately drop them and go to where the gunshot was. Chris is seen crying when he sees Liza's corpse on the beach.

Season 2


After a short time jump, Christopher kneels next to Liza's corpse. Walkers take over Strand's house and Travis yells at him to go towards the water. Chris ignores his orders and tells him that he won't leave her. Travis picks up Liza's corpse and the group head towards Strand's yacht. The group watches from afar as L.A. is bombed and starts burning down.

The next morning, Chris is seen looking at his dead mother's corpse. He kisses her on the forehead and covers up he rest of her body. He goes fishing with Daniel and they catch a fish. They feel bad for each other (they ironically both lost someone they loved, Liza and Griselda) and tell each other sorry. At Liza's funeral, Travis mentions the best thing he and Liza did was Chris. Chris slowly walks over and angrily throws his mother overboard. He storms out of the scene and Travis follows him. Christopher blames his father for the demise of Liza and throws punches at him. Travis leaves his room. Madison goes to comfort Chris and tells her the first time she hit her father.

Chris later walks away from the group eating and decides to jump into the ocean. Nick jumps in after him. After finding him, Christopher tells Nick he was "going for a swim." The group see a damaged ship full of bullet holes and Nick investigates. The rest go to Strand's yacht.

"We All Fall Down"

Chris and Travis talking about going to where it's safe. Chris questions him asking how he knows this and walks away when Travis fails to answer. Later, he declines Nick's invite to join him in coming to Harry's room. The following morning, he walks around and sees Seth walking towards the beach with a pickaxe. He follows him and they start to clear the fence line. He later looks on as Seth demands that they give Harry back to him and then shoots their reanimated mother.


Chris boards the Zodiac with Daniel, Nick and Alicia. During the scavenging, he separates from the group and discovers part of a wrecked plane hull and enters the cabin. He taunts an infected and bludgeons it with a metal scrap. A man, still alive, wakes up in a nearby row and weakly begs for help.

Chris helps the plane survivor out of his seat. When the man is unable to move, Chris notices that part of his spine is exposed. Critically wounded, the passenger continues to beg for help, but he refuses water. Chris realizes that the man wants to die, and knowing that the wound is fatal, Chris bashes the infected man in the head. He breaks down afterwards.

Alicia finds Chris by the airplane hull. He is visibly shaken from his experience and is hesitant to divulge details. They hear a gunshot in the distance and head back to the group.

The herd closes in on them. They fight back, but are vastly outnumbered. As they are about to be overwhelmed, Nick arrives covered in blood and helps fight off the infected, allowing the group enough time to escape and retreat to the boat.

"Blood in the Streets"

Chris and Ofelia stand watch on deck. A raft with two men and a bleeding pregnant woman approaches the Abigail. Chris wonders if he should kill them but hesitates. The passengers of the raft board the boat without being invited, claiming that the woman is having pregnancy complications. Travis, Daniel and Madison rush upstairs and interrogate the strangers.

They quickly overwhelm the group and a man, Reed mocks him for asking if he should shoot them. Reed tells him if you had to ask, you should. Reed threatens to shoot Chris if the group doesn't produce the key to the boat.

He is rescued along with the others by Nick and Luis Flores.


After Reed is held captive, Chris insists on guarding Reed. Daniel agrees to let him stand outside Reed's door.

Reed talks to Chris and riles him up. He tells the boy that he is the child who would be left behind because his dad has a new family. Nick shuts the door to tune Reed out. Chris blames himself for allowing Reed's group onto the boat but Nick assures him it's not his fault.

After the gun goes off, Chris walks down the hall with a gun and tells Ofelia that Reed was about to turn. The group finds Reed dead in the cabin with his face blown off. It becomes clear that Chris murdered him. Madison goes to his cabin to ask what happened, but Chris continues to say that he was going to turn. Madison says she believes him to calm him. When he realizes Reed was a key to get his dad and Alicia back, he becomes disheartened. Madison assures him everything will be alright.

"Sicut Cervus"

Travis checks in with Chris on the Abigail. Chris asks why everyone is mad at him. Travis says that, according to Madison, Reed wasn't infected when Chris shot him. Chris is devastated, thinking Madison was on his side.

On land, they find a pile of dead parishioners in front of the church and are swarmed by walkers. As Madison is overcome by an infected and fights for her life, Chris watches her struggle from a few steps away and does nothing to help. Alicia screams at him and saves Madison herself.

Chris asks Alicia if she's mad at him. She accuses him of standing by while Madison got attacked outside the church. He insists he merely froze, but when Alicia presses him, Chris threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone what she saw.

Chris wakes up as Travis sleeps in the adjacent bed. Chris enters Alicia's room and says Alicia's name. He picks up a knife from the bedside table. A gunshot rings out, waking Madison and Alicia. Alicia sees the knife and screams at Chris to get out. He runs outside.


Travis asks Alicia to help him find Chris. She refuses, saying that Chris was holding a knife beside her bed. Travis spots Chris in the vineyard. Chris runs away.

Chris takes a man's son hostage and forces him to send Travis away, but Travis discovers him.

Travis knocks the gun out of Chris' hand and tackles him outside. Chris swipes at Travis with a knife but Travis wrestles the knife from him. "I'm no good," Chris says. Travis decides can't be around people yet so he decides to spend time with Chris to help him through his ordeal.

"Do Not Disturb"

Chris is seen with his father trying to enter a car. He eventually separates from his dad, with his permission, to check out a gas station. When he enters the gas station, he spots two dead bodies. All of a sudden, he abruptly meets Brandon. Walkers try to kill him but Chris kills the walker, saving Brandon. His friends spot him but he quickly grabbed some of their supplies and ran off with his father. While driving, Chris and Travis are shown bonding and Travis even shows Chris how to drive. Later on, they run out of gas and stop to rest. They start a campfire but then hear Brandon and his friends sneak up on them. When they do, Chris and Travis hide and kill the fire before they show up. Brandon then shouts that he won't hurt them. Travis then reveals himself with Chris.

Brandon blows off the fact that Chris robbed them and says that they were cool since he saved him. They eventually all share a bond. They talk about San Diego and how it was lost. Eventually, they all left together. They find a farm and entered the barn of it and found a lot of live chickens. Chris along with everyone else were chasing them all. Travis walks out after a failed attempt to let the farm be. He then realizes people live at the farm and warned everyone. Chris and everyone were startled once a man came with a shotgun. James snapped the neck of a chicken while trying to calm him down and Elias shoots him in the leg. Chris, without hesitating, raises his gun and shoots him in the chest, killing him.

"Date of Death"

In the aftermath of the scuffle between Brandon's group and the farmer of the property they stumbled on with Chris putting down the dead farmer by shooting him in the head. Travis grudgingly burries the farmer alongside his family while Chris and the others tend to James's leg where he'd been shot.

The following night Travis pulls Chris aside and denounces him for not feeling any remorse for killing the farmer. Chris defends himself by saying he had no choice when James was shot which leads Travis to call Brandon and his friends savages. Chris further retorts by saying the current world they live in is shed of morals or the concept of right and wrong which worries Travis.

The group continue to stay at the farm for a week while James's leg heals. However when they attempt to leave together James's wound proves to have not healed well enough for them to travel which causes debate amongst Brandon, Derek and Chris on how to handle James. Travis is shocked by Brandon's willingness to kill James if proven a liability and vows to protect James from them.

The following day, Chris enters the barn to talk to his father saying he realises why he's going to such great lengths to show him a much more ethical way to live even in the apocalypse. This lets down Travis' guard which allows Chris to subdue him, allowing Brandon and Derek to ambush Travis at gunpoint and proceed to execute James who pleads for mercy.

After James is killed, Brandon, Derek and Chris decide to leave but choose to abandon Travis due to their inability to work together. Travis pleads for Chris not to leave but Chris claims it to be for the best. Travis damns Chris as he leaves with Brandon and Derek.


Travis questions Brandon and Derek about Chris' fate and they reveal that while driving their truck, Chris fell asleep and crashed. While the two lie at first, they eventually admit to killing Chris who had broken his leg. A grief-stricken Travis beats both Brandon and Derek to death in rage for the murder of his son.


Killed By
  • Himself (Caused, Accidental)

Chris volunteers to drive Brandon and Derek. As Chris is driving, he dozes off for a second, then swerves the car to miss hitting a tent. The truck goes on a hill and starts to roll a half a dozen times before hitting a palm tree.

When Chris opens his eyes he sees that he has a compound fracture in his left leg. He kicks out the windshield and starts to crawl down the street. As Chris is crawling, Brandon and Derek walk up to him and Chris lays back. Brandon points the gun at Chris's head and pulls the trigger, killing him instantly.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Christopher has killed:


Travis Manawa

Travis has a very strained relationship with Chris due to divorcing his mother. Being repeatedly pushed away by his son's hostile attitude towards him, Travis eventually gives up on him and tells Liza that Chris is all hers. However they later reunite during the city riots and Chris begins listening to Travis at the suggestion of her mother, who wouldn't be with him unless the situation was dire. Later, Chris starts to feel comfortable around his father and when Chris was worried about his mother leaving with the military Travis assures him that she will be fine and that he needs him to be strong, the two then embrace each other. Despite having a tough relationship with him, Travis still loves his son no matter what. When Travis finds out about Chris' death, he beats Brandon and Derek to death in rage of his son's unfortunate and brutal demise.

Liza Ortiz

Chris and his mother had a good mother/son relationship. He was devastated about his mother's demise and wouldn't leave her on the beach. He is seen on Strand's yacht looking at his mother's corpse most of the episode. During Liza's funeral, he angrily throws her corpse overboard and yells at his father for shooting her. He tells him he could've "fixed it." He throws punches at his father but gets over it later near the end of the episode.

Madison Clark

Chris and Madison have interacted very little during the show. In the beginning, this was mainly due to Madison resenting Chris and his mother being in her home as she was dating Chris' dad, Travis. However, after his mother's death at the end of season one, Madison seems to be trying to build a relationship with Chris. When he started threatening Alicia she wanted him out, later when she found he was murdered by Brandon and Derek. She was willing to throw them out of the Rosarito Beach Hotel in revenge.

Nicholas Clark

Chris and Nick have had very little interaction with each other over the course of the show. However, what little interaction there is show that they are on civil, if not outright friendly, terms with each other. There is a protective streak towards Chris on Nick's part, as Nick was the first person to jump into the water to save him after it was believed he had fallen overboard.

Alicia Clark

Initially, Alicia and Chris do not exhibit signs of friendship, with Alicia even elbowing him in the face when he tried to rescue her from a zombified Susan Tran. However, after Chris' mother, Liza Ortiz, voluntarily leaves with the soldiers to look after Griselda Salazar and Nick, their relationship changes with her offering him to accompany her to a rich family's abandoned home, where they try on clothing and ultimately break everything. During their time there, Alicia and Chris have a bonding moment and even a brief moment where they stare at each other after Alicia almost undresses in front of him, to which he then awkwardly walks away. In "The Good Man", Alicia and Chris are seen together in every scene. During the group's infiltration of the medical facility, Madison tells Chris to look after Alicia and whispers to Alicia to look after Chris. Later after they are left alone. Chris and Alicia are busted by soldiers who begin to harass Alicia with Chris standing up for her. Chris ultimately gets punched and knocked out after trying to defend her. Alicia helps him afterward and they hide in a nearby room. After they reunite, they go to Victor Strand's house and Alicia and Chris are seen bonding more and eating Popsicles before Liza is shot by Travis. Chris cries over his mother's corpse and Alicia looks on in sadness.

As the weeks went past Chris' more aggressive nature came out due to the trauma of losing his mum and the zombie outbreak. Chris threats to kill Alicia leaving her scared and saddened to see him go down that road. After news of his death she feels pity for him.

Daniel Salazar

Daniel, despite the short time they knew each other seemed to care for Chris like a son. teaching him how to fish, comforting him after his death, and trying to make up for Chris killing Reed in cold blood.

Ofelia Salazar

Ofelia was always kind to Chris and was like an older sister to him.

Brandon Luke

Brandon used to Chris for his own personal gain such as killing James, and stealing the truck from Travis. Brandon's faux like of Chris came to an end with him executing Chris in cold blood.


Derek and Chris may have been decent friends if not for Brandon. Derek seemed to feel remorse for not helping Chris after the accident.

James McCallister

At first Chris looked up to James, and his friends as cool older boys. They soon became close friends only for Chris to betray him and aid Brandon in murdering him, due to James' injured leg.


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  • The casting call for this character used the name Cody Cabrera.
    • Christopher was described as "16 years old. Latino on his mom's side, Maori on his dad's. Whip-smart and rebellious. He is known as the angriest kid in town."
  • This character's official name was revealed in a press release by AMC on May 11, 2015 as Chris Posada, though his surname was later changed.[1]
  • The actor shares the same middle name as his character.
  • Christopher, along with his father Travis' first human kill, was out of mercy.
  • Christopher is the first main character who died in a flashback.
  • He is one out of the three characters in Fear the Walking Dead to have a confirmed birthday date.
  • Christopher is the first main character who later becomes an antagonist, with the second being Jeremiah Otto, the third being Dakota, the fourth being Victor Strand, and the fifth being Wes.
  • Christopher is one of seven kids/teens in The Walking Dead franchise to become an antagonist, the others being Ben, Lizzie Samuels, Ron Anderson, Minerva, Gage, and Dakota.

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