The following are images of Christopher Manawa.

Season 1

Christopher Manawa portrait.png
Travis and family.png


Chris in Dining Area at Liza's Home.png
Chris on the phone to Travis, he doesn't look happy either.png

"So Close, Yet So Far"

FTWD 102 Christopher Bus.png
FTWD 102 Chris Crime Scene.png
FTWD 102 Chris Recording.png
FTWD So Close, Yes So Far.jpg
Chris, on his way home from school, early.png
Ep 2 Fear.jpg

"The Dog"

FTWD 103 Chris Travis Tense.png
Chris watches window.jpg
Eliza and Chris FTWD The Dog 1.JPG
103 Chris bloody nose.jpg

"Not Fade Away"

Chris vlogging from the roof.png


IMG 20150927 194140.jpg

"The Good Man"

Liza ortiz chris hug.jpg
FTWD Alicia and Chris running.jpg
The Good man group.jpg
The Good Man 106.jpg

Season 2

Christopher season 2 poster two.jpg
FTWD Travis and Chris.jpg


FTWD 201 Chris Daniel Fishing.png
AMC FEAR S2 OnAirSP 201-800x450.jpg

"We All Fall Down"

FTWD We All Fall Down.png
FTWD 202 Chris Dispatches Walkers.png
FTWD 202 Chris Ofelia Observing.png
FTWD 202 Abigail Leaving Pier.png
Fear 203 Chris on Abigail.png


FTWD 203 Flight 462 Wreckage.png
FTWD 203 Flight 462 Fuselage.png
FTWD 203 Group Fleeing Beach.png
203 Fear Alicia and Chris listening.jpg

"Blood in the Streets"

204 Reed threatens Chris.jpg
FTWD 204 Reed Threatening Chris.png
AMC 204 Reed threatens Chris 2.jpg


FTWD 205 Madison Chris Uneasy.png
205 Captive Chris.jpg
205 Captive Chris watches Reed.jpg

"Sicut Cervus"

FTWD Sicut Cervus.png
6 SC Alicia and Chris.jpg
9 SC Group.jpg


Shiva Chris.jpg
Shiva Chris and Travis.jpg
Shiva Travis with Chris.jpg

"Do Not Disturb"

AMC 210 Travis & Chris (2).png
AMC 210 Travis & Chris.png
AMC 210 Chris Killing A Walker.png
AMC 210 Chris Shooting Matias.png
AMC 210 Travis, Chris, Matias, Brandon & Derek.png

"Date of Death"

AMC 213 Travis, Chris & Derek.png
AMC 213 Travis & Chris.png


Christopher Manawa injured.jpg
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