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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the Fear episode of the same name.

Cindy Hawkins is a character in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is one of Theodore Maddox's victims.



Nothing is known about Cindy's life prior to the outbreak, except that she had a mother named Abigail and worked as a waitress at Delphi's Country Cookin' restaurant.

Season 6


According to a newspaper clipping covering the conviction and sentencing of Theodore, otherwise known as the Mortician Murderer, among his victims was Cindy Hawkins, a waitress at Delphi's Country Cookin' restaurant. Her mother, Abigail Hawkins, was quoted as holding on to such deep hope for her daughter's return. Unfortunately, Cindy was found dead and embalmed, similar to the fate of at least twenty-one other women, some as young as 17 years old. The article stated "authorities had difficulty producing the evidence required to convict Mr. Maddox. His methods of embalming his victims left little in the way of DNA..." The Honorable David T. Johnson was the judge who sentenced Theodore to life in prison.

Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

As revealed by John Dorie Sr., it was Cindy's purse that he planted on Teddy to get him arrested. Teddy eventually confessed to murdering Cindy and twenty-two other women, but the police could never find her body. John promised Cindy's mother that he would find her and bring her home, but he never could. Unbeknownst to the cops, Cindy was apparently abducted not from the diner but rather from the vacant lot across from her boyfriend's building. Cindy was wearing a necklace that she only had on her when she visited her boyfriend, something that the police were unaware of. After murdering Cindy, Teddy buried her body in the walls of his secret bunker, presumably because the police were closing in and he was too spooked to pose Cindy where he found her.


Season 7

"Cindy Hawkins"

While surviving Teddy's nuclear destruction in his secret bunker, a shelf collapse reveals to John Dorie Sr. and June the secret room where Teddy had killed and embalmed his victims, something that John and the police had never been able to find. John becomes obsessed with using the clues hidden in the room, particularly Cindy's necklace which was hidden in a box of newspaper clippings, to finally locate her body and keep his promise to her mother.

Due to going through alcohol withdrawal, John begins hallucinating Cindy, drawing him out of the bunker at one point. Cindy repeatedly urges John to keep his promise to find her, acting as a manifestation of his guilt and paranoia over June's behavior. Based on Cindy's necklace, John realizes that Teddy most likely abducted her from the vacant lot across from her boyfriend's building and that she is thus buried there. John begins leaving to find the lot and her body against June's protests, but discovers three Stalkers breaking in to get at June. Unwilling to abandon June, John breaks through his guilt over Cindy and kills the Stalkers instead of leaving June behind.

After killing the Stalkers, John works to free June from where she is pinned down by some fallen beams. As John pulls the beams off of June, he accidentally knocks a panel off of the wall, revealing Cindy's body hidden behind it. John and June are stunned by the discovery and John guesses that Teddy still had her in the bunker when the police were closing in on him and got too spooked to pose Cindy where he found her like Teddy did to all of his other victims and instead buried her in the bunker's walls. Looking at Cindy's body laid out on a cot, June tells John that he had kept his promise and Cindy is now at rest. Stating that she isn't yet, John places Cindy's necklace back around her neck where it belongs.

Cindy's body is buried shortly thereafter when the bunker collapses.


Killed By

One day, after having left work, Theodore Maddox kidnapped and killed her. Her corpse was never found due to Teddy hiding it in the walls of his secret bunker.


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 7


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