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The Civic Republic, also referred to as simply the Republic, is a mysterious and highly-advanced, authoritarian civilization with more than 200,000 survivors living in the fortified city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. They are the leaders of the Alliance of the Three, supplying resources to the aligned cities of Portland, and formerly Omaha, alongside its satellite, the Campus Colony until both of the Nebraskan safe havens were subsequently genocided. They also have their own highly-advanced military, as well as a research facility and academy in New York state.


Nothing is known about the lives of individual Civic Republic residents prior to or as the outbreak began. Seeing how both Jennifer Malick and Elizabeth Kublek were affiliated with the Marine Corps and UK Ministry of Defense respectively, it is possible that many of the Civic Republic's members were originally involved with the United States government.


At the start of the apocalypse, a group of survivors banded together to form the Civic Republic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A transition of power soon followed where the military had emergency powers granted to ensure stability. However, the military's higher ups seemingly intended to remain in power to ensure they remained in control, as opposed to "civilian oversight."[1] It was agreed that full military autonomy was "imperative for the early survival of the CR, as well as its stabilization in the years to follow".

Shortly thereafter, the Civic Republic came into contact with two civilizations in Nebraska, as well as a civilization in Portland, Oregon and formed the Alliance of the Three, providing each community of survivors with an abundance of resources to rebuild the old world as well as their support and protection from outside threats. Two years after the outbreak, the Civic Republic established a research facility dedicated to finding a cure in Ithaca, New York State. This research facility included an academy for the alliance's most gifted students interested in pursuing a career at the facility called the New Beginnings Academy, with 204 enrolled students as of 2020. At this same time, Major General Beale and Elizabeth Kublek founded Project Votus, a clandestine research project intended to study the effects of reanimation through death.

Eventually, the Civic Republic encountered a large group of survivors situated in a junkyard in Virginia and made a deal with their leader Anne (under the alias "Jadis") that, in exchange for bringing them strong survivors, they would supply her and her people with much-needed resources. The grading system this group used for captured survivors was marking them as an "A" or "B", which Anne would assign to the captives herself before delivery. It is not known how many survivors were given to the CRM by Anne and her people or what fate befell them after they were taken away, or if the group made similar arrangements with other survivor groups or settlements. One notable survivor captured by Anne and her people was Heath, a supply runner from the Alexandria Safe-Zone who was separated from his ally, Tara, while on a scouting mission and was taken away by the CRM to an unknown fate. Anne would later reveal that she was planning on trading Gabriel Stokes to the CRM after he was captured by her lieutenant Tamiel, though he was rescued by his own group before this could occur. It is highly likely that Anne made a deal with Negan Smith and the Saviors to help fight back against Rick and his people in order to obtain 12 new survivors to be traded to the Civic Republic for supplies. This however never occurred.

Government and Society

Not much is known about the Civic Republic's government and society, except that it is described as being authoritarian.[2] According to Elizabeth Kublek, it is partially led by a body of government officials, however the military holds the majority of power. Lyla Belshaw revealed that the Civic Republic's civilian government is not fully aware of what the military does outside their walls.

Early into the outbreak, a group of survivors who had established themselves as the council of the Civic Republic created a document known as the Civic Republic's Founding Compact, which served as a blueprint for the city's guide to survival throughout the next decade. Authors for the document stated that autocracy of the Civic Republic military was imperative for the survival of their civilization, and that if compact's timeline were to be achieved, a transfer of power from the military to the civilian government would take place. Ten years later, the city has become increasingly less dependent on the military, with the civilian population advocating for the transfer of power to ensue. Despite this, the citizens of the CR seem to have a favorable attitude towards the military, as Major General Beale's leadership of the CRM continues to maintain high approval ratings.

The Civic Republic is most infamously known for keeping every piece of information, as well as their whereabouts, to themselves, not even revealing any details to the other cities they're aligned with. They tightly control what goes in and out of their borders, as referenced by Felix Carlucci that Leo was breaking "ten provisions of the Four Corners Agreement" by contacting his daughters via fax while in their headquarters. This, along with Leo aiding in the removal of one of the chlorine gas vials from Lyla's lab, were considered to be "capital crimes" by Jadis, with punishment being withheld in that instance due to the CRM's need of Leo's expertise. Residents of the CR are directed to not disclose information about where their main city is, and it is likely that divulging this would also be considered as a capital crime by the CRM. It's also mentioned by Elizabeth that the Civic Republic has a jail system similar to the Campus Colony for those who break basic laws. Also, according to Kublek, they have running water, medicine, energy, transportation, a council, a court system, schools, culture, agriculture, currency, manufacturing, and an economy. The city also has its own newspaper press, the Civic Republic Tribune, which details the ongoings of the city. They also have active radio shows that discuss current topics and issues going on within the CR, as seen in Elizabeth's apartment. According to Jadis, the city of Philadelphia (under the Civic Republic) is split into at least 8 wards, with Ward 8 having recently obtained a distillery with access to Brazilian sugarcane (which could indicate the Civic Republic has international connections). The Civic Republic refines a substantial amount of fuel, seeing how many helicopters and vehicles they operate, which means they likely operate multiple refineries, as well as having a reliable source of crude oil. They also have a "Health & Welfare Complex" that officials send traumatized soldiers of the military to until they are deemed fit to serve again. Though, with Elizabeth being put under arrest and confined to the complex until her military tribunal, it can be seen that the complex is more of a tool for the higher ranked officials to contain personnel that have gone against the CRM's interests in some way.


  • Verschuren (Professor)
  • Marjorie (Librarian)
  • Mason Beale (Student)
  • Ian (Student)
  • Heath (Traded as an "A" or a "B")
  • Rick Grimes (Traded as a "B")
  • Trabruzzi (Roastmaster)
  • Nick Orsini (Tribunal Writer)
  • Anna Snedden (Tribunal Writer)
  • John Hughes
  • Many unnamed Omaha researchers and students
  • Many unnamed Portland researchers and students
  • 200,000+ unnamed survivors

Civic Republic Military



  • Many unnamed people


World Beyond

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Season 2

Rick & Michonne spin-off

Season 1

  • TBA


  • The Civic Republic is the largest community in the whole TV Universe with a population of about 200,000 people.
    • It is also the largest community to date in The Walking Dead franchise.
  • Seemingly nobody outside of the Civic Republic's residence appears to know the exact location of the city, not even those part of their alliance. However, in "In This Life", Huck mentions that a number of people have been attempting to track down their whereabouts.
  • Somewhere within the Civic Republic, there is a Millennium Park where a candidate's forum was held.
  • In "Blood and Lies", it is revealed that the Civic Republic's government is unaware of what their military does outside of their walls, indicating that it is not behind the CRM's inhumane and genocidal actions.


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