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Civic Republic Cull Facility #1 is a location that appears in Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


Sometime in the first few years of the Civic Republic's existence, this decontamination center was set up in or around Ithaca, New York. The goal of this center was to use music and lights to attract the dead in massive numbers, then blow them up with C4. Afterwards, the workers would come in and put down any surviving zombies with kill sticks.

About eight years into the outbreak, CRM mechanic and former Master Sergeant Dennis Graham was appointed to be the head of this facility where he oversees the young workers assigned to the facility, including Webb, Tiga, and Grady.

Eventually, at least six other decontamination centers were built, each outdoing this one in terms of size and scale. Some of these were located in stadiums or arenas, and were manned by professional military personnel. Despite this, this particular center remained operated the exact same way. It was estimated that if all seven decontamination centers were fully operational, that they could potentially clear out the entire state of New York of the undead.

Season 2[]


Silas Plaskett is brought by Dennis to work at the facility where Webb, Grady and Tiga are dealing with the aftermath of one of their cullings. Arming Silas with a kill stick, Dennis has Silas help the others put down the surviving empties and clean up the remains. Grady explains to Silas that a few times a week they use lights and music to draw herds to the facility before eliminating them with C4 and using trucks to cart the remains off-site.

After the group finishes, Dennis provides Silas with a sleeping bag and a trailer to stay in. Dennis explains to Silas the facility's mission to help clear New York of the undead working in conjunction with the other six culling facilities in the state. Leaving Webb in charge, Dennis departs with a captured CRM test subject to return it to the research facility.

"Family Is a Four Letter Word"[]

At night, Silas, Dennis, Webb, Grady and Tiga lure a massive herd to the culling facility with bright lights, loud music and fireworks where they are blown up by C4 planted in the ground as they cross the yard. As Silas watches from behind a gate, Webb, Grady and Tiga move in, clearing a path to and capturing a CRM test subject that is a part of the herd. On Dennis' order, Silas helps him to open the gate and let the others in with the empty, closing it behind them. Dennis orders Grady to put the empty in the cage while Webb and Tiga are to put down the strays. Leading the empty away, Grady comments upon Dennis' bad mood while Silas becomes distracted by a CRM helicopter flying overhead. After yelling at Silas several times to get his attention, Dennis orders him to cut the music and prepare for cleanup. Dennis angrily berates Silas for not paying attention and throws Silas a thermos which he drops due to it hitting his injured hand. Seeing this, Dennis orders Silas to come with him once they are done here.

After finishing with the empties, Dennis stitches up Silas' hand wound, and Silas looks around to distract himself from the pain, checking out Dennis' records, including one of Half Moon's. Dennis wonders if Silas is a fan and Silas explains that his father was into music, rock mostly while Silas was more into guitar riffs. Dennis asks if Silas plays, but he admits that he doesn't as Silas isn't too coordinated. Dennis asks about the origin of Silas' hand wound and Silas remembers injuring himself as a distraction so that Elton and Percy can get away from the CRM. Changing the subject, Silas asks if the music ever brings people to the culling facility such as people from the research facility or people looking for it. However, Dennis tells Silas that the only people that he needs to worry about are the ones that are no longer breathing. Dennis intends to have Silas down in the action with the rest of the crew soon as there's no point in having a kid Silas' size working the lights and sound forever. Dennis has Silas exercise his hand, stating that if he doesn't, the nerves won't heal right. Looking at Dennis' bulletin board, Silas notices a brochure for the Ithaca Underground Research Facility pinned up that contains a map to it.

Later, Silas waits for a patrolling Webb to walk out of sight, checks the map and sneaks out of the culling facility. However, Silas is caught by Webb, Grady and Tiga who know that Silas was trying to bail on them despite his protests. Silas asks if they are going to tell Dennis, but Webb tells him that "out here, we take care of shit our own way."

After the events at the Parade, Silas loads up his backpack with supplies, but he's caught by Dennis. Dennis asks where Silas is off to, noting that everybody's running from something. While the crew and the work can be tough, this isn't the end, but rather them saving themselves from the end. Dennis reveals that Webb just got accepted into basic training and he is leaving the next day. As a result, Dennis is going to need Silas to step up. Silas explains that he was trying to find his friends and they were going cross-country together before they got split up. Someone in the group is dangerous and a killer and Silas is worried that the others might not know about it. Dennis suggests that maybe Silas' friends do know, and they have already handled it, but Silas states that Dennis doesn't know Huck. Dennis tells Silas that no matter what she's done, "you're not allowed to be afraid of some battleaxe named Huck." Silas isn't willing to give up, but Dennis suggests that he could be a part of something at the culling facility instead. Silas' friends are probably a lot stronger than he thinks and wonders how going off to find them in the great big nothing works and how he does that. Silas has no answer and Dennis states that it doesn't work and that running away is giving up. With the crew having an early morning, Dennis suggests that Silas gets some sleep. As Silas begins to leave, Dennis asks him to take the bottle of alcohol with him. Dennis is sick of staring at it and Silas can use it to clean his hand. Stopping Silas again, Dennis tells him that he only gets one screwup here and that was it which Silas acknowledges before leaving.

The next morning, Dennis congratulates Webb and reveals that the transport is picking him up for CRM training in two hours. The excited Webb celebrates with Grady and Tiga and exchanges a high five with Silas. As Webb, Grady and Tiga celebrate, Dennis silently leads Silas away to allow the three to enjoy their remaining time together alone.

At the same time, Huck reveals to the Endlings that she had sent Silas to the culling facility and that he's safe. After hearing that Silas is at the facility, Will Campbell tells Felix that he might know a way to get their friends out of the research facility.


Iris, Percy, Felix, Will and Elton make their way through the woods to the culling facility as a large herd of empties is drawn in by Dennis' music. Felix warns the others that it won't be long before the music fills the whole area with empties. Seeing that the area is filled with empties, Will comments that they are going to need an exit strategy. Spotting a creek bed filled with the undead, Felix decides to lure as many as he can into it and keep things clear while everyone else keeps moving with Will deciding to remain with him. Left alone, Felix and Will begin luring empties in and knocking them into the creek bed.

Closing in on the facility, Iris, Percy and Elton stop as they see Grady and Tiga emerge through a break in the fence, followed by Silas. Grady and Tiga give Silas instructions on how to fix the fence and leave to cover the north end until Silas is back. Once they're gone, Iris moves to greet her friend despite Percy trying to get her to wait. As they approach, Silas puts down an empty with his kill stick and is surprised to see his friends there. Telling Silas that he's glad that he's okay, Elton hugs Silas while Percy pats him on the back, telling Silas that it's good to see him before moving towards the break in the fence and Iris just smiles at him.

Silas leads his friends to Dennis' workshop which is safe as Dennis is at the research facility and Grady and Tiga hardly ever enter it. Iris, Elton and Percy reveal the destruction of Omaha and the Campus Colony by the CRM to Silas and ask for his help to break out Hope and Leo. As Dennis has a key card to the research facility, the Endlings ask Silas to borrow it and one of the culling facility's trucks to pick everyone up at the Detritus Service Terminal at 2 p.m. the next day, using the key card to let them out. Silas eventually agrees to their plan and the others depart.

The next day, Silas uses disposing of the empties trapped in the creek bed to borrow the culling facility's box truck and Dennis' key card. Dennis orders Silas to get the truck back by three. As Silas starts to leave, Dennis commends his work over the past couple of days. Dennis warns Silas that it's going to get harder when the rains come and the heat of the summer when the new recruits come in, but by then, this will be old hat for Silas. Silas thanks Dennis and leaves in the box truck.

"Blood and Lies"[]

After Dennis gets Silas released, they return to the culling facility where Dennis tells Silas that he's on guard duty tonight and there's a big supply drop coming in and Dennis needs the North Pads cleared off. Silas admits that he had lied to Jadis about being lost, but Dennis already knows that Silas was looking for his friends again, having backed Silas up out of fear of what would happen to Silas if he didn't. Silas appears to consider telling Dennis the truth, but ultimately changes his mind.

That night, Huck visits the facility and reveals to Dennis the truth about the CRM's genocide in Omaha and the Campus Colony using chlorine gas and their plan to do the same to Portland. A horrified Dennis agrees to help the Endlings stop the CRM while Silas, returning from guard duty, is reunited with Huck for the first time since she framed him for Tony Delmado's murder. Approaching the angry Silas, Huck acknowledges that they have things to talk about.

"Returning Point"[]

Dennis and Silas help Huck to load up tools, weapons and explosives from the culling facility into a jeep to give to the others at the research facility. Huck warns that Jadis could trace it back to the culling facility and Dennis knows what will happen if she does. Huck reveals that she had been the one responsible for sending Silas to the facility so that Dennis could take care of him as Dennis is a good man. After Huck leaves, Dennis and Silas depart for the Perimeter.

As they head to the Perimeter, Dennis tells Silas that he had ordered Grady and Tiga to stay behind and continue luring walkers towards the culling facility before reporting to Cull Facility 6, having kept them in the dark in order to protect them.

"Death and the Dead"[]

At the facility, Silas and Elton treat Dennis' wounds while using music to draw a herd into the kill zone as part of their plans. Under Dennis' instructions, Elton manages to remove the bullet, but it is discovered that Dennis is out of antibiotics. Dennis orders Silas and Elton to take the empties that have been gathered and meet up with their friends and they reluctantly leave him behind.

Later, Huck arrives at the facility where she finds the severely wounded Dennis. Emotional, Huck goes outside and leans against the cargo containers on the North Pads, only to realize that they contain the missing Chlorine Gas. Huck contacts the others, asking if they still have the C4 so that they can finally destroy the gas and save Portland.

"The Last Light"[]

Civic Republic Cull Facility 1 will appear in this episode.

Season 1: The Ones Who Live[]


The culling facility appears in a flashback to Jadis killing Huck.





World Beyond[]

Season 2[]

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


  • Dennis states that this is both the oldest and smallest of all seven culling and maintenance centers that are under the control of the Civic Republic.
    • Some of the other decontamination centers are known to be located within a stadium and/or arena, and are cleared out with professional military personnel. The CRM hopes to use these centers in order to eventually clear all of the zombies out of the state of New York.