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"Let me tell you a story. There was a time when I didn't want to be around anyone... So I found a job that took me away from the world, away from everyone I ever knew, everyone I ever cared about... And then, when the world changed, when everyone went away, I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life [...] I couldn't help the people I had run away from, so I found a way to help the people who were still around [...] Just because you weren't able to help me, Luci, doesn't mean you're not going to be able to help someone else."
—Clayton telling Luciana Galvez why he helps people and encouraging her not to give up and to be a nice person.[src]

Clayton, also known by his nickname "Polar Bear", is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the co-owner of C&L Freight Services and the former partner of Logan.


Clayton is a soft-spoken, humble, wise, and dignified man. Due to a storm that happened, Clayton became mortally crippled. Knowing he is probably going to die, he merely asks Luciana for one last beer. Luciana is at first unsuccessful and is about to give up. However, Clayton tells her not to give up which gives her the encouragement she needed to find him some beer. Before the apocalypse, Clayton drove trucks so he could be away from people, which is something he regrets. When Luciana returns with the beer, he admires her for not giving up. In a last act of kindness, Clayton tells Luciana to take his notebooks with places he left supplies. After his death, Luciana makes a memorial in his honor.


Location Unknown

Before the outbreak began, Clayton worked as a truck driver for a denim factory, so he could be away from people, something he later severely regretted. It is later revealed that he was also the co-owner of C&L Freight Services.


As the apocalypse starts, Clayton decides to help people by placing boxes with supplies at several mile markers. However, while he is in Texas, a hurricane hits and his truck is stolen by some thieves. He eventually crashes a car into a light pole near an abandoned library and becomes trapped.

Season 4


Since the storm, Clayton is trapped in his crashed car and is saved by Luciana before walkers get to him. He introduces himself and asks why she saved him, "I have some things to make up for," she tells him.

Luciana tries to free Clayton from the wreckage, but is unable to do so. She asks if there's anything she can get him and he tells her he'd love to have one last beer. "You're going to get one," she promises and leaves him with a walkie before heading out.

Luciana radios Clayton and tells him that the beer run was unsuccessful. Clayton tells her that in the past he used to be apart from people that cared about him because of his job and now he regrets it, but he is making up for it by helping other people. He tells her she doesn't need to worry and that she'll help someone else.

A while later, Luciana returns to Clayton with the beer and he happily tells her he's glad she didn't give up. She explains she couldn't do anything for someone else in his last moments and she won't let that happen again. Clayton gleefully takes a sip, thanks Luciana, and instructs her to take his supplies in the back of his car. She asks what job he used to have and he tells her he drove trucks, before passing away in the car.

Luciana constructs a memorial in his honor and then radios the channel written on the box, thanking them for helping. After reuniting with Luciana, Morgan goes through Clayton's journals with interest.

Season 5

"Is Anybody Out There?"

After Morgan's group returns, Logan arrives seeking their help. Logan explains that the general decay of the world is making it harder for people to get where they need to go and Clayton had anticipated such a thing happening. As a result, Clayton set up a place and a group to deal with the problem of gasoline going bad. Logan had been searching for this place, the location of which is in Clayton's journal. Logan implores Morgan's group to help him find it before his former crew does.


Killed By

During the storm, Clayton has his truck stolen by Sarah and Wendell. He is forced to drive a car but crashes into a light pole and gets mortally crippled.

  • Blood Loss (Alive)

After drinking a cold beer as his last wish, Clayton passes away from his injuries.

Later, he is mercifully put down by Luciana to prevent reanimation and is then buried.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Clayton has killed:

  • 4 unnamed people (Possibly, Alive, Caused or Direct, Possibly Alongside Dom and/or Pete)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 4


  • Despite his death in Season 4, Clayton is mentioned several times in Season 5.
  • When Luciana asks Clayton if there's anyone looking for him, he tells her that only one person is but they are the last person in the world he wants to see. This could be an early reference to Logan who was looking for Clayton in order to find Tank Town.

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