Clementine's Hat is the hat worn by Clementine during the apocalypse.

The hat originally belonged to Clementine's father, Ed who gave it to her before his death in Savanna and it has been present in every episode of each season.

During season one, Clementine wears this hat at all times with the exception of two occasions where it was temporarily out of her possession. The first occasion was when it was stolen by a bandit who wanted Clementine as her own daughter and the second occasion when it was discarded after Clementine was kidnapped by the Stranger. Both times the hat was retrieved by Lee Everett who gave it back to Clementine, knowing the hat's significance to her.

In season two, Clementine has the hat on at all times, but there was an occasion where a teenage bandit tries to take the hat from her (which the player can determinately try to hand over), but the theft attempt failed with Clementine maintaining ownership.

In the final season, Clementine wears the hat for the majority of the season, but occasionally takes it off. In the series finale, Clementine loses her hat after it’s blown off her head by an explosion. Although the hat is found later on by Alvin Jr., Clementine gives him ownership instead.


  • Clementine's hat is the only piece of clothing that remains from the beginning to the end of the series.
  • It's revealed in the trailer for "No Going Back" that Ed only planned to let Clementine borrow his hat, never intending for her to keep it.
  • It's revealed in "From The Gallows" by Javier García that the D on the hat stands for a baseball team, but the name of the team is never revealed.
  • During it's 7-8 years of existence, Clementine's hat has visible wear and tear marks, dirt stains and the stitching of the D coming apart.
  • Clementine's hat has a blood-stain from when Lee was bitten on the wrist by a walker.


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