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Clementine: Book One is the first book in Skybound Comet's Clementine trilogy featuring Clementine from The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, written by Tillie Walden.[1]


Clementine is back on the road, looking to put her traumatic past behind her and forge a new path all her own.

But when she comes across an Amish teenager named Amos with his head in the clouds, the unlikely pair journeys North to an abandoned ski resort in Vermont, where they meet up with a small group of teenagers attempting to build a new, walker-free settlement.

As friendship, rivalry, and romance begin to blossom amongst the group, the harsh winter soon reveals that the biggest threat to their survival… might be each other.[2]


Chapter One[]

The story begins with Clementine walking through the woods after her departure from the school. After a close encounter with a group of zombies, she slips in a gap, breaking her prosthetic leg in the process. Clementine goes to a barn to rest for the night, where she has a nightmare about Lee dropping her during an escape from zombies. She wakes up and decides to travel during the night.

The next morning, as she gathers water, she hearing an argument between three Amish girls. Clementine attempts to leave unnoticed, but she speaks out loud in pain as she gets her period, alerting the girls of her presence. Clementine tries to calm the situation down and leave without conflict, but one of the girls, named Joy, holds Clementine at gunpoint. After, Clementine explains the situation, they take notice of her prosthetic and invite her to their town. One of the girls asks Clementine her name and she hesitantly responds. Another one introduces herself as Meredith. They take Clementine to the entrance of their community, where one of the girls' father takes Clementine through the entrance procedure. After she's done, she meets up with Meredith who gives her a tour of the town and takes her to Rabby.

He rewraps her leg, telling her she needs to be washing and redressing it more often, and proceeds makes a new prosthetic leg for Clementine while telling her about the how the prosthetist who taught him everything he knows about the subject and the death of his son. Later that night, after Rabby finishes making the prosthetic for Clementine, she decides to leave the town. Rabby gives her a cane and supplies she'll need for her leg and she goes outside to meet Meredith, who has been waiting with two other kids. Meredith gives Clementine a bag that her mother prepared for her and leave the town. She sleeps in a tree for the night, saying she'll have to think of a name for her new prosthetic.

Chapter Two[]

Clementine is woken up by the sound of the Amish group seeing Amos off. Clementine gets down and tries to warn him about the oncoming zombies, however Amos quickly dispatches them. Amos greets Clementine and asks her where she is heading, she responds "north", which is where Amos is going as well. Amos tells her he is going to Vermont and they decide to travel there together. Amos says his job is to help build a homestead on the base of a mountain in exchange for a plane ride and explains to her what Rumspringa is. After Clementine dispatches a zombie, Amos notices her limping and lets her ride in the back of his buggy.

Clementine and Amos argue whether or not the plane ride is bullshit. The two then kill a small herd of zombies in the rain and continue to travel, until Clementine decides leave. Amos tells her that Helen, his horse, seems to like Clementine a lot and asks her to drive the buggy. Clementine drives them into a small town until they hear people calling for help. Clementine wants to leave them, believing it's a trap, but Amos insists on saving them. Amos leads the family that was calling for help back to his buggy.

Clementine goes to sleep in the back with the family, until the father attempts to assault Clementine in her sleep. Clementine holds the man down and threaten to kill him, the man tells her to go ahead, to which Clementine decides against, but not before stepping on his hand with her prosthetic. Clementine leaves Amos and the family and travels on her own, until Amos catches up with her, riding on Helen. Amos tells her he's coming with her, since they are going the same direction. He tells Clementine that he left the buggy to the family and Clementine reluctantly agrees to continue traveling with him. Amos tells Clementine of a man who came through with pamphlets and flew over the town with a plane. The two then spend the next nine to ten days traveling together to Killington, Vermont, where they reach the base of the mountain.

Chapter Three[]

Clementine and Amos put on winter clothing for the snow. As they get to the bottom of ski resort, the two prepare to depart, they come across two twins who don't go by names. Clementine is very distrustful of the two and gets into an argument with the ponytail twin after she insults her. Clementine tries to convince Amos that the twins are dangerous, but their conversation is cut short when the long haired twin shoots Helen, believing her to be food, leaving Amos distraught. Clementine confronts the twin for killing Amos' horse. The twin understands and tells Clementine her sister ate their pet hamster. Clementine tells Amos that she's coming with him and in response, he gives her a hug. The long haired twin apologizes to Amos for killing Helen and he and Clementine ride the ski lift to the top of the mountain.

The two jump off it and come across a girl named Ricca. After introducing themselves, the twins arrive and lead them to their cabin. The twins explain the plan to build three new structures by the end of the winter. Ricca informs Clementine that she's also suspicious of the twins, Clementine asks her why is she here then, to which she responds "why are you?".

Inside the cabin, Ricca reveals that she's from Canada and calls the twins "Right and Left". Right tells everyone to go to sleep, since they have a lot to do tomorrow. As they go to bed, Ricca asks Clementine where she's from, after some reluctance, she tells Ricca that she's from outside of Atlanta. After they go to sleep, the twins tell them to get under something as an avalanche crashes through the cabin. Clementine flashes back to when she first met Lee and awakens to the sight of the broken and snow filled cabin.

Chapter Four[]

Clementine and Amos are working on fixing the roof from the previous night, when Left comes to delivers them breakfast. During a conversation, Clementine's leg breaks through the roof. Later, Clementine chops firewood, when Ricca approaches her and invites her to ride on the snowmobile. Clementine, Amos, and Ricca ride around on the snowmobile and come to a stop near the woods. Amos begins talking about life on the mountains. Ricca opens up about her religion as a Sephardic Jew. Ricca throws a snowball at Clementine, which prompts Clem to attack her. After calming down, they head back to the cabin. Ricca asks about the twin's plane and then Clementine asks about what happened last winter, for which Right doesn't answer. Later that night, Clementine and Amos are learning to read.

In the morning, while doing numerous tasks, Clementine throws an ax at the ground, near Right, claiming she heard a walker, despite the fact that there a not walkers in sight. At night, Clementine is sitting by herself, when she is joined by Ricca, who is smoking a cigarette. She tells her she is needed inside, where she learns Amos has a fever.

The next morning, with Amos out of commission, Clementine and Ricca go to take a portable generator to the lift, however the bridge to take them to the lift is broken. Ricca, frustrated, reveals she came to the mountains to learn to build house. Clementine comes up with the idea of lowering the generator down the chasm and pulling it back up from the other side. While lowering the generator, it begins to fall, pulling Ricca down with it. Clementine tries to pull her up, but her struggling causes her to kick Clementine in the nose and drop her. Clementine calls down to Ricca, but gets no answer. She then steps toward the edge of the chasm.

Chapter Five[]

Clementine jumps into the chasm after Ricca. She lands into a group of walkers where she's almost overwhelmed, with her prosthetic being bitten in the process, until she's saved by Ricca. Clementine gets up, but her prosthetic leg breaks. She and Ricca manage to kill all the walkers and then the two lament about how they're suppose to get out of the chasm. Ricca asks Clementine the name of her prosthetic again, only for Clementine to refuse to give it again, being upset that it's broken. As Clementine gives Ricca her hat, Ricca says every walker looks like the same person to her, this person being her brother.

She reveals her brother used to look after her, until he began using her as bait, pushing her into herds and camps. As she got older, he could tell she was getting ready to leave him, so he smashed her glasses. She spent days fighting nearly blind, until she found a wall of glasses, got a pair that worked, and left him.

As Ricca goes to find a way out, Clementine reveals she named her prosthetic leg "Kenny" after a guy she knew. Ricca climbs up the wall, while Clementine goes deeper into the chasm. Clementine cries and flashes back to when AJ cut off her leg. She goes into a cave where she finds walkers, she falls and calls out for Lee, when a man tells her to stay quiet as all the walkers are frozen and he carries her out of the cave.

Chapter Six[]

Clementine and the man crawl through a tunnel, where they are ambushed by unfrozen walkers. During the conflict, the man, whose name is revealed to be Tim, gets bitten on the cheek.

Tim leads Clementine to his camp where he reveals the twins and their mother used to work for him, but after a bad winter, the twins left. Clementine tells Tim the feelings she had when she got her leg cut off. Tim tells Clementine to leave the mountains and to be with people. Clementine tells him that she tried that, that it all falls apart, and she came to be alone and to not get bit anymore. Tim says if that's what she wants he'll just finish off and the kids growing up in this world give the dead too much power. Clementine says she can't keep watching people die and it's the reason she wanted to be alone. Tim says it's never going to stop and tells Clementine about his husband. He tells Clementine that they have one of the biggest advantages in human history, everything they need already exists and they have a chance to rebuild it into something better. Clementine hugs Tim goodbye as he tells her to get off the mountain and she finds Ricca.

The two climb up the chasm and head back to the cabin. Right scolds them for being gone for so long. Amos' fever has almost broke and Ricca tells them they ran into walkers, despite the twins saying their weren't any. Right recognizes the hatchet Clementine brought back as Tim's and asks where she got it. Clementine tells them she ran into Tim and he got bit and died. Right lashes out at Clementine to tell her where Tim was, she then goes out to look for him. Left tries to stop her, but Right pushes her down and leaves.

Ricca becomes upset that Clementine didn't tell her about Tim and then realizes how stupid she sounds and tells Clementine to just tell her next time. Clementine feels that she's gotten worse at being with people. Left calls Amos behind the curtain and then Clementine hears one of them gasp, Ricca responds "let them have it". They go to sleep and Clementine begins to wonder how telephones worked. The next morning, Right returns, covered in blood.

Chapter Seven[]

While Amos fixes Kenny for Clementine, everyone starts to worry about Right. Ricca and Left approach the two and tell them that Left fixed the engine and alternator for the generator. Amos offers to take them to the lift, but Ricca reminds him there's no bridge, until Left speaks up about there being another way. She tells them the bridge was only a shortcut and offers to show Amos the way. Right then approaches and tells them to give up with the generator and to get to work. Clementine says they only have 17 days worth of food left.

Later, Left speaks to Clementine and tells her that she's leaving with Amos and go back to his town. Right bursts in and says the snowmobile and generator are gone and deduces that Amos took them. Clementine defends his action, to which Right says there's a storm coming.

Said snowstorm occurs later on while the group is working. Left begins talking about her mom and Clementine wonders what her mom would think of all the snow. Left asks Right if she's coming in, but she just stands in silence. Left tells Clementine and Ricca that building the village on the mountain was her dream. Ricca notes that Amos is not back yet and goes to look for him. Clementine attempts to come with her, but Ricca tells her to stay because she doesn't want Left alone with Right.

The next morning, Clementine goes out and calls for Amos and Ricca. Suddenly, both Amos and Ricca emerge and greet Clementine. They tell Clementine the lift now works thanks to Amos. The trio arrive back at camp and Ricca realizes what the twins are trying to build. Left happily greets them with Right behind her. She says they should go see the snow lift, everyone, including Right, agree. Clementine asks Ricca why does she always stand so close to her and then Ricca realizes her vision is starting to get blurry. Out of nowhere, Right pushes Amos down the chasm to his presumed death.

Chapter Eight[]

In her dream on the train, a young Clementine talks to Lee and asks him "will the pain ever stop", while remembering having to shoot him and remembers Amos.

In the aftermath of Amos' murder, Left is distraught over Amos's death causing Right to stomp on her back, telling her to shut up. Right pulls out a gun and shoots at Clementine and Ricca. The two are able to escape safely into the woods. Ricca breaks down, telling herself that maybe Amos is okay, despite Clementine's doubts. Ricca says she wants to leave the mountain, but Clementine says they can't leave without Olivia.

After some time, Clementine and Ricca make their way back to the camp while waiting for the snow to pick up, so they can use it as cover. Clementine opens up to Ricca about how she keep making it and it is a problem for her, since everyone else around her dies, including Lee, her parents, many others, and now Amos. She says something inside her changed when she got bit. The idea that she could live for years scared her and after many years of trying to find somewhere safe, she found Ericson's with people she loved, but after she lost her leg, she thought that they thought she was a liability, but the real issue was that she couldn't talk to them about it because they were all around her age and she wanted to talk to Lee about it. After leaving the school, she was alone like when she was when he first found her and she realized she was waiting for him to come find her, despite knowing he's dead. After being on her own, it felt nice, but after a while it got sad and she would cry for days and was scared about what her future would be like. Ricca tells Clementine that she can be sad around her and they'll find something to do that will make her happy.

Inside the camp, Right has Olivia tied up, waiting for Clementine and Ricca to come. Clementine unfreezes a walker and dresses it up in her jacket. When Right comes out to shoot at what she thinks is Clementine in the shoulder, it turns out to be the walker, confusing Right long enough for Clementine to come behind her and drive an axe into her arm. While Ricca attempts to save Olivia, Right starts firing wildly and shoots Ricca in the side of her stomach. An enraged Clementine drives her fingers into Right's wound. However, all the loud commotion triggers an avalanche.

Chapter Nine[]

The avalanche crashes through the camp, partially burying the house, Right, and the walker. Clementine and Olivia attempt to help the injured Ricca, while Right curses Clementine. Right calls to Olivia, but Olivia tells her to shut up. While Right continues to plead to Olivia, the latter ignores her and solely focuses on try to help Ricca. Clementine kicks Right in the face to shut her up. Right says she had to kill Amos because he was going to take Olivia away from her and Tim told her not to let her go. The walker crawls it's way out of the snow and bites Right on the shoulder. Clementine breaks a whole in the ceiling and kills the walker, telling Right that out of everyone is the world Olivia could've picked, she's lucky it was Amos. Clementine carries Ricca out while Olivia says goodbye to Right.

Clementine and Olivia carry Ricca and travel down the mountain, along the way, picking up Amos' hat. Clementine takes Ricca on the ski lift, down the mountain.

Chapter Ten[]

A little while later, Olivia successfully removes the bullet from Ricca's torso. While the two try to get some sleep, Clementine goes to take a look around and finds a cat.

For the next two weeks, the trio and the cat travel to Olivia's mother's homebase to retrieve supplies and a plane. After arriving, they sneak in, however the cat starts making noises, which alerts one of the residents who Clementine swiftly punches out. Olivia slides a letter under the door of her mother's room and they all go to the hangar to retrieve the plane. They fly out just as several residents attempt to catch them. Watching out the window is Olivia and Georgia's mother, who is revealed to have died and turned. Clementine looks over the land and asks Olivia to fly over Vermont to show Amos the plane one last time.




  • The complete first chapter was release on Free Comic Book Day 2022 dubbed as Issue One.
  • This book contains 256 pages.