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Clementine: Book Two is the second book in Skybound Comet's Clementine trilogy, written by Tillie Walden.


In Clementine Book Two, Clementine and her new friends are rescued by an island community led by an enigmatic doctor called Miss Morro, but just as Clementine’s scars are finally beginning to heal, she discovers dark secrets that threaten to tear her new life apart. Can Miss Morro be trusted? What about the rest of the islanders? And just how far will Clementine go to protect the ones she loves?[1]


Chapter One[]

Sometime after the end of Book One, it is revealed that the plane Clementine's Group was flying crashed onto Cape Breton Island. Clementine tells Ricca that she dreamt of being up in the sky, wondering if they could live up there. The group, laying on the roof of a house, talk about their situation. Clementine insists that they keep walking until they hit the coast. Olivia insists that Clementine's optimism is because of Ricca, which the latter denies.

The next morning, the group spot a rabbit, which Ricca chases after. Olivia tells Clementine that she is bad luck, believing that she's holding Clementine and Ricca back. They are soon interrupted when Ricca comes running away from a herd. The group covers themselves in walker guts.

A little while later, Clementine's prosthetic begins to hurt, due to her running out of willow bark. Ricca tries to get her to take it easy, but Clementine insists that they keep moving. Ricca says her glasses aren't making a difference in her vision. Clementine tells her to hold her hand and she'll be her eyes. They're interrupted when Olivia is captured by a couple of French men. They tell Clementine and Ricca to hand over their weapons. They feign handing them over and attack the two men. During the struggle, Olivia gets cut under her ear and Clementine on the leg. The three escape and patch up Olivia's wound. As the three lay down, Ricca asks "why is every day so hard?". Clementine says she'll change the world.

The next morning, the group trudge through the wood, when they hear more of the guys from the previous night. They duck down until they're gone, but then Clementine comes down with a fever, though she insists that she can keep going. While, Ricca and Olivia carry her, Ricca sings Clementine a song before the latter blacks out. The two spot a boat and Olivia goes into the water to call out for help. Olivia calls her over and they both call out for help. Clementine goes into a dream sequence, coming face to face with Amos, asking him if it's time for her to go. Amos tells her "not even close". Back in the real world, Clementine's unconscious body is swept up by the tides and she starts going under. She's soon pulled out by Ricca and hears voices talking about her condition.

Chapter Two[]

36 days later, Clementine wakes up in a bed. She opens the window and sees she's on the Magdalen Islands. She is then greeted by Olivia, who gives her an update since she's been out. Clementine, now without Kenny, is wheelchaired around by Olivia. She tells her Ricca is at a party, that Clementine's leg got infected, and they were saved by Emi. Olivia takes her to the birthday party, where she reunites with Ricca. While eating cake, Ricca tells Clementine that only eight people live in this community. Ricca introduces Clementine to the residents: Emi, John, Amir, Shu-Fen, Ginette, Giles, and Mercy. Amir comes over and asks Clementine to be on his team for the football game. Emi insists that she instead be referee. Emi reveals they are celebrating all of their birthdays since they can't remember their real ones.

Later that night, Ricca has Clementine drink "tupsi", a fluffy kind of bark. After Ricca talks to Clementine more about her eyes, she explains that the island their on is connected to four other island. Clementine is still worried about the dangers, but Ricca assures her they are safe. Ricca tells Clementine that they all have chores to do around the island to help it stay alive. After everyone is asleep, Clementine wheelchairs outside where she encounters Miss Morro, the leader of the community. Miss Morro compliments Clementine for pulling through. She tells Clementine she used to be a pathologist and how she made her infection go away. She asks Clementine if she plans to stay with them, Clementine responds that she doesn't know. Miss Morro tells her that until she decides, she's expected to work. She then leaves Clementine to watch the sunrise.

Chapter Three[]

A few weeks later, Amir comes to tell Clementine's group that the sea wall caved and there are walkers all over the shore. While Clementine goes to retrieve her hatchet, Ricca reminds Olivia that she's been puking all week. Ricca and Olivia leave with Fen, while Clementine goes to retrieve her sock from Ginette. Clementine comes to help fight off the walkers, however at that moment, Ricca tells her she can't see. Clementine dismisses her for her safety, then they all form a line and successfully take out all the walkers. While talking about the smell and sounds of the walkers, Clementine notices John dragging the bodies off. Emi reveals that John brings them to Miss Morro to deal with. Clementine volunteers Olivia to go fishing with Emi and asks Emi to show her where Miss Morro works. John complains about how they worked on the sea wall for months, Clementine tells him "walls don't last forever". Clementine goes to see Ricca and give her a pep talk. She tells Ricca to meet her at the docks at sunset.

Later, while writing her name for her next chore, Amir comes out in nothing but a towel to ask Clementine about her how she lost her leg. He reveals he lost his arm after his dad cut it thinking it was a walker bite when it was really only a dog bite. They talk about how they both have nightmares and the hoping that their stumps will someday grow. Before Amir leaves, he says that Fen is wrong and that Clementine is super nice. Clementine goes to see Fen and ask what she did to annoy her. Fen says that she hasn't and it doesn't matter since they're leaving on Clementine's call. Fen reveals to Clementine that she and her family were originally here on vacation from their home in Victoria and that her sister is still in Taiwan and she plans to find her. Clementine and Fen look at the latter's map to see how far Taiwan is. Fen suggests they stick around since the place isn't so bad.

Later that night, Clementine is on the docks waiting for Ricca. Ricca finally arrives and the two take note of each other's appearances. Emi rows the boat towards them to show them where Miss Morro works. Ricca asks Clementine what is it going to take for her to be okay here. Despite saying she's coming around to it, Clementine is afraid on missing out on what else it out there. Emi takes them to the place Miss Morro works. Miss Morro tells them she examines each body, no matter how degraded, note their features, cause of death, location found, assign them a number, and then bury them in a corresponding grave. Clementine asks her why she would waste time and energy on this, Miss Morro replies that they were people too and deserve to be remembered. Clementine says that walkers are the reason their parents are dead and the world is a pile of garbage. Clementine, Ricca, and Emi leave and run into John. Ricca stares out into the graveyard, asking Clementine what's out there due to her vision going blurry. Ricca says she's scared of starting over and feels she's just waiting for this to fall apart. Clementine says they should stay and whatever happens they can handle it. Clementine apologizes for making her wait and Ricca responds that she'll wait for her.

Chapter Four[]

At dinner, all the community members are gathered around the table waiting for Emi and Olivia. Soon, Amir comes in and tells that the boat is at the beach, but Emi and Olivia aren't there and he couldn't find them. Clementine and the others volunteer to go look for them, but Miss Morro stops them saying they'd just get lost in the fog themselves. Clementine, Ricca, John, and Fen go out looking for them anyways, with Clementine and John going to check the lighthouse. Clementine asks John if his mother has always been a jerk. He says she was different after his sister, Sarah, got bit and they didn't know what the bite did at the time. That night, Sarah turned and ate his dad, his other sister, and Fen's parents. Clementine guesses that's why Morro examines all the dead, so she'll never miss another bite. John asks Clementine if he could talk to his mom about the backlog. He explains that during year three, islanders decided to wall themselves off and after some fighting, they eventually died and turned. At that point, Miss Morro started keeping records and burying people and wants to do the same for those behind the wall. They make it to the lighthouse where they find Emi reading. She tells them Olivia is upstairs, so Clementine goes to see her. Olivia tells her to go and that she wants to be alone. Olivia reveals to Clementine that she got bit, Clementine says they have to cut the bite out immediately, but Olivia tells her the bite is inside, saying she felt something moving inside of her. Clementine tells her to show her where it moved and Olivia says in her stomach. Clementine hugs her and tells her it's not a bite. Olivia is pregnant.

Later, Olivia comes back to the group and says Clementine had something to do and they shouldn't wait up on her. Clementine then goes to the backlogs and goes to the top of the wall. She tells the walkers that she hates them and wants to kill them all with her bare hands and that Olivia's baby has to grow up in all of this, just like she did.

Chapter Five[]

Clementine has a dream about her and Ricca floating on a boat together. She lays in bed with her before a walker suddenly come from behind to bite them, then Clementine wakes up. Clementine tells Ricca and Olivia about the backlog and then tries to get Olivia to talk about her pregnancy, causing Olivia to storm out. Clementine reveals Olivia's pregnancy to Ricca. Clementine says she wants to do stuff, but she has to make it safe first. Ricca then storms out as well, telling Clementine to go fight battles and they'll keep her company.

Clementine then goes to Miss Morro and tells her they need to talk about the dead and the wall. Clementine they can make a plan, but Miss Morro asks Clementine when she plans to do this and says she has no fridge and due to the dead constantly decomposing, speed is the only tool she has. Miss Morro tells Clementine they have to harvest grain, cure fish, and store wood while summer is still around and if not done, the winter will end them. Clementine insists that the dead should be the number one priority and that there is no way to hold walkers and the result is always the same. Miss Morro admits that she is traumatized just like Clementine is and says that there are many ways to die and walkers are just one dot on that list. Clementine leaves saying she knows this world better than Morro ever will and that she'll deal with the dead herself.

Clementine starts making a plan with John and Fen. John is excited about the plan and Fen asks Clementine if she's okay, Clementine says she just wants to fix something.

Over the next few days, the three start plotting how to go about their plan. Miss Morro tells Clementine is she's not careful, she'll blink and realize she's gotten old. At a bonfire, Clementine talks to Olivia about Ricca. Olivia reveals to Clementine that her first memory in life is crying with her and her sister rolling on the floor screaming. Clementine reveals her first memory in life was napping on her dad's stomach and going up and down everytime he breathed. Olivia tells Clementine that Miss Morro already knows about her pregnancy and asks Clementine if she's ever heard of a cervix or uterus and that Morro told her her birth will happen in four or five months. Olivia tells Clementine she has to talk to Ricca.

Sometime later, Clementine wheels over to Ricca's hideout and asks her about her project and that she doesn't want her to think that anything is more important than her. Ricca confesses to Clementine that she loves her and she's sure Clementine loves her as well, but Clementine isn't making her feel loved, instead making her feel like she just wants to protect her. She tells Clementine that she doesn't need saying, she needs Clementine to love her. When Ricca storms off, Clementine yells to her that she said she'd wait for her. Ricca tells Clementine she's done as Clementine begs her to talk more.

Clementine sits by the shore, when she is approached by Giles, who offers her tea. Ginette recognizes that Clementine is clearly saddened and allows her to cry into her lap.

Chapter Six[]

Clementine, John, and Fen lure walkers into a tunnel underground and begin killing them from above. Fen attempts to ask Clementine about what happened with Ricca, but Clementine ignores her and helps John load up the bodies to bring to Miss Morro. Miss Morro starts ragging on John for not getting his chores done. Clementine, hearing enough, stands up for John. Morro yanks John by his hair and tells Clementine off for putting the wrong ideas in his head. Clementine says that Miss Morro's daughter getting bit must not have been enough to convince her how dangerous walkers are. Miss Morro then orders everyone to get out. Before they leave, Miss Morro apologizes to Clementine about her break up with Ricca and that they're just not suited for love.

Clementine then has a dream about Amos, asking him how he and Olivia made their relationship work and asks him if she's too broken for this. Amos tells her that Ricca is broken too, only she isn't ashamed of her scars and that she wants to face her fears with Clementine and not for her. Clementine says Ricca deserves more than her. Amos is then seen holding his unborn child and he tells her that Ricca deserves the world and that's Clementine.

Clementine is then awoken and found by Ricca and Olivia. Ricca then lets the two of them inside her hideout to see her project, which is revealed to be a makeshift synagogue. Ricca says she was hoping to have a bat mitzvah, so Clementine and Olivia ask if they can have one as well. The three then have a bat mizvah together. Clementine tells them that she's lucky to be here, to have found them, this island, and the mountain. Clementine then confesses to Ricca that she loves her too and apologizes for not saying it sooner, saying she thought she had to make this place safe first before she could focus on their relationship. The three then share a hug. Olivia asks if this means Clementine and Ricca are girlfriends.

Chapter Seven[]

Clementine, Ricca, and Olivia wake up in the middle of the night after falling asleep. When they go outside, they see a figure in in the distance, which is soon revealed to be a walker which Clementine quickly dispatched. Suddenly, they are attacked by another walker which Clementine also takes care of. Olivia notes that the walkers are not wet. Clementine shushes them and realizes they are surrounded by walkers. They realize the walkers must've come from the backlogs. They prepare to get off the island, Ricca goes off to go get the boat while Clementine and Olivia go to try to save the others.

Clementine and Olivia see the zombies gathered around a house, assuming it's where everyone is holed up at. They take note of the walkers eating on someone and use it as a distraction to make it to the house. The ones being eaten are revealed to be Ginette, Giles, and Mercy. They make it to the back door which is opened by Emi. Once inside, they see the partially devoured corpse of John. Fen reveals that John made the hole bigger so he could kill more walkers, but was eventually overwhelmed. Miss Morro tells everyone to go without her, as she can't leave John. Fen begs Miss Morro to come, but she doesn't listen. Morro tells them to find a herbalist named Saa and she sits by John's corpse as walkers break into the house.

Amir begs to go back to be with John, but Emi doesn't allow him. Amir breaks away and runs back to the house. He opens the door and comes face to face with a zombified John who proceeds to devour the stunned Amir, who can only mutter "ow". The remaining survivors run to the docks, but notice Ricca isn't there. Clementine insists Ricca will be there and tells the others to go without her, but they all decide to stay with her. They kill the oncoming walkers, but Olivia's knife gets stuck in a walker's skull. She trips and is almost devoured, but Emi sacrifices herself and pulls the walkers into the water with her. Clementine then sees a figure walking amongst the walkers, wearing Amos' hat. Clementine assumes Ricca has turned and tells everyone to get on the boat while she fights her way through the walkers. Ricca reveals herself to be alive after using the walker guts trick. She hugs Clementine and they all escape on the boat.

Chapter Eight[]

Three weeks later, the remaining survivors are on Prince Edward Island in search of Saa. Clementine and Fen reminisce about the friends they lost. They find a woman who tells them the location of Saa and they head to the docks where they meet Saa and Derrick. They break the news of Miss Morro and John's deaths to Saa and ask for some food and water. Saa lets them onboard her ship and Derrick tells them they're heading to Nuuk, Greenland. Saa reveals to them that she is from Iqaluit and shows them a map of it's location. Fen asks how far Taiwan is, Saa tells her it's very far, and Fen breaks down at the revelation that her map was wrong and the thought that she'll never find her sister and leaves. Saa tells Clementine that while Taiwan is far, it's not impossible to get to and that it would be easier if they had a plane. Saa gives Clementine the revelation that amputations have been going on long before the apocalypse. Saa says she's going to Greenland because it sounds interesting and safer, since her friend Kim went there the previous year and sent a letter back telling her life was good there. Clementine says she didn't know you could talk to someone who was far away. Derrick comes back with food to give to Clementine and her group. Derrick and Saa reveal that their crew went missing three weeks ago, so Clementine volunteers herself and her group to be Saa's crew for their trip to Greenland. Saa denies her, until Clementine tells her the members in her group and what they have been through.

Clementine tells the group about the plan and the next morning, her, Ricca, and Olivia head to the boat, but not before Clementine has them take a detour to get their picture taken. They make it to the boat on time and Clementine goes to over to Ricca where they share their first kiss.

Chapter Nine[]

Clementine and Ricca are laying in one of the cabins on the ship, talking about their wounds. Clementine feels that she is too roughed up to be considered sexy, but Ricca denies this. Clementine asks Ricca if she's ever had sex before, Ricca says she has and even though she's still not sure on what is it, she says a lot of it is instinctual. Ricca tells Clementine to remember the first time she shot a gun, Clementine tells her the first time she killed a walker, she was alone, but now she's not.. Clementine asks Ricca how can they stop time so she can make this night last longer. Ricca says for her, she'll have a word with the sun and ask for a little more time. Clementine wakes up in the morning after having sex with Ricca and tears up at the beaming sunlight.




  • This book contains 270 pages.