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This article is about the Clementine character. You may be looking for her appearance in the Telltale Series or her Road to Survival counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Clementine

I spent so many years trying to find somewhere safe. And I did. This old school. There were good people there. People I love. But after I lost my leg, everything felt different. No one said it, but I could feel it. They thought I was a liability. But I think the real issue... was that I couldn't talk to any of them about it. They were all around my age, and I... I just wanted to talk to Lee about it. Someone older, and, I don't know...
―Clementine to Ricca about why she left the school.[src]

Clementine, commonly referred to as Clem, is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in Clementine Lives and Skybound Comet's Clementine. Sometime after defeating the Delta and establishing peace and civilization at Ericson's Boarding School, she leaves the safety of her home and begins a new journey on the road to search for a more fulfilling purpose, along the way, making new friends and falling in love.

Pre- & Post-Apocalypse[]

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Clementine Series[]


"Clementine Lives"

Clementine wakes up early in the morning to discreetly leaves the gates of the boarding school and goes to the fishing cabin. She hears rustling coming from a walker and goes outside to kill it, then she packs supplies and a map. She hears another noise and goes to investigate, only to find it's AJ. He confronts her about leaving without him and asks to go with her, however Clementine declines saying she's not going on a trip.

AJ berates her for breaking he promise of never going alone, but Clementine says she has to break that promise. She recalls the times she thought she lost AJ, but with two more settlements around, she feels he's safe without her. She says the school is not home for her and she's not happy, and not even AJ can make her happy. AJ shoots a walker behind her and asks where she's going. She tells him she's going north and the two share a tearful goodbye as they depart.

Book One[]

"Chapter One"

Clementine walks through the forest when she is attacked by zombies. While trying to escape, her prosthetic leg breaks. She decides the take shelter for the night in an abandoned barn. As she falls asleep, she has a nightmare where Lee drops her while running through a herd of zombies. She wakes up and immediately leaves the barn.

She continues to travel, until she comes across a three Amish girls. She tries to sneak away, but she noticed her period had come early and spoke instinctively, alerting the group. One of the girls, Joy, hold her at gunpoint as Clementine tries to leave. Clementine explains that her period came a little early and attempts to leave, however the group take notice of her prosthetic and invite her to their town to get it replaced by Rabby. Clementine tells the group her name and they take her to the entrance of their town for procedure.

After the procedure is done, Clementine meets back up with one of the girls, Meredith, who takes her to Rabby. Rabby rewraps her leg and carves her a new prosthetic leg while telling Clementine his story. Later that night, Rabby gives Clementine her new prosthetic and a cane. Clementine leaves and meets Meredith again who gives her a bag of supplies. She leaves the community and spends the night in a tree, thinking of what to name her new prosthetic.

"Chapter Two"

The next morning, Clementine is awoken by the sound of the Amish people seeing a boy named Amos off for his Rumspringa. She catches up to him to warn him about oncoming walkers, but he quickly dispatches them before she can. She attempts to leave as he introduces him, but as it turns out they are both heading north. Amos tells her about his plans to go to Vermont, where he will help build a strong homestead on the mountain's peak and be rewarded with a plane ride. After she kills a walker, Amos notices her limp and offers her a ride in his buggy.

Clementine believes the whole thing to be bullshit, despite Amos' optimism. After they kill a few walkers, Clementine attempts to go on her own, until Amos offers to let her drive the buggy. Later in the night, they hear people screaming for help. Clementine tries to ignore it, assuming it to be a trap, but Amos goes off to save them anyways. Amos lets a family into his buggy and them all drive off. Clementine and Amos switch roles, so Clementine sleeps in the back with the family, however the father tries to assault her, but she quickly pins him down. The man tells her to go ahead and kill him, but she shows mercy and simply stomps on his hand with her prosthetic and leaves.

Amos catches up to her and decides to go with her. Amos offers to give her his horse, Helen if she comes with him to the base of the mountain. He shows her pamphlet of the mountain that a man had gave him and tells her how he flew over their town with his plane to show it was real. Clementine and Amos ride on Helen and after a few days, arrive in Killington, Vermont.

"Chapter Three"

Clementine and Amos find and put on winter clothes they find in an old store and head to the bottom of a ski lift. As Amos and Clementine start to part ways, Clementine decides to confront the pair of twins running the operation. The two claims to not use names and accuse Clementine of not being able to pull her own weight because of her leg, which greatly offends Clementine. Clementine gets into a brief confrontation with the ponytailed twin before the latter goes to start the lift. As Clementine tries to convince Amos that the twins are dangerous, the hair down twin shoots Amos's horse Helen, believing her to be food, greatly upsetting Amos. As Clementine sends Amos to go help with the bags, she holds the hair down twin at knifepoint and tells her to apologize to Amos. Clementine tells Amos she's coming with him so that way it's two on two and Amos hugs Clementine in response.

Clementine and Amos ride the sky lift up to the top of the mountain where they meet Ricca. Once the twins come up, they lead everybody to their camp and show them around. Clementine asks the twins questions about why they are building on a mountain and why they need the help of strangers, but the twins walks away without saying a word. Clementine asks Ricca why she is, to which replies "why are you?"

Later that night, Clementine asks Ricca what's with the twins' no name thing. Ricca tells her she just calls the ponytailed twin "Right" and the hair down twin "Left". Clementine tells Amos and Ricca that her prosthetic leg has a name, but before she can tell them what it is, Right tells everyone it's time to go to sleep. As they're going to sleep, Ricca asks Clementine where she's from. Clementine reluctantly tells her she's grew up just outside of Atlanta. Soon, they are awoken by the sound of an avalanche, which bursts through the cabin. Clementine then flashes back to her first meeting with Lee before waking up in the snow filled cabin.

"Chapter Four"

The next morning, Clementine and Amos fix up the roof. They talk about the twins, with Amos saying he can tell them apart because Left has brighter eyes, just as Left comes up to give them breakfast. While discussing their situation more, Clementine's leg fall through the roof. Later, while Clementine is chopping wood, she is approached by Ricca, who tries to convince Clementine to drive the snowmobile, though Clementine would rather get her work done. Eventually though, Clementine does ride the snowmobile, along with Ricca and Amos. Amos starts talking about what life on the mountains could be like, though Clementine and Ricca are less optimistic. As they start talking about their religion and ages, Ricca throws a snow ball at Clementine, causing Clementine to attack her. Clementine calms down and they ride the snowmobile back to camp.

Later that night, Right chastises them for using the snowmobile, as they need to save fuel. They ask the twins questions about what happened last winter, but Right tells them not to ask her. Later, Amos, Ricca, and Clementine are learning to reading. Some time later, while gathering wood, Clementine hears a scraping sound and throws her axe at the ground near Right, claiming she heard a walker, but no one else did. Later in the night, Clementine sits on the snowmobile, when she is approached by Ricca again, who is having a smoke. She tells Clementine that she is needed inside. Clementine goes in to find that Amos has a fever.

With Amos out of commission, Clementine and Ricca decide to take the portable generator to the other lift. However, the bridge they were suppose to take it across is broken. Ricca lashes out because all she wanted to do was build houses. Clementine comes up with a plan to lower the generator down into the chasm, climb across holding the rope, and pulling back up. However, as they are lowering it, it starts to Ricca down as well. Clementine tries to pulls her up, but in a panic, she kicks Clementine in the nose, causing Clementine to drop her. Clementine then stands on the ledge with one foot over the chasm.

"Chapter Five"

Clementine jumps down into the chasm, where she encounters walkers. She becomes overwhelmed, being bitten on her prosthetic in the process, until Ricca comes in and saves her. While trying to get away, her prosthetic breaks in half. With all the walkers killed, Clementine and Ricca take a moment to rest. Ricca asks Clementine if she's going to tell her the name of her prosthetic, but Clementine declines since it's broken. The two start opening up to each other with Ricca telling Clementine about her brother, who used to use her as live bait and broke her glasses, until she found new ones and left him.

Before Ricca tries to climb out, Clementine reveals to Ricca that she named her prosthetic Kenny after "a guy she knew". As Ricca climbs up, she chastise Clementine for jumping in after her, since she doesn't want to be rescued. As Clementine wanders deeper into the cave, she flashes back to the moment AJ cut off her leg. She soon runs into frozen walkers and starts to panic, calling out for Lee, but she is calmed down by a man. He picks her up and carries away.

"Chapter Six"

The man sets her down and they crawl through a tunnel, before they are ambushed by thawed out walkers. The man, who reveals his name is Tim, manages to kill them all, but gets bitten on the cheek in the process. He leads her to hideout and gives her water. He asks her if the twins are trying again. He reveals the twins and their mother Epsey used to work for him, but after a bad winter, they left. He asks Clementine how long it takes to turn, which she replies that she stopped waiting to find out. She tells him about the feeling of being bitten, the pain, and the what it feels like now that her leg isn't there.

He tells her to get off the mountain and to be with people, but she tells him that it's all the same, that you're just waiting for it to all fall apart and she came north to be alone, like him. The only thing she wants is to not get bit, to which he replies "Well if that's true, then stay put and I'll finish you off". He says that they give the dead too much power and he's only dying because he had a soft spot for kids who need help. She says she can't keep watching people die, which was why she wanted to be alone. He tells her it's never going to stop and tells her about his husband who died at the start of the apocalypse, just a week after they married. She says she's bored when she's not fighting, but he says that her generation has the biggest advantage in the apocalypse, everything they need already exists and they have a chance to rebuild into something better than what it was before. He tells her it's time to go and hugs her goodbye, telling her to get off the mountain.

She leaves the hideout, where she finds Ricca, who tells her the generator broke into pieces, and they climb out the chasm. They drive back to the camp, telling the twins they ran into walkers, even though the twins had previously said there were no walkers on the mountain. Right, who's name was revealed to be Georgia, recognizes the hatchet Clementine has and asks her where she got it. Clementine tells her Tim gave it to her and aggressively asks her where he was. She tells Georgia he was in the chasm and she gears up to go find him. Left, now named Olivia, tries to stop to stop her, but Georgia shoves her down and leaves. Ricca chastises Clementine for not telling her about Tim. Clementine says she's gotten worse at being with people. They hear Amos and Olivia behind the curtain, but ignore it and go to sleep. The next morning, Georgia returns, covered in blood.

"Chapter Seven"

Amos fixes Kenny for Clementine and they talk about how tense things have been since Georgia came back. While they're carrying wood back, Ricca tells them Olivia fixed the engine and the alternator of the generator. Olivia tells them there's a way to get the generator to the lift without the bridge and offers to show Amos. Just then, Georgia comes and tells them to give up with the generator and drags Olivia away. Clementine tells Amos and Ricca that she's been keeping track of their food stock and they have 17 days worth of food left.

A little later, Olivia comes to Clementine and asks her to help her. Clementine asks her if Georgia told her if she found Tim, but she says she hasn't and she'd rather not know, then tells Clementine that her and Amos are planning on leaving once they're done and are going back to Amos' town. Georgia bursts in saying the generator and snowmobile are gone and deduces that Amos took them to the lift. She says there's a storm coming in and Amos won't make it, but it'll at least be one less mouth to feed.

As Clementine, Ricca, and Olivia work in the snow, Clementine says her mom never saw more than a few flakes of snow at a time and wonders what she would think of all this. Later that night, while the three of them are inside, with Georgia outside, Olivia tells them why they came up to the mountain in the first place, with the reason being that their mom grew up around there and she thought it was the perfect spot away from walkers and people. Ricca wonders where Amos is and decides to go look for him and tells Clementine to stay with Olivia because she doesn't want her to be alone with Georgia. Clementine asks Olivia who's idea it was to leave and she says it was Amos', then she asks what Tim meant when he said they had a bad winter. She says people were sick, hungry, and fighting. After a while, Clementine goes outside to search for Ricca and Amos. As the sun rises, she find them both, with Ricca telling her that Amos got the lift to work. As they overlook the camp, they realize what the twins are trying so hard to build. They are approached by the twins who are eager to see the working lift. As they all go, Clementine asks Ricca why she's always so close to her and she says it's because her eyes are getting blurry. Out of nowhere, Georgia pushes Amos down a chasm to his death.

"Chapter Eight"

Clementine flashes back to talking to Lee on the train. She asks Lee "will the pain ever stop?" and remembers having to shoot him and thinks about Amos. Back in the present, everyone is in shock at Amos' death. Clementine briefly contemplates killing Georgia with her hatchet, but Ricca stops her because Georgia has a gun. Georgia stomps on Olivia's back to shut her up and then pulls out her gun and shoots at Clementine and Ricca. The two are able to flee into the trees thanks to Olivia's interference, until they are out of range of gunfire. Ricca says she wants to leave, but Clementine says they can't without Olivia. They decide to wait until sundown where they'll have the advantage of night and wait until the snow picks up.

While they wait, Ricca talks about how she's usually good at figuring why people are so miserable, but not everyone seems so lost. Clementine says she doesn't know how to talk about this stuff, but Ricca insists that if the plan doesn't work, then it's best to have a heart to heart. Clementine says she's not going to die, which is the whole problem, that she keeps making it when everyone else doesn't and something changed inside her when she got bit. The idea that she was going to live kept growing and it scared her. She tells Ricca about finding Ericson's and how she loved the people there, but after she lost her leg, everything felt different. She felt everyone thought she was a liability, but the real problem was so she couldn't talk to anyone about it because everyone there was around her age and she wanted to talk to Lee or someone older. After she left, she was alone, like when he first found her, and she realized she was waiting for him to come find her and she was pissed at him for not trying harder, despite the fact that he's dead. She says when she was on her own, it was nice for a while, but got sad, then scared about what her future would be like. Ricca says she can be as sad as she wants around her and maybe they can find something to make her happy.

After they get done talking, they make their move. Clementine starts cracking the ice on the ground, figuring out that walkers are frozen under it, which was the sound she heard earlier. She breaks in window, which gets Georgia to come out. Georgia shoots a figure wearing Clementine's jacket, but it turns out to be a walker, which distracts Georgia long enough for Clementine to come behind her and stab her in the arm with her hatchet. Ricca rushes in to save Olivia, but Georgia shoots her in side. Clementine becomes enraged and digs her fingers into Georgia's wound. All the commotion causes an avalanche to come barreling towards them.

"Chapter Nine"

The avalanche crashed through the house, covering all the entrances in snow. Clementine and Olivia tend to Ricca's wound, as Georgia, who is stuck in the snow, curses them. Georgia calls to Olivia, but Olivia tells her to shut up. Georgia begs Olivia, telling her everything she's did was for her. Olivia ignores her, enraging Georgia, as Clementine kicks Georgia in the face.

As Georgia continues to ramble on, the walker crawl from under the snow and bites her on the shoulder, as Clementine breaks an opening in the ceiling. Clementine kills the walker, telling Georgia that out of all the people that her sister could've picked, she was lucky it was Amos. Clementine and Olivia carry Ricca out the cabin and all the way to the ski lift, picking up Amos' hat along the way. Clementine takes Ricca down the ski lift, telling her they have so much to do and so many people to make proud.

"Chapter Ten"

Later that day, Clementine assists Olivia in getting the bullet out of Ricca's wound using a fork. Afterwards, Clementine goes out to change into some new winter clothes and during this, finds a cat. They all leave to go to Olivia's mother's community to gather supplies and a plane. After two weeks, they make it to the community and sneak in, but the cat, now named "Dr. Barnwell", meows, alerting a man, who Clementine proceeds to knock out.

With the community now on high alert, Clementine and Ricca rush Olivia to get them the plane. Once they're in, Olivia flies them out and over Vermont one last time for Amos.

Book Two[]

"Chapter One"

Sometime after, the trio have crashed their plane on Cape Breton Island in Canada. They now lay on a rooftop as Clementine tells Ricca she dreamt about the plane, the mountain, and being in the air. Clementine says they to keep walking until they hit the coast because they are close to finding something and after everything that happened to them, it has to matter.

The next morning, they trudge through the island, when Ricca spots a rabbit and runs after it, leaving Clementine to talk with Olivia, who feels like she's bad luck and holding them back. Before Clementine can say anything, Ricca runs back, being chased by a herd. Clementine grabs a walker body and they all cover themselves in it's guts and hide. A little while later, they walk through the rain and Clementine's prosthetic starts to hurt since she used the last of her willow bark. Clementine insists on pushing ahead despite Ricca's worries. Clem acknowledges Ricca's vision troubles and tells her to hold her hand she'll be her eyes. They're interrupted when Olivia is held hostage by two men. They tell the two girls to hand over their weapons. They feign doing so before stabbing the men. They get away, with Clementine getting a cut on her leg and Olivia getting one on her cheek. They patch themselves up and go to sleep, as Ricca questions why everyday is so hard. Clem tells her it won't be like this forever, but Ricca says the world might not give them a choice. Clem replies that she'll change the world.

The next morning, they go through a forest, as they hear more of the people from yesterday. They get down until they're gone, but Clementine suddenly comes down with a fever. Ricca and Olivia try to take Kenny off, but Clementine tells them not to, as she'll never get him back on. Ricca and Olivia carry Clem the rest of the way to the coast, as Ricca sings a song she liked. Clementine passes out on the beach as Ricca and Olivia spot someone in a boat and call out to them. Clementine then has a dream about meeting Amos, assuming it's her time to die. Back in reality, Clementine gets dragged away by the tides and pulled underwater. In her dream, Amos tells her it's not even close for her time. In reality, Ricca pulls Clementine out the water and into a boat.

"Chapter Two"

Clementine wakes up from a 36 day coma inside of a house on the Magdalen Islands, where she is happily greeted by Olivia. Clementine asks her where Ricca is and Olivia tells her she's at the party. Olivia pushes her in a wheelchair towards where everyone is. Along the way, she tells her her leg got infected and a girl named Emi took them to the island where she was patched up by Miss Morro.

Clementine arrives at the party where is reunited with Ricca. She is then introduced to all the residents: Emi, John, Amir, Shu-Fen, Ginette, Giles, and Mercy. Amir comes over and asks her to play a game of football with them, but because she just came out of a coma, Emi asks her to be referee instead. Clementine asks who's birthday it is, to which Emi replies it's all of their birthdays, since a few of them couldn't remember their birthdays, they made a new one to share.

Later that night, Ricca gives Clementine a tea made with "tupsi". Clementine asks Ricca about her vision, but Ricca says she doesn't want to talk about it. Ricca then catches her up to speed about where they are and tells them they can settle in because it's safe there. Clementine has her doubts about the place because of her experience of seeing supposedly safe places fall. Ricca goes to sleep telling Clem everything is here waiting for her. Clementine, not being able to go to sleep, goes outside where she meets Miss Morro. Morro tells her she's a pathologist and will show her how to make the paste she used to clear the infection on her leg. She asks her if she plans to stay with them, Clementine says she doesn't know. Morro says until she comes up with a decision, she'll be expected to work and leaves as Clementine looks at the sunrise.

"Chapter Three"

A few weeks later, while Clementine is doing laundry, Amir rides to them on his bike in the rain to inform them walkers have washed ashore. As they meet up with Fen, Clementine goes to Ginette's to retrieve a sock she made for her. Ginette gives her new finished sock and a hat and Clementine runs to the park and helps the others with dispatching walkers, during which Ricca tells her she can't see. Clementine tells Ricca to go and she'll find her later. After they finish taking care of the walkers, Clementine sits and talks with Olivia and Emi. Clementine asks Emi where John and the others are taking the bodies, Emi says they take them to Miss Morro to deal with. Clem asks Emi to show her where Morro works, Emi complies and tells her they'll go tonight. Clementine goes to an old shack, where Ricca is. Clementine stands outside and tells her she knows how she's feeling and to focus on what she can do. Ricca replies that she just needs to wallow and work on her project. Clementine tells her to meet her at the docks at sundown.

Clementine writes her name down on the chore chart, when she is surprised by Amir, who is only in a towel, asks her how she lost her leg and she tells him it was a walker bite. Amir tells her he lost his arm due to a dog bite, his dad didn't believe him when he told him and believed it was a walker bite, so he chopped his arm and then drowned right after their boat crashed onto the island. After they talk for a little bit more, Amir says she's actually nice, despite what Fen says. Afterwards, Clementine goes to confront Fen and asks if she did something to annoy her. Fen replies she didn't and questions why it matters as they aren't staying and asks how Clem knew where her room was. Clementine says she was just trying to get a full view of the island, Fen understands and tells her she's not going to be there forever because her sister is somewhere in Taiwan. Fen admits she doesn't exactly know where Taiwan is, but she found bits of a map and has been connecting the pieces. Together they try to figure out how far they are from it. Fen tells her that maybe they should stick around because this place really isn't too bad.

Later that night, Clementine waits at the docks just as Ricca comes. Clementine compliments Ricca as Emi rows in on her boat. During the boat ride, Ricca asks Clem what is it going to take to convince her that they could be okay. Clementine says it's coming around, but she doesn't want to miss out on the possibility of there being more out there for them. Emi takes them to Morro's workshop where they meet Morro to see what she does with the dead. Miss Morro shows them that she examines the dead and notes any defining features and details where each is assigned a number and buried in a corresponding grave. Clementine asks Miss Morro why she spends all this energy on them. Morro says they are people and deserve to be remembered, Clem retorts that each of them has maimed and killed who knows how many people, Anne responds with a simple "and?". This infuriates Clementine who says the walkers all their parents are dead and the world is a pile of gargabe. After a moment of silence, Anne tells her what she found on the dead walker in front of them, how he died, and how he washed up there like them. Emi takes Ricca and Clem out where they run into John. Ricca stares into a graveyard and asks Clementine what it is as all she can see is fuzz. She says that even if Morro is off, she did save Clem's life and that she's scared to start over and feels she's just waiting for the place to fall, for Clem to find out what's wrong with it. Clementine says they should stay, much to Ricca's surprise. Clementine apologizes for making Ricca wait, Ricca says she'll always wait for her.

"Chapter Four"

At the dinner table, Clementine is being taught how to knit by Ginette, when Amir comes in and tells everyone that Emi and Olivia are missing. Clementine, along with John and Fen, volunteer to go look for them, despite Anne's protest due to the foggy weather. Before they leave, Anne tells them to check the lighthouse since that's where Emi likes to go. Clementine and John search north, while Fen searches east. Clementine asks John if his mother has always been a jerk, he says she wasn't until his sister Sarah got bit. He says she was bit 30 days into the outbreak and showed her mom the bite, but all her mother did was bandage it and went to bed. Later that night Sarah turned and killed his dad, his other sister, and Fen's parents.

While they continue to look for Emi and Olivia, John tells Clementine that maybe she could talk to his mom about the backlogs, which is a where a bunch of islanders decided to wall themselves off, but began fighting with one another, which lead to them all dying and turning. They make it to the lighthouse where they find Emi reading. She tells them Olivia is upstairs, so Clementine goes to check on her. She finds Olivia, but Olivia tells her to go away. Clementine asks her what's wrong and Olivia says she got bit. Clementine tells her to show her where so she can cut it out, but Olivia tells her it's inside her. She says she felt something move inside her and points to her stomach. Clementine quickly comes to realization that Olivia isn't bit, she's pregnant.

A little while later, Clementine travels to the backlogs yells at the herd of walkers, threatening to kill them all with her bare hands, upset that baby has to grow up in this, just like she did.

"Chapter Five"

Clementine is in a boat in the middle of the ocean with Ricca. Ricca tells her to come lay down with her and they cuddle up in the bed, but while they're sleeping, a walker creeps it's way towards them. This turns out to be a dream as Clementine wakes up from it the next morning, beside Ricca and Olivia. Clem tells them about the backlogs, but shifts her focus towards Olivia's pregnancy. Olivia storms out as Clementine reveals the pregnancy to Ricca. Ricca then asks Clementine if she regrets staying here, she says doesn't, but before she can act on her feelings with Ricca, she has to make sure this place is safe first. This upsets Ricca, who leaves, telling Clementine to go fight her battles, they'll keep her company.

Clementine goes to talk to Miss Morro about the dead at the backlogs. Miss Morro says she knows it needs to be dealt with eventually, but asks when they would have the time to do this, as she no fridge to keep the bodies from decomposing and then there's the concerns of harvesting and being behind on chores. Despite all this, Clementine still says the dead should come first and there's no way to hold walkers, saying she's seen much bigger walls fall. Morro understands that she's traumatized, but also knows there are many ways to die and walkers are just one dot on a long list. Clementine saying that she knows this world better than she ever will and decides to deal with the dead herself.

Clementine then discusses her plan with John and Fen. She plans to build an underground tunnel, so they can stab them as they come through. Fen and John agree to the plan, with the latter being most enthusiastic. As some time passes, Clementine, Fen, and John begin working on the tunnel. At a bonfire, Clementine sits and talks with Olivia, discussing their first memories, Olivia's pregnancy, and Ricca. The next day, Clementine goes to Ricca's shack to talk to her, clarifying that she wants the island to be safe for them. Ricca gets angry that Clem is letting the dead decide what they do and confesses that she loves her and is sure she loves her as well, but she isn't making her feel it, but instead making her feel like she just wants to protect her. Clem says she does want to protect her and it's all she thinks about. Ricca says she doesn't need saving, she needs to be loved and needs it be always. Ricca storms off back into her shack, leaving Clementine in the rain. Clementine goes to the beach where Giles offers her some tea. Ginette realizes Clementine is sad and lets her cry on her lap.

"Chapter Six"

Clementine, Fen, and John have managed to build their tunnel and have managed to kill a few walkers. They begin pulling the bodies out and take them to Anne. She complains that they could've waited until she was done burying the last wave and as John offers to help her, she snaps at him for not doing his previous chores, which causes an argument between the two. Clementine tells Anne to leave John alone, as he works harder than anyone. Anne yanks John's hair for putting Clementine putting the idea in his head that killing caged walkers is more important than clean drinking water and functioning toilets. Clementine retorts that her daughter getting bit wasn't enough to convince her walkers were dangerous. Anne yells at them all to get out before giving her sympathy to Clementine for her break up with Ricca, seeing her as just like, that their just not suited for love.

Clementine goes into another sequence with Amos, asking him how he and Olivia made their relationship work and asks why she's so scared, if she's too broken for this. Amos tells her Ricca is broken too, the only difference is she isn't ashamed of her scars and she wants to face her fears with Clementine, not for her. Clementine says Ricca deserves more than her. Amos, holding his soon to be baby, says that Ricca deserves the world and that's Clementine. Clementine wakes up outside Ricca's shack as Ricca and Olivia run to her, having been looking for her all night. Ricca then unlocks her shack and allows the two come inside and see what she's been working on, which is a makeshift synagogue. She explains to them everything she made and says she was hoping to have her bat mitzvah. Clem and Olivia say they can have one right now and they begin their ceremony. Clementine then cries and tells Ricca she loves her and apologizes for not saying it sooner. She thought she had to make this place safer before she could focus on them, but realizes she had it backwards, as the three share a hug. Olivia asks if this means the two of them are girlfriends, as the sun sets.

"Chapter Seven"

Later that night, the three wake up from a nap. They go outside to go find everyone, but find a walker in the fields. Clementine quickly dispatches it, but they are soon attacked by another walker. Clementine kills it as well, as Olivia notes that they aren't wet. They quickly realize that they are surrounded by walkers. Clementine puts together that it's the walkers from the backlogs and tells them they need to get everyone off the island. Ricca volunteers to go get Mr. Barnwell, while Clem and Olivia gather the others. Clementine and Olivia protests this, but after killing two more walkers, they reluctantly agree to the plan.

Clementine and Olivia quickly run to Morro's house as they agree to meet Ricca at the docks. While the walkers are distracted eating something, Clem and Olivia make a run for the house. While doing so, Clementine tears up when she sees that the ones being eaten are Ginette, Giles, and Mercy. Emi lets the two inside and Clementine sees John lying dead on the floor. Miss Morro tells them he died a few minutes ago from blood loss and shock after getting bitten on the chest. Fen says John made the whole bigger so more would come through, figuring he could take them all on his own, but he made the whole too big to close and was bitten. Clementine says their getting everyone off the island, but Morro says to go without her because she can't leave John. As walkers start to break the windows, Clementine rushes everyone to the door. Morro says to find a herbalist named Saa on Prince Edward Island, as Clementine rushes everyone out, leaving Morro to get devoured.

Clem and the others fight their way through the walkers, but Amir breaks away and runs back to house to see John. Clementine holds Emi back from getting him, as Amir opens the door where he finds a zombified John, who proceeds to bite him. The remaining four survivors make it the docks, wondering where Ricca is. Clementine refuses to go anywhere until Ricca gets there and they all continue fighting the walkers, however Olivia loses her knife and is nearly devoured, when she is saved by Emi, who gets bitten in the process. Emi pulls a heroic sacrifice by pulling the walkers into the ocean with her. As everyone gets in the boat, Clementine sees a figure in the herd resembling Ricca and goes into a frenzy, when Ricca reveals herself to have been camouflaging herself. The two get in the boat with Olivia and Fen and tearfully row off to Prince Edward Island.

"Chapter Eight"

Clementine will appear in this chapter.

"Chapter Nine"

Clementine will appear in this chapter.

Book Three[]


Clementine will appear in this book.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Clementine has killed:

  • Lee Everett (Out of Mercy)
  • Georgia (Caused, Alive)
  • Dozens of unnamed island residents (Zombified)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


For a more in-depth look at Clementine's relationships, read here; Clementine (Clementine Series)/Relationships




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  • Clementine appearing in the comic was hinted in the Letterhacks of "Negan Lives" saying "PS Clementine Lives", just like in Issue 193 where it said "PS Negan Lives" before we got his story.
  • Clementine is the first LGBT character in the Clementine series. The second being Ricca and the third being Tim.
  • Clementine appears to still have her left ring-finger[2], possibly making the alone ending of Season 2 non-canon.
  • Many of the graphic novel's detractors have taken to nicknaming this version of Clementine "Tangerine", due to her not resembling the character from the Telltale Series personality-wise.