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Clementine is a trilogy of graphic novels. The series serves as a continuation of The Telltale Series and Clementine Lives, featuring the character of the same name. The series began in June 22, 2022. It is created and written by Tillie Walden.[1]


On June 24, 2021, Skybound announced the launch of Skybound Comet, a new original graphic novel imprint aimed at Young Adult (Ages 12+) and Middle Grade (Ages 8-12) audiences. It was announced that one of the first three books to begin the imprint would be the first installment of a Clementine series.

Walden's Clementine OGN series will pick up after the events of the game, as she goes back on the road to try to carve out a life for herself. Over the course of the series, Clementine and a new character, an Amish teen named Amos, will journey into Vermont and find a commune of teens set up in an abandoned ski resort.






  • This is the third series to feature Clementine as the protagonist, the first being the The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series and second being Clementine Lives.
  • The book series seems to canonize many choices from the Telltale Series.
    • Clementine appears to still have her left ring-finger, possibly making the alone ending of "No Going Back" non-canon.
    • In "Chapter Eight" of Book One, a flashback that Clementine has of Lee shows her raising her gun up to shoot him, possibly making the choice shooting Lee at the end of "No Time Left" the canon choice.
      • In the same flashback, Lee also appears to still have his left arm, possibly making the choice of keeping his infected arm the canon choice.
    • In "Chapter Nine" of Book Two, Clementine tells Ricca she was alone the first time she killed a walker, possibly making the choice to leave Clementine at Fivel's Mansion with a gun during the Crawford infiltration in "Around Every Corner" the canon choice.
  • Prior to writing the graphic novels, author Tillie Walden hadn't played the games before being asked to write them and when she did, she played them all "really fast".[2]